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hey everybody, and thank you for joining us for another episode of million dollars but. 

Title: Newest Addition
Character: Jake Peralta
A/n: This’ll most likely turn into a series because I like the idea a lot, lemme know if you’d be interested. Also, cop jargon is not my strong suit, apologies.

You mentally went over your introduction for the hundredth time that morning, not wanting to mess up your first day on the job. Your grip on your shoulder bag tightened and loosened as you tried to shake off the nerves. You were fully confident in your skills as a sketch artist, but new people in unknown situations always made you jumpy.

You pulled open the door of the 99th precint and slowly peered inside, seeing a bunch of people sauntering around the office space as they carried piles of papers or coffee mugs.

You looked down at a small stick-it note you had written all of your information on, but you had no idea where to go from there.

“Hello, can I help you something?” You looked up at saw a smiling woman with dark hair pulled back into a bun standing in front of you.

“Yes! Hi, I’m looking for Captain Ray Holt? It’s my first day and I’m supposed to inform him first thing.”

“Oh, you must be the new sketch artist!” She said, holding her hand out for you to shake. “I’m Detective Amy Santiago.”

“(Y/f/n), it’s very nice to meet you, Amy,” You said noticing her firm hold on your hand. “So, are you like the top dog around here?”

Amy’s eyes got a certan glint to them and she stood up taller as she smoothed her brightly colored blouse. “Why yes, it’s been proven to be true, aside from Captain Holt, of course. Lemme take you to his office.”

“Well, well,” Amy said, noticing Jake walking in through the front doors. “Look who’s late again.”

“For your information, Santiago,” Jake said as he dropped a bag onto his desk. “I stopped to get food after catching a perp trying to tear up a parking ticket.”

Amy gave him a look before starting the first case report of the day. “Regardless, I got to see the new member first.”

Jake frowned. “Aw, what! They’re here already?”

Amy looked up from her monitor proudly. “Yes, she seems very nice.”

“Is she cute?”

“Shut up.”

“Attention everyone!” Captain Holt announced, extending his hand out to you. “This is (Y/n), she’s out newest sketch artist. Please make her feel welcome.”

Jake took one glance at you and got the biggest smile on his face. “Score! She’s super cute!”

Amy scolded him. “And you are staying far away from her.”

“That is totally not happening.”

“Now, we have busy day today but if someone would be willing to show (Y/n) the ropes, it would be most appreciated.”

Amy was about to stand up, but Jake had already sprinted up to the two of you.

“I’ve got this,” Jake said as he gave you a charming smile and extended a hand to you. “Jake Peralta, best detective in the building, certified badass and available.”

Holt rolled his eyes. “Detective, please refrain from flirting with new members. We don’t want to scare them off.”

You laughed and shook his hand. “I don’t mind, I found it funny.”

Jake smiled and linked his arm with yours. “I like you already.”

“This is the interrogation room, depending on the case, you’ll probably do most of your work in here, getting descriptions from witnesses the works.” Jake explained, hopping up on the metal table.

You nodded, looking around the bare room. “What happened to the last sketch artist.”

“You know what, I don’t really know. He called in sick a couple times and then just stopped showing up altogether,” Jake hopped down from the table and looked around discreetly before leaning close to you. “Between you and me though, I think he’s working for the fire department now.”

“Fire department?”

“Shh, we don’t speak of them in this sanctuary,” Jake said as he folded his arms. “But enough about that, I’m very curious about you, Miss (Y/n).”

You shrugged. “What do you want to know?”

“Psh, just the usual protocol questions. What’s your star sign? Favorite color? Do you have a boyfriend? Girlfriend? Opinions on the movie ‘Die Hard’?”

You laughed, brows scrunching together as you tried to think of all the answers. But a knock on the door interrupted your thought process.

“(L/n), Sergeant Terry has a witness for you.” Gina said as she leaned against the door.

“Oh, thank you,” You told her with a smile before turning back to Jake. “Perhaps another time?”

“Sure!” Jake said watching you leave the room before he leaned back into the table. “Gina! We were having a moment!”

“She’s literally been here not even a full day and you’re already trying to bone her.” She observed before shrugging. “I can respect that.”

“Am not!” Jake said with an appalled expression. “I just happen to find her very attractive and interesting.”

“Great, so you have a thing for the new chick. Can’t wait to live tweet this.” Gina replied, already typing away on her phone before leaving the doorway.

Jake turned around for half a second before Santiago marched into the room. “What’s this I hear about you trying to seduce the sketch artist!”

“Man, that woman is fast,” Jake said but shook his head. “So what if I am?”

“No, no. There’s finally another woman on this team that seems nice and sane and I will not let you ruin her with one of your lame one night stand dates!” Amy said, folding her arms as she frowned at him.

“Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Because your Jake Peralta, when was your last serious relationship?”

“A fair point, but still hurtful!” Jake said before sighing. “I can be nice too!”

“Just leave her alone, Peralta. She’s out of your league anyways.” Amy said, giving him another disapproving look before leaving the interrogation room.

“I can, and I’ll prove it!” Jake said before pulling out his phone and dialing a number. “Boyle, meet me in the interrogation room pronto, we have work to do.

Part 2: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/164256777712/title-operation-match-making-character-jake

A tiny kissy from a tiny goop
just accept the kissy, it’ll make him happy

Mother Nature, when I tell her that a snow day would actually really mess up my plans and make everything a million times harder.

