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I don’t understand this concept, and I’m baffled that some people actually live like this. Is that what girls want for themselves? For their daughters? A guy who will constantly need forgiving? I just can’t wrap my mind around it. Mon-El has barely shown any signs that he will change. He keeps not honouring Kara’s wishes/request, he keeps lying and/or withholding information, and I just feel like Kara deserves better. I don’t dispute the fact that Mon-El truly loves Kara, at all. I feel like it’s clear he does. I’d be more sceptical about Kara’s love for him, but it seem to me that she does love him despite everything he’s done/keeps doing. But… Is love really enough? I mean, you can’t help who you love, sure. But does love excuse everything else, every lie, every knife to the gut, every oppressive and abusive comment? Going further into real relationships out there, does it excuse physical abuse? Because I’ve come to know someone, who despite every beating still loved their partner, and their partner apologised EVERY SINGLE TIME after “loosing control”, does love excuse that? And if not… Why should it excuse anything short of healthy? 

And for those of you saying that Mon-El truly has changed because of that scene with his parents? 

Mon-El “They won’t. It will be more of the same. I think about our lives there and it makes me ill, I detest who I was. I was ignorant, and blind to those around me. And letting myself be propped up at the expense of our people. I am tired of being served, and I’m tired of taking the easy way out. And I’m done being your prince.”

Queen Rhea “You sound just like her. That Kryptonian girl has poisoned you.”

Mon-El “No, mother. That woman is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The best thing I know. And whether we’re together or not, being near her makes me a better person. It makes me the person, I wanna be.”

I’m sorry to all of you, but I’m going to have to disagree on that. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone’s opinion, everyone has the right to one, so here’s mine: that scene shows that Mon-El indeed loves Kara, that never was in question I think. However, it does not show that he’s changed. He’s not noble, he’s not doing the “right thing”. Just think with me for a second… Imagine Kara in this situation, or Alex or ANYONE in this show who’s selfless and a true hero. They would give up their OWN happiness to correct their wrongs, to commit to the responsibility to their people, to do right, to do better. Mon-El heard that his people are all scattered across the universe, he heard what his parents wanted to do, which is basically to recreate the hell hole that was Daxam. And Mon-El, as the prince, he could actually do some good for the planet he did nothing to help before. But he choose to stay, because he loves Kara. And that’s okay… But he’s not changed, he’s just focusing his “selfishness” of sorts into one feeling: his love for Kara. 

And I could go on and on, and talk about all of the little things that Mon-El has been doing that really don’t sit with me, but I just… I feel drained. This is not the only show that represents these kind of unhealthy relationships as “ideal” and the “happy ending”. I just thought I should say something, might save the girl out there the heartbreak. Kara deserves better, and hopefully she knows this. And honestly, young girls out there, who are learning to love and getting into their first relationships, they deserve better too.

Title: A Short Holiday
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A/N: Given the decision and the fact I don’t write for Torres, I chose Gibbs. Hope you all enjoy reading - any feedback is always welcomed and appreciated

Requested by: Anon - “22 with Nick torres (if you dont write for him then maybe Gibbs or McGee? whatever you feel inspired for, which would fit) love you xx”
Word Count: 365
Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader

22. “But you love me anyway.”

“Jethro…” You grumbled and tutted as you placed the pots into the sink and scraped the left, gone off food into the bin, “Why you can’t throw this out yourself I don’t know..” You muttered to yourself and began running the hot water into the sink.

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Past Loves

Summary: Although the reader now hunts with Sam and Dean, they weren’t the first brothers to introduce her to the supernatural. Salvatore is just as much a meaningful last name as Winchester to the reader. The past is brought up when a trip to Mystic Falls leads the reader to run into her past love, Damon. Let’s just say Damon is perfect at making Dean jealous. 

Word count: 2818

Author’s Note: I love the vampire diaries and Damon just demands to be written. If you guys are fans too I think I’m going to start writing TVD imagines too! 

The Winchesters hadn’t been the brothers to introduce you to the supernatural, but they were your family now. As it always went, you’d had a life before you’d met them. You’d never really talked about your past life, Sam knew certain things. Keeping your past life hidden, meant keeping a past love hidden, Damon Salvatore.

You didn’t know where to begin when it came to Damon, he’d helped you through so much. The reason you’d kept him somewhat of a secret was because your current feelings for Dean. You knew how Damon was, and if he knew you were hopelessly in love but too shy to do anything he’d intervene.

