why am i obsessed with a children's book

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name: Lilia

nicknames: my mom calls me Wills idk how that came about or why and my grandfather calls me pooh because I was obsessed with winnie the pooh when I was little (ngl still am)

zodiac sign: cancer

height: 5′4″ 

orientation: ??? idk man i just go with the flow

ethnicity: white

favorite fruit: mangooooooooo

favorite season: autumn (if you call it fall when asked this question i’ll fight you)

favorite book: i can never remember the name of it but it’s an old children’s book where this little girl is waiting for her parents to come back from the market where they sell produce from their garden and this old man comes by in his carriage and (kinda creepily) gives her seeds to plant and the seeds end up growing a toy doll and her mom sews it clothes and yeah it’s got really nice artwork and has dark undertones 

favorite flower: musa ornata “lavender lady” a.k.a. ornamental banana and nymphaea “yuh ling” a.k.a. hardy water lily

favorite scent: sweet potatoes in the oven or that damn warm vanilla shit from bath & body works 

favorite color: lavender and red like red red like lipstick on the woman in the leather pants holding the gun red

favorite animal: ezo momonga it’s so fucking cute and they make little tiny noises but they can’t be taken out of japan so i guess i’ll just have to go there to see one darn it what a shame 

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: tea, i like coffee but i get bad caffeine headaches 

average sleep hours: probs about 7.5 look at me having my life together

cat or dog person?: cats but i’ve never had one so i live vicariously through maya

favorite fictional character: garnet, azula, and toph beifong 

number of blankets you sleep with: one duvet no exceptions

dream trip: either japan or thailand but they have to be done right with a proper extended stay and tour guide and everything (but also I desperately want to be in tokyo for the 2020 olympics so please take me please)

blog created: 3ish years ago my friend made it for me and i never used it but then one day i saw the light 

number of followers: 41 and if you take away the bots it’s probably 4 lol

i tag: @missqueenpunzieswan @rightprincess21