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watch me (m)

genre ― smut + a bit of fluff at the end, fuckboy!au

pairing ― jungkook | reader | taehyung

synopsis ― Dodging Jungkook’s annoying horny texts was easy but what happens when another boy accidentally joins in on the fun?

words ― 7,633

note : I meshed Play & Play 2.0 together and added a few things. Before I get asked, yes there will another part to this.

extra note : part two

Your ringtone kept blasting in your ear as you tried to sleep before a big presentation. You groaned, cursing yourself for not turning off the volume as you reached for the glowing device knowing exactly who it was. You denied the call thinking,”Why is he so fucking desperate?” You began closing your eyes again until a loud ding woke you up again.

JK (1:57 AM): Why didn’t you answer babe? I want to talk to you :(

You rolled your eyes and turned off your phone, getting back to your much needed sleep.

It was almost a routine with Jungkook, calling you at 2 in the morning expecting you to be down for some sexting. That boy didn’t know when to quit and you should have already blocked his number considering he’s been like this for 4 months straight. But you’ll be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t like the attention he was giving you.

Not that you were the only girl, of course, because being the all-star soccer player he had half the school population begging for him. Hell not just him but the rest of the soccer team and you weren’t one to judge because your eyes would wander over to their table every once in awhile just like the rest of them.

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Zach Dempsey #2 - Part 2

Here comes part 2 of the Zach/Pregnancy imagine!
Please enjoy it and give me feedback!

Part 1

Also: 200 followers already! WOHOO! Thanks to everyone!
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Zach POV

It’s been 6 more weeks after we found out we were having a baby that ,despite our immense fear, we managed to talk to our families about it.
Calm and with a plan.

Y/N will go to school for as long as possible and when the baby is born she will take 6 to 8 weeks off to adjust.
After that she will get back to school while her mother, working from home, can take care of the baby.
Two days a week they will sleep over at my place so my mother and sister can spend time with the little one too.
And when we graduate we will go to college together, me studying biology and her studying English literature.
Somehow we managed to figure it all out and even our friends were extremely supportive.

Jess freaked out when she heard, the news marking a fresh start for all of us.
And even Clay and Tony were truly happy for us, I come along with them pretty well, thanks to Y/N.
So there was nothing that could possibly go wrong, right?

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Do Your Job, You Prick

Title: Do Your Job, You Prick

Pairing: Dean x reader (sorta platonic??)

Word Count: 1096

Warnings: so much cussing lmao

Summary: You have a stupid day and your car decides to break down stupidly. Dean’s mechanic shop is open at 3 AM for some damn reason. He’s pissy, you’re pissy (and hungry), so what’s the worse that could happen?

A/N: Hi. I’m tired. SAT season is patronizing me and I don’t care anymore.
In other news, I turned 16 today! Will I still be looked at as a 12 year old (probably bc I look and act like a child)? We’ll find out, in another trashy year with Kim!!

And some of these lines may or may not have been used in tweets that a boy who I may or what not have liked in my class who has now graduated tweeted when he was fourteen. I don’t know if y'all comprehended any of that but either way, I’ll be okay.

Also this was for @gone-to-fight-the-fairies Summer of Heroes Challenge! I had the line “You like a professional asshole or something?” I hope you enjoy my cuss filled tired sass.

And I might consider this as the beginning of a series, so tell me if you want it to be! Either way, it’ll be fine bc I’m lazy but I still want to challenge myself :/

Sorry for the long A/N okay pls enjoy.


“Hi. Can you fix my car?”

It was nearly three in the morning and your car had luckily died just a block away from a mechanic shop that was still open. Which technically, could be unlucky given that nothing else in town was open and the person inside could be an axe murderer.

But he seemed nice enough. Cute, even. However, it was way too early for you to handle your hormonal emotions; you just wanted to go home and sleep in. This was all Dani’s fault. Your stupid co-worker left you to fix her horrendous mistake and now you were paying the price.

His name tag read ‘Dean’. Dean looked bored and annoyed as hell when you stepped though the door and asked for help, but stood up from his seat anyway.

He sighed and walked to the entrance peeking his head out. “Where’s your car?”

“It died just a block away,” you said, wringing your hands. “You got a tow truck or something?”

He heaved another sigh and rolled his eyes. It’s not like you wanted this to happen either. Damn prick, do your job, will you?

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Naru reta ai (Painted Love)

Chapter 1: Flower and Garden

Pairing: Sai & Yamanaka Ino; Saiino

It was the first day of classes and finally everyone took a step forward in their year levels

Konoha Gakkuen is a prestigious school in the whole of Japan, being included at the ‘Five Gakkuen Summit’. The ‘Five Gakkuen Summit’ is where only the best schools of Japan are included, they may excel academically, in their extracurricular activities, and the likes.

“Ahhh… It’s the first day of school again.” Walking towards the gates of the School, Ino stretched both her arms upwards as she heaves out a tired yawn.

Yamanaka Ino, being born as only child in a family of Florists and a Japan National Police Officer; she was raised in the calmness of flowers and courage of reality. Smart, Beautiful, and a bit Sassy, that’s how her friends describe her. The class flower, that’s how her beauty is fairly described.

Arriving in her respective classroom, she was a bit early for the Traditional Konoha Gakkuen Opening Ceremony which will be held at the School Gym.

An empty classroom welcomed her, she knew it was too early and being the first student in class wasn’t a part of her plan, if it wasn’t for her uptight father that woke her up an hour earlier than what she had expected.

A sigh escaped her lips as she slumped on an empty seat close to where she was standing “I could’ve slept for atleast an hour if it wasn’t for Otousan.” She said to herself, when suddenly she heard the sliding door open, causing her to tilt her head towards the direction.

The person who entered the room got her eyes went wide when upon noticing Ino seated not far from the doorway; a smile immediately lit the person’s face but was later on replaced by an annoyed look.

“I saw you smile a while ago, are you that happy seeing me? Or are you happy that Otousan sent me to school really early too, Sakura.” Ino greeted her childhood bestfriend Sakura upon entering the room with a sour look; Ino’s eyes snickered at Sakura’s direction. Teasing her with an annoying grin.

Sakura took a seat beside Ino and immediately rested her head on the desk; her short pink hair all messed up as she mumbled files of complain as to why she was also sent to school real early.