“Spencer we shouldn’t do this. Not at work”
You whispered to him as he ran his hand along your thigh.
“But I want you….right here and now.” He breathed onto your neck and kissed you lightly. His lips made you shiver and let out a gasp of air.
You felt is arms wrap around your thighs and hoist you up onto his waist and your back against the wall.
His lips pressed onto yours and made you moan.
“Shhhh you have to be quite”
Reid chuckled as you covered your mouth with your hand.
He placed kisses along your neck and down to your breasts, playfully biting your left breast.
You moaned louder and moved your hips into his crotch.
Spencer moaned into your breast trying to stay quite.
His fingers lingered at the bottom of your skirt. Teasing you like he always does.
You whined in complaint and moved your hips harder into him.
“Now look who wants to do it at work” Spencer smirked at you.
He lifted your skirt and pressed his hard crotch against you.
You reached down pulling at his pants and boxers, finally releasing his hard member.
You felt his postion himself at your entrance and slowly pushed himself inside you. Your walls clenched onto him and made you moan from the pleasure. “Fuck! Spencer!”
His hand covered your mouth as he pounded harder into you.
“I am about to-” Spencer releasead inside of you, making you cum also.
“Fuck Spencer…that…was amazing” You were out of breath.
Spencer let your feet touch the ground, tugging your skirt back to how is was.
He then pulled up his pants and gave a little laugh.
Spencer pulled you in for another deep passionate kiss.
“I suppose we better get back to work.” He sighed.
You huffed “ Damn work. I want to continue this.” You pointed between you both.
“Well…” Spencer grabbed your waist. “Why don’t we continue this..all night…after work?”
Your grin widened and you kissed his cheek.
“Well..I will look forward to that.”
You tugged on his tie kissing him again.
Your kiss was interuppted by a knock on the door.
Your eyes widened as you looked from Spencer to the door.
“Reid and Y/N…we have a case. And I swear if you have made a mess in there….please clean it up first.”
Your face went red as you heard Hotch walk away.
“Oh my god. We are so dead.”

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“He looks at you when he thinks you can’t see him.” 

They are in Bangkok and their contact is uncomfortably observant. Helpful all the same but his gaze seems to follow them at all times and see right through them. Thankfully, he keeps quiet about whatever he concludes.
 Which is why Gaby is surprised when he suddenly speaks up while they listen to the boys bickering over the line. They are out to steal one important document or another while Gaby and their contact stayed behind in the hotel room to contact Waverly should anything go wrong.
 “They are very close.” The man says offhandedly.
 Gaby blinks but answers. “Working in the field out there makes you become close.” She pauses. “It’s a fine line.” She adds. Handlers didn’t like agents to be too close, she knew. They could have a crooked few on priorities. Not UNCLE, though. Never UNCLE. Waverly wouldn’t rip his most successful team apart just because he thinks they would rather save each other. He values their lives.
“Are you jealous?” He asks.
 “Why should I be? I am a part of their team.” Gaby answers confused.
 He looks at her for a moment before nodding. She can see he wants to add something but refrains from doing so.
 “They behave like an old married couple.” She adds conversationally.
 He cocks his head. “No, not quite.” He answers and then falls quiet. 

 It’s not until the mission is over that he explains what he’d meant. They had gathered in one of the hotel rooms except for Napoleon who was still in the shower. Illya was busy piecing his equipment back together when the man approached him.
 “Your partner, he looks at you when he thinks you can’t see him.” He says.
Illya stops in his actions. “What are you talking about?” He snaps and starts gathering his things.
“You look back when you think he can’t see you.” The man adds but can only watch as Illya snorts and leaves.
 Gaby raises her eyebrows when he is gone. “And what was that about?” She asks confused.
 “You are right. They bicker like an old married couple but they still have the sexual tension of lovers.” He explains and leaves with a tap to his hat.

Past Loves

Summary: Although the reader now hunts with Sam and Dean, they weren’t the first brothers to introduce her to the supernatural. Salvatore is just as much a meaningful last name as Winchester to the reader. The past is brought up when a trip to Mystic Falls leads the reader to run into her past love, Damon. Let’s just say Damon is perfect at making Dean jealous. 

Word count: 2818

Author’s Note: I love the vampire diaries and Damon just demands to be written. If you guys are fans too I think I’m going to start writing TVD imagines too! 

The Winchesters hadn’t been the brothers to introduce you to the supernatural, but they were your family now. As it always went, you’d had a life before you’d met them. You’d never really talked about your past life, Sam knew certain things. Keeping your past life hidden, meant keeping a past love hidden, Damon Salvatore.

You didn’t know where to begin when it came to Damon, he’d helped you through so much. The reason you’d kept him somewhat of a secret was because your current feelings for Dean. You knew how Damon was, and if he knew you were hopelessly in love but too shy to do anything he’d intervene.

The problem was that your current case called for a trip to Mystic Falls. You were sitting at the table with Sam as Dean was making coffee. Sam spoke up, “So (y/n) is today the day we meet the infamous Da-”. Sam knew you were head over heels for Dean, and he was totally up to something. You cut him off, “Maybe if you stay alive to actually work on the case today”.

