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BTS Reaction to you confessing to them by accident

A/N: thank you for the request! xox i was confused by what you meant at first but i got it now. i might make a got7 version of this.

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In your drunken state you didn’t realize that you texted Jin instead of Hoseok. You just start ranting about how much you liked Jin.

you: hobiii i want to tell jin how much i like him

you: he probably doesn’t like me back though ahhh

Jin would be so shocked with this new found information. He would respond confused and telling you that he wasn’t Hoseok, and that he definitely likes you.

jin: um (y/n) it’s jin ha..

you: oh shIT

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Rap Monster

Drinking was probably the worst decision you made tonight since you texted decided to text Jin asking for help on your crush on Namjoon.

you: jin what do i have to do to get namjoon’s attention

you: whyy am i such a wimp

you: he doesn’t like me anyway

Namjoon would be confused why you called him Jin, but it hit him. You liked him as in a relationship way? He would think about what to say and text you back.

namjoon: well that’s not too much of a problem since i like you back

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You talked to Jungkook about your crush on Yoongi a lot, so during your emotionally drunken state you let your feelings fly.

you: kook ffsflkm i’m so dumb

you: im drunk and im so in love min yoongi.

you: welp TT

Yoongi would be confused but he was a little smiley that you liked him back. He noticed that you pointed out that you were drunk, so he would text you in the morning confessing his feelings back to you.

yoongi: well im not jungkook but i like you too

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You liked talking to Yoongi about your feelings for Hoseok, since they were pretty close as friends. After a night filled with drinks, you were overwhelmed with feelings so you text Yoongi for some advise.

you: how do i tell hoseok i like him?

you: does he even like me?

Hoseok would be first confused but then become ecstatic. He would text you back immediately freaking out and telling you that he likes you back.

hoseok: I LIKE YOU

you: hUH? fdckdfkxlldfskld

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Namjoon was intelligent and could calm you down easily if you were freaking out Jimin. One night you were drunk and smitten for Jimin you decided to text Namjoon

you: joonie im so smitten for jimin

you: im drunk and i need help >-<

Jimin would have this cute smile, but he would be unsure how to answer back. Since he liked you back too but he would just go for it and confess back.

jimin: im not sure if i can help too..i like you too (y/n)

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Jimin was very close to Taehyung so he knew lots of ways to help you confess to Tae. Of course you were to nervous to tell him but Jimin was still someone you talked to for advice.

you: ok. im drunk and im in love with tae

you: im gonna tell him

you: no im not hdbaiscb HA FUNN Y ME

you: chim? u der

Taehyung would find your texts extremely cute and funny. His boxy smile would be huge and he would confess to you in the morning when you were sober, for a better reaction.

tae: you’re adorable. i love you too (y/n)

you: fUCK really?

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Taehyung knew a lot about Jungkook if ya know what i mean so you and tae quickly bonded. He tried to help you confess, but at the end of the day were you confident enough to do it. One night you were drunk and you gained the confidence to confess but then wimped out.

you: i was gonna confess to kook but im scared

you: are you sure he likes me?? taeee answerr

Jungkook would be shook af. lol He would be unsure to text you back or go meet you and talk about it. Of course he liked you back, so he gained some confidence and confessed.

kook: yes i’m sure he likes you

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wtf is wrong with them. nerds

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more nerds

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Preference: Not Just Friends

Summary: You and him used to be best friends but not anymore, something changed for the better.
Ashton: “Damn it, Luke!” Ashton says, laughing as Luke wins again at FIFA. Luke chuckles, putting his controller down to grab a piece of pizza. Ashton pauses to reply to a text from you, his best friend. “Is that (Y/N)? Tell her I say hi, even though she’s literally just upstairs.” Luke says through a mouthful of pizza. “She doesn’t want to hear from you, that’s why she’s upstairs.” Ashton jokes, making Luke laugh. “How long are you going to keep this girl waiting? You’ve been just friends since you were in middle school and you’ve been in love with her for years.” Ashton bites his lip, glancing over at the blonde haired boy. “That’s the thing, mate. We’re not ‘just friends’ anymore. At least, I hope not. I wasn’t going to tell any of you until she brought it up, but I kissed her yesterday.” Ashton admits, causing Luke to choke on the pizza. “You kissed her?” He repeats, his eyes wide as he looks at his best friend. “I did, and it was perfect.” Luke chuckles. “You’ve got balls, Ash.” Ashton shrugs. “We haven’t really talked about it so nothing’s official. I don’t want to bring it up if she doesn’t want to talk about it.” Luke nods. “Yeah, she may just need time to digest it.” All of a sudden, you walk into the room. “Digest what?” You ask, sitting down beside Ashton. “Oh, Ashton here was just telling me about that kiss you two had the other day.” Luke blurts out, causing Ashton to roll his eyes. “See, this is why I didn’t tell you.” Luke laughs. You smile at Ashton. “You know, it wasn’t very fair. I wasn’t prepared for you to kiss me.” You say. Ashton leans over and traces the outline of your lips with his thumb. “Are you prepared now?” He asks. “I think so.” He grins and kisses you softly, proving to Luke that you two really aren’t just friends anymore.

Calum: Calum bites his lip as he watches you walk across the yard in your bikini. You grin and wave as you approach. “Stop being such a hermit and come swim.” You tell him. “Someone has to be sober and make sure Michael doesn’t accidentally drown.” Calum jokes, which makes you giggle. “For your information, I am very much sober.” You retort. Calum chuckles. “I’m serious, Cal. Why are you over here instead of in the pool with the rest of us?” You ask, raising your eyebrows. Calum reaches over and tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Don’t feel like swimming today.” He murmurs. “You’re the one who suggested we all come outside, though!” You say. You back up a few feet and start running in circles. “Look at me, I’m outside! It’s amazing!” You tell, which makes Calum start to laugh. You fall to the ground, grinning up at him. “I’m outside.” You repeat. He sits down beside you. “I know, for once you’re not inside. Proud of you, babe.” He tells you, throwing his arm over your shoulders. “Kiss her, you idiot!” Ashton yells from by the pool. You laugh and turn to look back at him. “But Cashton is forever!” You yell back. Ashton shrugs. “I’ll forgive him!” You grin at Calum, but your smile fades when you see that he isn’t smiling. “Calum? What’s wrong?” He looks away from you and up at the sky for a moment. “(Y/N), what are we?” He asks quietly. You sigh, knowing this was coming. “I don’t really know, Cal.” You admit. He takes his arm off of your shoulders and looks at you. “I know that we’re not just friends anymore. That night in Vegas… it changed us. I don’t regret it, but I’m not sure I want to pursue my feelings for you. I mean, what if it ruins our friendship?” You ask. “What if it doesn’t?” Calum asks, raising his eyebrows. You open your mouth to reply, but he leans over and kisses you roughly. “Just stop talking. Please.” He mumbles between kisses.

