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Marichat isn’t the only problem in the love square

Yeah, seriously. It’s not. 

I consistently fail to understand why marichat specifically is the ship of the love square that always called out as portraying them as being out of character, as if these fanon traits don’t extend to any of the other corners. Frankly, I’m getting annoyed now at the comments I’ll see here and there throwing that ship under the bus, as if there isn’t a problem with Marinette and Adrien’s character portrayal in general all across the board. 

People’s problem with Marichat is usually centered around two things, the first being is that it’s apparently over sexualized. I say ‘apparently’ because, with the exception of a few fics that are specifically meant to be smut, there’s barely anything to be found beyond some kissing action. The ‘sin’ title it has is either a joke or an exaggeration. People complain that they would be the friends dynamic and be teasing towards each other, and that there isn’t enough of that. Guess what? That is practically all there is when it comes to marichat. Those two being dorks and falling in love. Can the romance move fast? Yes, but usually those fics are short, or oneshots where there’s already an established dynamic bordering on romance. The longer fics tend to take time with it. You can take my word for it because guess what else, I actually read marichat fics. I find that a lot of the ones who call marichat out for having a bad fanon dynamic are also the ones who tend to not actually bother reading it.

The other problem people have with Marichat is that a lot people who support this side of the love square think that it’s the truest corner of it, and I agree 100% that this just isn’t accurate. Except, getting to my point made earlier, this problem is not a Marichat problem and we really need to stop pretending that only this ship has this dynamic. 

It’s not even a ship dynamic problem. It comes down to mischaracterization.

Marinette is written as an insecure girl who thinks she’s unworthy of being Ladybug in nearly everything I have ever read. Seriously, the ‘I’m just plain, clumsy Marinette’ line should be a bingo piece because of how often it’s used. The interpretation of her is basically considered canon at this point and is particularly prevalent in reveal scenarios. Marinette will freak out at the reveal, thinking Chat won’t like her because she’s ‘not really Ladybug, just Marinette’. 

Adrien is written as a boy who thinks he’s truly free and truly himself as Chat Noir, while everything else about him is fake, though it’s less common than Marinette’s mischaracterization. Then there’s the added insecurities that comes with Adrien being given an eating disorder he doesn’t actually have, and because it’s a wildly popular fanon theory, the self loathing in Adrien is usually very prevalent. 

Because both characters are often written as wearing this metaphorical mask hiding the real deal, naturally every ship dynamic is going to reflect that. And they do. Ladynoir is not innocent of this, nor Ladrien, nor Adrienette. I’ve read it all, and I can say without a doubt that Marichat is not the only dynamic that likes to delve into these characters having massive insecurities and identity issues. Why fandom acts like it is, I have no idea. Because some big names of the fandom said so?

Also, Marichat is not the only ship to have it’s own particular brand of fanon.

Ladrien? Overly sexualized. Want to talk about OOC, explain to me why Ladybug is suddenly turned into a dominatrix when she and Adrien can barely say a sentence without blushing and getting very shy. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but it’s become a bit of a trope. 

Ladynoir? Ladybug can be written as a real bitch to Chat a lot of the time in these fics. A bitch, or just standoffish and protective of herself. She’s shown none of this resistance in the actual show, but it’s a staple of Ladynoir fics to have Ladybug keep these walls up around herself. Rarely do I see this being called out. 

Can 2017 be the year where we stop pretending Marichat is the only aspect of the love square with a wrong fanon dynamic? There is a ton of stuff in this fandom that has it’s issues, and we really need to start paying more attention to Adrien and Marinette’s character on a broader scale than just one side of the love square if we want to see better canon portrayals all around.

Hey! I am struggling with writer’s block right now myself, and just a general lack of energy, which is why I haven’t been online much—it’s normal for me in January but really bumming me out after last January was so energetic and fun for me, a rare occurrence that made me feel like I had CONQUERED January, but nope :B

ANYWAY I have two methods for getting past this which I’ve had varying success with: one is just to give myself permission to not write for a few days and see if coming back to my current projects makes me look at them less critically (usually my writer’s block has to do with feeling like whatever I’m working on is turning out crappy and therefore not feeling motivated to continue). If I get back to it and still feel sluggish I’ll usually skip to another project or just start something totally off the wall that I’m writing just for me.