Ino laughed teasingly at her bestfriend’s suffering, ignoring the fact she was the same as her; sent to school way early. “So…” Ino’s voice became calm again as she continued, catching Sakura’s attention. “Seems like Sasuke-kun won’t be going back to Konoha Gakkuen anymore huh?” Her voice had hints of sadness in them, as Sakura looked at her with the same expression.

“I-I know Sasuke-kun will still be back… I just know it…” Sakura forced a smile as she straightened her back, adjusting her body; her statement wasn’t a word of encouragement for Ino, but it was directly to Sakura herself, motivating the trust and the feeling of affection that had built-up inside her towards her longtime one-sided love for Uchiha Sasuke. A Konoha Gakkuen Student, but was expelled due to violating school rules and regulations.

The two ladies conversed with each other until their topic went from being anxious towards Sasuke to now giggling as they chat about certain girl-y things. It took them almost an hour before the room started to get filled with students, some were their classmates from before and others were students from other section which are now mixed up to be their classmates for the current school year.

Familiar faces like Uzumaki Naruto, Rock Lee, Hyuga Neji, Tenten Xiao, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choji are present inside the classroom and are currently gathered around the two ladies.

All of them were friends for so long, some were their classmates since their Middle School and others were when they were in their Junior Years and lastly some were their childhood friends. 3 of their friends were sadly designated to a different section, which are Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino.

“Oi! Seems like Kiba, Hinata, and Shino are the unfortunate ones this year.” Naruto spoke as he ascends towards the peer.

Neji nodded quietly as he took the seat close towards the group since everyone has already chosen their seats, making sure they were close to each other.

“Last year, Sakura-san and Naruto were the unlucky ones to be separated from the group.” Rock Lee laughed at the memories from the past year, but then suddenly started to sob as he gazed at Sakura. “I was separated from my beloved Sakura-san… I thought I was gonna die!” His Exaggerated actions and words were the perfect combination to tick Sakura’s temper and in an instant, a strong punch landed on Lee’s face, knocking him off to doze.

“Why do I have to be on the same room as him!?” Sakura cracked her knuckles as if thinking of landing another punch even though Lee was already in a total knock-out, when suddenly the speakers from each of the rooms, the hallways, and also the whole campus turned on and an announcement could be heard.

“Goodmorning everyone, the Konoha Gakkuen Opening Ceremony will be starting at exactly 10 in the morning. Everyone is instructed to form an orderly line infront of their classrooms; students shall leave the building at 9:30 am, no one is allowed to leave early or be late. Current time is 9:10.” The announcement ended with a beep and everyone started to head out of the room to form a line on the hallway.

It didn’t took too long before the students were all lined up outside their rooms, the hallway was filled with chatters but was at minimal due to the students’ discipline… well, some.

“Maaaan~ I’m hungry! Maybe I should bring some chips inside. Choji interjected as he pats his round stomach with a troubled look plastered on his face.

“Oi! Choji! Bring some!” A familiar voice came from the back of their line and saw Kiba with Hinata and Shino standing in their respective line infront of their classroom; their room was only a classroom away from them which caused Kiba, Choji, Lee, and Naruto to shout whenever they want to speak with each other shouting at each other, making a ruckus on the hallway.

“Oi! Kiba! Kiba! Let’s go to the arcade later!” Naruto shouted with a grin on his face, which Kiba raised a thumbs up, accepting his invitation and him shouting back “Sure! I’ll be bringing Shino with me!”

“Me too! Me too!” Lee shouted in sync, forcing himself on the topic.

Their noise was totally unpleasant to the ears, where luckily, Tenten was there as the moderator of the group. “Shut up the 4 of you!” Tenten halted her shouting friends, which they immediately went silent. Sighs of relief could be heard from other students in the hallway, causing Tenten to bow apologetically at the other sections’ students.

“What a drag…” Shikamaru said to himself as he heaved out a stressed sigh.

“You’re all so noisy! Especially you Naruto!” Sakura instantly grabbed Naruto’s collar, wrinkling the cloth as she readies her knuckles to land a punch.

“S-sorry sorry Sakura-chan” Naruto’s face drained with color while both his hands were placed between, trying to give distance towards their body.

Sakura wasn’t budging from their stance and had made up her mind to land a strong punch on Naruto, knowing that they wouldn’t stay quiet not unless violence would be used to one of the four boys when suddenly just when Sakura’s fist was inches away from Naruto that the speaker started to play music and an announcement followed.

“Goodmorning everyone, time check is 9:30. Students are required to depart the building and head towards the Gym, please pass the hallways quietly and in an orderly conduct. Ushers are found at the entrance of the gym and your class shall be guided to your respective positions. That would be all, thank you.”

That announcement saved Naruto’s poor soul, and thus causing Sakura to spare him then roughly letting go of her grip on his collar.

“You’re lucky Naruto…” Ino interjected as she ran her fingers through her long blond hair..

With the signal from the speakers, the students head out towards the direction of the gym. Students were all lined up as they filled the brick floors on the campus field, heading to the gym. Murmurs and laughter could be heard as anxious and excitement weld them up; some excited over the fact that the first day of classes has already begun, and others complaining about their tardiness to attend school again.

As they passed through the grove of trees, Ino’s eyes immediately caught the patches of flowers hidden behind the large trunk of trees. This made her stop on her tracks and her eyes glimmered with amusement at the sight of such beautiful flowers reflected the morning dew on its petals. To others, this may be just a bunch of flowers, but since Ino grew up with the flowers raised by her mother in their humble flower shop, she learned to appreciate even the smallest and simplest sight of these plants.

Sakura, whom was following behind her accidentally bumped on to her shoulders causing the pink haired to halt on her tracks. “Oi! What gives?” Sakura exclaimed as she touches where their bodies collided.

Ino didn’t give any response to her friend as she was too immersed in the view. Sakura thought this was weird and quickly followed Ino’s line of sight, only landing on the sight of the flower beds at the corner.

“Oh…” Sakura immediately understood why her bestfriend was acting as such, and with a light smack that she gave on the blond’s shoulder, she titled her head towards the direction of the garden.

“Go, I’ll fill you in to Tenten.” The pink haired whispered, and without hearing a reply from Ino, she headed towards the distant line of their classmates.