Luke: “Have you told her yet?” You whisper to Luke as you both watch Liz cook dinner. Luke shakes his head, which makes you sigh. “Okay, so if this variable equals five and the answer is eleven, what is the other variable?” You ask Luke out loud. “I-I don’t know.” He mutters, watching his mom. You’ve been tutoring Luke for months now and his mom has pretty much had a wedding planned in her head between the two of you since day one, even though in the beginning, Luke and you didn’t even know the other existed. But now you’re together and Luke has been waiting for the right time to tell Liz. “This only works if you pay attention.” You say. Luke smiles sheepishly at you. “Sorry, I’m nervous to tell her.” He whispers. “She’ll be thrilled.” You reassure him. He coughs as Liz turns around to grab something from the pantry, causing her to look up and smile. “You guys okay?” She asks. “Oh, we’re fine, Liz. Luke just has something to say.” You tell her, nudging Luke under the table. “So, mum, you know how you’re always saying how great of a friend (Y/N) has become?” He asks. Liz nods, smiling at you. “Well it’s your lucky day because we’re not just friends anymore.” Luke finishes, biting his lip. Liz blinks, as if not registering what her son has said. “Liz?” You ask, concerned. “You’re together?” She asks. You and Luke nod, causing her to grin. “Oh my, this is great! I knew this would happen. Your brothers owe me twenty bucks.” She admits, laughing as she walks away to get the phone. You giggle as you kiss Luke’s cheek.

Michael: Michael sighs as you stomp into the apartment, almost slamming the door in his face in the process. “Would you just let it go, already?” He asks, opening the door again and walking inside. You spin on your heel and face him. “Let it go?! You just told everyone at the Grammys that we are just friends, when I thought it was pretty obvious when you were fucking me into oblivion last night that we are not just friends.” You snap, walking to the bedroom to take off your heels. Michael follows, ripping off his tie in anger. “It was a mistake, (Y/N). I simply forgot that you’re not just my best friend anymore. People forget things!” He yells. You huff, searching through your dresser for some pajamas. “Yeah, well, Calum wouldn’t have forgotten.” You mutter, walking to the bathroom. “Oh yeah, that’s really great. Rub it in that Calum has also seen you naked!” You slam the bathroom door closed and slip out of the dress you’ve been wearing all night. “You know what? Maybe I should call him and go over to his place! He would probably do me better!” You yell. The bathroom door swings open, revealing a very pissed off Michael. “What are you doing in here? Get out!” You say, as he backs you up against the bathroom counter. “You’re not going fucking anywhere, (Y/N). You’re fucking mine, even if you hate me right now.” Michael says, kissing you roughly. His lips are soft and taste like peppermint and the drink he had tonight and they almost make you melt. Almost. You push him away, throwing your hands up in the air. “No! You can’t just kiss me and think that it will fix everything. You told our friends that we’re nothing but friends! That hurts, Michael.” He grits his teeth and kisses you again, holding your wrists above your head. “You and I both know that we are not just friends. Shut the hell up so I can fuck you into oblivion again.”

Clichés: Chapter 1

A Reaper/Gabriel Reyes x Reader Office AU fic. Originally written for lilith-chii’s contest, but I couldnt finish it in time and instead sent in a soldier 76 smut piece lol. Still not finished, so it’ll be divided into chapters

Work was busier than usual. So many reporters have been trying to get interviews with the co-presidents of Overwatch since the big announcement of the joining of Overwatch and Talon. Two separate companies suddenly merging together was quite the big fuss. After Rico Reyes passed away last month, ownership of his weapons company was passed to his favorite son, Gabriel. Despite the fact that Gabe had left the family business ten years ago to join Overwatch. Now the billionaire ex vice president of Overwatch was the co-president of… Overwatch. They decided not to change the name. Though Talonwatch does have a ring to it. Or maybe Overtalon? Nah, not as catchy.

Overwatch was a much larger company than Talon, so it’s not entirely unusual for the two to combine. Though it’s less of a combination and more of Overwatch swallowing up the resources Talon provides. As the secretary of the president and vice president (now co-president), you had your hands full. Emails, phone calls, lawyers, and reporters that thought they could just prance in and get an instant meeting with Mister Reyes or Mister Morrison. Such was the case now. A reporter for some women’s magazine just pranced right in and stalked right up to your desk, standing haughtily in front of you.

“I’m here to get an interview with Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Now please.” The nameless reporter spoke, tapping a perfectly manicured nail against your desk.

“I’m sorry, but Mister Reyes and Mister Morrison are currently in a very important meeting. I’d be happy to try to add you into their schedule, though.” You informed with a polite (and absolutely fake) smile. She looked appalled, absolutely confused that she had just been told no.

“I’m sure their meeting could wait. I’m from a very important magazine, ‘Eyecandy,’ I’m sure you’ve heard of it, yes? This interview simply can’t wait. Why don’t you go get them and tell them who I am and we can have this interview right now?” The woman didn’t so much ask as she did command.

“Oh, and get me an ice water while you’re at it, will you? I need to use the little ladies’ room.” With the toss of her hair, she turned around and strutted down the hall, where the bathrooms were.

What a bitch. She was obviously raised wealthy, never having been turned down before. She likely used her good looks and demanding attitude to get what she wanted. It was incredibly unlikely that she would leave without speaking to the co-presidents, and you didn’t really want to deal with her any more than you already had. You had work to do. A lot of it. So you got up and went to the meeting room right in between their offices, knocking gently on steel door. No response, only faint mumblings from inside, but the room was rather soundproof.

Taking a chance, you cracked open the door and peeked inside, hoping it would be enough to catch their attention. However, it seems like you walked in on an argument, and it didn’t seem to be a productive one either.

“Su traje es mierda y no le queda, lápiz blanco!”

“Stop yelling at me in Spanish, you know I don’t understand what you’re saying!”


“Ok I understood that.”

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#351 [Baron Corbin]

Requested, 351.“Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do?” - (Prompt from here.)

Author note: Not as long as others. Kind of hit a wall on it? Buttttt it’s a good little dealio?

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @running-ropes @valeonmars @pjanina13 @spot-of-bother @alexahood21 @bolieve-that @m-a-t-91 @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @imaginingwwesuperstars

Working in the WWE as a backstage manager had its good parts and bad parts. You absolutely enjoyed traveling, and all of the fun and amazing people you’d met. It wasn’t always so nice to be away from family, and sometimes you just missed feeling like you had a true home. You had an apartment you returned to, but it didn’t feel like home. You weren’t there enough for it to be able to, really.

But all the positives outweighed the negatives, which brought you to your third anniversary on the job.

You’d seen a lot of people come and go through those three years. A lot had been spectacularly talented but just hadn’t made it in the WWE. Many had become close friends, family, as they had stayed around.

