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Let’s talk Diana.

People get so riled up over their Best Girls and here I am just shoving more fire into the fire. Gyahahaha!

But that’s not really what this is about. Let’s talk Diana. Because I want to talk Diana.

Her type is always set up to be the haughty snob at first glance.

That’s so fucking good and you know why?

So they can take your first impressions and slap you across the face with them.

Yes, she’s arrogant, self-righteous, a bit pompous and can be quite condescending to those who are less adept than she is. But that’s exactly what makes her so interesting because none of those negative traits can be called shallow and the events in this episode back that up.

Also, it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t exist solely to antagonize the MC over trivial things (for example, elite status) and can definitely hold her own story without being an outright nemesis to the heroine.

That’s what makes her worthy of attention but in a different way than how the central focus is on Akko and her friends.

Already we can blatantly see her flaws which only serve to highlight how complex she is and foretell the character development she will probably undergo throughout the course of the show. Those qualities don’t really harm her or make her intolerable but rather point to the depth and potential expansion of her character.

I mean, firstly, all that composure and confidence had to come from somewhere and voila, they tell us from the get-go.

Diana is descended from a long (damn, 1,500 years long!) line of witches. That means she inherits a big legacy of magical discipline and prestige. Considering the fact that even adult witches sometimes have trouble with certain magic, Diana has even more expectations to live up to because she comes from a highly esteemed family that’s been practicing and improving magic for many, many generations.

Not to mention, she’s been proclaimed in the community as being the “greatest witch since the founding of Luna Nova” so no doubt it’ll be an even greater challenge for her to go beyond what those before her had accomplished.

And not only does she step up to this very daunting task, displaying her skill and talent again and again by casting high level spells here and there and proving that she really is as brilliant as they say she is…

…but she does so without needing anyone’s validation.

As much as her posse endlessly praise her for how awesome and amazing she is, Diana doesn’t need those extra words because she knows she’s perfectly capable of handling anything that comes her way.

That’s not to say she doesn’t let their attention get to her head (c’mon, this definitely happened at one point and is likely still happening, albeit in controlled amounts, as we speak) but Diana is deserving of her pride because she worked hard to cultivate her powers, not because she is a genius.

She’s not good because it’s a “miracle”. She’s good because she earned it.

And there’s no shame in showing that.

However, it’s true that Diana still needs to learn what it means to be humble and realize that she hasn’t mastered everything there is to know about magic yet.

I mean, it’s apparent that she overestimates her own abilities but that’s fine because like I said earlier, she’s set up for that kind of development in the future.

At the very least, even though she’s smug, she isn’t crass. Not like her two “friends” who like to put others down to get the pleasure of feeling superior. That’s probably the biggest reason why they hang around Diana and it just makes me like Diana even more because a person like her would never need to stoop down to their level.

Adding to that, this scene here further proves that Diana is, in fact, not a jerk.

Snooty, yes. But a bitch? Mmm, no, I don’t think so. Not from what we’ve seen of her so far anyway.

It’d be so easy for the writers to turn Diana into a Draco Malfoy-like adversary to oppose Akko but they didn’t. Which is why I love Trigger tremendously for how they presented her character and why I sometimes refer to Diana as the “Draco I always wanted”.

That Diana approached Akko to correct her views on what magic is, not harshly but in a matter-of-factly and politely manner. That she didn’t care whether Akko knew who she was or not but actually remembered that Akko was the new student. That she even took up the offer of referring to Akko by her nickname despite not being friends with her (though that might be due to the concept of keigo getting lost in transition to a non-Japanese environment).

All this is more than enough evidence to crush any ideas that she’s out to bully Akko. It tells us that even if Diana may not be the most amiable person in the world, she is a decent one.

I mean, yea, she was slightly cruel here for disparaging Akko’s idol right in front of her (and hypocritical since Diana was also a fan when she was younger) but it’s not like what she said isn’t true.

Chariot was mostly known for her flashy performances but that seemed to be the extent of her influence in both the witch and human realms. Then she upped one day and vanished.

Chariot did give Akko a dream but it was a kid’s dream and that is not practical in the reality of magic, which entails a lot more complicated topics and study if you are to become a successful witch. Even Chariot had to have gone through tons of practice in order to be as good as she was on stage.