I’m very stubborn about linear writing and can get stuck when I find myself getting bored with the scene I’m working on, which is usually a sign to wrap that scene up by any means necessary, because if it’s boring to write it will probably be boring to read. If things are drastic I’ll just throw something like [transition goes here] or whatever into the draft and move on.

I NEED TO BE DOING THIS RIGHT NOW lol I’m stuck on two drafts that aren’t sweeping me away with momentum the way I wish they would—but I also just think it’s normal to go through this once in a while, to some degree I just have to accept that writing won’t always feel breezy and inspired and sometimes picking away at a draft feels like pulling teeth, bleh. Occasionally this is a sign to just shelve it indefinitely and start something else, but I usually try to get some distance from it and revisit it multiple times when I’m feeling less sluggish before I do this.

Editing: I actually don’t think I’m a great editor asoidfjdoi I tend to do pretty cursory edits for the sake of getting things finished and moving onto the next thing before I lose inspiration, at least in fandom (ok, in everything). I do edit as I work, and I guess one tip I have which is maybe weird is that I email the text of whatever I wrote that day to myself before I leave work and then read it on my phone when I’m on my commute home. I always notice way more typos and mistakes and lazy stuff when I’m reading it as if it’s something that’s already posted (ie when I can’t freely edit as I read) and then when I get home and open my draft I tend to spot those things again and remember how I wanted to fix them. 

Motivation: For me it comes in random cycles and at this point I just have to accept that and keep trying to work even when I would rather do literally anything else (I spent all of Sunday doing chores and most of yesterday doing actual work at my desk to avoid writing, dark times). Years ago I read some interview with Sarah Dessen and she said that with some projects working on them feels like going to a party and then with some it’s like a death march or something to that effect—I’ve just accepted that at this point and I do the death march when I have to, just to stay in the habit and not get too deeply into a funk (though writing when writing feels hard can be the fastest track to despair ffff but I don’t really have any other creative outlets so without it I’m worse off). 

I’ve been writing like 200 words a day recently, which is painful after last year’s PARTY MODE writing feeling. Little things I do for motivation are: checking my word count, not constantly, but setting little goals and meeting them, like ‘ok I wrote 250 words in the past hour. Try to write 250 before lunch’ or something along those lines. I’m also usually inspired by reading fiction while I work (usually not fanfic, unless it’s for a pairing I’m not writing about, then I just compare myself too much) and switching back and forth between that and my draft. I always log out of social media if I want to get shit done because otherwise I’ll check it every five minutes and get sucked into things for half an hour at a time etc.

Hope that helps!! And I hope to be around more soon, I’m actually feeling okay but just need to not be too deep in my internet cave right now. Thank you for the notes! <3

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When I was little I didn't understand why Lightning couldn't just cross the finish line then go get the King. Now realizing the significance in stopping before the finish makes me tear up whenever I watch it

I know, I swear every time I watch this movie I realize something new about it. Even after I’ve seen it 500+ times

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i dont hate jensen for what he said but i am disappointed. fine if you dont see destiel the way we do, but he flat out said "destiel doesn't exist" like its all in our heads. thats how i felt when he said it the way he did. the same person who says he supports everyone & loves them yet alienated them. & it seems these questions are only hated or make ppl 'uncomfortable' when its destiel not any other straight ship? anyways

i am too emotionally drained to reply to this properly.

Yes, Jensen’s reply should have been much more polite. But considering the amount of times in the past Jensen has tried to shrug off these questions and in the past has made it clear that he doesn’t see it. why do we still continue to set ourselves up for disappointment when we should know by now that we’re not going to get an answer we would want to hear coming from Jensen.

main point, let’s not ask these questions to jensen anymore. as far as i know, no one asks any wincest questions at panels, so why must we continue to do so? we’ve heard his answers before in the past, let’s stop pushing for more of something that we’re not gonna get is my point. 

sorry if that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s just how i feel. tbh, i’m numb to all of this atm. any future asks about this, i’ll just refer back to the post i reblogged here. it basically says a lot of how i feel anyway.

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I saw a photo of you at magfest last year and you had already lost some weight back then, I felt myself get really fucking angry and I wanted to be mean but I stopped and went "why the fuck am I mad" I went and saw a psychologist. they were confused at first but we worked out that I had underlying issues that made my life miserable. It's been over a year now and I turned my life around, I'm happy and have my own goal so thanks you fat tired raccoon and good luck

I was fat as shit last year at magfest and seeing pictures of myself made me concerned that I was a fatter idiot than I thought I was so I tried to stop and it was ok. Glad fats don’t make you as angry anymore.