Baron Corbin came to the main roster quietly. That didn’t mean he didn’t make his presence known; he just didn’t use many words to accomplish that. Honestly, he didn’t need to use many words. The look on his face, the aura around him, his entire appearance…it spoke volumes about who and how he was.

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After the long wait here it is <3 I made it longer cause’ you guys enjoyed it so much :) Thank you for all the love and support. <3333



Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about it in the comments/message box <3

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-Smut
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 13276 words
Summary: You and Jungkook gather up with your friends to play truth or dare and it gets a little dirty.

“I ask for a re-match, I refuse to look at my dongsaeng being called cute when he has the biggest size in this room!” Hoseok stands up

“H-Hyung, DON’T DO IT” jungkook glares at Hoseok

“I choose the next dare” Hoseok says in a definitive tone “Go ahead and ask your two questions Y/N, because I’m choosing the next dare”

“Who said I’ll be picking truths “you smirked

“She’s GOING HARD” Taehyung woo-ed

Yeah, may I remind you that my dick is also going hard because of her?

This sudden change of mood coming from you made jungkook unconsciously bite his bottom lip because of how adventurous and feisty you were being. This thrill of you being rebellious was something that triggered up this raging desire in him. You call it a turn on and something that stimulated his brain and hormones. Not a gesture not an act, but just a personality trait that made him sexually aroused.

A way to make him yearn for something more when he wants to keep it in his pants. He could not help but imagine what kind of girl could be hiding behind your sweet girl mask. Friends you were for sure, but this wild side was something he was unaware of. You may have been a decent chill girl, but this side of you was making him act up along with his pants. He was going to need lots of self-restrain or some action to happen tonight, cause’ he wasn’t going to last for very long.

Why is she acting all wild tonight? Seriously Y/N, WHY ARE DOING THIS TO ME?!

“Go ahead, it’s not like I’m scared” Hoseok chuckles

“Are you sure about that?” you raise a teasing brow


“The dare is for Hoseok” you smirk at Hoseok

Jungkook gasps as he hears the dare you just threw at hoseok. Both of you were going to be f*cked for real if he didn’t stop you. So what if you throw this dare? It wouldn’t have been a problem, if Hoseok wasn’t going to choose the next one. Jungkook knew by experience that the more savage your dare for Hoseok was, the crueler Hoseok’s dare was going to be for the next round. Not to forgot that Hoseok previously mentioned that he refused watching jungkook being called cute when he has the biggest dick. Hoseok already had something savage in store for the next dare and the fact that you just challenged him with a savage dare just made it worse. Chances were that Hoseok was bond to choose a dare that was 10x worse than the one he had in mind a few minutes earlier.

Jungkook leans closer to your ear to whisper his discontentment about your choice. It wasn’t the time for him to freak out over the fact that you were on his lap. He was freaking out about what the future reserved for you and that’s how he leaned his chest closer to your smaller frame in order to look at you from the side before leaning his lips subtly beside your ears.

His sudden act made all the hairs on your skin stand up for some reason.His face was so close to yours.It was as if he was invading your personal space. His next whispers were what snapped you out.

“F*CK NO. YOU DID NOT. YOU BETTER TAKE THAT BACK Y/N. DO YOU WANT HIM TO MURDER US FOR THE NEXT DARE?! DON’T PLAY HIM” jungkook would whisper with his warm breath on the side of your ear

“He was trying to act all mighty and cocky, it’s only natural that he sits the f*ck back down on earth” you turn your head slightly as you whisper and stare back at jungkook


“What does it even has to do with you?! The dare will be for me anyways. It’s not like Hoseok will pick on you when you haven’t done anything” you whisper back as you roll your eyes

“Girly. I don’t think you understood, but you and I come together as a combo when it comes to dares. YOUR DARE WILL HAVE REPERCUSSIONS ON ME.” He growls in your ear

“What the f*ck?” you raise a brow “Jungkook just shut up” you reply

“YOU SHUT UP” he frowns while eyeing the close proximity of your pink links

So glistering and shiny… I wonder how it’d feel if I kissed–

“You f*cking shut up” you glare at him

Why the f*ck is she swearing while ordering me around?! Did she studied my turn ons before coming here, because’ the way she swears. UGH.F*CK.DON’T START IT UP, he’d lean his head back in frustration

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Unwanted Pillow Talk

Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you babe! And thanks for requesting!!

Prompt: “I love your writing, my request is Leo X reader 2016, the reader is daughter of shedder , she decides to tell Leo or he finds out. (your choice) she ends up quitting , the ending be cute and sweet” @afanficprincess15

Word count: 653

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

You’d gotten a text in the middle of the night from Leo, saying he wants to see you, now. Groaning, you ignore the text and put your phone face down. He knew she was asleep, why text now.

You were about to fall back to sleep when your phone buzzed again, and again, and again. Picking up your phone, you didn’t even read the messages and just put your phone on silent.

Leo could wait. At least that’s what you thought.

Leo managed to sneak into your apartment, and wake you up himself. He’d been watching you through your bedroom window (you forgot to close the curtains again) and he was very annoyed that you just ignored him like that.

“[Y/N]…[Y/N] wake the fuck up!” he pulled the blankets off of you, throwing them to the other side of the room.

“Fuck off, Raph.” You grumbled, covering your head with one of your abundance of pillows you kept on your bed (for times like these.)

“It’s not Raph. It’s your boyfriend.” He hissed, flipping you over and narrowing his eyes at you, as the pillow flopped to the side.

“What the fuck, Leonardo?” you only ever used his full name when you were really pissed, and he knew this, and usually dreaded it.

“I could say the same to you, [Y/N], if that’s even your real name.” Struggling against his iron grip, you glared back.

“What’re you talking about, Leo?”

“Why the fuck did you not tell me you’re related to Shredder, you’re his fucking daughter!”

“Oh, you know about that?” you grinned sheepishly. You were going to tell him, you were, it was just never the right time.

“Yeah, I know about that…” he paused, swallowing back tears as he stared into your eyes, “you’re using me aren’t you?”

“What? Leo no-”

“You’re using me to find out my weaknesses! You’re just finding out information for that oversized paper shredder-” At this point he’d let go of you, and was pacing around your bedroom, knocking things over.

“Leo!” you yelled, making him stop and cross his arms, “I am not my father, nor am I ‘using’ you to get information or whatever!” you thought you were tearing up, but by the time you were finished yelling, your eyes were like streams down your cheeks, hitting your collarbones.

“How do I know though?” he yelled at you, tears falling down his own face before he fell to his knees. In a weak voice, he whispered, “I just don’t want to lose you…” Sobbing in his hands, you knelt down in front of him and wrapped your arms around him. You understood why he was concerned and angry, you would be too if your family was potentially at risk. The only thing you didn’t agree with was the ruining of your sleep.