Point is, Diana was trying to warn Akko for her own good even though she didn’t go about the best way of doing it.

It’s certainly one thing for Chariot to do impressive magic but it’s another thing entirely for Akko to attempt to do the same.

Because unlike most of the other students there, Akko has no magical background. She entered the academy with the hopes of living out her fantasies. How is someone who has a low affinity for magic and so impatient to start shooting shiny spells left and right going to fare if she doesn’t learn to apply the basics first?

Badly. Akko or someone else can get seriously hurt if she meddles in things she doesn’t truly comprehend.

That’s why Diana flat out laid this caution onto her. Because magic isn’t all fun and games and lights in the sky. Magic, in the witches’ world, is serious business. And if Akko doesn’t get that through her head to fit somewhere among her fervent adoration for Chariot, then her dream of learning magic will end in vain, the Shiny Rod reacting to her “shinjiru kokoro” be damned.

And that’s… oddly thoughtful of Diana? And responsible as an advanced student as well?

In the same sort of roundabout way she helped plucked that plant off of Akko’s head while trying to show her how magic is actually done in their world. So that Akko is aware, like really aware, of what she’s invested herself in and what the consequences are if she neglects the rules.

Clearly, they’re going to continue to clash over the interpretation of magic but when it comes down to what are established foundations and such, I’m always going to be more inclined towards Diana’s side of the argument.

Because it’s always more reliable to work off of sound theories that have been tested and tested again and provided actual results… than to wait for something that may or may not happen because you went about it based on a whim.

I’m not saying it’s wrong for Akko to believe. I’m just saying this isn’t a mahou shoujo anime. :P

Ah, I strayed off a bit so back to the rest of what I wanted to say.

If the scene in the courtyard wasn’t enough to convince you that Diana isn’t just showing off her magical prowess (because admittedly, yes, she is a bit of a show-off, too, there’s no denying that) then the issue with the Memorial Tree should.

Like any dedicated honors student, it’s expected that Diana would be very involved in the workings of the school. Because the academy is part of her lineage as much as any other witch’s out there so even if nobody asked her to help, she’d still try to find a way to solve the problems the school faces.

Because responsibility.

Diana has been gifted with talent and intellect. If there is anytime to use those, it’s now. Otherwise, it’d be wasted on her.

It’s no wonder why she’s so admired in the witch community. Because she does useful stuff with her magic. And efficiently, too.

Unlike Akko who doesn’t have any particular or specific goals regarding what she wants to do with magic atm, Diana actually has a purpose for hers.

And really, we don’t need to say anymore than that. If you’re good at something, then do something with it. That’s the lesson here. It’s just that simple.

Moving along, what happened after Diana’s spell was cast only further supports just how responsible she is.

Her magic unearthed the parasites so what does she do? Act immediately to counter the new problem.

I really, really like that about her. How she takes magic so seriously, especially when her own magic added to the dilemma. Most people would wait for a teacher to come to fix it. Lesser people would run away because they don’t want to be held accountable.

Not Diana. She’s the one that caused it, even if it was out of the best intentions, so she has to own up to it.

Again, responsibility.

And then there’s this part.

A reminder that nobody (besides Ursula) could’ve known that those were Papillodya chrysalises (well duh, no one has seen one because they only appear every 120 years after all) and it was just a very plot-convenient coincidence that Akko happened to guess correctly at what they are right after relooking through her collectable cards that day.

That aside, nobody is in the wrong here. Diana was pressed for time so it wasn’t like she had the leisure of hearing Akko out. Honestly, who would in that sort of situation? Moreover, who would really believe her?

But she still expressed shock and worry when Akko took the brunt of her spell. Even though it was Akko’s own fault for not thinking first and jumping out to block the hit, Diana obviously feels bad that her magic still hurt her.

Again, proof that Diana is not a jerk. She does care because she is a decent person.

And when it came down to using the right spell, Diana took a step back to let Akko handle it.

What’s more is that she aided Akko in the proper pronunciation of the spell and Akko thanked Diana.

