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Messy p.t. 2

Intro: So so so here we are my loves, at last (I’m sorry it took so long - blame school).   YES I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT MESSY P.T. 2 FOR YOUUU.  

This is a long awaited (and long overdue) sequel to Messy that was requested by a number of you and thank you guys so much for the amazing response that Messy got, it astounds me.  

So hopefully this one satiates your need for more as it is a long one (surprise surprise).  

I want to give a big shout out to @yourtropegirl for setting up a poll for me to decide the uniform that Leonard would wear (right) along with the reader’s dress (left), which you can see above - they are beautiful guys thanks so much.  

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 5,813 (whoopsies)

Warnings: none, just tooth-aching fluff and a little bit of frustration. 

Summary: So, if you haven’t read the original Messy, Leonard is all upset because Jocelyn is getting re-married and invites Leonard to the wedding. The reader jokingly says that he should go and bring a hot date, not realizing that the hot date would actually be them.  This story is surrounding Jocelyn’s wedding.  I hope you enjoy!

ALSO: I have actually no idea what Jocelyn is like as a person, even what she looks like as I have seen precious few episodes of TOS.  So I wrote her as a blue-eyed blonde who is infuriatingly nice.  Though I have an angst fic planned where she isn’t going to be so nice…


“Nope.  That’s it.  I’m not going.” You fumed, storming out of the bathroom, and stalking past Leonard who was zipping up his shirt.  

Strong hands suddenly caught you around the waist, and you were yanked backwards. 

“Hey, whoa, darlin’.” Leonard pulled you to his chest. 

You beat weakly at his arms in an attempt to pry them off you and kicked your feet, trying to resist him but he was too strong. 

“Let me go, Len.” You pouted, trying to squirm out of his grip. 

“What’s wrong?” Leonard wrapped his arms around you tighter, one arm around your waist, one arm across your chest. 

“I am not going to this wedding.” You stated, pushing off his chest to get away, but he held you fast. 

“Why are- sTOP FIGHting ME!” He shouted as your elbows dug into his sides, trying to get him to release you. 

“Go find some other beautiful girl to bring.” You fought. 

“What are you-OW!  Are you biting me?” Leonard inquired with a huff of laughter. 

You pulled your teeth from his arm, “No.”

He suddenly spun you around in his grip to face him, his arms still locked around you, “What is the matter with you?”

“I-I can’t go, Len.  I just-it’s too much and what if they…” You rambled but stopped when Leonard’s hands gripped either side of your face, making your cheeks squish and your lips pout slightly. 

“You’re freaking out.” He informed.

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Wedding Dance1

A/N:  It’s been a while since we wrote something together, but we hope you enjoy this.  We think it’s going to be about 5 parts long.  This part is all Harry fluff.  Enjoy!

It’s already dark outside, but the chilly summer breeze feels comfortable. It had been a warm day, not hot like the days in late August usually are – a perfect day for a wedding. I want such a glorious day for my own wedding. The sun shone high in the sky during the day, and now the stars and the moon are twinkling with fairy lights.

I’m sitting in my chair, my place card in front of me in case I forget my name. Giggling at my own joke, I play with the white card which tells me my name in raised gold letters. My other hand rests on the stem of my wine glass. It’s nearly midnight. I promised myself I could leave at midnight, go upstairs to my room and sleep, falling onto the bed while still in my dress without removing make up. Who cares? I am alone here, so nobody will see me in the morning. My plan is to leave early tomorrow, so maybe I will be able to escape the parents of the bride. I crave my flat, a warm bath with a glass of wine, and listening to my favourite records. Yes, my flat is tiny, so I can hear the record player in my bathroom. Though my cozy home is small I could never relinquish the luxury of a bathtub. I sigh yearningly as I think of my empty flat.

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Source : Cawcahhh

Hey Byakuya and Makoto, what do you think of this?

T-This is ! Why am I wearing a w-wedding dress?

*looks at Makoto’s legs* Well…It suits you.

Thank you…

But that’s not the problem here ! Why am I always the one wearing a dress on things like this just because I’m smaller ?…Even if you also look really good with this tuxedo

Eh, of course I do.

Cheap Dress Thrills

Story Summary: You recruit your roommates to go dress shopping with you when your friend and bride-to-be Natasha is unable to go. Inspired by the episode of Friends titled ‘The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress’ [Part of the Friends Like Ours one shot series]. 