After he’d calmed down, you treated him to ice cream on your couch, your legs hung over his thighs.

“How did you even found out?” he looked up, a spoon in his mouth and ice cream on the corner of his mouth. Giggling, you swiped your finger across it, licking the ice cream off.

“Uhh…” you rubbed the back of his neck, a hangdog expression on his face. “Me and Donnie… did a slight back up check on you?” your smile dropped and your expression turned into a ‘really?’ one; your spoon next to your mouth.

“So you stalked me?”

“I would call it an accidental, yet informative deep web search.”

51: “A bull in a China shop has more grace than you.”

For @imagicalrainbowunicornpuke​ who asked it with a clumsy Nico.

a.k.a I present to you, the accidental spy AU I suddenly tried my hands on but most likely failed at haha.

“Careful on that now! I told you not to touch anything!” Will Solace gritted his teeth as he tried so hard as to not yell at the Italian man out of pure frustration “We’re supposed to be stealthy. Don’t draw attention on us! And can you please fix your tie?”

They were both currently attending a party hosted by a lady named Rachel Dare, a known artist in the country whose works of arts are sought after by the social elites. Will Solace had gotten words from his informant that his current target would most likely be here.

The Italian carefully placed the ceramic vase back on the table which he almost accidentally knocked out with his hands. Thankfully, no one else seemed to have noticed his little act “Well, I’m sorry for lacking your required spy skills but whose fault is it that I’m here? Also, it’s not like I tried to knock it on purpose”

“Fine, I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else. My bad”


“And sorry I didn’t bother listening to your argument and instead dragging you without your consent”

“Continue” The man, who is most likely Italian due to his features simply made a lazy casual wave much to the blond’s annoyance. Okay sure, he mistook him for the other spy he was supposed to work with and yes, his mistake but can he really be blamed if their descriptions are similar? Raven haired. A little pale. Wears a black shirt. Has a tattoo visible on one side of his neck.

How was he to know he grabbed the wrong person?

Focus, Will. Focus. The word ended up as a mantra in his head.

“…Therefore actually having ended up endangering your life”

The man looked satisfied and smug at the apology and casually began walking away, this time careful enough to stand nowhere near anything less he risk accidentally breaking something. Then he stopped, seemingly having a debate with himself before letting out one long sigh and looking at Will.

“Since I’m pretty much already dragged completely into this. What do I do?”

“We join the party of course. You’re going to be Luis Sebastian, an Architecture firm owner from England wanting to expand your company into the American soil. Single. Likes to go golfing during your free time. You’re looking for potential business partners hence why you’re here. Remember to interact and gather information without being a subject of suspicion. You don’t have to worry about being photographed by the paparazzi since Rachel doesn’t allow them in her parties. You should still avoid personal photographs though”

“Fine. And how am I supposed to do that whole gathering information thing?” The man questioned, sounding like he already signed his name to his fate. “I didn’t even have a crash course on this”

“Talk. Mingle. Eavesdrop. Flirt. I don’t know just don’t get caught” Will looked at his new found companion, eyes suddenly all serious. “Just see if you can get any information about a man named Octavian and try not to trip while doing so”

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A/N: Takes place sometime between 3x17-3x19.

He moved again, another turn from back to side, away from her, facing the wall. It was the worst, most selfish thing he could have been thinking, but the thought wouldn’t leave him alone. The possibility of it was unnerving, and there was no proof for why he should even let it get to him.

Sometimes things just got to you though. Stuff from the past that you thought you were over, then realized you weren’t.

He WAS over this though, totally and completely.

He and Iris were engaged. While the threat of Savitar still loomed, and truly that ate up a lot of their time together - thinking about it and how it could be stopped and how to face it if it couldn’t. The latter was never spoken aloud though. It was too scary to even contemplate.

So, with such a huge dilemma on their plate, it was weird and it was unfair to Iris for him to be thinking the way he was. And it was irritating for him too because it was keeping him awake.

He moved again.


Out come Iris’s hand on his bare shoulder. He drilled, but it was obvious he’d been caught.

“If you move one more time, I’m going to duck tape you to this bed.”

Barry looked over his shoulder at her.

“Am I keeping you awake?” He asked, concerned.

Iris opened her eyes and searched his face, amused.

“How would you sleep if you were next to a human log that kept moving every five seconds?”

Barry laid on his back but kept his face turned toward her.

“A log?”

“A log is a part of a tree,” she informed him.

“And?” He started to grin.

“And your skinny ass reminds me of a tree.”

He chuckled. “Without the leaves.”

“Well, that could be your hair.”

“And branches.”


“My hair isn’t green though…”

She sighed, done with the teasing.

“Why can’t you sleep?”

He turned his face away from her and stared up at the ceiling.

“It’s nothing.”

She waited a beat, and then…

“Is it-?”

“No,” he said instantly, knocking out that possibility immediately.

He wasn’t going to make her think about Savitar any more than necessary, even to save his own skin.

Iris reached out and flattened her hand on his chest, a plea for him to open up to her.

“You’re hot,” she remarked. He didn’t make a joke over it. She lifted her head and propped it in her hand bent up on her elbow. “And your heart is racing.”

She slid her hand across his collar bone and the base of his neck until she could turn his head to face her.

“Talk to me.” Her brows furrowed in concern. “What’s wrong?”

He took her fingers in his hands and kissed her knuckles.

“Iris…” he murmured on a reverent, exhausted sigh. “It’s nothing,” he said again and looked up at her. “Really.”

She frowned. “Then why can’t you sleep?” She demanded gently.

“Sometimes I just can’t.” He shrugged, hoping she’d drop it.

He should’ve known she wouldn’t go down that easy. Her defiantly raised eyebrow was testament to that.

“I was just thinking,” he said.


He pursed his lips, wondering how to proceed without sticking his foot in his mouth.

It was likely inevitable, so he just went with what came to him first.

“About our broken engagement,” he admitted.

Her brows furrowed, and then she lifted her hand, wiggling the finger with her engagement ring on it.

“It’s not broken anymore, Bear. You sang to me, remember? I said yes.”

“I know.” He forced a smile. “And I’m very grateful you did.” He looked away again. “I shouldn’t be thinking about it. I don’t know why I am. I just remember asking if I’d lost you and you walking away.”

Iris closed her eyes, the tension and uncertainty from that day washing over her, just as it was washing over him.

He sighed.

“And then Joe was there and he made me tell him what was up.”

“What did you say?” She asked quietly, swallowing hard soon after.

“That you were having doubts about us.” He turned to look at her. “About marrying me.”

She opened her eyes, but tears were in them now.

“You were, weren’t you? You were having doubts.”

Her sad smile didn’t make him feel any better. Neither did her hand on his face, which was probably meant to reassure him.

“It was never about me nor wanting to marry you, Bear. I love you more than anything. You know that.” She tried for a laugh, but it sounded off. Unnatural. “I said yes twice. Who does that?”

