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I’m only uploading this chapter because it’s hella short, so I don’t want people getting their hopes up when it finally updates for this measly little chapter. We’re coming up to the halfway point soon - buckle in now, because the next chapter is going to be a doozy! Anyway, enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Oh my god. Protective guy with anger issues, but WOW.

*deep breath* *loud, prolonged scream of anguish and excitement*

Nononono you can’t just leave us with a cliffhanger, no no, I need the next part,n e e d.

‘The Tower’ (Part 12)

Part 11

Loki’s muscles felt like lead. Everywhere from the roots of his head to the tips of his toes was heavy with fatigue and a voice in his head told him to roll over and go back to sleep.

However, the same voice outside of his head swore at him.

“Get up,” you snapped. “I know the difference between REM and waking up. I see you.” Loki pried one eyelid open and glared fiercely at you. You looked equally as pleased to see him. Judging by how bright the room was, the night had long since passed him by. Loki couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept so deeply…

“What… happened…” He said groggily, sitting up. Somehow he’d made it from the window seat to the bed, where he felt something akin to a pillow behind him. Noticing him struggling, you reached behind his head and pulled out the ‘pillow’: your rolled-up picnic blanket. You’d also draped his blanket and your cloak over him. Overkill, but appreciated.

“Last time I tried to apologise for something that wasn’t my fault, you told me off, so I think I’ll remain pissed at you for now.”

“I suppose I owe you an explanation.”
“It would be nice, yes,” you smiled coldly.  

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Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! Welcome to the 2nd follow forever of this blog ! In the first place, I wanted to make it to celebrate 7k, but since both L and I are busy these days and don’t post much, we’ve been losing followers, so I thought why waiting when you can make it now ? SO HERE I AM I also wanted to make one to celebrate the 2 years of this blog (about a month later lol oopsie)

First of all I wanna thank every each of our followers that stay by our side and keep cheering us on and all, you guys are gold I love you ♥ And of course, thank you to all the beautiful people I follow and manage to make my day at least 10 times better by seeing your posts I love you guys too ♥

Without further due, let’s start this ! (Oh btw it’s probably not all in alphabetic order because i’m too lazy~)

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ok here we go…I’m not good with words so I’ll make this short and sweet 💖
it’s been one year since I started this blog! I wasn’t new to tumblr, I for SURE wasn’t new to kpop (rip db5k i miss u) but one year ago (I don’t remember exactly when but around mid-may) I got to know what would become one of the reasons I got better in a lot of ways, my ultimate inspirations and my literal happiness,,,bangtan!!!! OUR ANGELS
now, I wasn’t with them from the start, and that’s kinda of a bummer, BUT I’ve been here for so many important achivements and i couldn’t be more proud and in love! so on this day, one year ago, I sat down and I felt the need to open a new blog, a new chapter, to get to know these amazing guys better and to share this love with other people! so here I am, I reached 1.5k+ followers and HOW!!! JUST HOW!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH I DON’T DESERVE YOU?????
and I follow so many amazing and talented people I can’t believe, my dash is amazing 24/7 so that’s why I decided that it was time to make a follow forever!
woah this just got super long so here you go, go follow all of these wonderful people, cause by following them my experience as a fan got so much better bless! (pls forgive me for the awful gif i TRY giffing but I’m really not the best, actually I suck…also if i forgot someone i’m a mess sorry ily)
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I wasn’t gonna do this because I was gonna keep it for myself, but-

This is Niall on his wedding day.

This is that moment right before he sees Harry. Leading up to this moment he’d been nervous all day, and his stomach had been in knots, and he was almost positive that he was going to pass out.

But then he looks up, in this moment, and then he see Harry. And everything else just sort of…melts away, and it’s just Harry. It’s just Harry, looking beautiful in his suit, and it’s just Niall and they’re just making their relationship – their love for each other – official, is all.

This is Niall on his wedding day, and this that moment right before the one he’s been waiting for from the moment he met Harry.