Dean didn’t miss anything, “Who are we talking about?”. You sent daggers at Sam, “Oh uh no one”. You hoped Dean would just give up, he had his own past love affairs, so many in fact that why would he even care about yours? Sam continued regardless of your glares, “Not just anyone from what you’ve told me (y/n)…”.

You choked on your coffee and Dean raised an eyebrow. You blushed, “You guys aren’t the only two that have past loves”. Sam smirked at watching Dean’s reaction as he questioningly asked, “Past loves?”. Blushing you got up from the table, too confused as to why Dean cared so much when he never made a real move.

Sam smiled, “Well guys let’s get on the road today should be fun!”. He was loving Dean being jealous because he knew his brother just needed a push to really accept how he felt. You were Sam’s best friend, and if anyone were to be with his brother it should be you. Everything was packed and within a half hour you were on the road.

The ride included Sam hinting at your past and Dean getting jealous. You didn’t understand how he was so jealous because on every hunt you ran into someone Dean had known on a…more personal level…so why wasn’t it okay for you? Regardless his emotions were getting the best of him.

Finally the impala pulled into Mystic Falls and you lead the boys to , “The Mystic Grill” because you knew burgers and beer would lighten the mood. You were sat down at a table and when the waiter came to take your drinks she said, “The man at the bar ordered you this shot, said he remembers how you like it”.

You smiled and rolled your eyes, this had Damon all over it. You looked to the bar and there he was, smirking raising his drink. Dean spoke up, “Little early for a shot-”, but you were already gone from the table. Walking over to the bar you took him in, sexy as ever but then again he didn’t age.

Damon smiled, “So (y/n) I can’t tell if you miss me and that’s why you’re here or if I’ve been replaced”. He looked to Sam and Dean and you smiled. You hugged him, “Damon no one could replace you”. For a second he pretended to be the carless wild Damon many knew him as, but he soon melted into the hug and held you tight.

He whispered in your ear, “Next time don’t go so long without calling”. When the hug ended you explained yourself, “ Life has been so crazy I’m sorry”. He raised his shoulders telling you that all was forgiven, then he grabbed your hand and made you do a slow spin. He clicked his tongue, “Hmm hmm hmm, time does you well”.

Before you could speak he raised an eyebrow, “Okay why is the shorter lumber jack giving me a death glare right now?”. He must’ve been talking about Dean, and you had to admit it was a funny description. You decided to take the shot before explaining but he knew you too well.

Damon let out a sigh, “You’re in love huh? Please don’t tell me-”. You shook your head, “Damon he’s just too good for me, and he doesn’t seem to care, so I’ve kept my feelings quiet”. Damon got that look in his eyes, the classic “I’m about to put things in motion” look.

He raised his eyebrows, “Doesn’t care, if I’m hearing correctly short lumberjack is asking tall lumberjack just who the hell I am and why I’m all over you…I can work with jealousy”. Damon was a vampire which meant super hearing, and you had to trust what he said.

You put up a finger, “Damon no, do not-”. Too late, he’d set his mind on something. He compelled the waiter to give you another round of shots, alcohol would make things interesting. Smirking evilly he asked, “Never too early for a body shot right?”. Before you could object the bartender was back with salt, lime, and tequila.

Rolling his eyes he said, “ Come on, he’s jealous and he should be. You’re too good to wait around for something, I’m showing him what he’s missing”. You hated to admit it but he was right, and Dean deserved a taste of his own medicine. You smiled, “ You’re right, but don’t go falling in love with me again”.

You both started to laugh, “Same goes to you (y/n), but we should make this look real”. Damon placed the salt up your next and you happily took the lime between your lips. He pouted, “Missing something” and before you knew it the shot was placed between your breasts. Your mouth opened but you laughed, this was classic Damon.

Damon took down the shot and winked at you. His tongue slowly licked up your neck and to add effect he sucked a little, of course leaving a mark. He whispered in your ear, “Oh this is funn”. His lips soon met yours as he took the lime in his own mouth. When it was over he licked his lips, “My work here is done, the dynamic duo is walking our way as we speak”.

Dean was the first to speak, “Let me guess this is Damon”. Before getting up to greet Dean he took his thumb and wiped the lime juice from the corner of your mouth before dragging down your bottom lip slowly, man was he good at this. Damon smiled, “Sorry, had a little something there”.

Damon got up and went to shake Dean’s hand, “The one and only”. Sam looked to you and you just grinned. Sam tried to defuse the anger, “Well I’ve heard a lot about you from (y/n)”. Dean added, “You know I can’t imagine you two having a past”.

You opened your mouth to speak but Damon spoke first, “Oh (y/n) and I had fun, you know I might still have a couple scratches on my back to prove it”. Deans jaw clenched and Sam tried not to laugh. Damon continued, “Wasn’t it fun (y/n) sneaking around trying not to get caught, but you were always too loud..but I mean I’m not really complaining”. Now Dean’s fists were clenched and you wanted to break the tension.

Sam beat you too it, “You know I have a feeling (y/n) was totally different back then”. Damon looked at you and winked as he said, “It’s always the quiet ones”. Dean was about to combust and he barely got out the words, “(y/n), outside”.

He pulled your hand and dragged you to where the impala was parked. You were telling him stop and within a flash he was suddenly pinned against the impala. All you could say was, “Damon?”. Dean was trying to push him away but Damon had a couple hundred years on him, “Why so angry?”.

