why am i in a little dress

This is how much kids are disturbed by trans stuff
  • Watching home videos of myself at 5 with my family, including my 5 year-old nephew
  • Me: Look, it's me when I was your age
  • Him: That's you? Why are in in a dress? That's for girls.
  • Me: They dressed me like a girl when I was growing up.
  • Him: Oh. Where am I?
  • Me: You weren't born yet.
  • Him: I was a baby?
  • Me: No, you wouldn't be born for another 15 years.
  • Him: -deeply disturbed-
EXO Reaction when you and your child wear matching clothes

I hope y’all like this! Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Jelly* “Hey! Don’t leave me behind! I have that jacket too! We are the awesome three Parks here!”


*Trying to get some info* “Tell me little one, where did your mom buy those clothes? I want some too… wait, she made them? How am I going to match now?”


*Pouts* “Why do I feel like a third wheel here? They are my family….”


“I want matching clothes too- wait no! I’m not going to wear a dress!”


“Did you just buy the same clothes for Jongin Jr and you? This is why I’m in love with you, you two look so cute” *Proud dad*


*He’s actually the one who does the matching clothes* “So today… they’ll wear something golden”


“Papa wants to eat you! You two are so cute… next time we three should dress the same” *Loves how cute his family is*


*Judging* “Why are they dressing the same… why can’t I be part of this… I’m the dad… I want to look cute-manly too!” *jelly*


“I swear jagi.. it never gets boring with you. I bet our little girl loved looking as beautiful as her mom”


*Always checks Instagram to see your new updates* “Woah boys look at this, they are dressing like Disney princesses today” *Fan number one*


*Confused* “Baobei? When did you become a baby? You look exactly like our little girl… wait… did we have twins?”


“Ughh I want to hold you both and squeeze you and never let you go because you look so cute with those clothes and ahh!” *Being the weird dad he is*

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Dear mom,

Please don’t comment on why I don’t dress like your little girl anymore. It’s already hard enough as it is with society accepting who I am. I look up to you the most, and yet you make it harder on me to feel comfortable being who I really am. It’s hard when I come home from college to visit and you comment on what I’m wearing. Why should it matter? I’m still your little girl. If anything I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Is that not enough for you? I’m not like you, I don’t like dressing up like other girls. You make me feel like I have to, and when I do, I don’t feel like myself. I know it takes time for you to accept who I am but you make it harder for me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Please understand that I’m not the daughter you’d thought I’d grow up to be, but just know I’m happy and maybe one day that will be enough for you.

Hello fair ladies, ZEN here ~ <3

You must be wondering why am I dressed up as this Japanese character with cute dog ears right? This character is called uh.. Inu.. Inuyer.. AH, Inuyasha! Gosh his name is long… He’s some half dog demon person from an old anime it seems. I think I did pretty well, don’t you think? Too bad my hair is a little too thin compared to his thick locks though.

Right, let me rant here:

Admin Devlyn has been emo-ing around the place since yesterday. Seems like she failed to secure tickets to a play called ‘Inuyasha’ that will be happening in April. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! SHE WAS DEPRESSED FOR NOT GETTING SOMEONE ELSE’S PLAY TICKETS?! WHEN THERE IS THIS BEYOND PERFECT ACTOR HERE?! But knowing that getting worked up about it will only damage one’s fair skin, and one should never show anger in front of a lady, I decided to be a BETTER Inuyasha! HAH! BEAT THAT RANDOM OTHER ACTOR! CAN YOU BE A MORE PERFECT INUYASHA THAN YOURS TRULY?! 

Now please excuse me as I read up on this character and practice his moves and speech, just watch me, I’ll become an Inuyasha none of you can stray your eyes away from <3


Admin Devlyn’s mock up on this post an hour later:
Zen… barged into the office dressed as Inuyasha and demanded me to make him ramen… what… and even went face down on the floor when I got annoyed and said ‘sit’.. (and this went on for an hour)

I admit, he was a convincing Inuyasha despite his default personality which kinda gets… tiring… Now if only Jumin would play Sesshomaru… and express their brotherly love for each other.. *nosebleeds*

Anyways! look like there’s a second chance for the ticket purchasing! YAY! I hope I get it this time ><” (Zen was upset I still did not give up on going)

Are any of you an Inuyasha fan too?! I love love love it to death >w<

Team leaders and their Halloween costumes!
  • Candela: I got our Halloween costumes!
  • Spark: Oh! Oh! Me first!
  • Blanche: Do you really want to wear that Princess Peach dress?
  • Spark: Yeah. Why?
  • Blanche: It looks a little big. Some dresses are made with the female's bust in mind so,
  • Candela: (Wearing her Mario outfit) Get an ice flower Luigi. We got it tailored for him.
  • Blanche: Never-mind then.
  • Spark: (In his Princess Peach outfit) I am High Royal Instinct!
  • Blanche: Not yet. We need the nail polish.
  • Candela: Hold still! I'm taking a pic of that cute butt!
  • Blanche: (Now in her Luigi outfit) Are you talking to me or Spark?
  • Candela: Yes.

Sorry for no giant grin, lol, I guess I was too busy pondering my possible goth phase (which was nicely aided by the black dress I was wearing) and low-key applauding myself for whatever weird aesthetic that first one is, even if it’s a little off center.