Quite often you’d expect the prideful characters to want to do everything themselves. Try to butt out their rivals and prove they’re better that sort of thing because that’s the pattern of behavior for those kind of archetypes.

Except that didn’t happen here. Like not even the tiniest suggestion that it could’ve gone that way.

Diana’s got her priorities straight. She’s not thinking of wanting to claim credit or how it will affect her sense of worth if she allowed Akko to resolve this issue. She’s not thinking of questioning whether the Shiny Rod will actually work. That’s not important. What’s important is to prevent this mess from becoming any bigger than it is right then.

Like…wow. It shouldn’t be extraordinary for someone to behave so rationally and cooperatively but it is a little for me because the works I go through often has that bad tendency to go in a crazier direction over some very dumb, contrived reason when it’d be easier to do it the straightforward way.

Anyways, to finish this off, after the matter is settled, Diana tries to protest that the removal of the chrysalises were her doing.

Again, a much lesser person would be tempted to lie and save their own reputation but Diana’s troubled reaction to the staff’s insistence that nobody else but her could’ve done it illustrates that she’s not like that. She knows that it was thanks to Akko that the tree was revitalized and therefore, can’t possibly accept acknowledgement that doesn’t belong to her.

Diana is a person of integrity and if I didn’t love her before, I certainly do now because I value integrity so much that it probably ranks at the top on my list of virtues.

So as you can see, it’s because Diana is such a mixture of so many traits including pride, dignity, responsibility, seriousness, honesty (to name a few) that they all come to nicely clash and conflict inside her, pushing her towards the changes we can anticipate for her.

And this is a sure sign as anything that the development process has already begun.

She saw with her own eyes the effectiveness of the Shiny Rod, which disproves her statement that there never was any significance behind Chariot’s magic. However, that doesn’t mean she’s ready to accept it. Not after all that training she must have gone through to drill those childish thoughts out of her head so that she can fully set out to become a proper witch. Which is why she’s hesitant to mention Akko despite what the professors say about her being the “pride of Luna Nova”.

That is sooooo good, this introduction of doubt. Question it, Diana. Continue to ask as many times as it will take because it can only lead you to becoming a better witch and above all, develop into an even greater character.

With that, I suspect Diana won’t be making any major appearances for a while since Akko’s team has a little more world exploring to do and the plot around Chariot needs the time for more exposition.

But I just want others to, well, not really know but rather discuss with me that Diana isn’t so much a rival to Akko (right now) as she is her foil and vice versa. And I think that contrast between them is far more interesting than a direct competitive relationship. They can still argue, they don’t have to be friends but they don’t have to hate each other to contribute to each other’s growth. Akko can benefit from actually studying magical theory and progressing towards her goal that way while Diana can gradually relax her stiff posture to look beyond her scientific, analytical methods and realize even more potential in herself.

At least that’s what I hope will happen.

Tl;dr: I lied. This is about Best Girl. Diana is Best Girl. Fight me. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

Just a small hatchling

A ficlet for @celestialess ’ amazing Alfar Cryptid AU! I have no self control, I swear.


A deep hum came from Ithro’s side as he kept on working with the rough bark of the tree.  It was old and barely holding, it would make a perfect kindling for the colder nights that were just around the corner. They needed all the materials they could get at the moment, Hali didn’t like cold and Ithro was not going to risk his hatchling getting sick. He was worried enough on the daily basis.

There was a moment of silence before the young Alfar spoke up again. “Why am I so small?”

Ithro, perhaps too occupied with thinking of their preparation for the winter to notice the concern on Hali’s face, barked out a short laugh and offered a quite warm smile.

“You’re just a hatchling Hali, all hatchlings are small.” It was much later that he understood his mistake of not recognizing trouble when it came knocking on the door right in front of him. Later he would curse himself for his stupidity and ignorance which hurt his child. Later it was too late.

“But I’m the tiniest.” Hali’s voice sounded too weak for Ithro to ignore it any further; he abandoned the bark and turned around only to see his hatchling examining its hands with unease and he felt his heart swell. The older Alfar furrowed an eyebrow and kneeled right beside his child, tilting his head just a little.

“What do you mean?”