You went next to them and pushed them away, “Okay Damon that’s enough, point proven”. Dean fixed his jacket but looked angrier as ever. Damon backed off but not before asking, “You know you can’t be angry, she’s not even yours”. With a flash he was gone, all he really wanted to do was emphasize the fact that you were never Deans.

Dean ran his hands through his hair, “Vampires, it had to be fucking vampires”. At this point you were angry too, you never acted like an ass when you saw him hitting on girls on cases. Crossing your arms over your chest you answered him, “Damon’s right Dean, why are you so angry? Why do you get to be angry?”.

He looked lost for a moment, trying to find the right words. He let out a sigh, “ I don’t know okay? All I know is that I didn’t like some guy all over you as I watched”. The irony caused you to laugh. Really? Rolling your eyes you spoke the truth, “Dean what do you think I’ve had to watch every hunt, but you don’t see me freaking out. You know what why are you freaking out, the thought that someone might want me is too much for you?”.

Walking closer to you he uncrossed your arms, “I’m sorry that’s not what I want, or think. I just, I’ve…never been in love and-”. Love, were you hearing him correctly? Dean continued, “I was scared of what I felt, Winchesters don’t have a good track record when it comes to love, but that was no excuse”.

You were still hurt, “You’re right it wasn’t”. He laughed and took your hands, “Damon just got me so angry you know? All his little remarks”. You couldn’t help but shake your head and smile, “ He’s known to have that effect on people”. It seemed like Dean was still not telling you something so you raised an eyebrow.

Finally he spoke up, “Was what he said true?”. You were confused, “About what?”. Suddenly you were catching on and you grinned. Biting your lip you replied, “What do you think?”. Dean stepped even closer to you, “I think I’ve done enough waiting”. His lips were on yours, a mixture of whiskey tequila.

His hands frantically roamed all over your body, trying to makeup for lost time. You smiled, “Dean I think we’d both be a lot happier somewhere more private”. Dean was already one step ahead as you heard him open the impalas door for you.

Dean turned on the radio and you slid closer to him, the best part of the impala was the fact that there wasn’t individual seats. You started to kiss his neck and he laughed, “ Where is somewhere more private?”.

Sliding your body down you were now hovering over his pants zipper. You looked up to him, “Until we find somewhere more private I figured I could keep you occupied”. Before Dean could question what that could possibly mean you started to unzip his pants and pull them down.

You were still looking up at him and you could tell how flustered he was, “ Uh (y/n) I don’t..are you sur?-”. You cut him off by slowly taking his member in your hand. All thoughts left his mind as he watched you.

Laughing you reminded him, “ Uh Dean shouldn’t you be watching the road?”. He half smirked and reluctantly took his eyes off you and brought them to the road as he drove. You slowly licked up his shaft stopped before you got to the tip.

You were still watching him and you wanted to laugh as his eyes frantically darted from the road to you. Continuing you circled his tip with your tongue before sucking lightly. You put your other hand to use by lightly grasping his balls and massaging.

Suddenly you felt his hand slid up your back before resting on your head. You knew what he wanted to do and you encouraged him, “I like it when you take what you want Dean”. He then had the courage to guide you down onto him.

Dean was still being reluctant and to encourage him even more you took as much of him as you could into your mouth, which was a lot more than he’d originally thought. You took your mouth off of him and looked up at him smiling.

He was biting his lip and his grip on your head tightened, “ I want you”. You took as much of him as you could again and bobbed your head up and down. His hold on your head guided you and caused you to pick up speed. Dean’s moans and groans were so loud they rang out over the radio, “ Fuck baby”.

You took your mouth off of his penis to begin sucking on his balls and you thought he was going to crash the car right then and there. Your entire body moved as Dean took a turn. Looking up you realized that he’d driven to a dead-end surrounded by trees, as private as he needed.

His voice was coarse, “ That feels so good but I need more”. Taking the hint you straddled Dean, feeling him press into you. You smiled, “ I need this too Dean”, and with that you both took off the rest of your clothes as quickly as you could.

Dean had one hand on your hip while he held his penis in the other, “ You sure you’re ready?”. You wanted to laugh, you were dripping wet of course you were ready. To convince him you kissed him passionately, lightly biting his bottom lip. With that he entered you, and you instantly groaned.

Slowly you moved your hips and Dean’s hands grabbed them. Once again he started to guide you, making you go faster. You started kissing him again until he stopped to kiss down your neck.

Dean moaned, “You feel so damn good (y/n)”. This only made you want to go faster and before you knew it you were bouncing up and down. His mouth moved to your breasts, sucking your nipples tenderly.

You nearly screamed, “ Dean fuck, fuck”. Knowing it would feel even better you turned around, your back now to Dean. You leaned against dashboard, arching your back. He slapped your ass, “ Shit that feels good huh?”. You moaned, but that wasn’t enough.

Dean grabbed a fistful of your hair pulling you closer to him, “Talk to me princess”. Again your face was right next to his as your head rested in the crook of his neck. Looking at him you answered, “you feel so- fuck- so good Dean”.

One hand found your clit and began rubbing while the other lightly gripped your neck. He continued, “You’re so fucking beautiful baby”. Dean began to thrust deep and hard into you. You began to close your eyes, everything was too intense. Dean spoke again, “ No baby, open those eyes”.

You felt your orgasm coming, but you fought it. He didn’t slow down, “ You’re gonna come huh princess, tell me who’s making you cum!”. You were unable to reply so his grip on your neck tightened.