Request Scenario: Namjoonie finds you pleasuring yourself. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Genre: seriously? 

Word Count: 1671 

A/N: Namjoon feels are on a new record high currently. I seriously don’t understand how anybody doesn’t find his boy super attractive and not mention his ability to be the cutest thing on planet earth. *slams fists* DAMN YOU HYUNG LINE.


Chewing roughly on your bottom lips, you were sure if you weren’t lightly wounded on the couch would be pulling your hair, screaming, and chucking things at the television. 

Kim Namjoon. 

Not only is he four hours away at a comeback stage, he has left you on a libido high this morning that has only been building and building and building. It was almost excruciating to move a single muscle of your body without your core being shocked with instant pleasure that made your eyes screw shut and lips pale from being bitten. 

His hair was styled up, enabling his eyes to stare right into the camera with all the sexual intensity you received on your own times. Not only were you angry that he was sharing that to the thousands of girls that will rewatch this performance, you were stuck at home, not even able to see him live. 

Tapping his fingers on the lips that sends so much desire throughout your body every time you touch it, he pointed towards the camera and gestured cheekily. Throwing your entire weight onto the couch, you dunked your face into a nearby pillow and screamed into it. Almost afraid to look up, your eyes made contact to his slick tongue gliding across his bottom lips while he rapped his part in Dope. 

“That’s not even a suggestive song, you dick!” You screamed, ruffling your hair with frustration–deep, ingrained sexual frustration. 

You were exhausted by this continuing internal turmoil of desperate needs. Squeezing the bridge of your nose lightly, you stood up stiffly, trying to cool off from the thin sheen of sweat that surfaced from your exasperation. Your hands tightly balled up into a fist, your nails digging into your palms, trying to find any way to distract your mind from your heating lower region. But all your mind could transport to was reliving the every clinch of your warmth against his firm length. How his hair would be messily tangled in your fingers as his moans and territorial growls overwhelmed your ears. Your stomach tightened, a fresh breath of air filled your lungs as you made your decision. 

“I can handle myself you teasing son of a bitch.” You smashed the power button of the remote control, eliminating the source of your frustration into a simple pitch black screen. 

It was hidden underneath your mattress, it was your dirty little secret. Any other day, you’ve wouldn’t even take a second look at the region surrounding the pouch encasing it, but tonight was not like every other night. 

You couldn’t even feel the texture rubbing against your walls because of your slick wetness, only the guttural pressure that filled your body. It was not the same without his natural movements and weight pressing against your body, but it was enough for now. Slowly sinking the soft buzzing instrument into you, it’s a calm pleasure. Not pushing you to the edge, but enough to release the last few hours of craze. Using the pad of your thumb, you grazed your swollen clit, causing you to gasp at how sensitive the small bud already was. You didn’t crave for a rush to the peak, but you were alone and a slow burn will not satisfy you if it was by your own hands. Quickening your actions with the increasing vibrations of the toy, your eyes snapped shut, ready to explode. 


He knew exactly what he was doing when he starred at the camera so seductively. He wanted to see you all shaking with sensitivity and lust when he came home and what he got was so much better than what he had imagined on the way home. 

Pants already retraining against his member, Namjoon was greeted with purrs ringing from your room. He didn’t know how he didn’t come right there within his jeans when he saw you sprawled out on the bed with your nimble fingers pleasuring yourself and moaning his name. He didn’t know whether or not to interrupt this erotically beautiful scene, but he also wanted to see you fluster and embarrassed about being caught red-handed…in this case, wet-handed.


“How rude.” You pulled away the instrument and bolted up, breathing ragged, and hair tossed around your head like a wind had just blew right through it. 

“Namjoon.” You breathed out, shamefully trying to hide what you were trying to replace him for the night. 