Word Count: 2,344

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Originally posted by gaygalaxys

Entering the living room, you saw your roommates all seated at the couch with blank stares, their eyes fixated on the television screen. Still wearing their pajamas, they watched an episode of Extreme Couponing attentively as you grabbed some coffee from the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” Bucky questioned suddenly, gazing at your attire as you turned to look at him. “Are you going to the gym or something?”

“Nope, I am going dress shopping with Natasha today,” you revealed with a smile. “There’s this big sale going on at this wedding dress store and the gown that she wants is selling for a bargain.” The guys gave you odd looks and you couldn’t help to return the same expression. “Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

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This is a collaboration between @superkaralovesfanfiction and myself.

@superkaralovesfanfiction saw my prompt I posted a few days ago and decided to fill it. Kara looked absolutely stunning in the wedding dress and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind, what if it wasn’t Mon-El there with Kara when Mr. Mxysptlk comes in but Cat Grant? I envisioned some Supercat fluff and fun piece and this is what happened.

Kara heard a knock on her door and stood from her chair to get it, expecting anything from delivery to the neighbour bringing by her lost mail again. The one thing she was not expecting when she pulled her door wide open was Cat Grant, standing there in full Cat Grant attire, business suit and perfect hair, looking oddly nervous and at odds with herself.

Kara stared at her for maybe a full minute before remembering to speak, and stepped back slightly to let her in, her voice stuttering as she welcomed her in, months of wishing and dreaming finally here before her. Even Kara, invulnerable alien that she was, was a little weak right now. She couldn’t quite believe all this was happening. And what it meant. “Um, Ms, Ms. Grant.” Kara stuttered shakily and took a short breath before continuing. “What are you doing here?”

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That Mother-of-The-Bridezilla Fic
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Lee McAvoy/Donna Noble, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Donna Noble, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Sylvia Noble
Additional Tags: Other characters mentioned - Freeform, Fluff, it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die, Crack, maybe? - Freeform, Wedding, wedding florist and photographer au, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Human, mean sylvia, rude sylvia, over-the-top sylvia, pre-romance ten x rose
Series: Part 14 of I love AUs

Sylvia Noble: Mother-of-the-Bridezilla. But Donna, Rose, and Jonathan Smith are quite adept at standing up for themselves.

Response to this fic prompt: I’m the caterer and you’re the florist on a huge expensive wedding and we bond over what an awful person the mother of the bride is AU (with a few adjustments to the prompt).

“That dress does nothing for your figure. You look like a wedding cake topper. What do you need pockets for, anyway? Frosted coral lipstick? I don’t know why you even need a new dress. The one you wore to your first wedding was gorgeous.”


“Purple and lavender? You know I don’t wear purple. I simply won’t. It is the colour of mourning. But then again, I am in mourning over this marriage.” (sniff sniff)


“Cupcakes? Really Donna. I know money is tight, but that’s going too far.”


“This reception hall is in a very rough part of town. No one is going to dare to go to the reception! Afraid their cars will get nicked. Pick someplace else.”


“You can afford an open bar, but you are serving frozen starters from Tesco. You haven’t even hired a proper caterer.”


“You are going to need more fairy lights to brighten up this dismal reception hall. At least you found a location in a safe part of town. But I can’t see my hand in front of my—“

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Viewer Mind Palace (VMP): How All of Series 4 takes place in the month after John’s wedding

This sounds crazy, but hear me out because this would make for a great fix-it fic even if none of this is real and I’d love to read it. 

So. Remember the beginning of His Last Vow? We see John dreaming and Sherlock doping again? These two ideas hold a lot of weight in the narrative of series 4 and TAB. I believe we’re seeing alternate realities converge into one to create a mind palace sequence that doesn’t belong to any character, but belongs instead to the viewer. 

Remember when Molly said “Forward or Backward?” as Sherlock got shot? The answer was backward. I think everything shown from that moment on has been something either Sherlock or John has fantasized before that moment – in the month of their separation. We saw the narrative as going forward, when really we were being filled in as to what happened “backward”. 

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Stitched Together (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: Can I request something? Can you do kinda like a recarnation fic were Reader and Lafayette are soulmates and in each life they always find each other? Idk how to explain it better lol. I was planning to write it myself but I’m a terrible writer and I get too impatient. Thanks and I love your Thomas Jefferson story!