The problem was that your current case called for a trip to Mystic Falls. You were sitting at the table with Sam as Dean was making coffee. Sam spoke up, “So (y/n) is today the day we meet the infamous Da-”. Sam knew you were head over heels for Dean, and he was totally up to something. You cut him off, “Maybe if you stay alive to actually work on the case today”.

Dean didn’t miss anything, “Who are we talking about?”. You sent daggers at Sam, “Oh uh no one”. You hoped Dean would just give up, he had his own past love affairs, so many in fact that why would he even care about yours? Sam continued regardless of your glares, “Not just anyone from what you’ve told me (y/n)…”.

You choked on your coffee and Dean raised an eyebrow. You blushed, “You guys aren’t the only two that have past loves”. Sam smirked at watching Dean’s reaction as he questioningly asked, “Past loves?”. Blushing you got up from the table, too confused as to why Dean cared so much when he never made a real move.

Sam smiled, “Well guys let’s get on the road today should be fun!”. He was loving Dean being jealous because he knew his brother just needed a push to really accept how he felt. You were Sam’s best friend, and if anyone were to be with his brother it should be you. Everything was packed and within a half hour you were on the road.

The ride included Sam hinting at your past and Dean getting jealous. You didn’t understand how he was so jealous because on every hunt you ran into someone Dean had known on a…more personal level…so why wasn’t it okay for you? Regardless his emotions were getting the best of him.

Finally the impala pulled into Mystic Falls and you lead the boys to , “The Mystic Grill” because you knew burgers and beer would lighten the mood. You were sat down at a table and when the waiter came to take your drinks she said, “The man at the bar ordered you this shot, said he remembers how you like it”.

You smiled and rolled your eyes, this had Damon all over it. You looked to the bar and there he was, smirking raising his drink. Dean spoke up, “Little early for a shot-”, but you were already gone from the table. Walking over to the bar you took him in, sexy as ever but then again he didn’t age.

Damon smiled, “So (y/n) I can’t tell if you miss me and that’s why you’re here or if I’ve been replaced”. He looked to Sam and Dean and you smiled. You hugged him, “Damon no one could replace you”. For a second he pretended to be the carless wild Damon many knew him as, but he soon melted into the hug and held you tight.

He whispered in your ear, “Next time don’t go so long without calling”. When the hug ended you explained yourself, “ Life has been so crazy I’m sorry”. He raised his shoulders telling you that all was forgiven, then he grabbed your hand and made you do a slow spin. He clicked his tongue, “Hmm hmm hmm, time does you well”.

Before you could speak he raised an eyebrow, “Okay why is the shorter lumber jack giving me a death glare right now?”. He must’ve been talking about Dean, and you had to admit it was a funny description. You decided to take the shot before explaining but he knew you too well.

Damon let out a sigh, “You’re in love huh? Please don’t tell me-”. You shook your head, “Damon he’s just too good for me, and he doesn’t seem to care, so I’ve kept my feelings quiet”. Damon got that look in his eyes, the classic “I’m about to put things in motion” look.

He raised his eyebrows, “Doesn’t care, if I’m hearing correctly short lumberjack is asking tall lumberjack just who the hell I am and why I’m all over you…I can work with jealousy”. Damon was a vampire which meant super hearing, and you had to trust what he said.

You put up a finger, “Damon no, do not-”. Too late, he’d set his mind on something. He compelled the waiter to give you another round of shots, alcohol would make things interesting. Smirking evilly he asked, “Never too early for a body shot right?”. Before you could object the bartender was back with salt, lime, and tequila.

Rolling his eyes he said, “ Come on, he’s jealous and he should be. You’re too good to wait around for something, I’m showing him what he’s missing”. You hated to admit it but he was right, and Dean deserved a taste of his own medicine. You smiled, “ You’re right, but don’t go falling in love with me again”.

You both started to laugh, “Same goes to you (y/n), but we should make this look real”. Damon placed the salt up your next and you happily took the lime between your lips. He pouted, “Missing something” and before you knew it the shot was placed between your breasts. Your mouth opened but you laughed, this was classic Damon.

Damon took down the shot and winked at you. His tongue slowly licked up your neck and to add effect he sucked a little, of course leaving a mark. He whispered in your ear, “Oh this is funn”. His lips soon met yours as he took the lime in his own mouth. When it was over he licked his lips, “My work here is done, the dynamic duo is walking our way as we speak”.