Your voice was faint but you answered, “ You are Dean”. Dean actually laughed, a new side of him showing. His hand and hips somehow went faster, and he knew what he was doing to you. He demanded, “ I want you to cum for me princess okay? Tell me who’s making you feel so good when you do”. You nodded your head in response.

Once again his grip tightened, “ Need to hear you say it baby”. It was now seconds away but you yelled his name out. You felt him coming undone as well, “ Fuck (y/n), fuck yes”. As Dean came so did you, everything was so intense.

Your eyes shut, and your body was trying to cope with every nerve suddenly being on fire. If Dean hadn’t been holding you up you surely would’ve fallen. As your orgasm shook over you all you could do was scream his name.

When you both finished all you could do was attempt to catch your breath. You turned around to face Dean again and saw the happiness in his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair, “ I really fucking love you princess”. Dean kissed you on the forehead, and it was your turn to beam with happiness.

You suddenly heard your phone buzz and saw you’d gotten a text from Damon. Out of curiosity you read it and it said, “ Nice performance, princess, next time try not picking a place so close to our house. Super hearing is a bitch”. You couldn’t help but laugh, and be insanely thankful for Damon. You kissed Dean again, realizing how lucky you truly were.

If only I could make myself disappear
The me, who wants to change
At such a time I think about YOUR SMILE~

I’m gonna make a Sakuya character song a reality //kicked. Not really but I’m trying to make something bout it… (>v>) So stay tuned!! Actually, please kick me, I need to study but the uRGE IS JUST TOO STRONG. WHY AM I ALWAYS SO PRODUCTIVE BEFORE EXAMS //crieeesss

@mikoe24 I wonder if you know where this is from~ *wink wink*


idk what to call it please send me name suggestions. Anyways an anon suggested/asked for this hair and I thought it sounded cute so I started making it, and it ended up being the Tessa hair I released today, but this is what the hair they asked for looks like. I want to say expect it next week but its one of those hairs that I am not feeling so it could be delayed by 2 weeks if I start another hair that I end up loving. Right now I am not working on anything other than an outfit though so it should be out next week. pray sisters

I think that one of the reasons why I am not that fond of my Anders/Hawke playthrough is whenever they start going ‘Yaaaay, revolution!’, I get flashbacks of the appropriately-themed literature I, and especially my mom and grandmother, had to read at school. Doesn’t mean that I can’t try and make some cool art of it!

The bird is the Stormy Petrel, in reference to Maxim Gorky’s eponymous work.

                       - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 940
summary : continues the story from part I
*gif by christophwood

A few days later Kai arrived in NOLA.  He was going to stay at the Mikaelson’s for the entire summer and he couldn’t be happier about it. The Originals have become , in a way , like a family to him. At first when Klaus had met him a few  years ago , there had been moments when Kai thought maybe he’d lose his head again or maybe his heart. Later on though , the original hybrid had accepted him and they were now if not friends , at least friendly. Hope had been one of his brightest students – until Y/N. He wondered if the Originals would change their mind about him now that he has fallen in love with the littlest member of their family. Kai’s first week had been intense. Y/N’s family was all vampires and that meant they had ears on them 24/7 , yet somehow she still managed to steal a kiss or two. He wasn’t surprised by that , she had had a lot of practice. Ever since he had stepped foot in the compound , he had fought the urge to pull her in his arms. Hiding their relationship was becoming harder by the second and even though he couldn’t hug her , none of her relatives seemed to object when she hugged him and she always tried to find excuses. At the dinner table somehow they’d always end up sitting together , ‘accidentally’ touching while the other reached for something. Under the table things were different. They’d steal a moment or two , holding hands but never for too long so her family doesn’t notice. Then around the middle of the night they’d  meet somewhere private - at the attic or on one of the many balconies and steal a moment using a cloaking spell. All Kai and Y/N wanted was to be with with each other constantly.
Kol Mikaelson , her father , kept eyeing them with suspicion each time he caught them somewhere in the compound together and Kai was starting to think that maybe he knows about the moments he had shared with his daughter. All the Mikaelsons were very protective of Y/N and Hope and Kai couldn’t blame them - both youngest Mikaelsons have shown up on this world , breaking all magical rules.

[the first day of the second week]