Hali’s eyes only darkened with sorrow.

“I mean that everyone else is at least twice my size, mama. A-and they’re all stronger, their skin is thicker, they can jump higher.” First tears started to show up on the fluffy blue cheeks as he kept on talking. “When we play, they… they usually have to wait for me cause I’m not as fast. I’m worse than them on every ground and it’s all my size’s fault.”

Then, his hatchling looked up with blurry eyes, distress clear in its posture. “I’m faulty, mama.”

Ithro could swear he felt something in his chest explode. It was too early for this kind of talk and he was perfectly aware of that; he himself still wasn’t over several things, was still adjusting to the situation, learning to care about a life that wasn’t his own. It wasn’t the right time, not when he still kept on forgetting that he was indeed a parent figure now.

“My Lítill Hali, listen to me closely now,” He started, carefully thinking through every word. Then again, how was he supposed to explain to the young Alfar that he wasn’t expected to live that long, that he wasn’t supposed to make it, that Ithro didn’t even take proper care of the egg because of how early he gave up on it? “Such things, they just happen. It’s nobody’s fault.” Liar.

He offered the hatchling a hand for a hug, but Hali took it instead in his small paws and placed one of them on the top of Ithro’s. “Look.” He only muttered.

The difference was enormous. The young Alfar’s whole hand was smaller than Ithro’s palm, it was so much softer and more delicate. Even the claws seemed like they’d break under a bit of pressure and there was no possibility Ithro could argue with that.

“I was born a runt, wasn’t I? The smallest in the litter. That’s why I never got to meet my siblings, they’ve already left the clan while I’m stuck here.”

There was a lot of bitterness in his words and all Ithro felt like he could do was sigh heavily and close his hand over Hali’s.

“There were never any siblings,” ÍÞróttaálfurinn said softly, taking his hatchling into his strong arms. It was so fragile he was almost afraid he’d hurt it on accident. “You, Hali, you’re my Tíu. The tenth egg, the only one that survived.” Ithro swept the tears away gently as Hali buried his face into his chest. “That’s why you’re so special. You are alive.”

His hatchling didn’t say anything more this evening, not while the Alfar went back to work and not after he was finished.

And it the morning, his Lítill Hali was nowhere to be found.

There is this boy at my school who I think is the most attractive boy in the whole universe. He has tan skin that just seems to maintain its color no matter what time of year it is. His hair is a chocolate curly brown, that he runs his hands through at least 20 times today. His eyes are a caramel-brownish shade that I truly melt into and am lost for words when ever I look into them. But he also has this laugh that is literally one of a kind, and not in a cute way, its high pitched and almost girly but its still music to my ears and always brings a smile to my face. When he talks to his friends, he always makes the funniest jokes and, when he needs to be, nice/helpful to them.

All my friends say that he isn’t attractive and has no like able qualities, and they just cant understand why I like him. I can never seem to figure out why they don’t think he is attractive or funny, it literally blows my mind. .

But to be completely honest, I’ve never even had a conversation with him.
Im not even friends with the people he’s friends with.

So he will never know that while his friends are mocking his laugh, I’m falling for it. Or when he is smiling, I want nothing more than to be the one making him smile. Never will he know that when he runs his hands through his hair, its my dream to run mine through it too.

So if you are ever thinking that nobody will ever love you because you haven’t been asked out on a date or a stupid boy in high school hasn’t confessed his undying love for you, don’t think that someone doesn’t think of you as an amazing attractive person.

While you’re sitting in class laughing with your friends, someone may be falling in love with the sound of your laugh(even if its a funny one), or the way your eyes light up when your truly happy, or even the way you run your hands through your hair.

Don’t ever think your not good enough just because some boy/girl hasn’t told you how amazing you are.


