why am i laughing of this

Me and Mae’s similarities
  • dropped out college on sophomore year (’m gonna be a two timer nao tho)
  • don’t like college
  • the SASS
  • like a mom to teenagers
  • talk to our Mommers the same way
  • “Something broke in my head.”
  • scared all the time
  • “She sure rectum.”
  • have the possibility to beat the living heck out of anything
  • pretty much meh 24/7
  • laugh before crying
  • the “best worst student”
  • “oof”
i stare into your eyes, looking for answers, but all i see is the sea. i wonder when you drowned, and why i didn’t notice. sometimes i feel like your heart should read DANGER: COASTLINE, SHARP DECLINE, SEABORNE LANDMINE. BEWARE THE WAVES AND SWELL, BEWARE THE TIDE THAT WILL DRAG YOU UNDER.
—  when she laughs seafoam bubbles on her lips (excerpt from a book i am trying to write #3)


blackwall: SMELLY GRANDPA but in a good way. hes a grump but i like him. he makes wooden horses in his free time!!!! hes good and likes justice which i like

cassandra: SHES BI ! her disgusted noises and comments make me laugh ….. shes too hard on herself !!! i think shes V Good even if she reads smutty literature

cole: a soft good boy who cares. i like his questions/party banter with dorian. i thonk hes an interesting character!!! im p sure at some point there were too many flower crown edits with him featured

iron bull: Big. not rly my style but i can see why ppl like him and his big BAZONKAS …. i like his horns i wanna hang off of them. also vivienne told him once not to call him viv and he was like “UM, YES MA'AM” and i laughed

sera: SMELLY ROGUE FRIEND !!! i was charmed by her wit and i think shes such a fun character and she likes sticking arrows in rich people . i love her . also she allowed me to throw bees at people

varric: i actually dont know that much about him besides the fact he writes stuff but i like him, hes good and he cares about hawke

vivienne: holy shit . i love her . she doesnt take anyones shit and throws fancy parties …. i dont like her circle stuff but thats just me

dorian: MY BOY !!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH his sass and charm are so good and his dialogue is skdjdjks …. i hate how he thinks slavery is ok but im blaming that on shitty bioware writing

leliana: idk how to feel about her. shes a pretty cool spymaster and she cares abt her people i guess

cullen: i feel like id like him more if i had played da2 but i think hes ok !

josephine: WOWOW!! I LOVE HER she works way too hard and tries so much and she always has the latest gossip on everyone i love her …. she makes me feel warm

solas: smelly egg

btob talk #1: peniel > minhyuk
  • 👶🏻: we asked minhyuk who is his fave member in btob and since i will be hosting his interview i thought he would say "ah peniel is my favourite" but he replied "why would you ask something like this" he knew im gonna host his interview before he knew (mh laugh embarrassedly) so lets ask him again*hopeful tone* hyung am i ur fave in btob? ‬
  • ‪🐹: ah really why would u ask something like this... everyone is important to me its like asking if you like mum or dad more which is why i answer like that... are u upset (that i didnt put u as my fave)‬
  • ‪👶🏻: i thought our hearts are connected but we seemed to not have clicked :((((‬

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What's your favorite bangtan bomb and why?

okay I tried to pick a favorite but only got it narrowed down to 6 lmao so I’ll just give those

  1. “what am I to you?” - yoongi and hoseok just look so damn good and I love seeing them all in their element 
  2. “jimin makes a quatrain with jin & jk” - all I have to say about this one: jimin’s choker and shirt, jin’s windshield wiper laugh, jin’s groan, jin saying “aninde,” jin
  3. “it’s the pose when bts sleep normally” - just ?? lmao hobi and kook and hobi at the end and yoongi, it’s all perfect. it’s a mess, but it’s perfect
  4. “runway in the night” - what can I say? they’re all idiots and I laugh during this entire thing 
  5. “let’s speak english!” - the iconic bangtan bomb, the one that means a lot to me since I have lovely memories of watching it with my best friend. how could you not love every second of this one?
  6. “j-hope is trying to wear contact lenses” - well? it’s 1:08 of my beautiful baby boy hobi trying to put in contact lenses. he’s my love, I’m easy to please 

let’s talk about bangtan!!

Add just stared at him. The Mastermind didn’t even know or care why the hell is the emotion full angel is here in his room, bad move, in his laboratory. How did he get in there?

- Get out! - he stated calmly but with much anger that Ain nearly get scared. Nearly. 

- Aww but Apocalypse loves me… I don’t wanted to leave. - he laughed as the cube floated around him.

- … - Add looked at its cube, then annoyingly flopped his table off. - You fucking traitor… - Apocalypse did a funny move then just disappears. 

Ain made a face. Of course he don’t like his attitude, but this is why he is here. He wanted to see Add, be sure he is fine because the others, and Elsword, worried about him. Eve too and it became a real problem for them. His Eid’s suddenly flops out.

- Yes I know Mut, don’t tell me that…he is irresponsibly and egoistic.

-…are you talking with your crystals? - Add asked, not really impressed.

- Mr. Ancient! You talked with your Apocalypse last day! We saw it, that was the problem… 

- Why do you care? Its just a machine. Not like I am not already insase…haha. - Add smirked then tried to continue his work, but the blue Eid suddenly flopped there and jut circled around him. - Can you not…?

- But yes! - was the only answer. - You need a day off.

That was too sudden for Add, he nearly dropped all of his things from his hands.

- What…? Why the fuck do you care?

- Hmm… - Ain narrowed his eyes with the dismissive look he always show when he don’t like something around him, or someone. He suddenly clapped his hands together. -… then we need to go on a date! - the shinny eyes Ain made for him was the most horrific thing Edward ever saw. And the angel tried to get away with an answer, how annoying!

- W-wha—

The Erbluhen Emotion grabbed his hand and just pulled him out of the room.

- – STOP THAT! - he pulled his hand back. - Why the fuck do you care now? Its because that bratty boy isn’t it? I don’t give a fuck and because you have emotions it doesn’t mean you can do anything you want! So fuck off! - Add turned away and wanted to get back to his room.

- Mr. Ancient…- oh no it was bad. Ain was angry he can tell, but as he looked back unimpressed again, his face shown otherwise. Like he was angry but somehow only from his voice you can tell? - …

Add looked away and it was a bad idea because suddenly he floated up with a nearly red aura.

- Ah, thank you mut, good job~good job!~ Now bring him after me! We need to discuss about your antisocial behavior, Mr. Ancient. It’s not really great for the others and for you.

Add wanted to destroy him and his Eids, but do he have other choice now? He was truly tired and maybe he can have a great coffee for once…


Ain looked back to the tsundere boy.

- …I like latte, without sugar and much whipped cream. 

- Ahhh~sure sure~ we can go to the Eldery Coffeé shop. Great, great you are doing fine there, I will let you go if you behave for once!

- Whatever Priest brat… 

As Add thought, it wasn’t that bad.

a snow angel.

victor: yuuri, look! i’m a snow angel

yuuri: you were already an angel, victor

yurio [in the distance]: i’m the motherfucking ice tiger from russia

my silver medal.

victor [answering his phone]: yuuri, you know i’m at practice and how yakov gets when-

yuuri [on the phone]: i’m wearing my silver medal, victor

victor [smirking]: oh, yeah? well, i still don’t feel like kissing-

yuuri [whispering]: only my silver medal


yakov and yurio [screaming]: WHERE YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!