Word Count: 1705

Warnings: swearing, death of a major character

A/N: omg omg I had so much fun writing this- BLESS LAFAYETTE

This heat would be the death of you.

Your long, heavy skirts pooled around your ankles, making your every step small and tedious. Your corset had been tied much too tight today. As you made your way down the dirt path to the marketplace, you wished simply for a small drink of water, or at least somewhere to rest for a little while.

The market breathed with vitality, a collage of people from all different walks of life. Farmers stood beside their wares, trying to auction off their crops. Women bustled down the street with their children in tow. Men congregated in clusters, talking busily about what seemed to be the only topic of any merit nowadays- the inevitable war.

Though the marketplace always refreshed you somewhat, you still choked in the heat, struggling for breath.

As you continued down the street, however, you saw something- or rather, someone- who took your breath away for completely different reasons.

He stood among friends, mid-laugh when you saw him first. His grin stretched from ear to ear, setting his entire face alight with a laugh like fire.

Goddamn beautiful fire.

His fluffy hair was pulled back, giving you a front row seat to his easy smile and bright brown eyes.

Looking up from his friends for just a moment, he glanced at you before you locked eyes with him completely.

Your heart fluttered uncontrollably. Your cheeks burned, and for once you knew it was not because of the searing sun.

You broke the connection first, glancing down at the bouquet of flowers you intended to buy. The farmer stated his price, but you couldn’t even choke a word out. You wordlessly handed him your money, took the bouquet, and headed down the path.

Your legs shook. You could still feel his eyes on you. He studied you, watching your every movement, noting every breath and every blink.

And suddenly he was walking beside you, having left his rowdy group of friends behind.

“Excuse me, mademoiselle?”

His thick French accent in your ear sent tingles shooting down your spine.

You turned to him once again, mustering the courage to look him in the eyes. His were indescribably warm. You felt yourself getting lost in them already.

“Yes, sir?” you said, surprised you were able to say even that.

“Excusez-moi, but I have seen you from a great distance and I must say that I am utterly taken with your beauty.”

“Wow,” escaped your lips before you could stop it. “I mean, thank you, sir! Please, forgive me… I am just so… enamored.”
He chuckled, his grin once again brightening your entire world. “What do they call you, miss?”

“Y/N L/N,” you smiled. “And you, sir?”

“Please, call me Lafayette,” he said, taking your hand in his and placing a kiss on your knuckles.

You smile, a sort of lightness spreading through your entire body.

“Would you like to take a walk, Lafayette?”

He simply grinned.


Autumn leaves fell near your feet. You stood outside the massive door of your parents’ home, its once welcoming facade suddenly appearing ominous. You were too nervous to take comfort in its familiar features.

“My dear, they’ll love you,” you assured Lafayette, looking squarely into his eyes.

He stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Merci, mon cherie.”

He held your hand in his as you took the door knocker in your fist and banged it against the door.

“Y/N!” your mother exclaimed. “And you must be…”

“Marquis de Lafayette, madam,” he said, kissing her hand. “It is a pleasure.”

Your father stood at the door, a hand on your mother’s shoulder.

“Lafayette,” your father stated, expressionless.

“Why don’t you both come in?” your mother said.

You gave Laf’s hand another tight squeeze before you both stepped through the doorway.

“Don’t worry,” you whispered into his ear when your parents’ backs were turned. “If he doesn’t like you, we’ll just elope.”
Lafayette playfully placed his chin on the top of your head.

“Je t’aime,” he said, his voice much more serious, and barely audible.

“What was that, Laf?”

“Oh, nothing, my dear. Let’s talk to your parents, hm?”


You never understood why Laf wanted a winter wedding.

“It’s cold, Laf, and snowy…”

“My dear, it will be worth it if I am able to see the snowflakes rest on your eyelashes.”

Nerves and excitement mingled in your stomach. The day had come.

You were nearly drowning in white fabric, but you couldn’t help but smile. Your dress matched the pure snow outside. The entire landscape was at peace, a painting of whites and soft blues. Perhaps this was what Lafayette had had in mind when he suggested a winter wedding.