Heo Joon Jae was worried about me~

A list of things I love about girls:

• when they put their hair up in ponytails or messy buns
• when they look all strong and stubborn but they blush so much if they receive a compliment bc they’re not used to it
• when they hold your hand while crossing the street with no apparent reason (and u die inside because you know they’re probably straight but u love every second of it anyway because WHY NOT)
• the face they make when they’re daydreaming
• kindness
• when they play with little kids / animals
• little details (like freckles, dimples, scars, birthmarks, stretch marks etc)

Bonus if:
• it’s girls doing sports, which leads to: •girls in workout clothes and •muscular girls
• they’re artists / readers / musicians / actresses


Big Girl Appreciation Day 👑

Right: June 2014
I just turned 19 , finished my first year of college and was working in retail for my very first time . I was extremely stressed from school/work and depressed that I tried to kill myself on March 19th , 2015 . Nobody knew I was dealing with depression because I’m the type of person who always had a smile on my face everyday . I felt like nobody in the world such as my family and friends would care if I talked to them about it that’s why I didn’t try but I was completely wrong .

Left: Present ( 2016 )
Today , I am extremely blessed to be able to have another opportunity to live and make it to see 21 this past summer . A lot has changed for me in 2 years , my self-esteem and the love I have for myself have improved so much . I had lost a few friends but I gain new ones and even a relationship . I’m just so proud of myself that I have overcome my depression and no longer afraid to ask for help . I know I am still a working progress but just know I am a beautiful black queen who can overcome anything thrown my way .

really wanna come and get that

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: A Daveed x Reader, smut it up babe, reader really likes DAVEED but is afraid to tell him even though they flirt all the time she feels she isn’t hot enough for DAVEED? Like he hangs with so many hot girls, why would he like her? Then surprise take it from there. Make that reader feel good as FUCK.

summary: reader is crushing hardcore on daveed, but is quiet about it because she’s sure she has no chance, especially when compared to the other girls in the show/he hangs out with

warnings: NSFW!! alcohol, smut, self-doubt, dirty talk, bondage, D/S (whos surprised no one is), mentions of breath-play and face fucking, just so much dirty talk i don’t know what else u want from me

word count: 5,859 (wow im extra)

a/n: I AM BAAAAAACK. renee fic is next, just needed some daveed to get back into the swing of things. hope i’m not too rusty ;) lemme know what you think and all that shiiiiiit. title from clipping’s ‘hot fuck no love’ (HAPPY HOLIDAY)

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“Am I up next?” Jyn asked. She laughed caustically as she guessed why Mothma had approached.
“You here to prompt me?”
There had to be versions of Jyn’s story that Mon Mothma, chief of state of the Rebel Alliance, wanted told — and others she wanted silenced.
But Mothma shook her head. “No. I wanted to say…” Her gaze held on Jyn’s face as she searched for words. Jyn thought through all the trite, meaningless statements the woman might make: I’m sorry for your loss. The Rebellion is proud of you. Good luck with the crowd.






















You know Jawnlockers

The biggest moment I fell in fierce love for Molly Hooper was the moment she said, “I don’t count.” I’ve always loved her until that point, but this is when it stopped being a crush and became “I will twist someone’s balls for you” kind of affection.

Look at her face when she said that. She is terribly self-aware of her worth in Sherlock’s life. She knows she is only useful to Sherlock at some instances. She knows he is not interested in a relationship. But she doesn’t demand anything more from him. She goes on dates, she dresses up, has fun etc. She doesn’t sulk and cry about it, because that to me, that is demanding something from the other person. “Why am I not happy? This person should make me happy, look at all I do for him!” Molly Hooper isn’t like that. She just simply… Cares. I daresay it makes her happy and content to be able to care for someone. All she wants is the opportunity to help her friend, Sherlock, when he needs it. Even as the episodes progress from that moment, I have never seen Molly demand for anything. She doesn’t act like anybody to Sherlock, but a friend. If there were any romantic undertones at all, it is very subtle. This is the kind of angle we like. Sherlock is a difficult man. But we find Molly Hooper’s love for him pure and redemptive. Maybe… Just maybe, this is the kind of love Sherlock needs. A love that understands. Doesnt demand. Doesn’t challenge. Simple and straightforward. Just a constant, quiet force that he can rely on when he needs to. We fantasize about the eventual catharsis, yes: The moment Sherlock decides he needs this kind love and returns it back. but like our hero Molly Hooper, we are content to simply… be.