“Thank you Sakura.” Ino said to herself, her words were blown by the soft morning breeze while her eyes followed the sight of her classmates drifting further away from her.

After minutes of watching them drift away, they could no longer be seen and an empty brick wall and quiet field gave Ino a calming sensation. Feeling refreshed, her feet padded towards the mini-garden filled with patches of flowers, and with a gentle touch, she admired the flowers as they danced in sync with the breeze.

“These are all Bellflowers…” She brushed her finger on the purple petal. “I’m glad they took care of them during Summer break.” Ino said to herself, her lips forming a pleased grin as she took a stroll around the flower beds when suddenly, her eyes quickly notices a small rectangular black object just inches away from the next patches of flowers.

Curios, she picked up the object and found it as a small notebook. Not being nosy, she flipped the pages to find any information about the owner since in the first place, she was the only person at the location and the students present are now at the gym.

“Wow… These are all amazing…” Ino wih her eyes wide open said in astonishment as her eyes wandered off to the different drawings of scenery in each pages; the last page with a drawing on it, the most recent one was the location where she is standing at the moment – the flowerbeds and the whole view.

“Who could be the owner of this?” No complete name could be found at the cover of the pocket size notebook, but only the word “Shin” was written on the very first page.

 She didn’t know how long her attention had been snatched away by the drawing inside the notebook, when suddenly the school bell rang. It was an indication that the Opening Ceremony has already ended, she was there for an hour and was absent during the event.

“Oh no!” Ino gasped upon noticing the time and quickly tucked the pocket-sized notebook inside her skirt pocket; Dashing her way towards the gym and getting her shot to sneak back in the line without Tenten or Neji noticing.

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Partners In Crime

Summary: After Phil’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave him alone, Dan decides to help his neighbor out by pretending to be Phil’s new boyfriend. However with personal feelings on both sides, and neither willing to admit them aloud, sometimes the lines between the pretend and the actual blur. (Dan and Phil are next door neighbors in an apartment building, neither is a YouTuber)

Genre: fluff

Warnings: minor swearing, drinking

Words: 2,454

Phil threw himself onto Dan’s couch with a groan.

“Are you alright?” Dan asked, as he followed Phil into the lounge. Dan and Phil were neighbors, best friends really, who had lived next door to each other in a small apartment building for about five years now.

“No, my ex-girlfriend, Jessica, keeps parading her new boyfriend around, rubbing him in my face. It’s awful, mostly because she lives right down the hall and I keep bumping into them.”

Dan knew who Jessica was from previous conversations, and though he had never actually met Phil’s ex, he always thought that Phil could do better.

“I’m sorry,” Dan said, “that sounds like it sucks.”

Phil shrugged, “I wish I had someone I could rub in her face so she won’t get all the satisfaction.”

“That’s what you need!” Dan exclaimed, “Someone new.”

Phil shrugged again, “I guess, what I really need right now is a few games of Mario Cart.”


Later that week, Dan woke up at ten on a Saturday, which was odd enough in it’s self, and made the decision that since he didn’t have anything nearly sweet enough in his cupboards, he would head down to Starbucks for coffee and a pastry.

Stepping into the hall, the bright lights almost blinding his sleep heavy eyes, Dan noticed Phil’s familiar lanky form talking to a girl. Phil’s back was to him, but Dan could tell by the way Phil flinched as she grabbed his arm that the girl must be Jessica.

Phil looked like he was in between a rock and a hard place; he was slowly backing toward his apartment. The slump in his shoulders clearly said ‘leave me alone.’ Suddenly, Dan had an idea. It was a risky one, and Phil might yell at him later, but at least he would get his friend away from this awkward situation.

Ruffling his just straitened hair to give it the appearance of being slept on, Dan pulled his shirt off and dropped it on the floor of his apartment before quietly closing the door. Without thinking about what he was doing, Dan wandered over to the two others.

Taking note of a bag in Phil’s hand, which was from one of their favorite bakeries that was just down the road, an excuse formed on Dan’s lips, and he willed himself to look as tired as possible.

“Hey, Babe,” He said, wrapping an arm around Phil’s waist, letting his lips skim over the skin on Phil’s neck. He felt Phil stiffen in surprise, and then relax as he realized who it was, and just what Dan was doing. “Did you get my breakfast?” Snatching the bag from his best friend, Dan made a big show of opening it and looking inside the bag, giving Phil time to gather his thoughts.

“I didn’t realize you were dating again, Phil,” Jessica said, her voice almost a purr. She was pretty, with long limbs and shoulder length honey colored hair.

“Well my love life isn’t really your concern, anymore, Jessica,” Phil said, rubbing sweaty palms against his jeans.

“Hey, Babe,” Dan interrupted, “Can we go eat now?”

Sensing the real meaning behind Dan’s words, Phil nodded. “I’ll see you around Jessica.”

“Yeah see you,” Dan said, glaring at her over his shoulder as they walked away. Jessica withered under Dan’s gaze, which he tried not to feel smug about.

Phil pulled away from the arm around his waist, settling for grabbing Dan’s hand as he pulled him into his apartment.


“What was that?” Phil demanded, trying not to blush, trying not to stare at Dan’s bare chest. What would his best friend say if he knew how much Phil wished that the scene in the hallway was real? If he knew that Phil’s neck was still tingling from the ghost of Dan’s lips?

“You mean me saving your ass?” Dan asked, defensive, as if he had been expecting this reaction.

Phil held up his arms in surrender, “It’s not that I’m not grateful,” he amended, “I’m just surprised is all.”

Dan visibly relaxed, his shoulders – don’t focus on his shoulder, Phil scolded himself – loosening. “I didn’t know how else to help,” he admitted, “I was thinking on my feet.”

Personally, Phil thought that Dan’s thinking on his feet was pretty good, then. His chocolate hair was ruffled, like he had just woken up from sleeping on it, and his lack of a shirt was surprisingly suggestive.

“Thank you,” Phil whispered, even though Dan was the only person around.

“It was kind of fun, actually,” Dan said with a grin, “I forgot how much I missed acting.” Acting, Phil knows the word shouldn’t hurt him. Dan was just acting, and Phil knew that Dan didn’t like him like that, and the word shouldn’t sting, but it does. “I hope she doesn’t stay on you about it though,” Dan continued, unaware of Phil’s inner hurt.