Y/N sneaked into the kitchen early in the morning to make herself a smoothie. Lately smoothies had become her favourite way to start the day - though it had nothing to do with the drink itself. Each time before she headed downstairs , she’d write a note squishing the paper in between her hands muttering a spell. Then she’d go downstairs and not 5 minutes later Kai would show up and the blender would create the sound distraction they needed to steal a kiss and talk.
That morning hadn’t been different. Kai had gotten the note and a few minutes later he sneaked into the kitchen wrapping his arms around Y/N from behind. His lips left a soft kiss on her neck and he whispered ‘Good Morning.’ just as her finger pressed the ON button on the blender.
Y/N turned around , glancing around by habit and her hands hooked around his neck pulling him closer to her. Their lips pressed against each other colliding in a deep passionate kiss , tugging at his lower lip at the end of the kiss.
    “Morning.” she smiled at him. “Sleep well ?”
Kai tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He still couldn’t believe after everything he had been lucky enough to find someone like her. Surely their relationship hadn’t had a traditional start - he had been her teacher , watched her grow up , teaching her everything he knows… Somehow his admiration towards her had turned into affection which ultimately had become feelings. Kai had been seriously freaked out by those at first , realising if Caroline got wind of them, he’d find himself in a Prison World faster than he can flick his wrist.
    “As well as you did.” he said smiling. “Why did you toss and turn so much last night ? Every five seconds your bed would make this creaking sound – ”
    “Arhh … I was thinking about things.” she said shyly , her cheeks flushing a little.
Things ? he wondered. What kind of ‘things’ could get a girl blush ?
    “Ohh things. Well we don’t have to do things just yet or ever until you say you want to do those things.” he said softly. A small smile showed on her face. “What do you want to do today ? We can go by that ice cream place you like , with that weird ice cream –”
    “You mean 'vegan’ ice cream?” she teased. “It’s not weird , its just – different. I like different.”
Kai smiled at her , brushing his nose against hers. Y/N definitely liked different , no doubt about. He loved that about her , he loved every single thing about her - the way she crinkles her nose when she doesn’t like something , how her eyes lit up every time she sees someone she loves , specially around him. How her smile is capable of brightening the darkest moment and how without trying she always takes his breath away. He loved her heart - how big and warm it is , so warm it had warmed up his. Kai took a step away from her , still holding onto her hands taking a good look at the girl who fell in love with him who he’d die to protect. Y/N was still wearing her PJ’s , in her rush to get downstairs so they can have a moment alone and somehow she looked even hotter with her hair messed up and that lingering sleepy look in her eyes.
    “Hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” he said in a hushed voice , not taking his eyes off her. “So hot you are burning up –”
    “Stop –”
    “Even the sun is not that hot.”
    “S-stop–” she said , feeling her cheeks flush.
Kai pressed his lips against hers kissing her gently , lifting her on the kitchen counter. Y/N wound her legs around him , her hands moving up and down his back gripping on his shirt. Their lips barely left each other and something inside her stirred again by the way he was pulling her towards him. Neither of them could get enough of the other and if Kai hadn’t pulled away Y/N probably would’ve never broken the kiss. He smiled widely at her , resting his forehead on hers.
    “I want to show you my favourite place to hang out in the city.” she said feeling out of breath. “Well , one of them but this one I like quite a lot.”
    “Can’t wait. If you like it - then I already know I will too.” he smiled at her , kissing her forehead softly , wrapping his arms around her. For the first time in his life everything was perfect and he had everything he had ever wanted. Someone who loves him and accepts him just the way he is , someone who never judged him — someone who he would die to protect. Kai really hoped this would last because somehow the thought of life without his Y/N just – broke him to pieces.
    “OH and I almost forgot. I checked my grandmother’s grimoars and there is this privacy spell which means we can spend time together — alone in either your or my bedroom. Without anyone overhearing.”
    “Really ? ” he smiled at her , kissing her forehead softly. “Are you sure you can do the spell – ? Right sorry. Why do I even doubt the brightest witch I’ve ever known.”
Y/N started to laugh. “You will help me right ? Someone has to stand outside the door to make sure it’s working. And if we combine it with a cloaking spell - ”
    “ - we can spend time together whenever we want.” he smiled widely. “ Just you — and me. Alone…  it’s fun sneaking around but a break every now and then would be nice.”
    “Yeah , and we can talk about things — or I don’t know um …”
    “You are blushing. Y/N , I told you –.”
    “Yeah but we can talk about them. I am just – curious , you know.”
    “Wait – you haven’t ?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say something and then closed it , her cheeks flushing an even brighter shade of red. Kai was the first person she ever had those kind of feelings for and somehow those thoughts had sneaked up on her. Kai cupped her face , placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Her family had always protected her , sometimes even making her feel like a porcelain doll. It was nice most of the time but sometimes — not so nice.
    “You are even more special than I thought.” he smiled. “We can talk and do whatever you want.”
Footsteps neared the room and he let go off her quickly. Y/N rubbed her nose for a moment , glancing at Kai who vanished into thin air and slipped of the kitchen counter. A few moments later her mother walked in , leaning against the door frame.
    “Another smoothie ?” said her mother.
    “Um yeah.” laughed Y/N awkwardly. “To keep me young. You know — with everyone being a vampire in the family , I just – sometimes feels weird to age.”
Davina started laughing , pulling her daughter in her embrace. Y/N wrapped her hands around her mother tightly , closing her eyes for a moment.  All those super close moments got her heart racing like nothing else. One day Kai might not hear her family approaching and what would happen to him then ?
    “So who is he?” asked Davina.
Y/N pulled away with a startled expression.
    “W-what are you talking about ? He ? He who ?”
    “There is someone , I know that glow. You are in love. Do I know him ?”
    “Is it that obvious?” wondered the young girl.
    “To me it is. I am your mother and – I had the same glow in my eyes when I fell in love with your father.”
Y/N poured the smoothie in two to go cups , handing one of them to her mother. More than anything she wanted to share things with her, but talking about it might end up blowing up her secret. There was no way she’d risk it after everything. Her last year at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted had been the best year of her life , even though technically she and Kai hadn’t been together together. Who knows what her parents and her family would do. Sure they liked Kai but what if suddenly they changed their minds and her uncle Klaus called Caroline and they sent him away again? Y/N was pretty sure she’d die if she loses him or if anything happens to him.
    “Don’t tell dad , please.” she pleaded. “You know how he is - he will freak out completely and –”
    “– you are afraid he’ll scare off your boyfriend ?”
    “No. I am afraid he might hurt him and if something happens to him I — I will never make it through.”
Davina rubbed her daughter’s shoulders , understanding what her daughter meant. Losing someone you love so much can not only hurt you but quite literally break you. A memory of the time Kol had died in her hands rushed in her mind and Davina never wanted her daughter to feel that kind of pain in her life.
    “I promise. It will be our little secret.”