On a more important note, I am not ready to go through an episode of pain and no bellarke (which is why it’s good I’m watching tomorrow ayyyyyy)

~As always, tell me if you want to be tagged or not! And tag me if you want <3~

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Mayday (teaser) || Jinyoung

Originally posted by jackseunie

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Warnings: will contain violence, swearing, and smut (later on). read at your own risk

note: hey everyone! new series! i asked you guys yesterday on which member I should write next and the majority was of requests was jinyoung! since rich is about to end fairly soon, i thought why not post a teaser. but just a little warning… bad boy jinyoung is coming up… and boy am I ready. -admin

“I want you…”

“To find me…”

“And save me…”

“What? Save you from who?” I asked him, as we stood underneath the illuminated light street light. The dark night surrounded us in this ungodly hour. My black dress, that went just above my knees, were soaking wet from the drink that was poured down my body. I was shivering from the cold, and he didn’t even lend me his jacket. I looked at him, staring at his very prominent jawline and handsome features.

“Not speaking? Okay.” I sneered at him, rubbing my arms for warmth. “I didn’t ask you to come here and give me a few words that don’t make any sense.”

“But I came to save you. So, what about me? Aren’t you going to save me?” He finally spoke up, turning his head to look at me. His huge ego was plastered on his face, his body rocking back and forth from his heels and toes as he gave me a sly smile. I stared at him, analyzing his features. His hair swept to the side and he wore a black leather jacket which had the bad boy vibe. I’d have to admit, he was handsome. No wonder all the girls talked about him so much. But the looks are just for a show and I’ve always wondered about his personality.

“Save you from what?” I questioned again, tearing my eyes away from his face, “You can’t just ask me a question I don’t have an answer to.”

“But you’re smart.” He said, as I heard him move from his spot, his footsteps echoing throughout the area, moving closer to me. “You can see something most people can’t see.”

And with those words, I felt a hand grab my arm and force me to turn and look at him. His smirk, was deadly, and definitely something that would make me melt to my knees. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to his warm body. I grabbed onto his shirt to balance myself from his sudden movements. Looking up at him, I saw that his eyes sparkled in the light as I felt his hands go down towards my hips.

“I’m shouting Mayday.” He softly whispered, as he leaned in close enough that our lips were inches away from each other. These words he spoke to me were something he wouldn’t usually say to me, and it was weird. But the way his hands moved up and down my waist, touching every inch of my body, made me want him more.

“Why?” I asked, starting to get trapped in his trance. One of his hands finally rested on my face as the other gently grabbed my neck, his thumb nudging my chin up so he could have a better angle of my lips. My cheeks started to rise in color as I felt my heart start to race. I can’t have feelings for this boy. He’s a player. A bad boy. Something I shouldn’t put myself into. And definitely someone I can’t love.

“Because I need someone to save me.” He stated before he briefly brushed his lips on mine for a second before pulling away, leaving my mouth hanging for his contact. He took that opportunity to grab the back of my neck and place a hot kiss in my mouth. His lips were too soft and it perfectly molded against mine. His lips fought for dominance over mine as I moaned against his lips. I could feel him smirk against my lips, already satisfied with my moaning mess. He broke away the kiss as he pressed his lips against the soft skin of my cheek, his hand pushing my hair to the side, leaving my exposed neck to his lips.

“Jinyoung.” I softly moaned, as I was fully sucked into his trace. He kissed the side of my neck before letting go of my waist and stepping back. Jinyoung, once again, had a sly look on his face as he pointed his finger at me.

“Save me from falling in love with you…”

EXO Reaction when you buy adorable/fashionable clothes for your upcoming child

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Jagi why do you have so many baby clothes? … Wait… am  I going to be a father?!”


*Shopping with you* “Why can’t we buy him this galaxy pants! He’s going to love them! Or maybe this galaxy shirt!” *Can’t believe you don’t share his sense of fashion*


“Wait wait wait… are these for me?! Oh they are baby clothes?! But this would look so good on me!”*He’s a baby*


“No no no! Get that thing out of my sight! We’re buying her this little panda dress!” *Fashion expert here xD*


“Jagi… you don’t even know if it will be a girl! What if it’s a boy! I want to buy Jongin Jr some cute little pants!” *Having this conversation for the 100th time*


“Let’s make a deal.. you buy the clothes and I buy the toys!” *Having so much fun*


*He follows you everywhere* “Look at her… taking pictures of the clothes… This girl…”


*Having so much fun shopping with you* “No no baobei.. our baby needs manly shoes!”


*When you ask him to come with you shopping* “ I don’t know jagi, sounds suspicious to me… You want me to carry the bags don’t you…“


*Always with you* “It was a successful day jagi… We bought so many clothes today… Our baby is so lucky to have a mom like you” *Hubby material here*


*Decides to do some shopping too* “I bet our baby will love this hand soap… What do you think Lay 2?”


*He just can’t with the fact that he’s going to be a father* “Can I come next time with you? Pretty please?”

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I Choose You

Word Total: 872…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Any chance you could do lil Cassian and readers wedding?

Pairing:  Cassian x Reader

Y/N stood in front of a tall mirror looking down at her white dress. “Getting cold feet?” she turned around to see Leia smiling at her. Y/N shook her head and returned to look at the white dress, it was beautiful she admit it; but what if Cassian didn’t like it. “You’re a real Princess now, sister” Leia said kindly to her, Y/N took a deep breath and smile. “Cassian would hit the floor before you know it” Leia snickered, Y/N rolled her eyes and glared at her little sister.


“That’s no funny Leia; I want to throw up. I am so nervous. Why if I over my own feet? Why if─” Leia put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it softly, Y/N saw her reflection in the mirror and Leia’s was smiling at Y/N. “What if he is doubting his cho─” she stopped when Leia gave her a small glare.