“Tsk tsk tsk…” Namjoon wiggle his long index finger at your direction, “Now, I understand my girlfriend has needs, but my question is why she would go behind my back to take care of it when her perfectly adequate boyfriend will never turn down an opportunity to make his beautiful babygirl moan under his doings.” There he goes with he poetic words. 

“How…” Your head was spinning between the high you were so close to reaching and the smug boyfriend who was now sauntering towards the foot of your bed. 

“I was wondering if my small expressions would get to you and I guess this answers my question.” His thumb ran across your bitten lips, reminding you the looks he gave to the camera earlier that evening. 

“You did that–" 

"On purpose? Why, of course. I knew you were watching and only you would know those are looks I give to you and only you.” Namjoon’s face was dangerously close to yours, tempting you like sweet honey. 

“Now now… If you want to continue on, I’m sorry I ever interrupted and I shall leave you to your own undoing.” You didn’t know how to respond other than with a pathetic whimper, showing just how miserable you were without his touch. 

“What was that now?” Namjoon and his cocky self…You would have played along and change your mind about not needing him, but right now, all dignity have been thrown out the window. 

“Please touch me.” Your fingers pinched the fabric beneath you, tugging at small sections like a bored child, except you weren’t bored, you were just trying to not shove him onto the bed. You wanted him to touch you in all the right ways because he knew exactly where they were. 

Sensually removing each piece of clothing, he was soon bared in all his naked glory, making you drown at the sight of the man you call your own. He couldn’t have gone any slower or you would have wrapped your body around him while he was standing and tore apart everything at its thread because they were hiding what you have been anticipating for far too long. 

"You sure you don’t want me to just leave you alone. You were looking pretty satisfied.” Namjoon mocked, hovering right above you, teasing you with light wash of his cologne radiating from his chest. 

“I hate you.” You hissed as your hands gripped his neck and pulled him into you, feeling his smirk on your lips. “You won’t be saying that in a while." 

"Hmm…” You moaned in uncertainty, his large hands pushed you into the bed and away from his lips. 

“Is that a challenge?” Before you could even say a word, Namjoon slipped his fingers into your heated core, catching you off guard. 

“Oh my god.” You could feel his digits curling for your utmost pleasure, hitting your sweet spot, your whimpered, raveling your fingers into his pale locks. Making you wonder why you even settled for the toy, when his fingers alone were able to bring you to the brink of ecstasy. You were so entrapped with the waves of bliss crashing through you, you couldn’t help but to silence your loud moans with your lips harshly pulled by your teeth. 

“I want to hear you cry out my name so you will know that I am the one bringing you all this.” Namjoon panted, releasing your lips, freeing the screams within you. 

Your insides were churning, so close to releasing what have been trapped within you the entire day, but suddenly you felt him abruptly stop.

“What the fuck?!” You shouted, cupping his face and glaring at him. “You sure you want me to finish the job?” Namjoon eyes glistening with mischief that you wanted to slap out of him. 

“Fuck you Namjoon. Please let me come, oh my god, just let me. I need you to let me come. You’re the only one who can. Please please just fuck me with your amazing fingers…” You have never sounded so needy your entire life, but you were too desperate to care anymore. 

“That’s all daddy wanted to hear.” Namjoon grunted dominantly increasing the speed of his arms with a new dizzying force. Your ears were ringing, as you cried out his name and you became undone by his hands. Your lungs seemed to have closed off as your breathing became shallow and erratic. Shutting your eyes to calm your breathing, he was still moving his fingers within you, slowing you down from your high. Your body tingled with every touch, goosebumps surrounded the point of contact. Namjoon began planting sweet kisses along your chest and neck, filling you with pure bliss. 

“Y/N, you look so beautiful when your cheeks tint a crimson color and your lips apart when you come… One day I will capture that moment and show you jut how stunning you look.” Namjoon complimented you as his warm tongue cleaned you up, sending shivers from your upper thighs. Hovering above you once again, he made sure you saw him drink up the very last tangy droplet of you from his dripping fingers. You starred in silence, he has his ways with words that made warmth spread throughout your body–whether it’s lust or love, his words alone were able to bring you sensations that you could never put into words. 