Dean was the first to speak, “Let me guess this is Damon”. Before getting up to greet Dean he took his thumb and wiped the lime juice from the corner of your mouth before dragging down your bottom lip slowly, man was he good at this. Damon smiled, “Sorry, had a little something there”.

Damon got up and went to shake Dean’s hand, “The one and only”. Sam looked to you and you just grinned. Sam tried to defuse the anger, “Well I’ve heard a lot about you from (y/n)”. Dean added, “You know I can’t imagine you two having a past”.

You opened your mouth to speak but Damon spoke first, “Oh (y/n) and I had fun, you know I might still have a couple scratches on my back to prove it”. Deans jaw clenched and Sam tried not to laugh. Damon continued, “Wasn’t it fun (y/n) sneaking around trying not to get caught, but you were always too loud..but I mean I’m not really complaining”. Now Dean’s fists were clenched and you wanted to break the tension.

Sam beat you too it, “You know I have a feeling (y/n) was totally different back then”. Damon looked at you and winked as he said, “It’s always the quiet ones”. Dean was about to combust and he barely got out the words, “(y/n), outside”.

He pulled your hand and dragged you to where the impala was parked. You were telling him stop and within a flash he was suddenly pinned against the impala. All you could say was, “Damon?”. Dean was trying to push him away but Damon had a couple hundred years on him, “Why so angry?”.

You went next to them and pushed them away, “Okay Damon that’s enough, point proven”. Dean fixed his jacket but looked angrier as ever. Damon backed off but not before asking, “You know you can’t be angry, she’s not even yours”. With a flash he was gone, all he really wanted to do was emphasize the fact that you were never Deans.

Dean ran his hands through his hair, “Vampires, it had to be fucking vampires”. At this point you were angry too, you never acted like an ass when you saw him hitting on girls on cases. Crossing your arms over your chest you answered him, “Damon’s right Dean, why are you so angry? Why do you get to be angry?”.

He looked lost for a moment, trying to find the right words. He let out a sigh, “ I don’t know okay? All I know is that I didn’t like some guy all over you as I watched”. The irony caused you to laugh. Really? Rolling your eyes you spoke the truth, “Dean what do you think I’ve had to watch every hunt, but you don’t see me freaking out. You know what why are you freaking out, the thought that someone might want me is too much for you?”.

Walking closer to you he uncrossed your arms, “I’m sorry that’s not what I want, or think. I just, I’ve…never been in love and-”. Love, were you hearing him correctly? Dean continued, “I was scared of what I felt, Winchesters don’t have a good track record when it comes to love, but that was no excuse”.

You were still hurt, “You’re right it wasn’t”. He laughed and took your hands, “Damon just got me so angry you know? All his little remarks”. You couldn’t help but shake your head and smile, “ He’s known to have that effect on people”. It seemed like Dean was still not telling you something so you raised an eyebrow.

Finally he spoke up, “Was what he said true?”. You were confused, “About what?”. Suddenly you were catching on and you grinned. Biting your lip you replied, “What do you think?”. Dean stepped even closer to you, “I think I’ve done enough waiting”. His lips were on yours, a mixture of whiskey tequila.

His hands frantically roamed all over your body, trying to makeup for lost time. You smiled, “Dean I think we’d both be a lot happier somewhere more private”. Dean was already one step ahead as you heard him open the impalas door for you.

Dean turned on the radio and you slid closer to him, the best part of the impala was the fact that there wasn’t individual seats. You started to kiss his neck and he laughed, “ Where is somewhere more private?”.

Sliding your body down you were now hovering over his pants zipper. You looked up to him, “Until we find somewhere more private I figured I could keep you occupied”. Before Dean could question what that could possibly mean you started to unzip his pants and pull them down.

You were still looking up at him and you could tell how flustered he was, “ Uh (y/n) I don’t..are you sur?-”. You cut him off by slowly taking his member in your hand. All thoughts left his mind as he watched you.

Laughing you reminded him, “ Uh Dean shouldn’t you be watching the road?”. He half smirked and reluctantly took his eyes off you and brought them to the road as he drove. You slowly licked up his shaft stopped before you got to the tip.

You were still watching him and you wanted to laugh as his eyes frantically darted from the road to you. Continuing you circled his tip with your tongue before sucking lightly. You put your other hand to use by lightly grasping his balls and massaging.

Suddenly you felt his hand slid up your back before resting on your head. You knew what he wanted to do and you encouraged him, “I like it when you take what you want Dean”. He then had the courage to guide you down onto him.