Reasons why I think Yuuri and Viktor have already had sex

This is going to get long, I can see it now, so heads up.

So to start off, let’s start at the beginning of the episode with this:

This one’s been overdone a lot already but! I want to take this into new perspective. Viktor was clearly drunk as all hell in this scene. Being drunk doesn’t mean transforming you into a new person, it just lowers inhibitions, right? Now look at Viktor’s face closely.

I’ve seen some people call this possessiveness. Tbh I thought so too before watching this episode. Now I just think it’s lust, and not possessiveness, because Viktor is so smashed at this point that his inhibitions are practically gone. What I mean by that is, Viktor wants to bone Yuuri (as seen by all the sexual innuendos and physical flirting back in episodes 3, 4, and 5) and him being drunk only enhances his outward emotions, if you catch my drift. 

He even goes so far as to strip. I’m going to elaborate more on his dialogue under the cut.

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You know you’re fucked when you’re only 15 but yet it feels like the world could end right there and you would be fine with it. It’s fucked when girls and boys are so young but so depressed, so heartbroken. Feelings fuck you up, i remember when i was only a little girl and i had this whole life ahead of me and all I wanted was a boyfriend. And now after having one, I don’t understand why I needed one, it’s messed me up. Emotionally and physically, I am fucked.

He was the type of boy you could just see yourself lasting forever with, and that’s exactly what I did. He teased me so much that I used to sook about it, but that didn’t matter because at least he was making me smile in some way. He cared so deeply, and he was so sensitive even though everyone I knew saw him as this big tough guy. He was gentle, he was romantic, it was like we were 23 and just madly in love. Our relationship was beyond what you would expect at such a young age, but we were just so maturely in love. But that’s the thing, i’m not 23, i’m so young and now i’m heartbroken and it’s not as simple as going out every night to get him out of my head. I have to sleep early because of school, i have to go to school, I have to study and commit to all of my commitments and it’s impossible to get him out of my mind. He wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was genuinely my best friend and sometimes we fought as best friends would. But no matter how we were fighting, we fought as hard as we could for each other because that’s what love does to you. But one day i guess he just decided to stop fighting, and it wasn’t like I was expecting it. We always swore we would fight for each other, fight for the relationship, fight for our fucking love but he didn’t want too anymore. He didn’t want me anymore, and i can say with all my broken heart that killed me. It’s the worst thing to wake up happily in love and then go to bed broken because you’ve lost the reason why you even got up that day. He said he lost feelings, but I can’t place when. When did he lose feelings? With all of that sweet talk, the kisses, the texts, the calls, the hugs, everything and at some point he somehow started to lose feelings. And it hurt and surprised me so much because everyone knew that he was crazy about me. I saw parts of him that he would never dare to show anyone, we were so comfortable with each other and we allowed each other into our hearts but for some reason he just didn’t want that anymore. I can not place that all in my head, how you can suddenly lose interest in something you once loved. And it wasn’t like the hurt stopped there, no a month later he found himself with another girl. Making all the memories, the love, the jokes, that we were once doing. And the weirdest thing is, everyone around him can see that he doesn’t love her. Not the way he loved me at least. And i can’t seem to process the thought of why you would throw away a diamond for a fake one. Why would you throw away your perfect girl for someone who doesn’t even come close? Fuck, she’s not even pretty and yet i feel like i have to compete with her. And every month goes by, and they are still going strong and for some reason my brain still can’t process it. I still can’t believe that he’s moved on from me because love doesn’t just go away. You can’t just get rid of love because you don’t want it anymore, feelings don’t leave when you ask them too. So what is he doing with her when he can be with me? I’ve never been the girl to wait for someone, i always want to try with everyone but for some reason i am constantly drawn to him, as if he’s truly made for me and i think he is. I think he’s the love of my life and maybe i’m just not his. But when you love something you don’t just let it go, you fucking fight like crazy for it and i can promise everyone i would never go down without a fight. Okay maybe he’s happily in love with her, but what about me? What about my love for him? That doesn’t just go away, that doesn’t get excluded so fuck society and their expectations. Fuck everyone who thinks i won’t succeed. I know what I want, and i’ve never been so determined to get it.