“You look beautiful, dear,” your father said. You fought back tears. You adjusted the veil that hung over your face, and, with a hand on the crook of your father’s elbow, began to walk down the aisle, becoming closer and closer to your husband with every click of your heels against the floor, with every tick of the clock. Church organs announced your arrival with fanfare, but you paid no mind. The only thing you were concerned about was Lafayette.

He stood before you, that ever-present grin plastered on his face.


He died in the spring, just as the flowers began to bloom.

“Mon amour,” he choked out, his voice barely a whisper. The terrible irony of the situation was not lost on you- he had survived a war, yet it was pneumonia that was eating him alive.

“My dear,” you said, holding his hand in yours. Your vision blurred with tears.

“From the moment I saw you, mon cherie, I knew that I loved you. I knew it in the very core of my being that you were who I was meant to be with. And I do not know how, my dear, but I do know that we are stitched together. Our hearts were made to be one.”

***Modern Time***

You had always loved the summer. Despite the heat, there was something magical about this time of the year- something that always made your stomach swirl with excitement.

But not today.

Drudging home from an eight hour shift at the bookstore, you were not only exhausted, but you were drowning in sweat. Unfortunately, the air conditioning at the shop had chosen to break on none other but the hottest day of the year. Not to mention you had a report due for your History teacher at midnight.

The humidity within the subway station was nearly too hot to bare, but the strong stench of sewage and sweat put it over the top. It took all the self-control you had not to pinch your nose.

All of the seats on the train were taken, and you resorted to grabbing a bar with one hand and scrolling through your texts with the other hand. Exhaustion racked your body, but you tried to concentrate on the music blaring through your earbuds.

The train came to a stop within a few minutes, and you would not have looked up from your phone if it hadn’t been for the group of four men who boarded. You assumed they were all around college age. They were joking around with each other wildly, smiles on each of their faces. It was the huge grin of one of the men, however, that caught your attention, and within seconds the two of you were caught in each other’s gaze.

The three other men had gone very quiet, observing the scene. You yanked your earbuds out and stuffed them into your purse. You fumbled with the contents of your purse for far too long, trying to stop yourself from looking at the beautiful man any longer. Still, you could not ignore the dizzy feeling in your head when you looked at him. You felt as if wild stallions were racing in your chest whenever you thought of him. It was as if there was a string tying you to him, like you were somehow drawn to each other.

The subway car came to a sudden stop, and the door opened. You gave him a small smile before you made your way off the train, but it didn’t seem like enough. It was like giving a breadcrumb to a starving man.

You pulled your hoodie over your head, trying to block out the face of the man on the train. However, his warm eyes and grin couldn’t seem to leave you alone.

“Excuse me, mademoiselle?”
You turned on the heel of your sneaker, shrugging your hoodie off your head.

And there he stood, even more handsome up close.

“Oh. Uh, hi,” you said awkwardly.

“So sorry to bother you,” he said in a thick French accent. “But you are by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
Your stomach turned over.

“Wow,” you said, before clasping a hand over your mouth, horrified at what you’d said. “Oh my God, I mean-”

An easy grin spread across the man’s face, like butter on bread. “It’s not a problem, my dear. May I have your name?”
“Y/N L/N, And you?”

“Most people just call me Lafayette.”

“Hmm,” you nodded. “Do you mind if I call you Laf?”

“You can call me anything you like,” Lafayette said with utter seriousness.

“Well then, nice to meet you, Laf,” you said, holding out a hand to him, which he most graciously took.

“And you, mon cherie.”

“Maybe you’d like to go out for some coffee sometime? I’m free Sunday.”

“Actually, is there any chance you’re free now? You see, I don’t know what it is, but I feel as if I’ve known you for so much longer than just today. Do you feel that, too?”

Admittedly, you did, though you had just brushed it off as infatuation with the handsome man in front of you.

“I do.”

Lafayette smiled. “Would you like to hear something strange?” he said, as he took your hand and led you up from the subway and into the light of day.

“I’d love to,” you said.

“I feel like we are stitched together, you and I. You see, it’s as if we were made to be one.”

eldiahope  asked:

here dress like pudding am her clogoing would so cute on you I kwon she evil but why she dress would look cute on you

I guess it’s cute, but I don’t really like long dresses…they restrict your movement so much.  There’s no way I could fight in this!!  And since my fur is white it kinda blends in….