Dean was still being reluctant and to encourage him even more you took as much of him as you could into your mouth, which was a lot more than he’d originally thought. You took your mouth off of him and looked up at him smiling.

He was biting his lip and his grip on your head tightened, “ I want you”. You took as much of him as you could again and bobbed your head up and down. His hold on your head guided you and caused you to pick up speed. Dean’s moans and groans were so loud they rang out over the radio, “ Fuck baby”.

You took your mouth off of his penis to begin sucking on his balls and you thought he was going to crash the car right then and there. Your entire body moved as Dean took a turn. Looking up you realized that he’d driven to a dead-end surrounded by trees, as private as he needed.

His voice was coarse, “ That feels so good but I need more”. Taking the hint you straddled Dean, feeling him press into you. You smiled, “ I need this too Dean”, and with that you both took off the rest of your clothes as quickly as you could.

Dean had one hand on your hip while he held his penis in the other, “ You sure you’re ready?”. You wanted to laugh, you were dripping wet of course you were ready. To convince him you kissed him passionately, lightly biting his bottom lip. With that he entered you, and you instantly groaned.

Slowly you moved your hips and Dean’s hands grabbed them. Once again he started to guide you, making you go faster. You started kissing him again until he stopped to kiss down your neck.

Dean moaned, “You feel so damn good (y/n)”. This only made you want to go faster and before you knew it you were bouncing up and down. His mouth moved to your breasts, sucking your nipples tenderly.

You nearly screamed, “ Dean fuck, fuck”. Knowing it would feel even better you turned around, your back now to Dean. You leaned against dashboard, arching your back. He slapped your ass, “ Shit that feels good huh?”. You moaned, but that wasn’t enough.

Dean grabbed a fistful of your hair pulling you closer to him, “Talk to me princess”. Again your face was right next to his as your head rested in the crook of his neck. Looking at him you answered, “you feel so- fuck- so good Dean”.

One hand found your clit and began rubbing while the other lightly gripped your neck. He continued, “You’re so fucking beautiful baby”. Dean began to thrust deep and hard into you. You began to close your eyes, everything was too intense. Dean spoke again, “ No baby, open those eyes”.

You felt your orgasm coming, but you fought it. He didn’t slow down, “ You’re gonna come huh princess, tell me who’s making you cum!”. You were unable to reply so his grip on your neck tightened.

Your voice was faint but you answered, “ You are Dean”. Dean actually laughed, a new side of him showing. His hand and hips somehow went faster, and he knew what he was doing to you. He demanded, “ I want you to cum for me princess okay? Tell me who’s making you feel so good when you do”. You nodded your head in response.

Once again his grip tightened, “ Need to hear you say it baby”. It was now seconds away but you yelled his name out. You felt him coming undone as well, “ Fuck (y/n), fuck yes”. As Dean came so did you, everything was so intense.

Your eyes shut, and your body was trying to cope with every nerve suddenly being on fire. If Dean hadn’t been holding you up you surely would’ve fallen. As your orgasm shook over you all you could do was scream his name.

When you both finished all you could do was attempt to catch your breath. You turned around to face Dean again and saw the happiness in his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair, “ I really fucking love you princess”. Dean kissed you on the forehead, and it was your turn to beam with happiness.

You suddenly heard your phone buzz and saw you’d gotten a text from Damon. Out of curiosity you read it and it said, “ Nice performance, princess, next time try not picking a place so close to our house. Super hearing is a bitch”. You couldn’t help but laugh, and be insanely thankful for Damon. You kissed Dean again, realizing how lucky you truly were.

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A/n- Finally finishing up these gif drabbles, yay!

You sighed and pulled again at the end of your dress, trying to make it just a few inches longer. Why your sister insisted on such short bridesmaid dresses you’ll never know. Weren’t most bridesmaid dress long? But no, not your sister’s, she went as short as possible, figures. 

You checked yourself over once again in the mirror before heading out into your hotel room. 

“Hey Y/n,” Dean asked, slowly turning to face you. “What am I su-”

Dean stopped, eyes slowly raking up you. His mouth slowly opened and shut, clearly at a loss for words. 

“Yeah Dean?”

He stuttered again and you smirked, “Like what you see?”

Dean smirked and lunged forward, smashing his lips to yours. 

