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How to talk to your teachers

1. Prepare what you are going to say in in your mind.
2. Go up to them.
3. Stutter for an entire minute.
4. Completely forget what you were going to say.
5. Say something similar to it while somehow being able to mispronounce everything.
6. Realize you have no response when they ask you questions.
7. Leave knowing that you completely failed.

That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life,
She said,
“I know you are a gremlin of honor,
I’m so sorry to bother you at home…
But I don’t know where to go,
And I came here all alone…”

Hello everyone! 

Anyway, I realized that I drew all the gremlin!Schuyler sisters, but I forgot Maria, our beautiful cinnamon roll (who actually did nothing wrong)! Another fanart of @sleepyeule‘s gremlin AU! Seriously, it is so cute ! And perfect to doodle when you’re procrastinating! (wh o ops)


nearly witches // panic! at the disco


Well look who it is.

Our favorite bonobo. Creepily haunting Caesar.

*Found the images on the Planet of the Apes Wikipedia fanpage*

Foodies: Ice Cold Deliciousness

A/N: So this is my first Supernatural reader-insert oneshot series.  Well idk if you called it a series, you can read each part separately without getting lost so… So anyway this new series is about Lucifer trying different foods for the first time and exploring the relationship between you and Luci.  This is in first person btw because I don’t really like writing in second person.

Pairing: Nick!Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1031

Warnings: Well, it’s Lucifer. implied smut, mild mild smut? it does get pretty steamy, food, ice cream, bacon, embarrassment? fluff, sarcasm, Stranger Things mentioned, swearing, a bit of foreplay? Dean interrupting, crappy writing as always, message me if I missed any… 

I do not own you or any characters in Supernatural

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I just realised that I have $2000+ dollars but barely made it to 100 AP right when the trailer was released. So what about this: APs are made to progress in game while dollars are made to BUY stuff. In the event you’re BUYING the outfits so why in the hell am I forced to use AP to BUY something when I have so many dollars but nothing to BUY with them. Like what’s even the point of all those dollars if the events just continue to be based on AP? An outfit for an episode released once in a while costs $300 or less. I got over $2000 and tons of outfits so what to do with them?

Just some other things from Episode 16 which I couldn’t have actually seen on my own playthrough…

If you choose to change your strategy:

Armin: What are you up to?

Candy: I’m following Deborah.

Armin: She’s finally getting your attention then?

Candy: The only thing she’s getting is on my nerves. *

Armin: Oh yeah? That much, huh?

Candy: You have no idea…

If you got into Deborah’s game earlier:  (Doing this gives you -6)

Armin: Odd, you seemed to be getting along earlier…

Candy: Oh, that? That was just for show.

Armin: Why don’t you just tell everyone that you don’t like her? That’s stupid.

Candy: I know what I’m doing, don’t worry.

Armin: If you say so…

Candy: (I think he’s a little disappointed in me…)

If you didn’t:

Armin: Is that why you were fighting with her earlier?

Candy: Pretty much…

Armin: Girls… I’m sure you are fighting over nothing!

Candy: If only it was child’s play…

* This was choice B. Below is what happens if you pick choice A (Partially translated from French):

Candy: I prefer boys, not girls!

Armin: It was a figure of speech…

Candy: Sorry… I’m a little tense…

Armin: I can see that! Is something wrong?

Candy: I’ll explain later, okay?

Armin: Ok! But please don’t come and talk to me once I’ve started playing.

Candy: You can always put it on pause!

Armin: Yeah, but if I lose my game it’ll be your fault, and I am very unforgiving/resentful!

Candy: O-Ok, I’ll keep that in mind.

Mostly documented the top one for good measure and part of why I think Armin can tell if people are being fake–he doesn’t like that at all XP

Finally, have a dialogue that’s easy to miss with him as well:

Armin: From what I hear, Peggy’s got a real scoop! Maybe she found out what the teachers are planning for us!

Candy: Oh… I totally forgot about that. 

Armin: Not me! I would really like to know what they are up to. So I know whether to make up an excuse or not.

Candy: I hope they’ll choose something that you like then. (Option 3) *

Armin: Why?

Candy: I would like to see you outside of school at least once!

Armin: We don’t have to wait for a school outing for that!

*The other two options are “You are really lazy…” and “You can make one up now, if you want my opinion.”

If anyone wants to know the dialogue for those, just let me know :P