why am i not feeling the art today

My gift for @buckycapped on this fine Winteriron Holiday Exchange! I didn’t have time to react to any of your specific wishes, but I hope you like it though. With special thanks to my partner who was an excellent reference model for posture and to Wren who helped me tweak the text.

Current Dilemma...😅

I AM IN FACT DRAWING FOR ASKS buuuut I was supposed to head the Arizona today….but my father is feeling well. So we leave tomorrow. I was going to finish drawing once I reached Arizona and settled but that’s not happening today. I already packed up my stuff and don’t feel like taking it out at the moment..so while I wait for my temporary art block of disappointment why not catch you guys up on things that’s been going on?

I recently got my permit and just did my first lesson in driving yesterday! I had absolutely no experience driving a car before that! After two hours with the instructor and going all the way across town from Palmdale to Lancaster (Palmdale is the town next to Lancaster…it’s the biggest town in the valley and the busiest…my mom won’t even drive into Palmdale because it can get hectic), I drove my dad around my block a few times on the main streets in my car. Which was pretty fun! Still scary..!

I’m working on two painting rn..one of for a Holocaust Art Contest but I don’t think I’ll make the deadline. I felt pressured into painting it and it’s barely halfway done…😖

The other painting is of a sunrise, but the sun won’t be visible. It’ll be like a similar version of the last painting I did, Eerie Night.

It’s spring break for me, so i have plenty of time to just relax, by I secretly want to work ahead on school stuff…at the same time…drawing💕!

Well I’ve touched a lot of subjects about what been cracking in my life. Hope this update entertains someone!❤️

Happy Odaiba Day! :D

Odaiba Week Day 1 - The Power of Friendship

Knowing my dash would be FLOODED with Adventure art (which I am in no way complaining about <3), I wanted to give Frontier a little love (that and I just rewatched the entire thing and ugh guys I don’t understand why is this season so underrated).

ANYWAY, I could go on and on about why I love these two and the friendship they have and how it evolves over the series, but instead I’ll just link you to my absolute favorite collaboration of their’s: Get the Biggest Fire!! (Seriously this thing cracks me up. XD I’m guessing most Frontier fans have heard it, but Odaiba Day is a good day to give it another listen, lol.)

I am feeling sad and I don’t really know why. I bought a plane ticket to London and all I’ve eaten today is spring rolls. the sky is grey all the time and sometimes I miss you. sometimes I don’t. It’s getting colder but I keep wearing light clothes. I spent a hour sitting on a inflatable slide talking about art with a boy. I like his voice. I blow on dandelions on my way home everyday. yesterday was the day I cried for the first time in two months. and then I bought strawberries. A year ago we were eating strawberries under the sun and oh god I was happy. I really really was happy and I didn’t knew.

laurenjauregui: Count your blessings and be GRATEFUL every morning you wake up..it changes your whole world when you focus on all the beautiful small blessings that comprise a happy soul. I’m SO grateful for my family, my badass friends, my amazing team, the Girls, my beautiful fans, music, art, FOOD, water, an opportunity to help fix the world, I could go ON and ON because God has been so brilliant to me I have no idea why but I am blessed and feeling it hard today so I hope you can too!!

HONESTLY thanks to sabertooth-raccoon I have been wanting to draw these two forever. Here’s the kicker though;

I have never read the series.


But I’m also feeling really down in the dumps today, so that’s why I didn’t even bother trying to properly color this. So, my apologies. Just going through one of those “everything is going horribly” phases. So yeah… sorry for half-hearted work here. ;;;;-;;;;

But yeah. Have this. I will probably draw something tomorrow honestly.


Christmas present for my bae, @marsminer-venusspring <3 I know the merc and venus one are older, but I didn’t feel like recreating them and I know I did them enough justice in those pics. 

All in order of more recent to oldest, its Mars, Keith Pone, Merc, and Venus! I did the bois facing right and the grills facing left because why not!

All with gay flowercrowns because they look cute.

Keith, thank you so much. For being an AMAZING friend. You’re one of the reasons why I’m where I am today, and I appreciate it so much. From even when my art wasn’t the greatest, you art traded with me because you believed in me (or atleast in my opinion, you saw something greater). So thank you.

I draw for you constantly because you inspired me to do greater, and now I’m giving back to you <3

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas! <33

I would like to point out one thing.
One of my favourite pastimes (when I do have time, of course) is going through the reblogs of my art and reading the tags. Because some of them are really cute and cheer me up.
But while doing this, today I noticed one thing I really REALLY hate.

Why. WHY do you feel the need to erase a artist’s description under their own work? Did it bother you? Did it prevent you from enjoying the pic or from reblogging it?
I don’t think so.
At this point, I had my art stolen, reposted, had my signature erased countless times and all of this without asking me first. Erasing the description is just the first step before erasing the source, reposting it and so on.
I AM THE ARTIST. I decide where and how I want my things uploaded. If you like it, you reblog it and keep it however and wherever I want it to be. You can download it and look at it and show it to other people and use it as your desktop pic. I don’t care about that (those are actually a good thing). BUT YOU DON’T GO AND ERASE SOME PART OF IT GOING AGAINST THE ARTIST’S WILL.

I am a very calm person. But this was the last straw.
I love making fan arts. I don’t get any profit from it, money wise. I just do it because I like it and I share it with people because I hope you might like it too.
But whenever some of the things mentioned above happen, it makes me question everything. And I don’t really feel like uploading any more art online. I know a lot of artists who stopped posting and deleted their accounts for the same reason.

I don’t care if you say “you’re exaggerating things”. I’m not. And that is some disrespectful attitude towards me and towards every artist out there.