COMMANDERS // masterlist

Request: Your fanfic is amazing! Could I maybe request one where the reader is a very powerful dark side commander of the first order like Kylo? And they start developing feelings after supporting each other on the battlefield? They’d be such a power couple!

A/N: Hello and thank you for the request! I truly enjoyed the concept so I kind of got a bit carried away. Sorry it’s a bit long, but, enjoy! [gif not mine]

Word Count: 4.9K+

Warning: None

“Another Force sensitive commander for the First Order…what was the Supreme Leader thinking?” Standing in front of a railing as Hux had stood alongside Phasma, watching over Kylo’s recommended training with you (as requested by Snoke himself). “It isn’t like we need another Ren, not when the man is already destructive as it is.”

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Word count: 1247

Part 15

You spent days thinking about Kai coming out of prison world and thought about everything you wanted to say to him. But there was one problem. Bonnie was stalling. Everytime you asked her when was she planning to go and bring him back, she just said soon. You understood when two days passed after what you did to make her agree to bring Kai back, but it’s been six days and you couldn’t wait anymore. You agreed to lay low for a while, because all of those people who went missing, more accurately, the ones you killed, weren’t forgotten just like that. You spent most of the time in Salvatore’s house. Somehow it was easier to be there than at your own place, but you had to go and visit Bonnie, to ask her, again, if she had any intentions of bringing the one person you care about, the person who’s on top of the list of people you love. She let you in without saying a word and sat down on the couch and crossed her arms. She just kept staring at you, apparently waiting for you to say something.

‘Ok, we could do this until tomorrow, I’ll just get to the point. When are you-’

'Gonna bring Kai back? Very soon. Sooner than you think, actually.’ She stated as she smiled and looked down at her hands on her lap.

'Really? Because as I can remember, you’ve been saying this for six days and nothing, I don’t want to say I lost faith, but since you obviously have no intentions of getting him out of that hell hole so, I really don’t know what to think, Bonnie.’ You trailed off, you voice a bit shaky, your fingers running through your hair.

'I will do it. I promised and I will.’ Bonnie said as she got up and walked towards you.

'Somehow I doubt that.’ You said, turning around and walking out of the house. You took a deep breath, a light breeze caressing your face. You started walking around Mystic Falls, trying to dodge the path that led to Damon’s and Stefan’s house so you walked to your own house. You wanted to be alone. On the way home, you saw a girl sitting on the grass, looking at her knee. After just one second, the smell of blood hit you in the face. You took a deep breath, trying to overcome the smell, but the feeling was stronger. After not feeding for two days, the desire for blood was stronger than ever before. You quickly ran towards the girl and there you saw blood drippling down her leg, focusing only on her wound. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, trying to control it and just when you thought you succeeded, the fangs and the black veins under your eyes came out.

'I’m sorry.’ You said it, your voice muffled as you sank your fangs into her neck, her blood trickling down your throat. You somehow managed to stop and heal her. You compelled her to forget what happened as you quickly ran home. You slammed the doors behind you, your white shirt and chin stained with blood. A tear streamed down your face ss you wiped your chin. You walked into the living room and poured yourself a glass of water as you took a sip. You looked down at the glass and then threw it across the room, hitting the wall, watching it shatter on the floor.

'So, you have some spare glasses so I can join?’

You heard a male voice, your eyes going wide. You immediately recognized the voice. You wiped your tears as you turned around, locking your eyes with the gorgeous blue eyes you haven’t seen in a while. You froze in place, not knowing what to do. Your hands started shaking and you heart racing.

'Oh my god!’ You whispered as you started running towards Kai, wrapping your arms around his neck. His arms wrapped around your waist, your head pressed against his chest. You started crying into his chest, his hands cupping your face, lifting your head up a little bit so you could look him in the eyes. He kissed every part of your face, leaving your lips for the very end. He sniled at you before he kissed you deeply, his tongue slipping into your mouth. You held tightly onto his biceps like your life depended on it. After a few moments, you pulled away and looked at him again. You couldn’t believe he was actually there, right no front of you, holding you in his arms after so long. It felt surreal, you kept holding him close to you, just to be sure hevwas actually there, to be sure he was in front of you. There were occasions where you imagine Kai beside you on the bed like before and you wanted to be sure he wasn’t a hallucination.

'Are you really here?’ You whispered as you caressed his cheek gently.

'I am and I’m not going anywhere. Ever again. I’ll do everything to make sure no one takes you away from me ever again.’ He trailed off, pulling you into a tight hug, placing his head in the crook of your neck.