About two hours later Kai was sitting in the living room with Y/N’s aunt Freya. Out of all Mikaelsons he really liked spending time with her. Like her siblings Freya hadn’t aged , but not because she had turned into a vampire. She had used a spell to slow down her aging , making it so she only aged a year every decade. He liked talking with her about ancient spells. Kai hadn’t expected they could be that interesting , specially the spell her mother had used to turn her siblings into vampires.
Y/N showed up at the door , a little out of breath as if she had been running and if Kai had guess - he’d say she had. The littlest Mikaelson was wearing short shorts and a plain top with a small bag over her shoulder and a smile from ear to ear.
    “Hey aunt Freya. Mind if I borrow him ? I wanted to show him the cemetery –”
Kai’s eyes widened. That couldn’t be the place she was talking about right ? He listened carefully hearing the change in her heartbeat and he suppressed a smile. Wherever they were going was probably in the exact opposite direction. Y/N could barely contain herself , while waiting for her aunt to reply. Freya nodded.
    “Have you told him about  your mother being the regent of the Nine Covens and a former Harvest girl ? I’m sure he will like the story how your mother told her entire coven to shove it.” laughed her aunt. “OH and make sure to show him the Claire tomb – you know only you can enter this place now , being the only witch from the bloodline left.”
    “Yeah of course. Come on – Kai.” said Y/N with a mischievous look in her eyes.
Kai smiled widely at her and she grabbed his hand pulling him out of the room under the stunned expression of her aunt Freya. He really liked how Y/N had said his name -  like it was the best thing to ever exist in the world , with no hint of judgement or anything. Just love and affection. They walked down the street and then down another before he wrapped his hand around her waist pulling her towards him. He hoped none of the Mikaelson’s is around to see them.
    “Where are we really going ? I know the cemetery is in the opposite direction.”
    “Trust me.” she said smiling playfully. Y/N pulled him a few streets down and into one of the alleys.
    “Your favourite place to hang out is a random alley in the middle of town ?” asked Kai surprised. “I never would’ve guessed.”
Y/N laughed under her breath shaking her head and took a step towards him and another until his back hit the wall , a playful smile spreading across her face.
    “Not exactly. There is a bar through that door right there.”
    “A - a bar ? Your parents would kill both of us - ”
    “Hey , I am old enough for this one.” she said hooking her hands around his neck. “Trust me , we won’t get in trouble.”
Kai gazed into her eyes and placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him. It all still felt like a dream to him , like somehow he’d wake up back at the Salvatore’s or even worse - in the Prison World , realising the past years have been a hallucination brought on due his desiccation. Y/N scratched lightly the back of his neck , pulling him down for a kiss.. No matter how many times they kissed it always felt like that first kiss. 

    “Alright guys. That’s it for today.” said Kai , sitting on his desk leaving a book aside. “Tomorrow we talk about nature spells , which are really fun by the way. Even more so since the lesson will be outside in the woods.”
Everyone gathered their things and walked out of the room. Everyone but Y/N. He had noticed the past few days she’d hang around a little longer after classes and for some reason she kept  glancing at him and the door the entire time until all her classmates were gone. Kai wondered what’s up with her. It was even more distracting to him when they were alone together. All those emotions and feelings he had started having for Y/N just felt magnified when they were alone.
    “Everything okay miss Mikaelson?”
    “Yeah – ”
Y/N took a few steps towards the door, walking past him when suddenly she stopped. Before he had had the chance to say something or even blink for that matter she had cupped his face and their lips had met. Her kiss had been cautious at first and the second he had placed his hands on her waist it had intensified, then all off the sudden she had pulled away and walked out of the room without looking at him twice. Kai sat with his eyes wide , watching after her. He wiped his face with his hand , trying to catch his breath.