“You’ll be fine” Leia said with a bigger smile, tapping Y/N’s shoulder firmly. “Cassian knows he’s marrying a klutz” she added with a smirk, Y/N rolled her eyes and pushed Leia’s hand off her shoulder. “Look Y/N, Cassian loves you very much. I can see it every time he looks at you” Leia said with a gagging motion. “It’s so corny I am the one that wants to throw up”

Y/N stood in front of the double glass, opaque doors, “Stop fidgeting darling” Bail Organa said to her daughter, Y/N that seemed to have a difficulty with the dress. She was trying to fix every wrinkle it appeared every time she moved two wrinkles appeared.

“It just itches, I want to throw up. Can we cancelled it? Maybe I could run away and─” Y/N started to ramble and started to say nonsense. It was so rapid her father had no idea what she was saying

Bail put a hand on her daughter’s cheek and looked down at her. “You might feel nervous now, my dear. But when that door opens and you saw him standing there waiting for you at the end of the altar, you wouldn’t even remember what was wrong on the first place, everything would disappear once his eyes lay on you” he said kindly, Y/N nodded. “Now take a deep breath, we don’t want the bride to pass out” Bail said kindly to his daughter, Y/N snorted and Bail raised an eyebrow at the gesture.

“Why do you tease me so much?!” Y/N exclaimed with a pout on her face. She started to mumble under her breath.

The doors finally opened and it seemed like everything stop. In front at the end of the room there was Cassian with his pristine Rebel uniform. He glanced up and their gazes met and like her father said. Everything was worth it, from the corset pushing her ribs against her lungs, the stupid hairdo that make her head hurt… the pain and the nauseous sensation disappeared puff just like magic.

“You can walk now” Bail chuckled as her daughter stopped dreamily looking at Cassian.

“Sorry” Y/N said with a nervous smiled, she held tightly to her father’s arm.

Y/N walked slowly towards Cassian and every moment that led to this replayed on her mind…

The first moment they had met… how he called her a stiff spoiled princess… A small smile appeared on her face, if someone had told her she would had ended here with Cassian waiting for her. She would punched them on the face. “You look like a fool” She heard Leia said at her right. Y/N turned to glare at her.

And there was the day he had proposed to her… that was one of the happiest days on her life. All the pain getting to that tall mountain on Yavin was worth it, the cool, the cold breeze hitting her cheeks or the make-shift engagement ring by K2. Well it was one of the screws on his metallic hand.

“We are here gathered to say, to join in matrimony this couple…” Everything was a blur as Y/N glanced stared at Cassian’s eyes. He only existed right there in that moment. All she could think off was the possibility of being his wife.

“I love you” Cassian mouthed to her and Y/N smiled.

“I love you too”

A thunderous round of applause wake up from her reverie. “You may kiss the bride”

Cassian removed the white veil that partially hided her face. “You’re beautiful as the stars” he whispered to her, he bent down and their lips connected. His lips were so soft against hers, she smiled against his lips and deepened the kiss. “I love you” Cassian whispered to her, he kissed her forehead.

“I love you too” They were about to kiss again when…

“We are in public kids” Leia shouted and all the audience laughed. Y/N blushed and hid her face on Cassian’s chest.


“Sorry, father”

As she hid her face on his chest, he bent down and whispered to her ear softly. “If I forget to say it, if you haven’t heard it in a long time, but if you don’t know it or you had any doubt, if you want to hear it or just because, I love you”

But why? That’s what I need to know. Yep great, we’re getting clothes sharing, I am excited about this prospect of Robert Sugden in a hoodie and Aaron in a jacket (Please let it be one with elbow patches) BUT WHY?

There is no plausible reason I can think of that this would happen? I need to know. Did they get dressed in the dark or something? Why is this bothering me so much? I have no idea. 


“I thoughts Jews were supposed to be peace keepers or some bullshit like that!” You yelled, hearing Alfie throwing things in the other room as you rolled your eyes before storming to join him. “Why do you insist on this shit huh? Why do you want to make me something I’m not?”

Alfie sighed, grabbing another dress from your closet before he chucked it over his shoulder and went for another one. “Because littl’ one, I am the leader of a Jewish gang. It wouldn’t really make sense for me to be with someone who isn’t Jewish so either this happens or you leave,” he explained, his bluntness surprising you into silence. Silence that he took for acceptance or maybe understanding because in the next moment he was turning to you, a slightly confused yet relieved expression on his face as he dropped the dress in his hands and moved towards you. “You understand this, you can’t be smart enough to survive running with a gangster and not know this,” he laughed half heartedly as he reached out to grab you but was cut off as you stepped back, much to his surprise.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” you spat after a few moments before you turned on your heel and exited the room, heading straight for the door as you heard Alfie cursing before he followed after you, his lazy footsteps fueling your anger. “I’m from a long family of Catholics and yet, you don’t see me questioning you or asking you to pretend to be like me! How in hell do you think you could convince me to go prancing around pretending to be a bloody Jew?” you shouted, almost laughing as you quickly made your way down the spiral stairs. You knew you didn’t mean what you were saying but the anger that was fueling you left no room for a truth filter as you tried your best to say whatever you knew would hurt him the worst.

“What the fuck do you mean by that?” Alfie yelled back, leading you to turn around and glare up at him as you saw the distrust and anger in his eyes.

“I mean that expecting me to do this without even taking into consideration what the consequences would be is the most irresponsible and immature thing you have ever done, at least while I have known you. You’re a bloody idiot and crazy at that,” you shouted, standing still as Alfie began to make his way down the stairs, meeting you about the time your little spiel ended, a sour frown on his face as he reached out and grabbed your wrist. “I said-”

“I know what you said and I don’t care. Come on now littl’ one, we’re going to have a little chat in a more private place.

Gif Credit: gif does not belong to this blog nor do we make any claim to it


Eco Space Update! Chisa BobbyTH Mesh added!