“I’ll tell her we broke up,” Phil said with a shrug.

“You shouldn’t have to tell her anything,” Dan muttered, bitterly.

Phil’s only answer was another shrug, “Why were you up this early, anyway?”

Dan ignores the obvious change of topic, much to Phil’s relief. “I wanted breakfast,” he said, simply. Handing Phil his bag of pastries, Dan moved to leave.

“I have enough to share,” Phil said, offering out the bag instead of taking it back, a peace offering.

Dan smiled, “okay, fine, but I am going to go grab my shirt.”


For about a week nothing happened. The instance in the hallway was said to be forgotten by both parties, but sometimes Phil finds himself remembering the warmth of Dan’s breath on his neck, and Dan tries not to think about how natural Phil had fit when Dan wrapped his arm around the other boy’s waist.

For about a week Phil had successfully avoided Jessica.

The good luck didn’t last.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Jessica asked, cornering Phil in the stairwell as he was on his way to Tesco, tossing her hair over her shoulder. She hadn’t always been like this, and Phil finds himself longing for her old messy buns and how they ate cereal at midnight on the floor of his bedroom. Those days were long gone. 

He’s supposed to say that Dan broke up with him, that was the agreement, but she looks so smug and he doesn’t really know why, but he opens his mouth and a lie spills out. “He went out for lunch with some old Uni friends.”

Jessica didn’t look convinced, “Well you guys should come to my boyfriend’s party next Saturday. So I can get to know your new man.”

“His name’s Dan,” Phil said, before biting his tongue. This game was supposed to be over.

Leaning forward Jessica put her hand on his arm, almost flirtatiously, “See you there.”


A knocking on his front door wakes Dan up, glancing at the time; he was shocked to realize it was nearly noon. How late, or rather early, had be been up last night? Pushing his duvet off and climbing out of bed, swiping a semi-clean t-shirt off the floor and pulling it over his head. As he walked into the lounge the knocks become louder and more frequent. 

“I’m not interested in whatever you’re selling,” Dan said as he opened the door, the words dying in his throat as he realized it was Phil who stood at his door. “What’s wrong?”

Phil shifted on his feet, wringing his hands, resembling a deer in car headlights. “I know we agreed that I would tell Jessica we broke up, but she just cornered me in the stairs, and I panicked, and now we have to go to a party,” he said without pausing for breath.

Blinking sleep from his eyes, Dan pulled Phil into his apartment.

“Slow down,” he commands “tell me what happened.”

By the time Phil is done with his story, Dan has two cups of coffee ready, not prepared to start the day without the bitter substance.

“Okay,” Dan said, “So we’re going to a party.”

Phil lets out a shaky breath, relaxing slightly. “You’ll help me?”

“Sure,” Dan shrugged, “you’re my best friend.”


The party’s date arrives quickly, but Dan and Phil are prepared. They spent the better part of the week pretending they were a couple whenever they were out in public together. Ordering each other’s coffee, holding hands, even kisses on the cheek were familiar now. So familiar that sometimes they forgot that when they were alone in Dan’s apartment watching a movie Phil didn’t need to lay his head on Dan’s shoulder or that Dan didn’t need to kiss Phil on the cheek as he handed him his morning coffee. Or maybe they didn’t forget, they just didn’t care.

Dan knew that going to the party was probably a bad idea. It would be strobe lights and loud music and too many drunken people. But Phil is going, so Dan decided to make the most of it. As much as Dan hated to admit it, being in a ‘relationship’ with Phil was easy. They knew each other inside and out. He knew how Phil spilled his sugar all over the counter on the rare instances where Dan let him make his own coffee, and how he left all of the kitchen cabinets open after he left the room. Dan also knew the exact color of Phil’s eyes and the shape of his lips. He spent to much time studying those lips. This game was getting dangerously close to ending with Dan trying to kiss those perfect lips.

That was not the way you were supposed to feel about your best friend.

“Does this look okay?” Phil asked, stepping into Dan’s bedroom. Phil was dressed casual, in a red and blue plaid shirt with dark skinny jeans. The only thing that was different from how he usually dressed was the fact that he had on his black rimmed glasses instead of contacts.

“Yeah, you look cute in glasses,” Dan said, before biting his tongue. They were all alone, no need for cute couple things.

Phil blushed, “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

Dan knew that he had dressed up slightly more than he needed to strictly for the party, wearing his leather jacket and black skinny jeans when he could have gotten away with just a t-shirt. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, Dan glanced toward the door, “Are you ready to go?” he asked.

Phil shrugged, “As ready as I’ll ever be.”


Dan was right, the party was too loud and the lights were flashing and the air stank of cheap beer. But the warm feeling of Phil’s hand in his as Dan was pulled through the unfamiliar apartment, which almost mirrored his own due to the fact of being in the same building, made everything okay.

Finding their ways to the kitchen, Dan looked around for a drink, determined that since he had to be here anyway, he might as well get pleasantly buzzed. Phil had apparently been thinking similar because it didn’t take him long to find a tray of sweets, ready for a sugar rush.

Suddenly a brunette appeared at Phil’s side, and Dan forced himself not to groan out loud. How had Phil ever dated this chick?

“Hi, Phil,” Jessica chirped cheerfully, pointedly ignoring Dan.

Phil forced a smile onto his face, “Hi, Jess.”

Dan ground his teeth, not liking how close Jessica was leaning toward Phil, not liking it one bit. Snaking his arm around Phil’s waist, Dan pulled his friend closer. So close he could smell raspberry over the cigarette smoke and alcohol scent that hung in the air. So close he could feel Phil’s sharp intake of breath. So close Dan realized he wasn’t acting. He was jealous as hell of how close Jessica was standing to Phil.

“I’m so glad you guys came,” Jessica continued, obvious to the thoughts racing through Dan’s mind.

He was jealous. He had no right to be, he and Phil weren’t actually together. But he was.

Excusing himself from the conversation, Dan pushed himself out of the kitchen. The mass of bodies in the apartment was making it hard to breathe, so Dan pushed out of the door, stepping into the cool hair of the hallway. Sitting down, his back pressed against the wall, Dan forced himself not to hyperventilate. What would Phil say if Dan went back inside, feeling like this?