You know what this reminds me of? The Sherlolly fandom. Like Molly, most of us are terribly self-aware of our worth. Molly Hooper is not an ACD character so we know that she will always take less preference than the canon ones. Most of us don’t even want our ship to be canon. What we want, really, is to be happy to ship two characters we like. We don’t deserve judgement or chastising. We don’t deserve mockery. We most certainly don’t deserve hate. We are content in our place, and while we hope and want things, we certainly don’t demand it.

So please, just let us ship in peace. Let us continue being ourselves and liking the stuff we like. Like Molly Hooper, we are content with our place under the sun.

Guys… I have a confession to make. I am . . I’m…a serial killer worshipper. My favorite serial killer is Dylann Roof and this blog is how I deal with my… satanic urges to kidnap women with center parts and eat their biceps. Every night…after I log onto tumblr, I put on my trenchcoat, and armed with a fifth of VoDKa and The Necronomicon, I trim my bowlcut and… unironically use Snapchat filters to adorn my beloved’s face. Then… I masturbate thinking about shooting my mom using the hand that would pull the trigger.

  • Sun: Blake, I found someone suspicious! We need to-
  • Blake: Sun, I just want to see my family!
  • -----
  • Sun: Blake, the White Fang guy I followed was talking to Cinder! And there were like, these weird Grimm things that kept latching to people's faces and making them-
  • Blake: Sun, what did I say? I don't care about the White Fang!
  • -----
  • Sun: Blake, I found these 4 weird relic things, and all of a sudden I see everything! Cause, effect, past, future, light, dark, they're all one, Blake! They are me, and I am them! Blake, with this power-
  • Blake: Will the power help me talk to my parents?
  • Sun: No-

anonymous asked:

Sorry for bothering you but I saw a post on my twitter dash and it seems that some people are accusing Mashima of tracing their art or tracing his art (account is mutsuki123)

This ask made me left my bed in an instant so I can reply this as soon as possible!! So I tried to look it up if it’s true but I’m just laughing so much because this person (mutsuki123) started all of it by accusing Mashima that the Fairy Tail volume 59 cover was traced from his art.

Now you might be wondering why am I laughing about this person accusing Mashima. The reason why is simple, it doesn’t make sense at all, especially when he just started to accuse three well-known manga artists (Mashima included) last January 03, 2017. Also if you’re a fan of Fairy Tail and paid attention to Mashima’s works, we already see a lot of face-to-face drawings in his manga. Here’s an example:

Plus there’s like a ton of videos of Mashima drawing Natsu from scratch.

Originally posted by sarapyon

I mean there’s like four videos of them when you search it up on youtube. So yup! There’s no way Mashima is tracing the art of this mutsuki123 person.

Besides, this person didn’t even tried to contact Mashima by tweeting/DM him, he just tweeted by telling his followers to tweet Mashima about it. Now this conclude that the accusation is just ridiculous -.- 

There is this one detail in the german version of pokemon sun and moon that I think is far better than the english version. In the german version Nanu, or how I know him, Yasu, says that he will send your mother flowers, if you won’t make it out of Team Skulls town headquarters. Not your remains, just flowers to say his condolences for the loss.

All I can imagine is that Main Character’s Mom will one day hear a knock on her door and see a very, very tired man, she has never before seen, with a bouquet of flower in his hands. She is not actually quiet sure who this person is, what the flowers are for, nor why has that look on his face. But then he hears his words.
“These are for you. I am sorry to inform you that your child is now in a better place.”

First she is not quiet sure what he means, till realization dawns on her face and she just looks appalled.

Cut to Main Character chilling in the Team Skull hideout, fully dressed in the usual Team Skull outfit, because they are now the newest member. Probably giving everyone tips on how to train and stuff, even tho they’re just eleven or how to do their stare that everyone apparently finds a bit creepy/cool.
Maybe even showing Guzma their super strong Ribombee that just looks a bit to cute for Guzma, but he sure as hell is impressed how strong it is.
They actually have no idea that their mom thinks that they’re dead, or that the words they wanted Nanu to say to his mother would imply such a thing. They are completely unaware, chilling with the other Team Skull members. Also one day they would go home to their mom and woah boy that will be not a chill day.

I want to call it Skull Flower AU.