- And now we are back to Undernovela-
Asgoro: You never understood why your father told you to specifically not get near me or my family, right?
Sin: Eh… well, based on his jobs, and because you hate each other and because you are a complete… Jerk?
Asgoro: Ha, now I know why you didn’t mind disobeying him, you are like a silly boy, but good, if you really can not understand the severity of your actions, I guess it is up to me reveal you the truth… I am talking, of course, about my past with your father…
Asgoro: It all began the day I met him… we…
Cross: PLOT TWIST!!!

I came out with this idea because of my PASSIONATE DESIRE for seeing Undernovela in @underversesans , at the beginning I was going to upload it this on Crossember the 7th and 8th, but I got a little medical mproblem and I couldn’t participate :C
But I wanted to finish it anyway, as a New Year present for @jakei95 , @pig-demon , @loverofpiggies , and @comyet as retribution for their wonderful job, which I really love and admire x3 
Error and Fresh belong to @loverofpiggies
Ink belong to @comyet
los siempre dramaticos (¿?) Asgoro y Sin belong to @pig-demon
El misterioso gemelo malvado con bigote que aprendió a decir algunas palabras en español (¿?) Cross belong to @jakei95

And well, that’s it, Happy New Year :3 


DL Lost Eden Vol. 01-04 Covers [Cleaned]



- 3yo Teddy, not understanding why he now live with Harry, and why he can’t see his grandparents anymore

- 4yo Teddy calling Harry dad, making him cry a lot

- 5yo Teddy seeing Draco for the 1st time, asking him if he was his mom, upsetting him “I am not a woman! Harry, is your godson blind?”

- 6yo Teddy, going to a school for young wizards, telling the teacher he can’t make a present for Mother’s day, but making two for Father’s day.

- 7yo Teddy, asking Harry why he have to call him godfather instead of dad, ‘cause it’s obvious Harry and Draco are his fathers, right?

- 8yo Teddy playing with young Rose, babysitting her while the adults are talking politics, but keeping an eye on them two. 

- 9yo Teddy receiving “Hogwarts, a History” from Hermione for his birthday, and after reading it becoming totally excited and asking “When will I go to Hogwarts, Daddy, when?”

- 10yo Teddy, after explanations, going to Remus and Nymphadora graves and telling them not to worry, he has his fathers to keep him safe, making Harry and Draco cry.

- 11yyo Teddy being not so impatient to go to Hogwarts, understanding it means be separated from his dads, and crying at platform 9 ¾.

- Still 11yo Teddy being afraid to disappoint his fathers because Hufflepuff isn’t Gryffindor or Slytherin, and being uncomfortable at Hogwarts until he receive a letter congratulating him, and telling him they were so proud of him.

- 12yo Teddy repeanting Draco how much he’s missing his friends, and how much he wants to return at Hogwarts, but he aslo wants to stay home, and…

- 13yo Teddy being really good at Herbology, and spending some time in Pr Longbottom office, talking about everything and nothing. He loved these times with Neville, not as Harry’s friend but as supporting teacher.

- 14yo Teddy, having a crush on Victoire Weasley, blushing anytime he cross her path. And she finding him soo cute, and loving his blue hair, once took his hand under the Great Hall table during dinner.

- 15yo Teddy loving Victoire adorable freckles, cute small nose and blond hair, as much as he loved her personnality. Teddy taking Victire stargazing during summer break. 

- Still 15yo Teddy choking when he receives his prefect badge, thinking he isn’t deserving it.

- 16yo Teddy receiving his O.W.L. results, an O in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration, an E in Charms, Potions and DADA, an A in Muggle Studies and Histoy of Magic, but failed in Divination and Astronomy.

- 17yo Teddy going to his last year at Hogwarts, as a young man, Harry and Draco being so proud of him, although they’re sad he grown up so fast and doesn’t need them anymore.

honestly,,, i’m so tired of seeing ppl reblog my gif sets and just shit talking kate for reasons that are stupid af and imma tell you why