I’d date anyone my age if they were nice and I wanted to!!  Luffy says Pudding’s bad, but that doesn’t mean all three-eyed people are bad!!

anonymous asked:

Drabble request and don't worry, no baby is involved. The girls all have such different fashion senses that I think it would be hilarious to have them go shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Emison's wedding. There could also be some playful banter about choosing maids of honor.

I think I’m pretty much entertained by any idea that involves Hanna:

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Essays in Existentialism: Comfort

Clarke shows up at Lexa’s door in the middle of the night, tears streaming down her face, sobs in the back of her throat. They had just broken up a couple of weeks prior.

She debated it for longer than she would readily admit, but when Lexa saw the red around Clarke’s eyes, she opened the door. She wasn’t sure why she would appear in the middle of the night, nor was she quite certain why it’d be at her apartment, of all places, especially following the break-up, but as cold as she wanted to be, Lexa could never deny the warm, deep feeling that she had when the blonde appeared. 

“It’s late, Clarke,” She said, monotone and dismissive as she opened the door. 

“I know,” the blonde nodded, wrapping her arms around herself, as if that was all that kept her standing there. “I didn’t know where else to go.” 

“You broke up with me. So… anywhere else.” 

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Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x reader

Words: 716

Warnings: shit is said twice

Request: Requested by anonymous: I love J.O.H sooooooo….. a HERC imagine? with..: 190. “If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.” please thanks! PS that angst JMADS imagine was 100/10

Prompt: “If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.”

A/N: Thank you so much! Sorry I was a little late on writing this, kinda? It’s been like 4.5 hours I think, I got distracted listening to In The Heights… Also I’m sorry if this isn’t very good I’ve only been to a wedding reception and it was really chill and fun, but also it was like 4 years ago on my birthday and I made this story the reception part…

The decorations were finally laid out, and guests started arriving. First, the Schuylers arrived, excited and dressed up.

“Y/N congratulations!” Eliza squealed, grabbing your hands.

“Thank you!” You replied, equally enthusiastic.

“I can’t believe you’re married now!” Peggy took hold of you and soon enough, the girls were surrounding you, compliments constantly ringing in your ears.

Soon after, Hercules’ friends had started arriving. Lafayette first, greeting the two of you with excitement. Then came Alex, who tried to start a small speech before you stopped him. He had over 10 pages prepared. Last in the friend group was John. He was enthusiastic, and slightly drunk, but you knew it would happen eventually so you let it slide. The day went by smoothly, and people had started to settle down, quietly eating the food provided.

The dinner was calm, which was rare for you considering Hercules’ friends were always loud. That’s when you noticed John and Alex eying each other. Hercules seemed to have noticed as well, because he nudged you and pointed to them.

“That’s it!” Alex yelled suddenly, startling poor Peggy. He stood up; grabbing a piece of the chicken he had been eating and threw it at John. You gasped, although you weren’t too surprised. Or angry, surprisingly. Instead, you laughed as John struggled with getting the food out of his curls.

“If a food fight is what happens, I’m not the one to clean it!” You exclaimed, still laughing. Alex looked at you, filled with relief that he wasn’t in trouble.

“Y/N are you sure it’s ok to have a food fight I mean it’s the wedding reception…” Angelica mumbled, but you knew she just didn’t want to get her dress dirty.

“I think it’ll be fun!” You giggled, almost like a little kid again. “Plus, Alex can wash all the clothes!” Alex groaned, otherwise accepting his fate.

“If that’s the case…” Hercules muttered next to you, grabbing a piece of sushi off Peggy’s plate and flinging it at John.

“WHY AM I THE VICTIM?!” He screamed, yanking the fish from his hair, yet again. You quickly grabbed a cupcake from one of your dessert tables, throwing it with all your might at Lafayette. It landed on Eliza.

“Shit. Sorry! I was aiming for the Frenchman!” You couldn’t suppress your laughter as she wore an expression of pure horror. Lafayette looked up at you.

“Hey!” He ran over to you, grabbing a cupcake that stood on the table next to you, smashing it in your hair. You shrieked, moving away from him. You turned, seeing Hercules standing with a wad of cake in his hands.

“Oh no.” You warned. “If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.” You grew worried by your husband’s shit eating grin.