My 2 wedding dress designs have now been made on the Chisa BobbyTH body mesh as requested.

I am in the process of converting my other designs but as it is basically like starting from scratch and I have quite a few items it is going to take a little while. 

Also I am using a different model in the pictures above just in case anyone is wondering why she doesn’t look like Friday.

Imagine: Being Legolas' daughter and calling him a princess

Originally posted by secretsocietyofwonderland

“Ada! ada! ada!”

“What is it little one?” Legolas looked down at his 6 year old daughter with a soft smile.

“Ada is a princess!” You giggled.

He picked you up and kissed your forehead,“ Why is ada a princess?”

“Because you have long pretty hair and you wear tiaras and you wear a dress.”

He raised an eyebrow at you,“ sweetheart I am no princess.”

“Yes you are ada!” You giggled.

“Well then what is Naneth?” He asked, amused by his daughter’s persistancey.

“Naneth is a princess too!” You started squirming until he set you down,“ stay right here.” You ran of to your mother’s closet and looked through all the dresses until you found a pretty green one. Then you ran off to Legolas’ room and grabbed one of his crowns. Finally you ran back and handed the items to Legolas.

“Ada put dress on!”

“Ada not put dress on,” he said and set the items to the side. He regreted it when he saw you starting to sniffle. You soon broke out into balling and he rushed to put the dress on.

“Shh shhhhhh, look sweetheart, ada put the dress on.”

“Yay!” You squeeled and jumped up and down.

-5 minutes later-

Thranduil walked in and gave Legolas a confused look,“Do I even want to know what is going on?”

“Yay grandpa!” You jumped up and down again.

“Still haven’t taught her to say grandfather in elvish yet?” Thranduil asked his son.

“I’ve been a little busy lately.” Legolas crossed his arms.

“I can see that,” Thranduil tried to hold in his laughter.

“Grandpa Princess too!”

“What?” Thranduil looked down at his grand daughter.

You ran off and got a red dress then ran back and gave it to him,“ put it on!!!”

Thranduil looked at his son for help, but Legolas just laughed. He looked down at you and you gave him the biggest puppy dog eyes ever,“ pweeeeeeeease!”

-10 minutes later-

You were braiding flowers into Thranduil’s hair when your mother walked in with Tauriel. You ran to Tauriel and hugged her legs then turned to your mother and motioned for her to pick you up. When she did she turned to the two men wearing dresses,“ Awwwwww are the boys playing dress up.”

The two women laughed as the men facepalmed. You smiled enjoying this moment. Your mother walked over to Legolas and pushed his hair away from his face,“ Your the greatest dad ever.” He ran his fingers through her blonde hair and smiled. Then he leaned foreward and kissed her.

“Eeeeeew.” You said and ran out of room. Tauriel laughed and followed the little girl. Your mother looked at Legolas and then to Thranduil.

“You two are not living this down.”

Maps in a Dress

oKAY i was recently reminded of Gotham Academy and especially the little friendship established in #7 because man Maps and Damian make the cutest friends ever. And then i remember this fic i read about Damian inviting Maps to a gala about how Maps showed up in a 3 piece suit, and Damian is so confused like “I’m supposed to be the one in the Armani?” 


- Damian might find it slightly strange that Maps would wear a tux, unlike the other girls who always wears dresses, but he totally respects her decision.
- And then they got older, and Maps might grow to like dresses (i mean perks of being girls is having options for both dress and pants like why not take them?) 

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requested by anonymous: I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC day! I seriously check your blog every day omg. Could I pls request a (jealous) Sonny x reader where they’re dating & she has to go undercover and gets all dolled up/sexy & in a tight dress and pumps and he’s all hot&bothered in surveillance??? And wicked jealous when she has to flirt w their suspect who gets handsy with her and the rest of the squad teases Sonny abt being jealous?? (bonus if u insert some jealous Sonny sexytime after in there) love you!!!!

i changed the prompt a little bit and honestly i’m shitting myself @ the title why am i like this also i lowkey feel like sonny is v ooc -e

word count: 2185

warnings: nsfw content, female reader, cursing, mentions of rape

masterlist - request

He’s so mad, sitting in the back of a dusty delivery van. The anger is pulsing through his veins. Blinding him. Deafening him. All he can think about is you.

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22 - Kai Parker

[It’s my birthday too!! Happy Birthday 😁 Can you do a Kai Parker imagine where the reader got in a car accident and doesn’t remember anything and especially her boyfriend Kai when she wakes up in the hospital ?]


“Where am I?” I ask a woman who is dressed as a nurse. I bring my eyebrows together seeing I’m in a hospital?

How did I get here?

“Miss.” The nurse sets me back gently before I sit up. “You need to calm down.”

“I am calm.” I say. “Now, where am I? And why am I here?”

“Miss, what is your name?” She asks me looking a little worried.

“What?” I ask, but pause and think. My eyes widen. “I don’t know. Why don’t I know?”

“Oh my.” She gasps. “I’ll be right back, with a doctor.”

“Don’t leave me!” I plead, holding her arm. “Who am I? And why can’t I remember?”

“Your name is Y/F/N. It seems a few weeks ago, you had a nasty accident and hit your head hard. You were in a coma until you woke up today.” She explains, I nod and she leaves me alone.

I set at the white ceiling, my hands over my mouth. Taking a deep breath, I feel tears leave my eyes. “I can’t remember anything.”


“I don’t care! I need to see her!” An anger voice yells from outside my room, I tense and pull my blankets closer especially as some man enters my room.

He is very handsome but he also has red eyes as if he was crying? I wonder what is wrong with him.