  • “kate mckinnon is transphobic” – kate did a shitty ass sketch show EIGHT-TEN YEARS AGO that was transphobic as hell, yes. i recognize that, we all get that. HOWEVER, don’t act like there wasn’t a huge difference between the conversations about trans now than there was then, don’t act like you can’t grow and become educated in months let alone ten fucking years. she hasn’t done that show in years??? she’s literally NEVER wanted to hurt people with her comedy??? she stated in an interview that she never wants anyone to take something she says and be offended by it when she never means to offend which is why she doesn’t have social media. she genuinely cares about people, so fuck you for holding something she did a decade ago over her when y’all sure as hell werent the same person you were ten years ago. 
  • “kate mckinnon believes in gold star lesbians” – kate was asked in an interview if she was gay. she stated “i am 100% les. i have never seen a human penis in my life.” two separate statements. quit reaching so far to act like she was stating you can’t be a lesbian if you’ve seen a dick. even if she HAD meant that, which i HIGHLY doubt she did, it was almost a decade ago again. quit acting like you can’t change in a decade. 
  • kate mckinnon didn’t defend leslie during all the twitter shit” – kate doesn’t have social media, which is where all that shit happened. what was she supposed to do? tweet about it on the twitter she didn’t have? yanno what she did since they are BEST FRIENDS? texted her. called her. yanno, visited her to make sure she’s alright. but yeah fuck her for not tweeting about it??? when she don’t have a twitter?? k.
  • “kate mckinnon had trump host snl” – kate is under a contract as an actress, she doesn’t choose who hosts. the producers do lmao. do you have a brain at all? 

y’all fucking stupid bc y’all try to find small reasons to hate every fucking one when y’all 100x more problematic than a lot of ppl. i honestly, 100% hope to god at some point someone finds something you said 10+ years ago and holds you accountable for it today like y’all do to kate and every other celebrity. it’s a form of dehumanization and it needs to stop bc it’s fucking tiring. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon in a Nutshell Part 2

Hala: These sandals are a symbol of my power!

Olivia: God dammit why am I single?

Nanu: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Okay. Whatever.

Hapu: Talk shit get run over by a fucking horse boi.

Ilima: I’m so fucking pretty. <flips hair>

Lana: I like fishing. Btw there is a Kyogre in here. LOL JUST KIDDING LOLOLOLOLOL GET REKT

Kiawe: I am much more serious than expected NOW WATCH MY POKEMON DANCE

Mallow: Finish your food or your ass is grass AND ILL MOW THAT SHIT!

Sophocles: I will only feel comfortable talking to you if you turn off the lights, cover yourself up with a bag, and go all the way into the corner where I can’t see you.

Acerola: Lets go into that abandoned mall! It’ll be so m u c h F U N : D

Mina: I represent love and peace maaaaaan.

Samson Oak: I’m Professor Oak except Alola Form! GET IT?!

Professor Burnet: I’m married to Kukui. Haha.

Mohn: Bean Daddy is actually a BEAN DADDY

Batman had no idea that ‘Hangry’ was even a thing until he had kids.
Whenever a villain shrugged and said ‘I was hungry.’ When asked why they blew up a building Batman just shook his head and walked away.

Then kids happened.

Now he knows that once 3 am hits the hunger pangs start and every single one of his kids gets irritable and impulsive.
In fact half of the stories that hit the press about the Batkids falling out with each other was because Batman had lost track of time and forgot the snacks.

Batman sighs and glances up from where he was brooding on a gargoyle to see Jason and Dick fighting like cat and dog.
Tim and Damian were closing in on full on warfare and the girls were doing that weird thing where they seemed like they were being nice but he knew, just knew it was going to end in blood.

'Alright. Enough. Everyone. McDonalds now!’

During the interview, Malik is read the official statement he gave upon leaving One Direction. “I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year- old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight,” reads the statement; upon hearing the words, Malik smirks and tells the interviewer: “’m going to ask you a question now — do you think I wrote that? Like, look how it’s worded. I’m not a 35-year-old lawyer. I don’t write like that. ”

I wish that I could show you - this black thing that is my soul. I wish that I could lift it up, outside of myself, and place it in front of your magnificent eyes. Saying, here, look, this is me - and I am sorry I am always hiding. But, look, here, this is me, and now… can you understand? Look - there - into the blackness, can you understand my silence now? Look - there - into the pain… Can you understand why I hide away? But, look, there - come even closer - it is tangled up in everything. Do you see it, my love? Do you see it at all? This is my love for you. Do you see how it is knotted up into every part of me? Do you see how it saturates, unbroken, throughout my entire being?
—  Helaena Moon
how i know i will fail my exam(s)
  • <p> <b>me, a girl who's currently in her exams week, seeing an alpha/omega verse 41 chaptered fanfic :</b> pfft-- dont joke with me im wise enough not to read that. at least not now<p/><b>me, a fangirl by heart, and a sucker for alpha/omega verse fanfic with good plot:</b> *clicks on the fanfic right away*<p/></p>