'I’ve missed you so freaking much, I can’t even describe how much I’ve missed you and how many times I wanted to be with you.’ You said, looking deeply into his eyes.

'I’ve missed you too. Everything about you. I almost went crazy out there.’

'You never have to go there again, and even though I lost my memories for a short period of time, I fought to get them back.’

'What.. what are you talking about?’ Kai asked, frowning.

'Well.. Bonnie said I-’

'Of course Bonnie had to do something with that. Why would she even-’

Before he could finish his sentence, Bonnie walked in. She didn’t even had the chance to say anything as Kai ran towards her, slamming her against the wall, making her gasp.

'How could you, Bon Bon?’ Kai trailed off, pressing on Bonnie’s neck. 'You wanted to take her away from me? Not cool. You know, I am really grateful for getting me out of there, I really am, but when you mess with my girl, well, you had to know there were going to be some consequences. I could just, you know easily rip your heart out or something, so you can’t screw people over again.’ Kai said, looking at Bonnie, seriousness and anger taking over his face. The blood in his veins must’ve boiled and you knew if you didn’t stop him, Bonnie would’ve ended up dead. You ran towards them, placing your hand on Kai’s face, turning his head to look at you in the eyes.

'Hey, hey. Look at me. It’s not worth it. She did help us after all. Don’t do this.’ You trailed off, watching him pulling away and taking a few steps back, putting his arm around your waist.

'I’m glad you two are happy, but if I see you again in Mystic Falls, I’ll throw both of your asses to prison world, without a possible way of escaping.’ Bonnie stated as she walked out of the house.

'Well… that went well. I think we have a lot to catch up, don’t we?’ Kai said as he kissed you deeply and picked you up, running upstairs to your room, slamming the doors behind.

Teen!Hal x Teen!Barry

A splattering sound filled the silence of the night. Barry reached for the carton and chucked an egg at the roof. The egg landed with a satisfying ‘crack’. He kinda felt bad for the person who owned the nice house. He was unsure who it actually belonged to, but he didn’t care much at the moment. All he wanted was to relieve some of his stress. This was his favorite way to do so.

His hand reached for another egg, but he froze when he heard a voice behind him. “The people who live here are gonna be pissed when they get home.” Barry’s head whipped around frantically. A man in a bomber jacket stood beside the carton he had laid on the lawn.

His eyes widened, and he was fairly certain he was in trouble. Barry was at a loss for words. The mystery man chuckled at his fearful expression. “Don’t worry. I’m not gonna rat you out or anything.” Barry let out a sigh of relief. “As a matter of fact.” The man trailed off. He took an egg from the carton, took a look at the house, and threw it with as much force as he could muster.

It hit the door and cracked open, yolk spilling and dripping down the wood. Barry stared incredulously at the stranger. He was joining in? Was he nuts? But really, who was he to stop him? That’d just be hypocritical, and Barry was anything but a hypocrite. Well, usually anyways.

He got over his initial shock, and joined in the fun. By the end of it, slimy, yellow yolk was dripping all over the house. The two boys were laughing hysterically, clearly having way too much fun. They both caught their breaths after calming down. A celebratory high five was definitely in order.

Their fun was cut short, however, when the flashing lights and familiar sirens became noticeable. “No. No no no no. This can’t be happening!” Barry started to panic. His new friend put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and flashed him a confident smile.

“I got this. You may find this surprising, but this isn’t my first rodeo.” Oh god, what had he gotten himself into? The boy stood as an officer approached them. He tried his hand at convincing (read: bribing) the police officer.

Considering the fact that they were currently sitting in a jail cell together, it clearly didn’t go well.

“Seriously, dude? Bribing the cop? What is wrong with you?” Barry was freaking out and highly uncomfortable with this situation.

“That usually works,” the boy mumbled just loud enough for him to hear. Barry sighed and leaned against the cell door.

“Well, since we’re going to be stuck here for a while, can you at least tell me your name?” It hadn’t occurred to either of them that neither boy had been introduced.

“The name’s Hal. Hal Jordan. And you are…” Barry held his hand out to his accomplice.

“Barry Allen.” The two shook hands and went silent again before Hal asked a very pressing question he had.

“Why were you egging that house anyways?”

“I could ask the same of you.”

“I asked first.” Barry thought back to his stressful day.

“I got a bit overwhelmed, and I needed a way to cool down, I suppose.” That was the understatement of the year. “School’s been getting to me lately. You know how that goes.” Hal scoffed. Boy, did he know a thing or two.