Phil watched Dan push his way out of the apartment. Alarm pulled his mouth into a frown, and Phil set the tray of sweets down on the kitchen counter.

“Is he okay?” Jessica asked, her voice dripping with false concern.

Ignoring her, Phil followed his friend through the crowd.

“Dan?” Phil called, stepping into the hallway. “Dan are you out here?” Dan glanced up from his spot on the hallway floor. Dropping next to him, their shoulders close enough that they were touching, Phil leaned against the wall. “Are you okay?” he whispered.

Dan shrugged, his shoulder rubbing against Phil’s, “I don’t think I can do this anymore,” he said, finally.

Phil forced himself not to feel bitter, it wasn’t fair to Dan. Dan had no idea how Phil actually felt and Dan thought they were acting and Phil liked fake dating more than he should and it wasn’t fair. He had been silent for too long, and Dan was staring, brown eyes shining.

“Okay,” Phil finally whispered, “you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“That’s not the problem,” Dan said quietly, so quietly that Phil wasn’t quite sure that he was meant to hear.

Then Dan was leaning closer, their foreheads touching, and Phil couldn’t breathe because this was what he had wanted for so long. Dan’s breath was warm, tickling his face, and then their lips were meeting. It was sloppy and tasted a bit like beer and a bit like pastries and it was perfect. It was better than anything Phil had ever dreamed of.

Pulling back slightly, Phil looked into Dan’s eyes, “Was that for real?” he asked, not wanted to break the spell that had settled over the two of them.

Dan nodded, “That was real.”

Bending down, Phil captured Dan’s lips with his own, smiling as he pulled back again. Then Dan was grinning and they were laughing because why had it taken them so damn long to realize how perfect they were for each other? And maybe they didn’t know what this way yet, and maybe it didn’t matter. Becoming Dan Howell’s fake boyfriend was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to him, Phil decided.

In the spirit of the special, this is the full list of mirrors and heartrooms in every episode of sherlock. i posted one ages ago on an old sideblog but it was totally incomplete as i was still figuring shit out. :))

They mark mirrors with: callbacks & narrative mirroring, onscreen mirroring (interposing mirrors directly over their characters etc), sharing physical traits & clothing, sharing names, soundtrack cues, just putting them in mirrors, mirrors freaking everywhere. etc.

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I Wish You Would

Mmm, kinda, sorta, but not really. A loose interpretation of the basic premise, really. And heart-wrenching sad would probably be a bit of an overstatement for this.

E/R, Modern AU, lots of mutual pining.

Combeferre leaned against Enjolras’s door. “Are you all packed?” he asked, his tone brisk so as not to imply that he was feeling sad about the departure of his best friend for at least two years to get his Master’s degree abroad.

Enjolras straightened and gave Combeferre a look that said he knew exactly what Combeferre was feeling. “Yeah, I think so. Only one thing left to do before I’m officially ready to go.”

Combeferre blanched. “You’re actually planning on going through with this?” he asked skeptically. “I mean, you realize that this plan sounds like something Courfeyrac and Jehan would come up with while completely stoned out of their minds, right?”

“That is patently untrue,” Enjolras said evenly. “At worst, this plan sounds like something out of a bad romantic comedy, but that’s beside the point. This plan is going to work.”

“This plan is asinine,” Combeferre said, his patience running thin. “You’re going to slip a note that you wrote telling Grantaire what you feel for him under his door instead of just, you know, telling him how you feel at your going away party tonight? In what universe does that seem like a plan that has any chance of working?”

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Imagine Steve and Bruce being best friends and doing yoga or drinking tea or painting together!

The café was wedged between a sub shop that had a line out the door no matter the hour, and a Planet Fitness so Steve wasn’t sure how it was so quiet, but if he hadn’t been looking for it, he probably would have walked right by it.  

“I think this is one of those places that belongs to the Wizarding World.”  He smiles, sitting in the armchair across from Bruce.  

They’d started their own two-man book club a month ago and at Bruce’s recommendation, they were through the first two Harry Potter books.  

“I knew you’d like it.  Here.”  Bruce passed him the tea menu.  “I have an apricot blend.”  He held his mug out for Steve to try a sip.  

They’d discovered they were both (quietly) tea fanatics (Tony had used the word snobs when they both turned their nose up at the brand of Early Grey he’d bought).  And the conversation quickly moved from their favorite brands of English Breakfast and Green to books and pairings (“Oh my GOD you two, it’s not wine.  What are you – am I not nerdy enough for this conversation?  Why are you leaving?  I bought you tea you’re just too sophisticated for me!”)

Steve hummed.  “That is good.”  He glanced over the menu.  “Oh! They have white tea, though.  –And white loose tea.  That decides it for me.”  

He orders, and looks around the shop.  The walls are a muted green with brown accents and the lighting gives him the sense that he’s in a forest, sunlight peeking through the trees. The menu is extensive and if he can convince Bruce (it won’t take much) he plans to stay for at least three cups of tea and several chapters of reading and discussion of The Prisoner of Azkaban.

When they leave, five hours later, they’re both halfway through Prisoner and have bought loose tea to bring back to the Tower to carry them through to their next Enhanced Anger Management Book Club Meeting.

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Lol you already know who I am going to ask for. Can i get that meme thing for the sloth pair? - ticklyfandoms

OMG, guys, why am I not surprised X’D Fine, I get it, I hear you! How can I do a ship meme without doing it for Sloth Pair? Although I’m kinda feeling the pressure now, you probably have high expectations… I’ll try to live up to them! To the last anon, sorry to disappoint you though, I don’t usually write essays on these sorts of things. I hope you don’t mind? ^~^;

Well, here you go~!


Drinks all of the coffee: Mahiru does, especially when he has to leave early for college or work later on. He’s always trying to talk Kuro into drinking some too because he’s hoping that some caffeine would help make his Servamp less sleepy and lazy, but Kuro declines, saying he’d rather be tired and able to sleep than be tired and unable to sleep because of the caffeine. In the evening, however, Kuro does occasionally drink a cup of coffee or two to stay up all night and watch movies or play games, to Mahiru’s irritation.

