why am i not used to watching movies anymore

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I tried to watch Limitless but watched an episode of Leverage instead? Am confused. What is Limitless about?

Hahaha, I mean, no matter what you have not made a bad choice, Anon. Leverage is a wonderful show.

Limitless is an offshoot of the movie of the same name starring Bradley Cooper. BCoop is a random jackass who gets handed a wonder drug by some guy and it’s an experimental neurodrug which basically opens up your whole brain for your use all at once. basically it’s a genius pill, the effects last about 12hrs–and it has super nasty side effects and is very addicting.

BCoop the Asshole uses it like most Asshole genius tropes you’ve seen, which is why I never watched more than half the movie, because I am sick of that shit. Suffice to say he uses it for selfish gain almost exclusively, is a pretty gross dick, gets in lots of trouble, but eventually figures out a way to control the drug for himself. More gets explained in the show, which ismore interesting anyways and picks up after BCoop the Douche is a senator and he makes occasional apperances.

So Limitless the show is about Brian Finch, loveable millenial loser dude who just… doesn’t know who the fuck he is or what to do anymore. He’s just kinda lost, you know? Dispirited and unmotivated, like a lot of us get.

Through fun circumstances he encounters NZT, the genius drug, and gets fingered by the FBI for murder, which he uses the genius drug to help get him out of, also with help from spooky Senator Douchebag. For a price.

Brian then ends up working with the FBI, who want to monitor and study him, because he is for Reasons immune to the side effects of NZT and so can take it with impunity. Brian finagles himself from being a lab rat to a consultant pretty quick though, because he is a major asset on NZT.

But it’s not just because of NZT, is the thing. It’s because he’s Brian. He makes connections with people, he understands people really well, and that’s all him, and nothing to do with the drug except that when on the high, it’s enhanced. He’s a precious loyal sunshine puppy, and his BFF at the FBI is Special Agent Rebecca Harris, who starts out on the team to take Brian down when he is accused of murder, and basically ends up being his main handler. They start out not buddy buddy, but man, he wins her over because he’s a genuinely good person who cares about doing the right thing and helping how he can.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, anon. Rebecca and Brian are both fabulous, wonderful characters, and even though they’re the male and female leads, they’re not trapped in a gross will-they-won’t-they rut that seems like that only thing shows do with hetero leads anymore. They’re badass partners and besties, and handler and asset, and Brian has major stars in his eyes over what a heroic badass Rebecca is at all times.

And beyond even them, there’s Spelman Boyle, Rebecca’s hardass, cynical partner who is just. He’s golden-souled, and just because he believes in protocol and working within the system doesn’t mean he’s not beautifully complex and smart and empathetic. There’s Mike and Ike, Brian’s FBI babysitters whose names he refuses to learn until it becomes a fond nickname for them (though they may not necessarily agree.) For a while they seem like comedic background props, but by episode 9 you find you rather adore them, and they’re actually developing into genuine people and members of this team Brian has casually gathered around him. And then there’s Naz! She’s the hardass boss lady, and man is she ever tough as hell and inspiringly loyal to her people.

The ensemble group is shaping up to be something truly wonderful, Nonny friend, and the story is clever and exciting, and takes turns being gaspingly hilarious and heartwrenchingly dramatic. The cinematography is gorgeous, and they play this fantastic visual trick with color saturation, you’ll notice quickly, where Brian on NZT sees the world in warm, yellow-and-red saturation, and Brian off NZT’s world is all cool blues and grays.

It’s never a show that makes you feel stupid, but doesn’t spoonfeed you either, and it doesn’t strip any of the other characters of smarts or humanity or strength to make Brian improbably amazing when he’s on NZT–it doesn’t even do that to Brian when he’s not on NZT.

Just trust me, Anon. Limitless is beautifully refreshing, wonderfully clever, and endearingly charming all at once, and I can honestly say at 11 episodes in, not only has it yet to disappoint me, but every episode brings fresh joys and averts some worry I had that the show would fall to staid, boring, hidebound tropes and flaws of the same ol same ol Procedural Drama/Asshole Genius rank and file we’ve all grown so sick of.

Non-combat uses for the Quincy powers

As requested by anon. :)

Sure, Quincy powers are good for fighting. But what if the Quincy wanted to use their powers in more…trivial ways? What else might each of their powers be good for?

1. Pernida’s Compulsory is also good for…Packing!

Having compression powers means that you can get a lot of shit into your suitcase.

Lille: Really? A ziplock bag is all you need for a three-week vacation?

Pernida: Well, I could only fit fifteen extra cloaks, but I figure that’ll be enough.