He looked away again and she spread her hand on his chest again, trying to rein him in so he wouldn’t pull away from her.

“Barry…” she called to him in s bit of a sing-song voice, almost a lullaby.

Finally he turned to look at her again.

“I just wanted to be asked for the right reasons.”

He hesitated, then -

“Do you think you’ll ever regret it?”

Her lips parted, shock reverberating through her.

“Saying yes to me.” He paused. “Do you think you’re going to have doubts again?”

“Barry,” she scolded, but her voice was full of concern. She inched towards him and laid her head on his chest, wrapping her arm around his torso.

“No, never,” she said. “Never in my life will I ever regret saying yes to you.” She sighed, sad for him, and moved her thumb on his skin. “I don’t even regret saying yes the first time.”

His brows furrowed. He hadn’t expected that.

“You don’t?”

She shook her head against him.

“No,” she said. “I wanted your heart in the right place, but mine always was.” She kissed his chest softly. The little gesture made him feel warm, almost reassured. “Even though I was the one who took your ring off, I always wanted it back on. It…” Her breath caught in her throat. “It hurt so much when you changed your mind and left me.”

He closed his eyes, guilt washing over him. He put his hands in her dark locks and pressed a kiss into her hair.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured. “I shouldn’t have done that. I just didn’t know how to…”

“I know.” She lifted her head, and a tear drifted down her cheek.

He brushed it aside and regretted everything.

“I’m sorry,” he said again, then swallowed hard. He shook his head and laughed mockingly, at himself. “I shouldn’t have brought this up.” He looked back at her. “I’m not trying to hurt you. I would never want that.”

“YOU hurting is what hurts me, Bear.”

She wrapped her hand around his neck, and he tensed. So she lowered her lips to his and kissed him, urging him to respond and nearly sighing aloud in response when he finally did.

His arms wrapped around her, even tighter when she lifted her head and then rested it on his chest again, snuggling into him.

“I’m sorry,” he said again, but he could barely say it. He was berating himself. “I don’t deserve you, Iris. I don’t.”

“Shh,” she soothed, snuggling tighter against him when his arms started to loosen him.

He tried to relax, but he couldn’t. The more she tried to reassure him, the more he wanted to run away and scream and cry and…run home to her.

The words from his song trickled through his mind. He felt the truth in every part of them, then remembered her smile when she looked him in, the look of adoration and love. She was awed, and she felt safe.

And then…he proposed, and she said yes.

She said YES.

He nearly groaned out loud.

He was an idiot.

“I’m a mess,” he informed her.

She half-laughed, half-cried, then lifted her head, eyes shining with love.

“Yes, you are,” she confirmed, then lowered her head to initiate an Eskimo kiss. “But I love you anyway.”

Her voice was soft and warm, and finally he relaxed.


“I will never regret saying yes, Barry. I won’t have doubts. I won’t take off my ring ever again. And every day of our married life I will thank my lucky stars that you woke up one day and decided to love me.”

He groaned and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

He was so, so undeserving of her. Never in his life would he ever be worthy of Iris West, angel from heaven who loved him so, so much.

Maybe he should let her, he thought, a peace washing over him and filling every empty, lonely space filled with heartache inside him.

Maybe he should just let her love him and believe her when she said she’d never doubted what she felt and what she felt was the desire to marry him because she loved him more than anything.

He needed her too much to believe otherwise.

And life was too short to spend dwelling on the past. What was important was the future, and she wanted one with him.

“I love you,” he whispered, and her angelic, relieved sigh cued the beginning of his - their - long, restful night of sleep.

“I love you, too, Bear.” She brushed her nose against his skin. His arms squeezed her small frame gently. “I can’t wait to be your wife.”

He felt her smile again and knew an almost unbearable sensation of pure joy.

Her heart belonged to him. It was almost overwhelming. Because he so completely, so eternally, so purely belonged to her.

With every fiber of his being, he belonged to Iris West.

The Last Light: Chapter 1

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

Notes: Kylo isn’t here yet =(

Previous Chapter

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Falling In Reverse - Nine

Two parts today, as tomorrow is wanker Wednesday and whenever I get hate, it’s always a Wednesday.

Y/N grimaced and rubbed her lower back. At seven months pregnant she was definitely feeling the strain of carrying this baby. She gently lowered herself into the chair behind the counter at work and exhaled heavily.

“You okay sweetie?” Sal overheard her and came rushing over.

“Yeah yeah, I’m good. Just…. I feel like I’m having mega menstrual cramps or something.”

Sal’s eyebrows raised in concern. “How long have you been having them for?”

Y/N frowned as she thought back. The cramps themselves were just today but she had been feeling strange for the past few days. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Spencer had been away on a case for the the last three days so she’d put it down to her hormones, the baby inside her missing its Daddy’s presence.

“Y/N, I want you to go to the hospital and get yourself checked out,” Sal didn’t need to wait for her employee and friend to answer. The look on the girls face told her that something was definitely up.

“Sal, it’s fine. It’s probably just the baby lying in an awkward position or something,” she winced as she felt another cramp in her lower back.

“So you can feel it moving around still?”

“Yeah yeah, of course…. ” Although even as she was saying it Y/N was now beginning to doubt it. The baby hadn’t been as active recently, but she’d still been able to feel it moving around. Hadn’t she?

“Y/N, is there anyone who can go with you? I really think you should go, just to make sure. You’re seven months pregnant, cramps like this could mean early labour. It’s probably just braxton hicks but I’d rather you go.”

Sally didn’t want to worry Y/N and it probably was just braxton hicks. But she wanted to be on the safe side. She’d take her herself but Josie had an appointment this afternoon so couldn’t come in to cover, and she was waiting for an important shipment to arrive.

“Erm… Okay, yeah I’ll go. I’ll call Penelope,” although Y/N had other friends in the city, she didn’t want to bother any of them with a hospital trip that would probably be for nothing.

Y/N did call the technical goddess and her new friend, who of course assured her that it was no problem and that she’d meet her at the hospital.

Garcia technically shouldn’t have left the office, but the team had who they firmly believed was the unsub in custody and were questioning him. She sweet talked Kevin into manning her office and grabbed her laptop. She could work from the hospital if need be.

When she met up with Y/N she could see how pale her friend was, sitting in the waiting room and rubbing her lower back as furiously as she could.

“Honeypie, let’s get you seen! Have you called Spencer yet?”

Y/N shook her head, “I didn’t want to worry him. It’s probably just braxton hicks. If this is any indication of the actual thing though, then I am NOT looking forward to it.”

Penelope nodded, wondering if she should call Spencer herself but deciding to wait until they had information first. Like Y/N said, it was probably just a false alarm.

“Alright, let’s go see why the little peanut is causing you so much bother then.”