“Y/N?” He says, I don’t realise after a while that he’s talking to me.

“Right that’s me.” I say, with a small smile. He sighs and walks up to me, without a word just engulfing me in a big hug.

My body tenses but relaxes at his comfort. “Y/N, do you really not know who I am?” He asks, hurt clear in his voice.

I shake my head. “I’m sorry I don’t.”

“I’m Kai, Kai Parker.” Kai introduces. I nod. “Your boyfriend.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Boyfriend?”

Kai nods. “We’ve been together for a year and a half.”

“Oh.” I say. “We have?”

Kai sits on my bed and I shift away slightly to give him space. “Yes, Y/N. You love me, like I love you.”

“I loved you?” I ask, shocked. I mean Kai is very attractive but I don’t remember him.

He nods, caressing my cheek but I jerk back. He sighs. “Baby girl, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“How do I know that you aren’t lying?” I question. “How do I know that you aren’t a psychopath?”

Kai smirks. “I’m not psychopath but I was a sociopath?”

“A sociopath?” I repeat, now afraid.

“But that’s not me anymore.” He quickly adds, taking my hands in his. “You changed me, Y/N. I’m not the same person anymore.”

I pull my hands back. “Please can you leave.”

“Baby girl-”

“Please.” I cut in, close to tears for some reason. “Kai, please leave.”

I see the hurt on his face as he stands up. “I love you.” He leans down and plants a soft kiss on my forehead before exiting the room.

Laying in my bed, I curl up in the blankets. I don’t feel anything for Kai and it makes me feel guilty, because he obviously loves me.

Sighing, I decide to just shut my eyes and sleep.


“Y/N, you have a visitor.” I look up at…..Caroline, it turns out she is my sister which is shocking.

“Who is it?” I ask, shutting the photo album. Caroline gave me the idea to look through some old photos to try and jog my memory.

So far nothing has worked and it’s been two months, I can’t remember anything. Everything is blank. I’ve met some new people though, Damon and his brother Stefan, who is also Caroline’s boyfriend and Elena who is dating Damon and Bonnie.

All of them seem nice and I’ve grown friends with Bonnie and a guy named Matt. Kai also visits me, he’s so adorable and funny.

I like him a lot.

“A certain Parker.” She says, rolling her eyes and I can’t help but smile.

“Kai.” I say, getting off my bed. I’m staying at Damon and Stefan’s place since everyone else basically lives here.

“Someone has a crush.” She teases, following me down the stairs. I blush and roll my eyes.

“I do not.” I argue but don’t look at her. Caroline laughs and I roll my eyes, but smile when seeing Kai.

“Y/N.” He says, hugging me. I hug him back, squealing as he lifts me up and spins me around.

“Kai, put me down.” I say, bright red again. He laughs and I join him, relaxed as my feet touch the ground again. “So, what do I owe this pleasure?”

Kai shrugs. “I want to show you something.”

“What is it?”

“A surprise.” He grins, his cute grin. I groan with a pout.

“You know I hate surprises.”

“I do.” Kai replies. “Anyway, grab your coat because we’re going out now.”

I hum. “Bossy.” I joke and he smiles. I smile back, throwing on my hoodie and shout a goodbye to Caroline.

Leaving with Kai, I zip up my hoodie and get in his car. “Please tell me, Kai.”

“Y/N, where is the run in that?”

I sigh dramatically. “I hate you.”

Kai smiles. “Love you too.”

Sometimes Kai will say he loves me and acts likes my boyfriend, I don’t mind but I feel a little uncomfortable. I hardly know anything about him.

After a while of driving, I feel someone shake me and jump. “I feel asleep?” I ask.

He nods with a smirk. “And you kept saying my name.”

I frown but blush, slapping his arm. “No, I didn’t.”

“You did.”

Before I can speak, Kai get out and walks around to open the door for me. “Thank you.” I say, stepping out.

Looking around I see we are at a field? I raise a brow. “Is this the part where you rape and murder me, before dumping my body in a ditch?” I ask Kai.

He laughs. “Y/N.” Kai throws his arm around my shoulders. “I’d never do that.”

“Good.” I say, smiling as I look around. The sun is setting so it creates a beautiful scenery for the area. “Why are we here?”

“Because this is where we first met.”

I look at him. “It is?”

“Yep.” We continue to walk until Kai stops and wraps his arms around me. “This is the spot.”

“Really?” I ask again and he nods. “How did we meet?”

Kai sighs. “It’s not a really nice story.”

“But I want to know.” I whine, tapping his chest. “Tell me Kai.”

“If I do, can you promise not to freak out or try and run to my car because I have the keys.”

“I promise.” I say though I’m not very curious.

Kai and I sit down on the grass because standing is tiring. “So it was about a year ago, I was with my sister-”

“You have a sister?”

“Yes, I had a few siblings.”

“I’d love to meet them.” I say, smiling.

Kai scratches the back of my neck. “They’re actually….dead, them and my parents too.”

My face drops and I put my hand over his. “I’m so sorry, Kai.”

“It’s ok, Y/N.” He says, looking at our hands.

“How did they die? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, it’s ok.” He replies. “I….I killed them.”

My eyes widen and I stare at Kai. “Kai that’s not funny.”

“Y/N, I’m not lying.”

My eyes widen and I feel my heartbeat increase like crazy. “What?” I go to stand but get the feeling that I’m glued to the ground. “Why can’t I move?”

“Y/N. Please let me explain.” Kai leans in, cupping my face. His face inches from mine and I bite my lip.

“Don’t kill me.”

He grins. “Baby girl.” Kai kisses my forehead softly. “I would never hurt you. But please just let me explain.”

