why am i not german

nothing beats awkwardly trying to explain being ace without…actually using the word

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Name: Fabio
Age: 17
Country: Austria

Hey there! My name is Fabio, I’m 17 (18 on March 25th 2018) I’m currently a bit lonely and it’ll be super nice to have a penpal to talk with. I don’t care if you have different hobbies or interests, I just want to try out something new.

Some stuff about myself:

x I’m from West-Austria, which means that I live 15 minutes next to Switzerland and Germany and two hours from Italy (I love traveling a lot btw (๑>ᴗ<๑)

x I really love learning languages (I speak English, German and a bit Spanish and Romanian), because it just fascinates me and I have no idea why.

x Reading books. If you like reading too, we could change some book recommendations if you want. I read German and English books, especially Fantasy, Thriller and YA-novels.

x The series I’m watching currently is called 13 Reasons Why and I’ll start watching Narcos and Game of Thrones soon. Oh, and I really like to watch movies.

x My music taste contains almost everything - from Reggaeton (Spanish music) to electronic music, Lo-Fi HipHop and chill music in general! I know, I listen to a lot of stuff but actually I listen to everything I want, the genres just vary a lot.

That’s pretty much it hahah I hope I didn’t write too much

Preferences: Ages preferably 15-18, any gender, country, religion and sexuality. Please no anti-LGBTs or racists or assholes in general ;)

Reactions from people whose language I was trying to learn:

Germans: Oh you’re learning German? Hey, you’re not so bad at it. Don’t fuck it up though. 

French: About time you learned French. 


Dutch: but why would you do this

Because everytime we talk, my wish to hug you tightly gets bigger and bigger.

But life seperated us, two loving souls, in a cruel way and all I can do is dreaming of you from the distance.

But true love does not know distance and nor do I.

So don’t cry my dear, because this little cat Hanji who wants to hug you, is a sign of the warmth I will give you when in future you find the way into my arms.

Happy 54 hours anniversary ,my isawife!

And now give me an hour to laugh my ass off about myself.

ID #47625

Name: Teodor
Age: 16
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hey everyone! So I’m looking for some friends because I don’t have many lol. I really want to talk to people about anything and everything, nothing’s off topic, the deeper the better. I’m reaaally gay so if you have a problem with that you are probably not the person I would enjoy talking to. I am really into social justice, human rights and all that suff so there’s that. I’m also very open-minded. I love love love RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and 13 REASONS WHY. I put that in capital letters so all of you can see it while scrolling and maybe get excited as much as I get excited when I see it. I speak English and Serbian really well and German a little bit. My days consist of watching YouTubers, TV shows, listening to music (Beyonce <3, cupcakke, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Gaga and many more queens, I told you I’m super gay) and studying. There are many more things I would like to say about myself but I just can’t remember right now. So you can maybe ask them?

Preferences: I would like to talk to someone who is not closed-minded and has a lot of free time to chat.

Why am I learning German again?

We get it. You just learned that there are 16 forms of the word “the” or “a” or that the line between accusative and dative lies in whether there is movement involved. You stay up at night wondering why Mädchen (girl) has a neutral article and you keep insulting strangers with your dutzen.  You put your book down and wonder, “Should I have taken Spanish?” 

It goes without saying that we are biased, but we would answer with a resounding “no”. Or yes (in fact, many of our diplomats also speak Spanish), but in addition to German. Here are our arguments for why:


Was it real? You’re the only real thing I ever touched.

I love how thanks to living in the central  europe I could enjoy LIVING THE LATE 80s and THE EARLY 90S in LATE 90S and 2000 

ID #99080

Name: Caterina
Age: 18
Country: Switzerland

Hi! I’m Cate I’m currently on my last year of school and I’m about to become a social work assistant. In my free time I like to read books, draw, paint and listen to any kind of music. I also really like to watch movies (all kinds but not horror!), tv series (like SKAM, Grey’s anatomy, 13 reasons why and many others) and youtube videos. I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar (I’m really bad at it…) and I would like to improve my english and german, but I’m also interested in learning other languages and other people cultures.

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk to someone around my age so 18-22

Maybe the answer of Rey’s parents are in truth her clothes?

Yeah I know, at first it sounds really stupid, but if you look at it closer, then you may have a clue of where she comes from.

For example look at her as a child, when she was left on Jakku:

When I see this, I think immediately of a slave or prisoner. I mean look at her clothes! If she was noble or comes from good family, then why she wear such simple and sack-like clothes? Maybe the person, who dropped her off, wanted to help her or fled from SOMEONE. Then he or she had no  choice, but to bring Rey to this Outer Rim planet. Perhaps to hide her from this SOMEONE? Why I am talking about  one person? Because in German she shouted: ”KOMM ZURÜCK!” which means ONE person!! If there were more people like two parents, then she would have said “KOMMT ZURÜCK”. 

So i’m very curious to know, where this all goes. I could be totally wrong, but this really catched my eye. Another example is Anakin as a child. He was a slave and looks like this:

His clothes looks a liitle bit better, but I hope you get my point. In same ways it looks similar and IDK like I said, it’s just a thought. 

german AUs: meme edition

why am i doing this

  • i yelled “ALLES BÄM” and you whispered “läuft” back and now you’re pretending like you didn’t say anything but i definitely heard you sTOP PULLING THAT INNOCENT FACE
  • du sagst “der nutella” and i need to fight you now
  • wir haben beide ne wette verloren und müssen uns jetzt zu fastnacht als die leute aus dem warum liegt hier stroh rum video verkleiden
  • you’ve been singing “atemlos” for an hour now and i might kill you
  • you always greet me with “ich drink ouzo, was machst du so?”
  • ich hab im bus angefangen das heidi opening zu singen und du konterst mit biene maja
  • du cosplayst florian silbereisen auf der LBM/FBM und ich heul gleich
  • du sitzt neben mir im unterricht und jedes mal wenn ich dich was frage antwortest du mit “aber bitte mit sahne” wHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU

mehr fallen mir grad nicht ein

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Rich stared at his phone screen, huffing slightly.

“I don’t understand,” he mumbled, typing away on the device.

“Don’t understand what?” You inquired, peering at him from your spot on the couch.

He quirked his eyebrow and frowned.

“Why am I always portrayed as a corgi? Why not something like a german shepherd, or a golden retriever?”

You narrowed your eyes before bursting into laughter. “Really? Rich, look at you, and then look at a corgi. They’ll be the same picture. And anyways, corgis are cute, lovable, and funny, just like you.”

Rich’s lips lifted into a smile.

“So I’m cute?”