“Tell me about it. My parents have been getting on my case about my bad grades. It doesn’t help that my older brother, Jack, acts above me because of it.” Clearly this boy needs a tutor, and maybe someone who wasn’t busy judging him. Barry was more than willing to be both.

“I could help you with the grades situation. Well, once our parents pick us up, of course.” Hal grimaced. He didn’t seem too thrilled by that.

“Yeah. Our parents.” Barry felt he’d unintentionally hit a nerve. He was about to apologize, but the cell door opened up. In the entrance was an officer and Barry’s parents. He stood up and gave them a big hug, apologizing for this whole mess. They assured him they were just glad he was okay.

When Barry separated from them, he saw a man slightly older than him and Hal arrive, and he watched him curiously. Hal looked up, his eyes wide. “I don’t know what else I expected of you, Hal,” the man said. This definitely wasn’t Hal’s father, so the next best assumption would be his brother Jack. Barry already didn’t like him.

Hal didn’t really bother to respond to Jack, He simply walked past his brother towards the lobby. Barry clenched his fists and looked back at Hal’s brother. What right did he have to say something like that?  He got the feeling this happened to Hal a lot, if earlier was anything to go by. But to seem so smug and above someone like that, let alone a younger sibling? It didn’t sit well with Barry.

He was about to confront the man, but his father held him back and shook his head. Barry let himself relax a bit, but glared at Jack nonetheless.

He left to try and find Hal. He happened to be sitting out in the waiting room, his head in his hands. Barry cleared his throat to grab his attention. Hal jumped a bit. He was relieved when he saw Barry. Taking a seat, Barry tried to think of the best thing to say, but found that nothing at all would work just fine. He wanted to let Hal talk when he was ready. After a brief moment of silence, he did.

“You know, I don’t try to be a screw up. Being a perfect child just doesn’t come as naturally to me as it does for Jack.” Hal stared off in the distance as if remembering something. “My parents threatened to send me away to a private school. Figured it should do me some good. I don’t think it will.”

Hal’s family seemed to have high standards for him, but they seemed too unrealistic to Barry. I mean, clearly Hal wasn’t turning out the way they wanted, but shouldn’t they be okay with that? He’s his own person. Barry was raised to think for himself, so he only saw fit that Hal should, too.

“They sound tough,” he said. Hal laughed dryly.

“No kidding. They’re nothing like yours from what I can tell.” Barry’s parents were a lot less uptight and strict. His well being was honestly their main concern.

“They’re great. I couldn’t ask for better parents.” He smiled thinking about how accepting his parents were. And so far, they hadn’t been too angry about the egging incident. Mostly just surprised and concerned. Speaking of that.

“I never did ask you why you joined me. What made you do it?” Hal ran his hand through his hand and winced.

“I know the girl who lives there. Her name’s Carol. She’s, uh, my ex.” Barry went silent. Hal’s ex? How coincidental.

“And you thought egging her house was a good idea?”

“You started it,” Hal reminded him. “If it helps, it definitely made me feel better. About her, I mean.”

“Uh huh.” Barry deadpanned. “You’re not the brightest, are you?” Hal pretended to be hurt.

“Rude! I will have you know I am very smart, Barry.”

“Bartholomew.” Hal froze. Barry wasn’t sure why he’d said it.

“Uh, what?”

“My name. Bartholomew. That’s what Barry is short for.” Cue the snorting as Hal tried not to laugh. Barry was beginning to regret this. “Shut up! I shouldn’t have said anything to you.”

Hal tried his best to stop. He felt kinda bad for laughing. “No, no. I’m sorry. It’s just…Bartholomew? This is the 21st century. No one names their kid that anymore.”

“Well my parents do. Get over it.” Hal rolled his eyes. He found himself wanting to make things even. He was so going to embarrass himself.

“Well, at least your name isn’t Harold.” Now it was Barry’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, laugh it up, Bartholomew. At least we’re even now.”

“Oh, man. That’s great. Harold.” He tried to calm down, but couldn’t take Hal seriously now.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.” Then both boys burst into laughter.

“Let’s just agree our parents have terrible taste in names,” Hal got out between fits of laughter.

“Agreed.” Somehow, egging a random person’s house had led both of them to this moment. And they couldn’t have asked for a better coincidence to bring them together.