“I’m glad you are mine and no one else’s.” You whispered, caressing his cheeks. The smile on his face could have shone through the darkest of nights because a shy giggle left his lips as he dug his face next to yours. 

“How are you so cute?” You looked at the boy blushing from your claim. 

“Because I have a cute girlfriend." 


Hope you liked it anon and I apologize for taking so long to post this. :( xx 

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I worked on this all day.
I did not intend on making it originally.. but like… yeah.
currently its like, 1am, I have no idea why I am awake owo

@nanyalan knows that Weeb!Gaster is like my favorite for some reason.
Next time I will do something with The Weeb. (sans)
I might even polish this up one day, but today… today is NOT that day.

oh man, its too early to be posting this owo”“
@definitelynotalek is gon kill me for staying up late.
I am sorry big brother! <3</strike>

My 2nd Christmas Follow Forever! Yay! ♥

A lot has happened during the year of 2016. I came back to Tumblr, a special person passed away, I had some tough moments dealing with depression and anxiety, I met a lot of new people and had to say goodbye to a lot of people too. 

Yeah, I can say that it was a difficult year to me and I bet that it was hard for some of you too… However, how can a flower bloom without some rain, right? Life isn’t about winning and being perfect all the time. It wouldn’t be interesting without some challenges… We’re all humans after all and mistaking is just part of life, it doesn’t define who we are.

Let’s look at the past, but only to learn from it, see the experience acquired and be proud of ourselves. C’mon, we overcame so much, we came this far and we’ll go even further! Be confident and also grateful for those who helped you come this far… Remember that we’re all champions already. 

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I’m so sorry if I forgot someone or if I misspelled your url… A lot of people changed urls or just isn’t active on Tumblr anymore… But I want you to know that you are really special to me. I have no words to express how much I am grateful for you guys… For being so amazing, making my dashboard a million times better. I love you all! ♥

A wonderful christmas for those who comemorate it, full of love, peace and joy. And for those who doesn’t comemorate it, I hope that these final days of 2016 are splendid and full of happiness to you.

In 2017, why not pay more attention to the positive side of life…? Sometimes your real happiness lies right in front of your face, you’re just not noticing it. Let’s all make history in 2017 too! Yuri on Ice reference.

P.S.: I’ll always be here for all of you. If you need someone to just talk with, share opinions or say anything at all, please don’t forget that I’m always here. ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

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Favorite Moments from every Season >>> Season 1


before he starts eating, jongmin makes sure joonyoung gets to eat ♥

if you’re reading this, my name is nadis and i am proud of you. why am I proud of you? because today, you did it. You are a soldier who made it through yet another day. You woke up this morning and got dressed, and you did it. I know things are tough, but it gets better. But the thing is, you need to make an effort to make it better, because sitting there wanting to feel good won’t do much good at all. It’s gonna be tough, no one said it would be easy, but that’s why I’m here. I’ll be your cheerleader. If you can wake up and make it through today, you can do this. I’m on your side, routin’ for you. why??? because i believe in you

Day 1 ~ Tumblr Reblogging Etiquette Awareness Campaign


during We Promotions period while I AM DEAD BUSY SPAM TWEETING for Oppadeul, i realized something odd with my tumblr posts.. whenever my posts are getting reblogged my 1 to 2 paragraphs caption were deleted unreasonably.. ALL OF IT!!!

yes,reblogging is really awesome and touching and all.. but the reason why i put my feelings on my captions is – i don’t want Oppadeul faces to be like this.. OTL

after begging both on tumblr and twitter.. it continued.. so during promotions, i promised myself to have an awareness campaign for reblogging etiquette which is worth 7 DAYS POSTS (1 WEEK)..


my GiFs without my captions though beautiful to your eyes cannot justify my reason for making it..please understand where i am coming from..