Since I have no choice, I nod. “Ok.”


[End of imagine, part two will be up soon and leave requests.]

Your Common Room or Mine? (Part I)

OTP: Baekyeol

Genre: HogwartsAu!, fluff, smut

Word Count: 8979

Sypnosis: It’s really hard for Park Chanyeol not to hate Byun Baekhyun.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

~Part 1~


“Chanyeol, if you don’t get your lazy hippogriff-looking butt off your bed—”

“I don’t look like a Hippogriff, you Squib!”

A loud gasp rang through the room as a neatly dressed sixth year spun around in the middle of the Gryffindor dormitory, mouth agape with shock.

“I—am—not—a—Squib, Chanyeol!”                                                               The dark-haired buffoon lying facedown on his bed briefly poked up his head, examined his friend’s elegant attire and then plopped his face back down into the sheets, drinking in the fragrant scent.



“I said ‘sorry’,” Chanyeol raised his head up a little. “And why are you dressing up again, Suho?”

“For Slughorn’s party,” the boy named Suho tidied up his robes a bit more. “You should be coming too, you’re apart of the Slug Club.”

“Don’t get why,” Chanyeol muttered, playing with his wand on his bed. “I mean, I understand why everyone else is in it—I mean you’re filthy rich, Suho—“

“Always been—“

“—but I’m not. I mean my parents do make quite a good living and everything, but I barely got any Christmas presents last year.”

“Look,” Suho knelt down by his friend’s bed. “Just come, eat some food and then if you’re really bored you can leave. Okay?”

Chanyeol groaned, pushing his head back towards the covers. Suho always said that. He always tried to make Chanyeol feel like it was ultimately his decision to do whatever he wanted, but when he arrived Suho basically had him on a leash and didn’t let him out of his sight unless it was to go to the bathroom (which he was probably wary about that now seeing as sixth years were now learning to Apparate).

“Joonmyun, I’m not going.”

“Yuri’s going to be there.”

Chanyeol’s head popped up so fast he felt dizzy. “Who?”

“Kwon Yuri,” Suho naughtily smirked. “You know, your crush.”

Kwon Yuri was the absolute eye of Chanyeol’s affections. He was madly in love with her, had written piles upon piles of songs for her and had even tried to learn to play Quidditch to try and attract her attention. However, when Chanyeol had indeed tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which she was a member of, he’d gotten bowled in the stomach with a Bludger and sent to the hospital wing. He woke up, eyes flittering open in the hope to see her there, but Yuri was nowhere to be found. Even worse, he later found out she had left to the common room with her supposedly new boyfriend Myungsoo.

“Suho, you know I don’t want to be anywhere near five miles of that girl.”

“I do,” said Suho, fluffing up his collar, “but can we say the same for her?”

Chanyeol snarled nastily under his breath as Suho dug into a bag behind his mirror and pulled out a pair of flowing brown dress robes. “Wear these.” He threw it on top of Chanyeol’s head and the boy warily raised it up to look at the attire.

“What’re these?” he hotly tore them off his head.

“Dress robes,” Suho grunted, raking a hand through his sleek hair. “Now get dressed.”

They were scurrying out of the Gryffindor dormitory at around eight-thirty. The common room was completely empty and light seeped from a single candle lit by the noticeboard where a stack of disregarded papers sat. Suho led Chanyeol down to the sixth floor where Slughorn’s office was. The entire corridor was painted with an assortment of Christmas ornaments and strings of mistletoe.

“Here we are,” Suho reached the door of Slughorn’s office where a stream of animated music was leaking through. “Professor Slughorn!” He rapped the door with fervency. After what seemed to be a suspiciously long moment’s time, Professor Slughorn came waddling to the door, tearing it open with such speed it nearly broke off the hinge. Chanyeol was met with quite a sight as the professor’s bulging stomach met his eyes much before his face did.

“Joonmyeon, m’boy!” Slughorn greeted Suho warmly, amicably patting his back. “It’s been a while! Still doing well in Charms?”

“Oh yes, Professor,” Suho turned to Chanyeol. “I’ve brought a friend. He’s a member of the Slug Club too. Chanyeol?”

Slughorn’s eyes fell upon Chanyeol and he beamed, a large smile breaking upon his face. He outstretched his arms, locking Chanyeol in such a tight embrace, he felt his ribs crack nastily.

“Chanyeol, m’boy! It’s been so long!” His back was roughly patted as Slughorn pulled back from the hug. “Last meeting seems ages ago now that I’m seeing you. My, my did you grow taller already?” He gave a hearty chuckle, violently slapping Chanyeol’s shoulder as he stepped aside, allowing him and Suho entrance. The office was decorated just as appropriately as the hallways. Wreathes and colored ornaments hung everywhere, smothering the ceilings and the walls with its flamboyant aura.

“I believe you know most of the alumni here,” Slughorn shut the door. “My, my.”

It seemed the whole party had joined in a circle to stare at Chanyeol and Suho; he blushed fervently when he caught Yuri’s eyes trailing over to him.

“Now, now, where to start, yes…” Slughorn started over to a burly boy eating a loft of chocolate tarts. “Mr. Shindong here, as he goes by. Yes, do you know him?”

Chanyeol nodded towards Shindong and he nodded back. He only knew him from Quidditch tryouts. In fact, he’d been the one to hit Chanyeol with the Bludger.

“Yes, now to Miss Kwon Yuri. I don’t know whether…” Slughorn glanced back and forth as Chanyeol and Yuri exchanged glances of mutual uneasiness. She timidly waved at him and Chanyeol languidly smiled back. “Yes, a very excellent Chaser, I’d say. Now on to Mister Taeyong.”