Spencer was weary. He and Morgan had been questioning the suspect for the past three hours and they weren’t getting anywhere. He sat back in his chair as Derek changed tracks with the suspect again.

“Reid.” The door to the interview room opened and David Rossi walked in. “Hotch needs you outside.”

Changing of the interrogator was a tactic the team often used when a suspect wasn’t cooperating so Spencer left without questioning it, wandering over to the office that the team were using as a base. He paused outside of the open door, hearing Hotch and JJ talking heatedly.

“Jennifer, I understand your concern for him but I cannot have two of my Agents leaving this case. I need you here with the rest of us.”

“Hotch, you can’t be serious!? You heard Garcia. Are you really going to make him drive all the way home alone?”

“I did hear Garcia. And I heard exactly what you did. We don’t know yet what’s happening. Everything could be fine.”

“Aaron….,” Reid could hear the tone of JJ’s voice.

“Agent Jareau, I don’t have any other choice here. Our technical analyst has already abandoned her post without my authority. Spencer needs to go, but you cannot go with him.”

Spencer decided it was time he showed his face.

“Go where sir?” he stepped into the office, Hotch and JJ turning to him in surprise. JJ looked at him and then quickly glanced away, not meeting his eyes.

“Home Spencer. Penelope has called in, Y/N has been admitted to hospital. Garcia is staying with her until you can get there, Kevin has taken over from her back at the BAU.”

Reid felt his heart drop into his stomach and looked at JJ again, trying to read her. She again wouldn’t meet his gaze.

“Hospital? Did she say what’s wrong?”

Aaron shook his head and handed over the keys to one of the SUVS. The case hadn’t been far enough to warrant taking the jet, although it would take Spencer at least three hours to get home.

“They don’t know yet. But you need to go now.”

Reid gulped back the lump that was forming in his throat and took the keys, hurrying out of the room. He’d called Penelope when he was in the car.

Aaron sighed and looked over at Jennifer.

“I know you think I’m an ogre right now but we have jobs to do. I can’t have us all forgetting about that and abandoning our posts. I want to be there for him too, and we will be. When the case is over.”

“You realise he’s just going to call Penelope?”

“She’s under strict instruction to not answer to him. And given the scenario, the hospital are very unlikely to give him any information until he arrives.”

JJ sniffed and wiped at her eyes. Both she and Aaron had heard the same conversation and although she knew her boss was trying to be positive, m she could sense that this wasn’t going to end well.

“I can’t believe we’ve sent him off alone to deal with this.”

“Jennifer, he’s going to his wife. This is something they will deal with together. And once we know the definite outcome we can support him them. Now I need you to put your personal relationship with him aside for now, we have a case to solve.”


A/N: I’m aware you all hate me right now, so I’m prepared for it. I’m sure you all thought “Yay, two chapters!” but really, I’m posting today for selfish reasons (if I get hate, it’s always a Wednesday.)

I’m not gonna lie to you either, it doesn’t get better. What you probably think has has happened, has happened. So if I lose readers I also understand that.

When I started writing this, it was honestly meant to be fluffy and cute. And then suddenly my brain went “what if this happened?” and once it had made that decision, it couldn’t reverse it. I’m not one to shy away from controversial or upsetting topics and in genuinely not trying to upset anyone with this. As a writer though, I liked to challenge myself to try to write how people would react to different situations. So this story became that challenge to me.

I’m sorry. I’ll be…. hiding.


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gillianla6855  asked:

Your posts are incredible. You have so much "inside" information. I am just one of a long list of fans who admire Gillian and David for what they do, their talents, their strength and their many humanitarian interests....I don't really post often and do not often banter back and forth on opinions. But here is my question - GA/DD have both stated they are not and have not been romantically involved...Why does most of the fandom not believe that? Thx

Thank you for your compliments! :) Little disclaimer though, I don’t have much of “inside” informations. What I post here are my thoughts and opinions, but nothing more :)

It’s true they’ve both denied several times, but the thing is, it has never really been convincing. Usually, when one of them is asked, David gets immediately angry and turns on his defense mode. He withdraws into himself, and the journalist can’t get anything from him anymore once they have asked this question. 
On the other hand, Gillian gets all weird and embarrassed, and incontestably nervous. She’s all about hair-flipping and lying-face when she’s in a good mood, or she switches on her “fuck-off” mode with some passive-aggressive “Does David live in London? Does he live in London? Will this make the headline of your stupid article?” (I’m barely paraphrasing), or, just like David, she closes all communication but still not deny, and instead goes with some “that’s interesting, yeah, yeah.” 

Once we’ll get a real good denial, without them looking weird, or upset, or angry, maybe we’ll buy it. They’ve been asked so many times and all we got was that they can’t define their relationship, it’s unique, they’re soulmate, there’s more than attraction, it’s interesting yeah yeah, it’s a nice idea, but it’s not gonna happen. 

Yeah… you bet!

anonymous asked:

im sorry but am i missing somethig here? didnt penguin kill ed's girlfriend? how can you not talk about this and still ship nygmobblepot? isnt this shit is toxic like??? idont,,,understand ppl who are saying that ed's in love with oswald even though he murdered his girlfriend???? like im genuinely asking im not being sarcastic or anything but pls enlighten me am i missing something for real

kudos to you for asking this, most people focus on why would Ed possibly hate Oswald when Os has feelings for him? this is refreshing to see.

yes, Oswald did kill Isabella [and I think most of us were very upset by it, given that we knew exactly how Ed was going to take this information], this entire ship in general is toxic and has been since 2x09 [we could argue 1x15 but, it was a crack ship back then. those were the days] when two murderers decided to become buddy-buddy. & there is nothing wrong with shipping something that is toxic from both ends, when they are both serial killers and it’s fictional.

I hate to speak for everyone but I think I can confidentially say those of us that still ship them would never condone this behavior irl.

onto Ed’s feelings and whether he is in love with Oswald - it’s up in the air. I think he has feelings but he, himself doesn’t know what they are. before Isabella even entered the picture, Ed had multiple scenes with Oswald that hinted he was not hetero in the slightest because wow, who looks at their friend like that? c/ory is a wonderful actor and very particular with each expression.

us shippers are holding onto that, but - and I believe the majority of us understand the way Ed acted as he did when Barbara told him the truth. he’s betrayed by the utmost faith he had in his best friend, that Oswald wouldn’t hurt him that way and take away the one thing that reminded him of Kristen, the woman Ed believed he was in love with [personally, I think it was more obsession based but I did ship them once upon a time]. 

to sum up, I think Ed is confused af by how he feels. he shot Oswald on the docks because he thought it would make him feel better, that the feeling of betrayal will disappear but it wasn’t sitting right with him at all. he adjusted his grip on the gun multiple times, he kept repeating ‘you killed Isabella’ as if trying to remind himself that yes, I need to kill him because he betrayed me but his face gives him away - he was having second thoughts and Ed does not like to be unsure about anything.

most importantly, his expression as he watched Oswald sink was just… pure anguish. he gasps, he shakily sighs, his face is contorted in horror because it did not feel the way he wanted it to. 

we are holding onto that because they have both done shit to each other, both are toxic and… not great for each other but it’s interesting. their dynamic is by far the best on the show [even more than batcat alskjdf but they’re a close second] and *shipper goggles on* they’re end game, damn it. 

this became much longer than I intended, apologies

Dancing in the Moonlight (m)

Word Count: 4,607

Warning: Namjoon smut

If there were a way for you to escape responsibility, you’d gladly accept, whatever the consequences might be.