Brings up adopting a pet: Mahiru. It’s the same old story: They walk past an abandoned kitten by the side of the road and Mahiru, thinking simply, takes it in and nurses it back to health. Kuro is less than happy about the whole thing and even starts feeling jealous when Mahiru pays a lot more attention to the cat than to him and calls it cute and pets it for the very same things Kuro would get hit for, but when Mahiru overworks himself trying to nurse the kitten Kuro still takes over and helps it recover, even forming a sort of bond with it. They don’t end up keeping it though, they give it away as soon as it’s fully recovered because they don’t have the time for a pet.

Kills the bugs: Mahiru usually puts them outside because there’s no need to kill for no reason, even if the ones killed would just be insects or spiders. Sometimes the bugs keep coming back in though, and then it’s time to bring out the bug spray, although Kuro always complains about that because it stinks. Kuro himself usually couldn’t care less about bugs in the house and never bothers to go after them unless they’re the obnoxious kind that don’t respect his personal space or try to fly on his food; then he shifts into cat form and starts hunting them until they’re either dead or he gets bored.

Cooks the meals: Mahiru, of course. At first he used to complain because Kuro never helped him in the kitchen, then one time Kuro caved and did try to help and now Mahiru will only complain over Kuro helping him cook. Let’s just say that the one time Kuro tried to be useful ended in utter disaster and a trail of destruction and leave it at that. Kuro still does bother Mahiru when his Eve is cooking though, mostly by hugging him from behind and asking what’s for dinner, trying to snack, starting a food fight or nagging him to hurry up already because he’s hungry. Mahiru tried to ban him from the kitchen, but he keeps finding his way in anyway.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Neither really does. Mahiru is too simple and straightforward for that kind of stuff, and Kuro can’t deal and can’t really be bothered with all the excitement and holiday spirit, it’s a bit too much for him. That said, he does always start nagging Mahiru to buy holiday snacks as soon as they appear in the stores and greatly enjoys over-decorating the house with ridiculous ornaments and calling Mahiru a grinch when he complains about the waste of money. He mostly does that for fun though, not really because he’s excited about the holiday itself.

Initiates the couple selfies: At first it was Mahiru because Kuro was awfully insecure about the way he looked in pictures and thought nobody (not even Mahiru) would want to take a picture with him anyway; it took Mahiru a lot of convincing and encouraging to get Kuro to pose with him, and a lot of time and patience until the vampire wasn’t too busy blushing bright red and trying to hide to look at the camera and make a friendly face. These days it’s mostly Kuro initiating the selfies, often catching Mahiru off guard and taking silly pictures; most of them consist of Kuro holding bunny ears over Mahiru’s head or otherwise messing around.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Neither. They both have an amazing memory when it comes to their relationship and important dates, and they would never, ever forget an important day. The closest thing to that would be Kuro thinking the day is still a long way off, forgetting about time and nearly missing the date due to procrastination and having to come up with something at the last minute, but even then he still manages to pull it all off in time.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Of course it’s Kuro, he’s the junk food junkie of the two! He always puts heaps upon heaps upon heaps of chips, ramen, ice cream and who knows what else into the shopping cart, and Mahiru has to convince him to put half of that back into the shelves because it’s not healthy and way overpriced anyway and he’s so not paying for all of that unhealthy stuff. When Kuro counters that he’s an immortal vampire and unhealthy food has no effect on him, Mahiru tells him that it ruins his appetite and he doesn’t eat as much of his home cooking. That hits home, and Kuro grudgingly puts his junk food back because he does love Mahiru’s cooking a little more.

Nicknames the other: Kuro often jokingly calls Mahiru “Mom” or “MahiMahi” as a joke, to the latter’s annoyance and embarrassment. Sometimes Mahiru retaliates and starts calling Kuro “Kuu-chan,” which is when Kuro shuts up and turns beet red, both because the nickname is lame as all hell and because the way Mahiru says it makes it sound like the biggest compliment he could ever ask for and it gives him warm fuzzies and butterflies and makes him blush all over and he’d rather not admit that. (Mahiru knows, of course. That’s why he likes saying it, flustered Kuro is the cutest Kuro. Mostly because flustered Kuro also equals happy Kuro, and happy Kuro is a gift to humanity.)

Alrighty, one more down and probably the most anticipated one! I hope you’re all satisfied, guys? Anyway, I’ll be here slowly working off all the other requests that are still in my inbox - which doesn’t mean it’s not open anymore though! Just don’t send any more Servamp ships, guys. There’s a very good chance they’ve already been asked for.

Stay Stay Stay - Taylor Swift



All those times that you didn’t leave

It’s been occurring to me I’d like to hang out with you

For my whole life

You and Mark sat side by side on the couch, one of his arms draped around your shoulders, pulling you closer towards his warm body. You rested your head on his chest and started reading the lyrics in his notebook. After going through the words multiple times, you felt bored and started asking questions about Mark’s day, only to receive short replies and nods from him. 

Sensing that he was uninterested in the topic, you started ranting about school. Like what he did for the past few days, Mark put his headphones on the moment you started. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t hear you and it would be pointless to waste your breath. You picked the remote up from the seat and started looking through the channels aimlessly while he sat next to you, continue to read the notebook in his hands.

Mark has always been quiet, but he has been unusually quiet for the past few days ever since he wrote these lyrics with the group. You knew that he just wanted to focus and memorise the words, but you have been feeling quite lonely: when you wake up in the morning, Mark has already left the house to practice, when you came home from school, Mark was still at practice so you’re left alone in the silence house, and when Mark finally comes home, he was busy doing his own work, only acknowledging you once in a while.

You turned the television off and grabbed a random magazine that was near the sofa, and started aimlessly flipping through the pages without actually reading what’s written in it. A few minutes later, you got bored once again and decided to get something to eat from the kitchen. You left Mark’s warm embrace and stood up from the couch, and was about to walk towards the kitchen when Mark called your name. You turned around and was met with his pout, “where are you going?”

“Why bother asking?” you answered grumpily and rolled your eyes before resuming your actions. Mark immediately stood up as well and followed you into the kitchen, hugging you from behind as you looked through the cabinets.

“What’s wrong?” he asked again, placing a soft kiss on the side of your cheek.

You stopped and turned around in his arms, “you’ve been ignoring me for the past week, that’s what’s wrong.” you told him and watched as he finally realised why you were acting this way.