A shy blonde fifth-year nodded in Chanyeol’s direction and he bashfully waved in response.

“Yes,” Slughorn seemed to be getting bored. “Miss Taeyeon, Mr. Myungsoo, and Miss Evans.”

Three more people courteously waved in Chanyeol’s direction.

“Yes, and finally, Mr. Evans, who is Miss Evans’ brother, a very talented student at Potions, and we can’t forget m’boy Mr. Baekhyun.”

Chanyeol swept his head so hard to the right he felt his neck crack. Locked underneath Slughorn’s hearty embrace was the blonde, lean figure of Byun Baekhyun, Chanyeol’s arch nemesis.

How could he have forgotten Byun Baekhyun was in this stupid Slug Club?

He’d hated Baekhyun for years. In first year, he’d cheekily dipped a spider leg in his Draught of Living Death, knowing good and well the results would be far off from perfect, and had sent Chanyeol to three weeks of detention with Snape where he scoured jars of floating eyeballs and grotesque animal limbs. Ever since that day, he’d sworn to stay as far away from Baekhyun as he could, but as if the boy had caught onto to this, he ended up sitting next to him in every class they shared just to prick and needle at his nerves, whispering sordid things in his ear at every possible opportunity. And he couldn’t ever forget the day Baekhyun had embarrassed him in front of everybody. That one, scornful day where he’d made Chanyeol look back in front of half the school.

“Baekhyun was actually just telling me a story about his father, the Minister,” Slughorn cackled, hugging Baekhyun close to his chest. “That’s why it took me so long to get to the door.”

Baekhyun smirked as his eyes fell in Chanyeol’s direction, his head still lodged beneath Slughorn’s saggy neck. Seething with rage, he stormed over to a long table of sweets as Suho went to talk to a few of the other Slug Club members and helped himself to a handful of treacle tarts.

“Sorry about that Bludger, mate.” Shindong had appeared by his side, his mouth lined with frosting. “I had to get the job done, but I didn’t mean to hit that hard.”

“It’s alright,” Chanyeol muttered, taking a big bite of tart as he discreetly watched Yuri talk coyly with Myungsoo. His heart seemed to pang with gloom as she began laughing at one of his jokes. “I probably would’ve done the same in that position.”

“It’s not easy being a Beater,” Shindong leaned back against the table. “It’s an awful lot of work. Proper wrist techniques to study, speed diagrams, extra lessons—”

“Yeah, I bet you get the lot,” Chanyeol took another hefty bite, fingers dotted with cream.

“Y-Yeah.” Shindong occupied himself with a chocolate donut as Suho came ambling over, looking triumphant.

“I just got that Evans girl’s number,” he flaunted off a thin strip of parchment, “and she’s a Ravenclaw.”


Suho looked as if he’d never heard a stupider question. “So…everyone knows the Ravenclaws are the hardest to get with. And I just proved myself lucky.”

“A Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw usually tie together,” said Shindong.

“Excuse me?” Suho raised his eyebrows in disgust.

“You are a Hufflepuff, aren’t you?”

“No,” Suho scoffed. “I wouldn’t be a major pimp if I were a Hufflepuff—”

“Suho, we’ve been over this, you’re not a pimp. You’re a sixth year,” Chanyeol groaned.

“Sorry, future pimp. You just watch.” Suho pointed around the room. “All these girls—they’ll be mine.”

“Speaking of that,” Shindong muttered, nudging Chanyeol in the rib. “Here comes a hot one right now.”

Chanyeol watched as Yuri coolly sauntered over to them, tucking a hair behind her ear.

“Hi,” she smiled brightly. “Y-You’re sort of—”

Chanyeol looked down at his arm blocking the rest of the table. “O-Oh right—sorry—my bad—”

“No problem.” Yuri carefully picked up a donut from the table and cheekily licked a blotch of chocolate from the tip of her finger. “You tried out for the Gryffindor team, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Chanyeol felt his mood go sour remembering the outcome. “I did.”

“Pity you didn’t make it. Sucky team we have this year.”


“Really. No doubt we’re losing to Slytherin again this year. Our captain Woohyun’s absolutely lost his mind. He’s making Shindong control both Bludgers and fired our other Seeker and replaced him wirg our old Beater.”

“That’s dumb,” Chanyeol whispered. “I don’t see how I would’ve made anything better, though.”

“You never know,” Yuri took a small bite of the donut. “These donuts sucked last party, didn’t they, Shindong?”

“Sure did,” said Shindong, who was helping himself to fourth helpings. “Tasted like ass.”

“Sounds pleasant,” Chanyeol grunted. “Was it the Halloween party?”

“You bet,” Yuri suddenly locked eyes with Myungsoo across the room. “I’ve got to go. My cousin’s driving me nuts over there.”

Eyes bulging, Chanyeol turned to where Myungsoo was standing by another table, looking particularly bored.

“C-Cousin?! That’s not your boyfriend?”

“No,” said Yuri, coldly. “I wish people would quit saying that, we’re just cousins.”

“O-Oh, I was just—”

“Repeating, I know, it’s fine. See you later, Chanyeol. Have a good time.” Yuri broadly smiled at him as she strode towards Myungsoo who was playing with the tablecloth.

“Oh—my—god,” Suho sniggered. “Your crush finally talked to you.”

“I know. I don’t know what to do with myself.”

“Told you you would have a good time,” said Suho, grabbing a strawberry donut. “Watch. She’s gonna fall for you so hard, you won’t know what hit you.”

“Wassup, Parkie!”

Chanyeol peeked over Suho’s head. Baekhyun was crossing towards him, wicked smirk on his face. He wished he could just slap it right off, watching the horror replacing his haughty features as he glanced down at his bloody lips smeared against the ground.