“Now smile and hold your head up high,” the voice behind you says drowning with sternness and expectations.

“Yes, mother.”

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anonymous asked:

22 for marvin and whizzer?


22 : two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

“This shits.”

Whizzer snorts and glances over the rim of his champagne glass to stare at the man sitting across the table from him who had been sourly watching the happy newlyweds as they were entertained by guests during their reception. He looked absolutely miserable, and from what Whizzer could tell, he really didn’t want to be there. He’d been trying to figure this guy out for the last twenty minutes– and not just because he looked remarkably good in a suit –as there had to be some reason or obligation of some kind that forced him to stay in that room and not march out. Who comes to a wedding just to bitch, anyways? Whizzer would bitch, but he’s being paid to be there ( the Weisenbachfelds had hired him to be the wedding photographer ). It wasn’t that he hated weddings, there was some charm to them despite his being unable to actually have one for himself, and he always somehow found his way into a conversation full of heavy family gossip. And more often than not there was plenty of alcohol he could just help himself to, which never failed to put him in good spirits. It was rare that there was ever a bad photograph taken at a wedding, too. There were so many smiles, everyone is dressed their best, and he’s paid a shitload of money for easy pictures.

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INTJ Ni-Fi Loop

INTJs in the Ni-Fi loop will have very, very poor decision making and arrive at conclusions that are entirely subjective. Ni and Fi are introverted functions, and since they’re being used so strongly, the INTJ will seem as if they are withdrawing into themselves. Their self-esteem declines and they become exceedingly paranoid and suspicious. Ni wants to seek out patterns, but Te is weak, so they filter straight to Fi, which makes them illogical and emotional.      

They will seek reasons for the emotional distress they are in. 

They come up with b.s. conspiracies though they never deepen any of them and think the universe is testing them. They’re suspicious of others’ motives and can be paranoid of friends and family. They’ll isolate themselves and develop all these ideas of why things are the way they are at the current moment (Ni’s foresight is useless because Te hasn’t checked it.) And if you listen closely, none of their theories make any actual sense. There is no Te empirical data that is sound enough being used to base their information off of. INTJs in the loop can be very confident in their irrational arguments, sometimes too confident to the point where they’ll challenge you. 

It’s likely they will blame you for stealing $5 from them because you have extra money today, though they spent that $5 on twinkies yesterday. 

The event(s) that pushed the INTJ into the Ni-Fi loop had to have been very emotionally disturbing to an outsider, because INTJs are usually very capable of moving on from what hurts them with Te: “It doesn’t make sense for me to keep hurting, so why am I?” 

INTJs’ Te is used to make things make sense, and if something cannot make sense, the INTJ will try to mold the thing into a theory or perspective of theirs using Ni (if that doesn’t work, it’s thrown out because it has no practical use.) Te is controlling. Te is objective, and since it checks information with the outside world and facts, not using it is crippling for INTJs. It’s the INTJ’s auxiliary function; this is the function we use to interact with the world. When Te is weak or not used, they disregard external input and are unable to cope with the reality outside their own head.  The Ni-Fi loop is really just a fantasy world for INTJs to play and wallow around in, and it’s probably the most subjective loop. 

Here’s an example of the INTJ’s functions in the loop:

Ni: Hey. Our friend just received a phone call and said she can’t talk now and that she’ll talk to them later!
Te: *Is sleeping with one eye half open*
Fi: Aha! She’s going to gossip about us!! 
Ni: I knew she was a bad friend! 
Fi: Why are our friends so mean? That was mean.
Se: We should probably eat something. Or not. I’ll let you know sometime later. 

“All for Charity”- A ML One-shot

Synopsis: Ladyblogger Alya has an idea. A photo charity shoot featuring Paris’s favorite heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir! Just how well will things go for a girl who’s never modeled and model trying not to be discovered?

Notes: I’m catching up as promised! VICTORIA of AO3, here’s your photo-shoot request! I died laughing at Chat’s antics and poor Ladybug had no idea what hit her in the face. Anyway, I hope it’s what you expected and I hope everyone enjoys!


When the Ladyblogger of Paris had approached the two teen heroes about having a charity photo shoot to raise money for the young boys and girls in the local hospital, superheroes Ladybug and Chat Noir couldn’t find it in their hearts to say no. After all, how could they? They’d gone by the hospital multiple times in the past year or so to talk to the children and see how they were doing and the state most of them were in broke their hearts. Several times they’d gone back and children were missing. Without a good reason. Ladybug had to admit that she’d gone home and cried over the situation a couple of times. Chat too. The photo shoot was therefore right up their alley (Chat wiggled his eyebrows at the two girls who both groaned and face palmed).

In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t such a good thing.

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I Love You, Still pt. 4

Pairings: Dean x Reader and (kind of) Chuck Bass
Words: 1,418
Part: 4/?
Warnings: Pretty sure there’s only one curse word.
Summary: It’s the morning of seeing Dean’s family for the first time in years, you’re trying to get some last minute wedding planning done, but Chuck and the wedding coordinator aren’t making it easy for you.
A/N: As mentioned before I’m doing the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge and it’s week 3! I thought I’d catch up with this series for this prompt, I hope you enjoy it!  
Tags: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @jensen-gal

PART 1    PART 2    PART 3  

Your fingers comb through your hair in frustration, your lips purse together trying your hardest not to scream with rage. You flick through pages of bouquets and boutonnières of your choosing, crossing out the ones Chuck and the wedding planner disagree with red ink, you find that page after page is bleeding with red. “What about the blush and white roses with…” You trail off looking at the array of flower options, “Baby’s breath?”

“Oh no dear, that will not do. What we’ll do is the blush and white roses with a splash of baby eucalyptus to add some greenery. I’ll touch base with the florist and make sure our vision comes to reality.” A small alert pops up on your dash, a beautiful bouquet takes up your computer screen. Much to your dismay, Vinny’s vision is beautiful, almost a work of art.

“Very well.” You push away the bouquet catalogs, eyes scouring the table for the next obstacle to plan with the wedding coordinator. “Will the flowers on the altar match my bouquet?” You ponder looking over the arch Chuck and yourself decided on.