“Baby, I’m so sorry.” he immediately apologised before starting to explain. “I know I’ve been acting distant, but you don’t know how thankful I am that you’re still here for me despite the fact that I always have to leave so early in the morning and coming back home so late at night. Please don’t get mad and leave me, because I love hanging out with you and I hope you like hanging out with me too even though I’m so boring.”


I’m pretty sure we almost broke up last night

I threw my phone across the room at you

I was expecting some dramatic turn-away

But you stayed

“Can’t you shut up for even just a second?” JB shouted, cutting your sentence half way. You couldn’t even think of a reply because you were too shocked, your mouth opening and closing multiple times like a goldfish.

He has been acting moody since the moment he returned home from practice today. The reason behind was because he couldn’t seem to meet the producer’s expectations no matter how hard he tried during the recording session today. He’s fed up with himself, and also with the way the members has been fooling around the studio all day instead of practicing their own parts when they had free time.

After a few moments of awkward silence, your only reply was, “excuse me?”

JB rolled his eyes, feeling his temper starting to rise once again. He just wanted to have something quick to eat before taking a long, comforting shower and going to bed. However, the moment he got home, you have been ranting non-stop about everything that has happened during your day. He tried to ignore you and has given no reaction at all, but you didn’t seem to take the hint that he wanted to be left alone.

“You just won’t stop talking and talking and talking! My head already hurts and you’re making it worse! Sometimes I just wish I’m single so I wouldn’t have to deal with a clingy girlfriend like you!” JB yelled at you, standing up from his seat and slammed his hand on the table. Hearing him yell at you has caused your temper to rise as well, and you stood up to meet with his eyes.

“Don’t take your anger out on me!” you shouted back before grabbing your phone that was lying peacefully on the table, and threw it against the wall behind JB. His eyes widened in shock at your actions, and you were a bit surprised at what you did as well, but you hid your shock better than he did.

You expected him to let his hot-headed trait to take over and would end up in a huge argument with him walking out of the house afterwards; hearing what came out of his mouth only moments ago even sparked a fear of losing him in you. But instead, he only rolled his eyes before sitting down and continue eating like none of the shouting had just happened.

You stared at him with disbelief, just standing in front of him while watching him eat across the table. He looked up at you with tired eyes and motioned you to sit down as well. You complied, not knowing how to react to the situation. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled so quietly that you almost didn’t hear it, “I just had a really long day.”


Before you, I’d only dated self-indulgent takers

Who took all of their problems out on me

But you carry my groceries, and now I’m always laughin’

And I love you because you have given me no choice but to stay

You laughed as Jackson told you another cheesy joke as you two went grocery shopping. It has been a tradition between you two to buy the groceries together whenever Jackson’s schedule allowed him, because you wanted to make sure Jackson knows how to take care of himself when he goes on tour without you by his side.

He suddenly pulled you towards the aisle where all the junk food was placed with a cheeky smile on his face. You rolled your eyes playfully but let him lead you, as you know you would have to deal with a very childish and grumpy Jackson Wang if he didn’t get the snacks that he like. “Please wait for me here while I grab everything I want!” Jackson sung and booped your nose gently before running down the aisle to get whatever he needs.

You couldn’t help but smile when you watched him running back and forth with different snacks every time. However, your smile dropped when you spotted your ex-boyfriend at the end of the aisle. He doesn’t seem to have noticed you yet, and you took the chance the run away from where you were standing, leaving the cart behind with Jackson. He heard Jackson shouting your name and you cursed inside your head, hoping your ex-boyfriend wouldn’t notice you.

When you’re at a safe distance away from him, you turned around and almost bumped into Jackson, who was rushing towards you with the cart. “What the hell?” he asked, panting slightly.

You blushed, “sorry, just saw someone I didn’t want to see so I had to escape.”

Jackson nodded with a frown and a knowing look, “your ex-boyfriend who was a total jerk? Yeah, I saw him and was about to warn you but you just ran away.”

You laughed, embarrassed. Jackson on the other hand, seems to look pretty proud. You voiced out your confusion and he only shook his head in a dismissing manner. He grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, kissing your forehead before the two of you continued with your shopping trip.

Seeing that your smile doesn’t seem to reach your eyes like they normally would, Jackson decided to tell another corny pickup lines. “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile!” You couldn’t help but laugh at his joke, the incident that just happened minutes ago soon forgotten thanks to Jackson.



And I’ll be loving you for quite some time

No one else is going to love me, when I get mad, mad, mad

So I think that it’s best if we both stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay

The lunch table was full of chatter like always, but the atmosphere was slightly tense and awkward this time. As the members of Got7 chatted and laughed about random things, you and Junior were the only ones who weren’t engaged in the conversation. In fact, both of you were avoiding eye contact with everyone at the table, more specifically each other, as you two stared at your phone screen.

“What will you guys be ordering?” the waiter asked as he approached the table. After every member ordered their meals, you were the last to order. You couldn’t decide between 2 kinds of food, but didn’t want to ask for advice; instead, you ordered both. You knew you wouldn’t be able to finish the food you ordered, but you knew that the boys would most likely help you finish it.

When the food arrived, you wanted to reach for the salt and pepper but it was placed at the other end of the table, where Junior was sat at. You were about to call out his name when you remembered that you two were still giving each other a silent treatment because of the small fight that morning, but you didn’t want to bother the other guys who were already digging in their food. After eyeing the salt and pepper for a few more seconds, you sighed and decided to dig in as well.

You were about to taste the delicious-looking food, the two bottles that you were eyeing earlier appeared in front of you. You looked up to see Junior’s arms reached out, pushing the bottles towards you. The rest of the guys continued eating, not knowing what was happening around them when there’s food in front of them. You blushed and mumbled a quick thank you.

By the time the group finished eating, you’ve only ate half of the food on the your plate; however, you felt like your stomach was about to burst open because of the amount of food you’ve eaten. You sighed, deciding to give up on forcing yourself to finish your food. You started asking whether the others wanted the food, but they all told you they were already very full and rejected your offer.

“I’ll finish it, I’m still hungry.” Junior suddenly spoke up, catching everyone’s attention. You two kept eye contact for a moment before you nodded, pushing the plate towards him. In less than 5 minutes, he finished eating your leftovers.