“Sorry babe.” He apologized, before quickly throwing the cake into your face. You stumbled backwards, slightly shocked.

“Oh you did not!” You grabbed a third cupcake, running over to the man and returning the gesture. You both stood there, laughing and covered in cake. Angelica still hadn’t gotten up from the dinner table, and Peggy was having fun teaming up with John. Eliza sided with Alex, and Lafayette stood alone, still standing his ground. Hercules pulled you close, avoiding a wrap that flew at his head.

“This was fun.” You smiled up at him, resting your head against his chest. Suddenly, yet another cupcake found itself on your dress.


GOT7 REACTION: From that your big sister gonna marry but you look better than her


Already at the church, JB - who was at your side - would approach of your ear and touch the base of your back, whispering with deep voice…

“When we come back to our home, I’ll take out piece by piece of your clothing…”

“Jaebum… This is an wedding, you should respect it, so shut up!”

“It’s not my fault if my girl looks better than the bride…”


“Mark! Stop laugh of me!”

“I’m not laughing of you!”

“So, of who?”

“Your sister! She is dying of envy!”


“Oh. My. God.”

“What? You didn’t like? Maybe if I illuminate my makeup? Or…I’ll exchange my heels!”

“NO! I NEED SHOW YOU FOR EVERYBODY! I need show how lucky I am!


“Oh girl… Your sister will hate you today!”

“What are you saying?”

“You don’t know? Ohh, look at you… You’re amazing!”


“I think that I can’t marry with you, Y/N-ah…”

“WHAT? WHY? You don’t love me anymore, Youngjae?!”

“Anyo… I love you but, you’re killing me right now, imagine you in a wedding dress…”


“The bride and the groom are at the altar, not in my face, Bambam!!” You would say.


“Y/N… How can you be so sexy?”

~ADM Misso

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!

My sister’s request: Suigetsu finally finds his love and lives happily ever after… with his yogurt…

Onions complaining:
Onion A: Why are we here? He will drink it and we will attend his wedding with another bottle of yogurt next week once again.
Onion B: At least, you’re not wearing a dress… We look the same but why I am the only one have to wear this?

minnie-chuu  asked:

When your best friend jimin blames you for his girlfriend breaking up with him. When in reality u caught her cheating on him and confront her about it.

Here ya go~ I hope this is angst-y enough. 

I wanna write a Pt 2 of this, but you guys tell me if I should?

Jimin Scenario - Listen Pt. 1

Jimin has always been the sweetest person you’ve known. He’s kind to everybody, treats everyone equally, and finds good in every single person when no else can. Knowing him for all your life, you’ve seen his bad side that he never shows to anyone. As sweet as his smile can be, the scariest he can be when he’s mad.

But not how he is right now. 

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Shopping Spree

Request: One where the way bros are dragged along with y/n shopping, gee goes bc frank works at the mall and mikey bc he has a crush on y/n. Mikey is all serious but when he sees y/n in a dress he becomes all smiley and gee is teasing him and stuff

“I don’t wanna go,” Gerard whined as I pulled in the parking lot.

“You promised.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Mikey, talk to your brother.”

“Come on Gee, we’re only gonna be a minute. Right?”

“Yes, I just need to find a dress.”

“That could take hours!” Gerard exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “I’ve been shopping with you before Y/n and it takes forever.”

“Gerard, we’re already here.”

“Can I at least swing by Hot Topic and say hi to Frank while you guys shop?”

“Fine,” I settled. “Is that okay with you Mikey?” I felt a little bad for Mikey, the main reason I literally dragged Gerard here with us was so Mikey wouldn’t be bored to death while I tried on clothes.

“Yeah yeah, of course,” Mikey mumbled, smiling meekly. Gerard muttered something under his breath, followed by an eye roll.

“How many are we getting?” Mikey groaned, carrying at least fifteen dresses in his arms as I examined another rack of clothes.


“Then why am I carrying fifty fucking dresses?”

“I want options,” I shrugged, feeling the fabric on another strapless dress.

“What is this for anyway?”

“A wedding, so I have to look nice.” Mikey leaned against the wall, sighing as I laid another dress on top of the pile in his arms. 

“Okay…I think that’s it,” I mumbled to myself, scanning the store for any department I missed. 

“We’re done?” Mikey half shouted.