Kai scooped her up , turning around until her back was against the wall instead of his , pressing his body firmly against hers. Their lips moving in perfect sync as if they had been made for each other. He loved how Y/N responded to him , always pulling him closer and closer to her as if there was anywhere else to go. Her fingers tangled in his hair lightly gripping it while he trailed his way towards her neck leaving kisses all the way there.
    “Well , you two appear to be having fun.” said an unfamiliar male voice making Kai stop suddenly. “Don’t stop on my account.”
He turned towards the unfamiliar face with a confused expression and let Y/N down on the ground noticing a wide smile on her face. Kai wondered who that is and how they knew each other. Whoever it was it appeared she trusted him and was happy to see him meaning they were probably friends. Kai hoped thats all they have ever been. For some reason just the thought of someone else close by who might have feelings for his girl made him feel a kind of anger he hadn’t felt before.
    “Hey Josh. That’s – Kai Parker.”
    “Hi.” said Kai shaking cautiously Josh’s hand.
    “OH so that’s him.” said Josh checking out Kai.” Cool. Don’t worry , I am not going to spill the beans.” said Josh. “What are you doing here ?”
    “You know I like the back entrance better. Ever since my parents decided to have someone watch the front one at all times after that – accident.”
. Josh started laughing and wrapped his arms around Y/N.
    “Come on Trouble.” said Josh and led them inside the bar through the back door. “What can I get you and your smoking hot boyfriend ?”
They walked , hand in hand following Josh into the bar. Y/N sat on one of the stools , resting her elbows on the bar holding her head in her hands as she did. Kai sat next to her , lightly brushing his hand against her back.
    “Club soda for me and -”
    “- make that two.” said Kai , Y/N turning towards him in surprise. “What ? You don’t want your family to find out we’ve been here right ? Plus I am already floating on cloud 9 or higher because of you —.”
Josh glanced between them with a grin on his face. Y/N and Kai couldn’t tear their eyes away from each other and somehow always found a way to snuggle closer to the other. A few minutes later he gave them their drinks and the young couple moved to one of the more secluded tables at the bar , away from prying eyes.  
Y/N pulled her chair towards Kai’s and he put his arm around her , brushing his fingers against her cheek. A simple gesture , feeling more magnified every time he did it making a dozen butterflies flapping their wings in her stomach.
    “That’s your favourite place to hang out ?” he wondered. “I wouldn’t have thought you liked hanging out in bars. I wonder what else I don’t know about you.”
Y/N laughed under her breath. “It’s because of Josh. He is awesome and is practically my only real friend in this town apart from my family.”
    “And you two have never — ”
Y/N stared at him , nearly choking on her drink. Was Kai jealous of her friend ? For a moment she glanced at Josh at the bar and then back at her boyfriend who was looking at her impatiently. Every moment she didn’t answer his question felt like torture to him. Why did he feel that way ? It was driving him nuts. He hoped she’d say 'no’ but also had no idea what he’d do if she says 'yes’.
    “No. Never. He doesn’t like girls that way.” she said , lifting a weight off his chest. Kai sighed and smiled wider than before. “You have nothing to worry about.”

[about 25 minutes later]

    “Oh hey – Davina.” said Josh smiling nervously. “W-what are you doing here ?”
Davina sat on one of the stools smiling at her friend trying to figure out what has him acting so nervous. Josh never acted that way unless he was hiding something.
    “I need your help.”
    “With what ?”
    “There is only one person who might know who Y/N’s boyfriend is and that is you. Her best friend.” said Davina , studying Josh’s face.
Josh’s eyes widened and he leaned in towards Davina with a surprised expression on his face trying to think of a way to signal his friend at the other end of the bar. Y/N and her boyfriend were too busy making out to notice her mother had walked in and was literally sitting a few metres away from them.
    “Y/N has a boyfriend ?” said Josh acting as surprised as he could.
    “You don’t know ?” she wondered. Josh shook his head wiping the bar with the towel in his hand. “That’s weird. She usually tells you everything.”
    “Nope. I guess whoever it is — she doesn’t want any of us near him. Can you blame her though ? Her first grade crush probably still hates her for what her father did.”
Davina thought back a few years back. When her daughter had been about 7 years old there had been this boy in her class she liked. They had spent hours on the playground and then the boy had accidentally pushed her on the ground and Kol had lost it. After that Y/N had spent days not wanting to go to school because of the way her dad had reacted.
    “I – I don’t know.” said Davina rubbing her forehead. “ I just don’t want her to get hurt. From what I got her to tell me it seems that she really loves him. What if he doesn’t love her back the same way? Y/N would be crushed.”
Kai turned towards the bar , hearing Y/N’s name. He placed his hand over her mouth and pointed at the bar where her mother was standing talking to Josh.
'Cloaking spell.’ she mouthed. 'Now.’
A few moments later they got up and headed towards the exit walking right pass her mother and Josh catching some of their conversation. Y/N gripped Kai’s wrist wanting to hear what they’d say and maybe figure out what her mother was doing there.
Should’ve known she wouldn’t let it slide. she thought.
    “Y/N can take care of herself. Trust me. You should’ve seen her when that werewolf tried to bite me and then tried to attack her.” said Josh smiling.
    “Yeah — she is quite extraordinary isn’t she?.” smiled Davina , looking at her hands. “Maybe Kai knows. It might be some of the boys from the school. Y/N had that look in her eyes when we went there to pick her up.“
Kai and Y/N glanced at each other with startled expressions on their faces. Kai had been still in the kitchen when her mother had confronted Y/N asking her about who the boy is but last thing he had expected for that to happen.
Davina turned towards them , starring at the blank space in front of her with a mix of confusion and curiousity in her eyes.
    “D-do you hear a heart beat ?” she asked Josh.

BODY ELECTRIC II // masterlist

A/N: After the many (I think like 18??) people that requested I make a part two, I thought I’d do it and here it is! Thank you all so much for enjoying part one and we shall see if there will be more in the near future (pls let me know if you do want more)! A ‘new’ character is introduced in this chapter along with a planet :) Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.4K+

It had felt like any other day, arriving on the rather distant planet and making your way over to the room you claimed as your own for your stay. Although you had been training already for a few months, the excitement that coursed through your veins still felt fresh. The thought that you’d be training with fellow Force users, wielding your brand new lightsaber–as you had just assembled it not too long ago–amongst being the padawan of no other than Luke Skywalker…you could say the anticipation was reasonable.

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