When lunch was over, Junior walked quietly beside you as the rest of the group walked in front of you two, giving you the privacy and space that was needed. “Thank you,” you whispered, paused before adding, “and I’m sorry.” Junior nodded with a small smile on his face, taking your hand and intertwining his fingers with yours, telling you that he’s sorry too.


Stay, stay, stay

I’ve been lovin’ you for quite some time, time, time

You think that it’s funny when I’m mad, mad, mad

But I think that it’s best if we both stay

It was a normal school night, you doing your homework while Youngjae attempts to help you, but fails and becomes a distraction instead. At first he would be very enthusiastic about teaching you the things that you don’t understand, but after a few minutes of reading the questions on the paper repeatedly, he would just give up and go back to doing his own thing.

However, tonight was different as you weren’t only doing your homework, but also revising for a test that you will have the next day. As usual, Youngjae offered help and you said yes even though he knew the chances of him actually helping would be 0. And of course, you were right. “I’m sorry, I really don’t understand. I remember learning it though!” he told you several times, and you only nodded, not even focused on what he’s saying.

He realised, after a few moments, that you weren’t paying attention to what he was actually saying. He started distracting you, singing out loud, playing video games on his phone with the volume up, suddenly laughing like a maniac as he texts his friends. When he did it for the first few times, you took a deep breath and ignored him, trying very hard not to lash out.

But, your lack of reaction has caused Youngjae to continue his actions, and you finally couldn’t take it. With all the stress from school, studying for the test, plus his non-stop annoyance, you’ve finally exploded. “Get out.” you said, your voice strong and clear even though you were only speaking with a low volume. Youngjae glanced at you for a second and then shrugged his shoulders carelessly, going back to the game on his phone.

“I said get out!” you shouted, finally had enough. You were expecting your boyfriend to apologise and then leave the room; but instead, he looked at you with a funny look on his face before he bursted out laughing. You didn’t know how to react to the situation, so you just left the room with your books in one hand and slammed the door, deciding to leave the house so you could actually do some studying.

Youngjae followed behind you, grabbing your wrist gently. “I’m sorry,” he said as he tugged on your arm, “you’re just too cute when you get mad. Please stay. I promise I’ll behave from now on.” And surprisingly, he did not distract you for the rest of the night, only entering the bedroom once in a while to bring you cups of tea with some cookies.


This morning I said we should talk about it

Cause I read you should never leave a fight unresolved

That’s when you came in wearing a football helmet and said “okay, let’s talk.”

By the time BamBam has finally woken up, you have already finished having breakfast and was sitting by the table with a book in hand. When he entered the kitchen and saw you there, he immediately lowered his gaze and only mumbled a quiet ‘good morning’ before starting to look through the cabinets to see what he could make for breakfast.

“I’ve already made some food for you.” you said in a kind voice, which he then quickly nodded and muttered a ‘thank you’ before heading towards the fridge and getting the leftovers out. You sighed, knowing that he was acting this way because of the argument you two had before bed last night. The argument was stupid: you were upset because BamBam spends so much time away from you. After thinking about it for the whole night, you realised that you were the one who made a mistake, as he wasn’t the one who’s in charge of his schedules, and it’s something you should’ve known about when you started dating an idol. You decided that you should apologise to him.

You waited until he finished breakfast before speaking up again. “Can we talk about the fight last night before you go to practice later this afternoon?” you asked. He looked up from his phone and nodded, but motioned you to wait for a minute before leaving the room. After waiting for a few minutes, he came back wearing a football helmet.

“Okay, let’s talk.” he said with a serious expression. You couldn’t help but laugh and asked him what was he wearing. “Oh, this?” he pointed at the helmet he had on, “you know, just protection incase you decide to have a physical fight with me.”

You rolled your eyes playfully but decided to ignore that. “Anyway, I wanted to say I’m sorry for what I’ve said last night. I’ve thought it through and I realised that I was the one who made a mistake and I shouldn’t have started a fight and  blamed it on you. I’m sorry, BamBam.”

After hearing what you said, the serious expression on his face turned back to his usual cheerful smile. “Glad you finally realised!” he laughed before covering his mouth and blushing. “I mean, yeah I forgive you.”


You took the time to memorise me

My fears, my hopes, and dreams

I just like hangin’ out with you, all the time

It was one of those nights, where you couldn’t seem to fall asleep no matter what, and it seems like you weren’t the only one, as your boyfriend who would usual fall asleep the moment he laid down in bed due to the exhaustion from practicing all day long, was also wide awake.

While you were staring at the ceiling, you could feel his gaze on you. “What are your fears?” Yugyeom suddenly asked, breaking the peaceful silence. You turned your body to face him, and he looked at you with a small smile as he waited for your answer.

You thought about it for a moment before shrugging your shoulder, “death, I guess. What are your fears?”

“My biggest fear is losing you.” he answered without a second of hesitation. You were shocked, as you were expecting an answer like ‘Got7 breaking up’ or something like that. You nodded, agreeing that losing him would probably be your biggest fear as well.

Both of you stared at each other for another minute or two, lost in your own thoughts before you asked the next question. “What are your hopes and dreams?”

This time, he thought about the question for quite some time before answering. “Well, obviously Got7 being successful and all my friends and family staying healthy and happy would be one. But another dream of mine would be marrying the girl I love the most, and starting our own happy family.”

You blushed after hearing his answer, knowing that even though he didn’t mention your name, his intense gaze on you told you that’s what he wants the most — to marry you and start a family with you.

“I know we’re both still young and the future is unpredictable,” Yugyeom continued, taking your hand and placing soft kisses all over your fingers and knuckles, “but I already know that you’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

And that’s what you two did for the next few hours of the night, asking each other questions. By the time the sun has rised, you both were finally asleep, Yugyeom’s arms wrapped tightly, protectively around your body.

For Whom I Weep

TITLE:For Whom I Weep


AUTHOR: wolfpawn 


Imagine Loki being gifted a skilled shield maiden on a special occasion to ensure his safety in battle (one similar to a Valkyrie in many respects), and with whom he develops a strong bond with as...


Hervor and Loki began to practise together daily, they fought against one another for a short while, ensuring to include all their different styles and techniques so to get to know one another and their moves inside and out.

After the first day, Hervor was never tricked by Loki’s clones again. She would always simply take a moment to compose herself before getting rid of each one with ease, until there was only the true Loki remaining.

Keep reading