“Yep, as soon as I try them on and pick one.”

“You’re trying every single one on?” He gasped.

“Of course, I can’t pick one until I see what it looks like on me,” I insisted, leading him towards the dressing room. He stopped at the doorway, holding out the dresses for me to grab. “What are you doing?”

“I thought you wanted to try them on?”

“You’re not coming in with me?”

“You want me to go in there with you? While you change?”

“Yeah? I want your opinion on each one. Unless you want to sit out he-”

“No no, i’m coming,” he interrupted, following me to the back and setting all the clothes on the bench.

“Okay, you can sit right there.” I pointed to one of the benches by the large mirror on the wall, across from my dressing room. He nodded, leaning his back against the wall with his hands shoved in his pockets. It took me only a few minutes to get on dress number one, a plain white strapless dress. “What do you think of this one?”

Mikey opened his eyes and sat up, his face flushing a million shades of red as he stared at me. “Whoa” was the only word he could muster, eyeing me up and down.

“Do you think it’s too short?” I asked, looking at myself in the mirror. The dress ended at my thighs, a little too skimpy for a really traditional, fancy wedding.

“No no, short is…short’s great,” he chuckled, running a hand through his hair. I looked at my reflection for another minute before shaking my head, definitely too short.

“Nope, not this one. Way too short,” I concluded before walking back into the dressing room. I took of the dress and tossed it over the door at Mikey. “Put this in the ‘No’ pile please.”

A couple desses in and Mikey was taking his job as my adviser very seriously. He kept everything organized, putting the hangers back on each dress after I tried it on and stacking it in the correct pile. He was also honest, which I liked a lot. He didn’t just tell me every dress looks amazing and told me when he didn’t like one, throwing a compliment right afterwards to make sure I knew I didn’t think he was insulting me. “How about this one Mikey?”

“Damn, I like that one,” he gushed, smiling ear to ear as I twirled in the mirror. It was white and gold, strapless and went down to my knees.

“Does it make my boobs look too big?” I pestered, adjusting my breasts before turning to him.

“Uh, well um,” Mikey deadpanned, trying to avoid staring at my chest. “They look nice…a little bigger than usual ya know but not too big. Not that their small or anythi-”

“Yikes, you’re painful to listen to Mikey,” Gerard laughed from behind us as he entered the dressing room. He raised an eyebrow and whistled at me, biting the inside of his cheek. “You look hot.”

“Thanks pervert,” I giggled, pushing his shoulder. “Yay or nay, Mikey?”

“Yay, big big yay,” he said immediately, flushing when Gerard snickered next to him. “That wasn’t a reference to your boobs or anything,” he added quickly.

“Awww look at him Y/n, wittle Mikey’s blushing!” Gerard cackled, using his baby voice as he ruffled Mikey’s hair. Mikey glared at him, cursing under his breath. 

“Okay, I think i’m gonna get this one,” I confirmed, giving myself one last check in the mirror before changing back into my clothes.

“Sweet! Can we go get some food now? Frank just took his break and I promised him we would all grab a bite with him at the Food Court.”

“Yeah, as soon as we check out.” He nodded, pulling out his phone to most likely text Frank. “Thank you for coming,” I smiled at Mikey, wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him in for a hug. He stiffened for a minute before relaxing and returning the hug.

“It wasn’t so bad I guess,” he giggled.

“You were a really big help, I appreciate it a lot,” I continued as I rested my head on his shoulder, sticking my tongue out at Gerard as he made kissy faces at me.

“It was nothing,” he shrugged.

“I’ll find a way to repay you, let me know if you need anything.”


Anything.” I held back a giggle as Gerard made a blow job gesture by pressing his tongue on the inside of his cheek, flipping him off instead.

“You don’t owe me anything, really,” he insisted.

“Okay, if you insist. At least let me buy your lunch?”

“Okay, deal,” he agreed when we pulled away from the hug. I leaned up on my toes to kiss his cheek, grabbing his hand to pull him out the door.

“Aw, did Mikey get a kiss from his cru-OW!” Gerard yelped, stopping mid sentence when Mikey slapped the back of his head.

anonymous asked:

My question about the spoof of a wedding they are putting on is why is Henry not the ring bearer and standing with his mother and why does Emma not have any bridesmaids. I had been hoping for an elegant dress that even if it didnt fit her character still looked nice. That though looks like a garbage bag painted white. am also pissed they are doing the wedding in the musical episode since i was considering tuining in for the first time in years for it but now nope.