2. Lille’s X-Axis is also good for…Hole-punching!

You know when you have a document that’s like fifty pages long and there’s no hole punch that can pierce that many pages so you end up trying to do like four pages at a time while crying? No? That’s just me? Well, having a gun that can pierce anything would make that so much easier.

Lille: And that is why I am everybody’s go-to Binder Guy.

Askin: You really shouldn’t sound so proud of that.

3. Askin’s Deathdealing is also good for…Water Filtration!

You don’t need to buy a water filter with Askin around. He can just decrease the amount of impurities in your water, using his power!

As Nodt: Please decrease the amount of fluoride in this glass of drinking water. I heard it’s dangerous. I’m afraid.

Askin: You gotta stop looking on conspiracy sites, As Nodt!

4. As Nodt’s Fear is also good for…Spicing Up Horror Movie Night!

You know those people who watch so many horror movies that they just don’t get scared anymore? Well, with As Nodt’s help, they can experience that deep, nameless fear once again!

Quilge: But did you have to use your fear power on the Muppet Movie?

As Nodt: Yes.

5. Quilge’s Jail is also good for…Taking Your Cat to the Vet!

He can form a reishi prison around anyone. No more trying to coax your cat into the cat carrier - just ask Quilge to make a cat cage around the cat!

Mask: The vet was perturbed by my “glowing cat sphere.”

Quilge: I don’t see why.

6. Mask’s Superstar is also good for…Karaoke!

The cheering make his dance moves even more on point.

Bambietta: Why is Mask singing “All The Single Ladies” and why do I…like it?

James: It’s really not your fault.

7. Bambietta’s Explode is also good for…Making Popcorn!

‘Cause if it can make things explode, why not popcorn?

Liltotto: Or the microwave is literally right there.

Bambietta: Just because I exploded the first three bags a little too hard…

8. Liltotto’s Glutton is also good for…Winning Petty Cash!

Mostly through eating contests.

Candice: That is both disgusting and so not fair.

Liltotto: Say that to this sweet, sweet $50.

9. Candice’s Thunderbolt is also good for…Recharging a Dead Cell Phone!

Not for very long, perhaps, but long enough to make a phone call if you need to.

Giselle: We’re such a good pair, Candice. You can bring electronics back to life, and I can bring the dead back to life!

Giselle: Mine is admittedly a bit more impressive.

Candice: Shut up, Gigi.

10. Giselle’s Zombie is also good for…Making Funerals Awkward!

Look, if there were a non-creepy use for Giselle’s power, I would have gone with that. But there really isn’t.

Giselle: Humph. And they said they *wished* their grandmother could have said goodbye.


11. Gremmy’s Visionary is also good for…Cheating At Cards!

Gremmy seems like someone who would be petty.

Meninas: Please stop imagining that your entire hand consists of Draw-4s.

Gremmy: Hey, you’re the one who suggested Uno.

12. Meninas’s Power is also good for…Helping People Move!

She can basically do the whole move herself in one trip.

Meninas: Sometimes I feel like people just pretend to be my friend so that I will help them move.

Cang Du: That is absolutely true.

13. Cang Du’s Iron is also good for…Camping!

He can make his skin impenetrable, right? That would so keep mosquitoes from biting him, which would make camping so much less sucky!

Cang Du: Another bonus is - no stinky bug spray.

Bazz-B: You know, I wouldn’t have come camping with you if I’d known you’d spend the whole night bragging!

14. Bazz-B’s Heat is also good for…Roasting marshmallows!

This is why he and Cang Du like to go camping together.

Cang Du: You incinerated my marshmallow again.

Bazz-B: Oops.

The Tale of an Ex-Party Boy

A random one-shot I came up with. TW ALCOHOL.

Please don’t try to fit in guys, just be yourself.

Summary: Natsu would rather sit at home and cuddle with Lucy then go to a party.

Pairings: NaLu


Natsu Dragneel has always been a party boy.

From the time he was young he was the soul entertainment at family gatherings, to the drunken parties he attends now.

He just had the outgoing charisma, the type of attitude that was carefree and make people instantly like him. Him being the star running back on the football team and how he was outrageously handsome had a little to do with it too.

His parents knew of his stereotypical teenage plans and they definitely did not approve. Natsu and his father fought constantly about how reckless his behavior was. His mother would scold him for receiving just barely passing grades and him messing up his brain development with all the alcohol and drugs he consumes on a weekly basis. Natsu didn’t care, his mindset was set on fitting in, that he was a jock and he was popular this is what the cool kids did. Go out and get drunk every weekend with a different girl by your side every time.

That all changed his senior year of high school.


He remembers it like it was yesterday. The way her blonde hair was down to her waist and how her eyes shone in the light, she was beautiful.