“In my professional opinion, I believe that white lisianthus would be not only the best -but prettiest option.” Your head nods in approval even though he couldn’t see your reaction to his recommendation.

“What about the flowers that are going to be hanging from the tree branches?” Silence is the only thing that fills the call, you wait intently for him to turn down your wish.

“Chuck and I decided awhile back that instead of hanging flowers, we’re going to hang fairy lights.” Vinny explains. Your face grows warm, unintentionally your hands clench together so tight the tips of your knuckles turn white.

“Why am I just now hearing about this? Don’t you think that this is information that the bride would need to know?” The words flow from your mouth like thick venom, the intensity of your rage flares, your whole body burns.

“Chuck thought that it would be a nice surprise for you. He wants this to be the best day of your life and everything to be perfect for the both of you.” Vinny pollutes your ears with his excuses, he’s flustered at your sudden anger with him.

“Is that so?” You cackle, “It seems to me that Chuck and you are planning a wedding and I’m not even apart of it. Every idea I’ve even brought to the surface you instantly reject my proposals-”

“Look, Y/N,” Vinny interrupts, “I know these are not your top choices, but your items just aren’t what’s hot right now. We need every source of media and entertainment to be on the both of you and you’re not giving me what the public is wanting.”

“With all do respect, Vinny, this is my wedding, and my vision -not yours, I don’t care what the media wants.” Your jaw is tight as you speak to him.

“Y/N, it’s just a wedding, what matters is the love you and Chuck share. The wedding is just an accessory.” Tears felt like lava burning in your eyes and at any given moment, you were going to explode.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that this was your wedding. This is your career, so of course it’s just going to be a wedding for you, but for me? This should be the best day of my life and you’re ruining it by all of your ‘what the media wants’ bullshit. If you’re going to veto all of my choices, you might as well stop disturbing me with your calls.” Without a response you end the call and chuck the phone onto Dean’s couch. You let out a scream of frustration that bounced off walls and echoes through the apartment, your face falls into your hands accepting your defeat.

Could you be any louder?” Dean saunters into the living room holding steaming mugs, your hands quickly wipe away the few hot tears that cling onto your cheeks. “Hey, what’s wrong, sweetheart?” Dean leans beside you, carefully placing a mug on the only portion of table your papers weren’t covering.

“I can’t ever have a say,” Your voice is meek as you admit what’s been on your mind for the past few years, “Every choice I make is overshadowed by anything that comes out of Chuck’s mouth,” You chuckle to yourself, “I mean my wedding is hardly my own, the only thing that’s gone my way is the dress and that’s only because they haven’t seen it yet.” Dean peers at the collection of papers in front of you, eyeing everything thoughtfully. His fingertips brush over the dresses that belong to your bridesmaids and scour the twelve different menus nobody could agree on. He grasps onto a single photograph, a model is dressed in a white dress, your dress. Dean glances between you and the picture.

“Is this the dress?” You chuckle and dismiss his question with your hand.

“Hopefully, you know, if Vinny doesn’t see it and make me change it before the big day.” You slam the wedding folder shut and slide it away from you. Dean doesn’t let go of the picture, his eyes scan it multiple times, unwilling to tear his eyes away from it. “Oh god, you hate it too don’t you? I knew it was too much when I tried it on, is it the train? Vail maybe?”

“No!” His head snaps up, “Are you kidding me? It’s beautiful -you’re beautiful, and if anyone thinks otherwise they’re absolutely insane.” Your eyes search Dean’s face for a lie but could find nothing but honesty. “Come on, let’s clear your head.” He picks up the mugs and nods towards the couch, following you shortly after.

Your body melts into the cushions that have clearly been broken in for years, your limbs stretch until you’re finally comfortable. Warmth radiates itself through the glass and into the palms of your hands, it tingles your body as the liquid travels down your throat. Your legs lay upon Dean’s lap, his thumb traces circles absentmindedly on your shin, you can’t help but stare, in awe at his beauty.

You embrace the silence the world around you has to offer, quiet is something you’re no longer accustomed to. There are no loud sirens or constant honks from drivers, instead, you hear the chirping of birds and the leaves rustling with every gust of wind. Your mind finally feels at ease.

Both mugs were long past empty, the two of you became so engrossed with your conversations to notice how late in the afternoon it really was. Dean tidies the house up while you search through your luggage for a decent outfit to wear. When you emerge from his bedroom a smile stretches across his features as his eyes wander over you, heat rises to your cheeks at his intense gaze. “You look beautiful,” Dean blurts, his eyes bulge at his abrupt confession.

“Thank you,” Your eyes drop from his stare in embarrassment, “You look quite handsome yourself.” You weren’t entirely sure who you were admitting that to.

“Shall we?” Dean gestures towards the front door, the two of you were already behind schedule. You nod in response and follow him out to his Impala.

Baby pulled into the driveway all too soon. You suddenly forgot how to breathe when you saw the beloved Winchester house. A home away from home. You spent night after night here, had family dinners, played board games, late night cram sessions, you even read your acceptance letter into Yale in the living room to the family. You never dreamed of being in the driveway again. It’s almost as if you were meeting his parents for the first time all over again. Your legs are wobbly as you stand from the car, you quickly grab onto the door to regain your balance. You try your best to calm your raging nerves, but nothing seemed to be helping.

“Sweetheart?” Dean stands before you, eyes searching your face with concern, “I’m right here with you, there’s no need to be nervous.” Your eyes search his own, comfort cradles you as he laces his fingers with yours. You couldn’t help but cling to his hand as the two of you made your way up the steps, he gives your hand one last squeeze before he pushes through the door, you had no choice but to follow.

Fallout Pt. 3 (Jungkook Apocalyptic AU!)

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic AU. Angst.

Member: Jungkook.

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you. And when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.
They were no good either.

N/A: EDITED. Warning: There might be some swearing, violence and mentions of rape and/or abuse.

Originally posted by jengkook

They brought you to a secluded room in the eastern wing. Even from the door you smelled the humidity that impregnated every inch of it, and when you got in the smell did not get any better.

The room was in complete darkness, only illuminated by a meagre candle over a robust wooden table. You were accompanied by the men that received you at the entrance, while Jimin and Jungkook flanked you. They were completely silent, all gestures of recognition and joy over their reencounter totally vanished.

You were forced to sit in one of the two filthy chairs in the room. One was for you, and the other one for the blond, who sat immediately, grimacing in disgust. The rest of his men stayed behind, hidden in the shadows.

‘Jungkook please, come here.’ He demanded, waving his hand. Jungkook stepped forward, hands politely crossed in front of him.

‘Yes, Yoongi.’ He kept his eyes fixated on the floor. The blond crossed his legs and leaned over the table. He pointed lazily at you with his nimble finger.

‘What’s the meaning of this?’

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