Henry’s too old to be a ring bearer. 

Although, I am surprised that Hook’s not forcing him to be the best man or something. 

Chapter 18: The Coldest Night

Originally posted by temporaryusername2015

Your life with the Starks is great, it’s more than you ever imagined. You and Jon Snow have a beloved little secret, but will that change all very soon? What will happen to Jon and especially you as new series of events start to stir causing a plethora of mishaps and sinister evil beings try to plot against the Starks, what will you do to play your part in the Game of Thrones?

Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 19

Warning: Some crazy shit gets exposed

“Sansa you have to get ready.” I say to her as I finish sowing the last pieces of her dress.

“Let me just sit here a moment.” She says softly as she looks in the mirror.

“Okay, if you say so.” I began giggling as so did she. I’m sowing the last buttons on her beautiful dress, I spent months and days on this dress… today is her wedding day and I’m already ready to go. I wear my dark blue dress and my hair was down like Lady Stark’s hair use to be.

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Rukia's Scrapbook: Dating Ichigo

Ichiruki timeline requested by anon. :)

So…this person asked for an “IchiRuki timeline” talking about what their various ‘big’ events were like. So  thought I’d imagine that Rukia is getting married to Ichigo, and she’s making him a scrapbook full of pictures of important events in their lives. With notes because Rukia. So here is the scrapbook that she might make!

Picture #1: Ichigo picks me up for our first date!

I don’t know what was cuter: that you thought your “Nice Vibe” shirt was a cool choice for a first date outfit, or that you thought a tie would make it classy.

Picture #2: Us at the entrance to the amusement park!

In your own words, Ichigo: “Chad said this was a good date spot. And I trust Chad in matters of the heart.”

Picture #3: Second date! Closet mini picnic!

You said it was such a bad idea we’d never speak of it again. But I think it’s cute when you’re squashed and embarrassed!

Picture #4: Third date! Soul Society drinks!

I know my eyes are partially closed and you appear to be sneezing, but this is literally the only pic I have that wasn’t photo bombed by Matsumoto, Kira, Hisagi, Renji, or Mashiro.

Picture #5: “Meeting” the fam! Dinner at the Kurosaki house!

You and your dad, locked in combat. Yuzu hugging me. Karin looking vaguely annoyed and embarrassed. It is perfect.

Picture #6: “Meeting” the other fam! Dinner with Nii-sama!

Nii-sama is smiling on the inside.

Pictures #7-9: Goofy photo booth pics!

Please notice how I gave you bunny ears in every one!

Picture #10: Leaving for our weekend getaway in Tokyo!

Our first trip together! Well…aside from Hueco Mundo I guess.

Picture #11: Toyko Tower!

This was the first time you said you loved me, you know. Verbally, anyway.

Picture #12: Candlelit dinner in hotel!

Hmm. The flash makes us both look weird. But this was a good dinner.

Picture #13: You sleeping with Chappy

Still my favorite pic

Picture #14: My Chappy sand sculpture!

From our private beach day

Picture #15: Ichigo buried in sand!

Because you shouldn’t fall asleep during beach day!

Picture #16: Weekend getaway at the mountain hot springs!

…man 6 months since the last pic? Life got in the way, huh!

Picture #17: Us in our hotel room!

I don’t think Nii-sama liked the postcard I sent him of you in the hotel. Although I still think “ryoka in the ryokan” was a great caption!

Picture #18: The view of the mountains

Because damn that place was gorgeous.

Picture #19: Hokkaido snow and ice festival!

Still can’t believe you didn’t want me to enter the ice sculpting competition. I would have owned that.

Picture #20: Ice bunny!

Totally not what you thought it was.

Picture #21: Our hotel room

At the time I was so surprised that you spent so much money on this fancy room.

Picture #22: Me wearing the engagement ring!

Look at how happy I am!

Picture #23: Our first picture together engaged

Best day of my life, so far

Picture #24: Nii-sama’s mansion - wedding day!

So kind of him to let us have the wedding there, huh?

Picture #25: Me in my wedding dress!

And that, now-husband, is why you won’t get this until after the wedding! I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

I love you. Always and forever.