And it was at that time Natsu Dragneel fell in love with Lucy Heartfillia.

Their teacher sat her right next to him and within the amount of time he had talked to her he realized that he was an introverted bookworm. She said she was totally fine with being this way but Natsu wouldn’t accept it. He told her that he would take her out to a party this weekend but she refused. It brought Natsu down, but he was a persistent guy he’d get her one day. And that one day happened seven months later.

And it was a total disaster.


When they first arrived, it went smoothingly. Natsu introduced Lucy to all of his partying friends, but he didn’t like the hungry looks his drunk friends got in their eyes when they seen her. He took her to get her first sip of alcohol, but Lucy refused to drink it. Natsu kept pestering her until she did, but she still refused saying that she’d agree to go to the party with him, not drink. During their argument a few girls came over to flirt with Natsu, and he didn’t miss the look of jealousy in the pretty blonde’s eyes. The girls invited him to dance with her, and deciding to fuel the fire Natsu complied. He regretted it instantly when he seen Lucy’s eye grow glossy with tears. He ended up not dancing, just standing there thinking about Lucy. He walked over to the area where he had left her. Seeing that she wasn’t there, he started to panic.

He walked around a little bit and froze when he heard a female scream in displeasure. He rushed to the room he heard it come from and slammed open the door to see Lucy shirtless pinned underneath a heavily drunken man. He didn’t waste another moment and went and punched the guy that was trying to rape her. When he got back up he went and tried to return the punch but his drunken state made him sluggish and it didn’t help that Natsu was the fastest guy in the school.

Finally the drunken male gave up and passed out on the floor.

Natsu’s attention immediately went to Lucy who was sobbing uncontrollably on the bed. Natsu took off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders, the football player picked her up bridal style and carried her back to her apartment. It was later that Lucy explained to Natsu that her father was an abusive alcoholic and thats why she didn’t really want to attend the party but did for his sake. Natsu felt guilty and instantly started to apologize for his actions. Lucy just waved him off and told him that he didn’t know. He was still degrading himself for his actions, maybe his dad was right about his reckless behavior.

It was then Lucy kissed him to shut him up.

When she pulled back, she seen Natsu’s shocked expression. Now it was her turn to apologize.

And it was now Natsu’s turn to kiss her to shut her up.

That night was the official beginning of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfillia’s relationship…

And the day Natsu Dragneel vowed to change for her.


They were now juniors in college and have been dating for three years.

Within those three years Natsu Dragneel had changed drastically.

He didn’t party every weekend, and refused to go to a party if Lucy wasn’t there with him. Even when Lucy went to a party with him, he didn’t drink afraid that it would bring up unwanted memories from Lucy’s past.

Natsu’s parents were very thankful for Lucy coming into his life. He began to make better grades, and even met the right type of friends. Without Lucy, they were almost sure Natsu would be dead in a ditch somewhere.

Natsu and Lucy were currently in their little apartment they were renting, Natsu was trying to pick out a movie for them to watch that night while Lucy was popping some popcorn. His attention turned from the movie rack to his pocket where his cell phone started ringing.

“Hello?” He said when he pressed the talk button.

“Natsu man! Its been awhile!” Hearing his old friend on the line brought a smile to his face.

“Yeah it has.” Was all Natsu could say, not knowing where this conversation was leading. He hasn’t talked to his friend in almost 3 years.

“So I was just calling to tell you that I’m having this sick party tonight! Lots of drugs, alcohol, and babes. You in?”

“No.” Natsu instantly replied.

“Why not?” His friend asked angrily.

“I’m hanging out with Luce tonight, we’re watching a movie.”
“Thats stupid.” His old friend scoffed through the phone. “What happened man? You used to be cool.”

“I am cool, just not your kind of cool.” He replied in a solemn tone finally deciding on a movie.

“You’re letting a woman control you, I remember when you had a different girl every week. What happened to Mr. Playboy?”

“Why have a different girl every weekend when you can have one that loves you unconditionally? I decided I don’t want hook-ups anymore, I want the real thing.”

“You’re so lame man.” Natsu began to get angry.

“I’m not lame,” Natsu smiled softly. “I fell in love.” His angry features began to return to his face. “And I’d rather stay at home with Lucy and cuddle on the couch than party anyday.” He said and hung up his phone. He stood up and put the movie in the DVD player when Lucy walked into the living room. He greeted her with a loving kiss.

“Who called you Natsu?” Lucy said cuddling with her boyfriend in their normal laying position on their couch. He kissed the crown of her head.

“No one important.”

And this was much better than going to a party.


Remember to always be yourself, don’t try to fit in. Friends will come and go, but your true friends always stay.

Thank you for reading!