Title: Try Me
Pairing: Sam x reader
Warnings: none, just sass
Word count: 627
Theme song: Tough by Kelly Pickler
A/n: @ellen-reincarnated1967 Finally got this sucker down, here’s my Sam Drabble for your A Gif Is Worth A Thousand Words challenge! Thanks, this was fun, and great for me to write something after so long (: also gonna tag some of my Sam!girls and whatnot
And I wanted to tag @withoutaplease cuz Ik I don’t really know her, but I saw it was her birthday, but it won’t let me ☹️ anyways, happy birthday to her! And I hope you all enjoy 😁

“The report shows that it took over thirty minutes after the call was made for anyone to be dispatched; would you like to tell me why that is?” You question the short and stocky, middle aged sheriff sitting across from you. He crosses his arms and replies in a huff,

“Now, am I sensing an accusation in there?” You shrug your shoulders but don’t step down.

“Is there an accusation to be made? I’m just making sure to get all my facts straight.” If you couldn’t tell by the man’s rigid posture, the barely suppressed annoyance seeping into his tone and onto his features assures you he isn’t taking kindly to you. So, he’s one of those guys, you think.

“I’ve given you all the facts, ma’am, now you might just want to leave the real talk up to the big boys.” He smirks now and gives a pointed nod in Sam’s direction. Sam doesn’t even try to cover his disdain, rolling his eyes ever so slightly over to stare down the sheriff, his jaw clenching. But knowing good and well from first hand experience just how capable you are of handling yourself, he doesn’t say anything but a simple and tight,

“That’s, agent, to you.” Cocking his head in your direction. You give a slight nod of your head, appreciating Sam’s quiet support.

“Mmm yes, that’s why we’re here; the big boys, to handle the real business. If you didn’t know what the F in FBI stands for, we’re the federal authority here. We will decide when we have gotten all the facts we need. Got it? Then, when we solve your case for you, maybe I’ll even celebrate and buy you your own pair of big boy pants” You finish with a tight lipped smile and challenging eyes, almost daring him to try you again. But feeling the shift in the air with your strong tone of authority, brokering no real room for argument, the sheriff complies,

“Uh right, of course, agent,” his arrogant and belittling attitude slipping as he uncrosses his arms and looks down to the papers on his desk, not able to make eye contact with either you or Sam. You share a small satisfied look of triumph with Sam before continuing your questioning on the case…


As you and Sam exit the sheriff’s department Sam lets out a small laugh,

“You know, I wanted nothing more than to reach across that pricks desk and shut him up… But I’m glad I didn’t, your way was much more satisfying,” Sam states in amusement. You smirk up at him, proud of yourself as well if you admit it, seeing the smirk slide right off the sherriff’s face once he was shown you weren’t to be messed with.

“Oh, you liked that, huh?” You quirk an eyebrow up at Sam and he nods appreciatively.

“It was pretty hot,” he confesses with a small smile, stopping and looking at you as you both reach the car, you return his smile with your own slightly more mischievous one as you sidle up close to him instead of walking over to the passenger side,

“I’ll show you hot, Winchester,” you purr lowly, as you press your body to his, running your hands down his arms… Then you snatch the keys from his unsuspecting hands and toss him a wink before turning to get into the driver’s seat, slamming the door in the face of the groaning man. He slowly shakes his head and mumbles defeat as he walks to the passenger side, but there’s pleasure in his tone as he says to himself,

“Damn, she gets me every time.”


root‘s reactions to ‘shaw telling her….’

#lets acknowledge the fact that root never ever wanted more from shaw than she was able to give #she never crossed shaw’s boundaries #she never wanted to make shaw uncomfortable etc #she just wanted HER and was willing to be patient until shaw was fully ready to go THERE #so root’s reactions to shaw’s more playful/intimate moments with her are the most precious cause you can tell shaw being that vulnerable catches her off guard #she never expected ANY confession of feelings so imagine how much root is internally screaming inside #shaw making it known that she indeed loves her back was all she ever wanted




I hope that all of my beautiful followers have/had a wonderful day, even without a significant other you have to know that you are being loved. 

This is to all the people: you are beautiful and lovely. That’s what this day is for.

I wish I could tell you all individually how much I love you.. but that’s kind of impossible haha.

Whenever you think that nobody loves you, think of me and how much I adore and love each of you ♥

Some people in my life need to hear my words more detailed though so I thought I should do that haha.
The following people are the tumblr friends who have/had a huge impact on me and my tumblr experience. They are listed in the order of when I met them.

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