“What, Baekhyun?”

“Just wanted to say hello, geez,” Baekhyun shrugged languidly as he picked up a cherry pie from off the table. “Slughorn was just listening to a story about my dad in the ministry. He just finished up some very important work in Romania negotiating with their Minister on allowing their brand of sweets into London. He just got back to a very special award. It’s still hung up in his room.”

“Great,” Chanyeol grunted through gritted teeth.

“Oh, that’s it? No congratulatory message for him?”

“What, besides that I think his son is a git?”

Baekhyun’s smirk promptly fell as his eyebrows knitted tersely. “Why are you being such a prick? I’m trying to be nice to you.”

“You’re always a prick to me, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol picked a pasty off the table. “Don’t even try to act like you’re not.”

“Well, I’m trying to change,” Baekhyun said, sharply. “At least give me credit for that.”

“Change? You hate me, Baekhyun. You always will.”

“I never once said I hated you,” Baekhyun muttered, suddenly looking serious. “If I hate you, I’ll tell you. In the meantime…I want to patch things up between us.”

Chanyeol scoffed. “Yeah, right. And then what are you going to do? Put some bogey-hex on my breakfast so I’ll disappear?”

“Do you not trust me or something?”

“No! Why would I? All you’ve done is make my life a living hell for the past six years!”

“And I’m trying to make up for it,” Baekhyun hissed disdainfully. “Now, will you let me?”

“Why? Are you about to die soon or something?”

Baekhyun frowned, tapping his foot angrily against the floor. “I’m not playing with you, Parkie.”

“Neither am I.” For some reason, Chanyeol felt anger rising inside of him. Baekhyun always played games with people like this. He won their trust and then stabbed them right in the back with a shining, coarse blade. “I don’t trust you and I probably never will.”

Baekhyun’s retort was drowned out by a sudden bell. Slughorn was standing in front of the main table in the room.

“Dinner, everyone.”

“Oh thank god, I’m starving,” Suho rushed to the nearest seat as Chanyeol idly followed, Baekhyun’s eyes trailing behind him.

In front of them were steaming dishes of every food imaginable: turkey, roast chicken, pork, baked beans, green peas, cornbread, French fries, pudding, smoked hams, powdered cakes, green beans, steaming macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc.

Chanyeol immediately dug in, filling his plate with turkey legs, mashed potatoes and gravy and French Fries as Suho stacked up on hams and green peas.

“So, everyone, tell me the news of your families,” Slughorn said idly, passing a small jug of juice to Taeyong. “What’s going on in the household?”

Chanyeol felt himself going red. What on earth was he supposed to say? His parents were Muggles and the most interesting thing they’d done that year was kill a buffalo.

“Taeyeon, you first.”

“Oh,” Taeyeon blushed. “Well, I’ve sure got a lot to say.”

Taeyeon talked all about her mother’s bookshop in the Leaky Cauldron and how Gilderoy Lockhart himself had visited her personally to get his books sold in her store. Slughorn cooed with interest when she told all about how her mother was writing a book of her own on evil potions and the comical results they’d had for those who’d drank it.

“Oh, how hilarious. Let’s see, who’s next—ah, Mister Joonmyeon, go on!”

Suho confidently told about his father’s job making wands and how he was selling much more than Ollivander’s these days. He even spilled on how his father had invented a new type of wand out of a special wood that would give immortality to its bearer.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” whispered Slughorn, looking grave. “Now, next up…oh, put your hand down Baekhyun, I’ve already talked with you, ho, ho, ho—how about Chanyeol?”

Chanyeol momentarily dropped his fork, poking his head up from his meat.

“Oh. Me?”

“Yes, sir, you,” said Slughorn, looking absolutely delighted about hearing about Chanyeol’s parents. “You said quite a deal about your parents last time. About how your mother makes cauldrons and your father’s in the Wizengamot.”

“Er…” Chanyeol hadn’t even remembered the lies he’d told. “Y-yeah. My f-father says a hefty ton of work goes into that Wizengamot, yes. He just recently had a case with a R-Rufus Amon. H-He tried to conjure the Dark Mark above his own home.”

“Oh, how scary,” Slughorn cooed, placing a hand on his chest. “Must’ve given everyone quite a fright.”

“It did,” said Chanyeol, briskly. “He talked all about it at dinner a few nights ago.”

“What’s the worst case your dad has ever had to deal with?” Taeyong asked thickly through some cake.

“Oh,” Chanyeol felt himself blanch visibly as he saw Baekhyun roguishly smirking at him across the room; the boy obviously knew he was lying. “Uh…p-probably that one time when…uh…Stan Shunpike! Do you remember Stan Shunpike?”

“Oh, yes, the tyke,” Slughorn cackled with jolly, patting his fat stomach. “I remember him on the Knight Bus.”

“Yes, yes. He went to the Ministry for trial because people thought he was a Death Eater and right in the middle of his speech…er…I dunno if I should say…”

“Oh no, boy, go on!” said Slughorn, leaning forward with curiousity. Chanyeol saw out of the corner of his eye that Yuri was staring very inquisitively at him as if also very interested in what he had to say.

“W-well…You-Know-Who Apparated right in the middle of the trial. Scared about a thousand people lifeless. And he got his snake Nagini and got them to—”

“I don’t remember that.”

Chanyeol felt himself blushing as Baekhyun suddenly spoke, crossing his arms.

Slughorn turned to look at him, enquiringly. “Sorry?”

“Oh, Professor,” said Baekhyun brightly as if he was suddenly in the best mood. “I dunno if you heard me, but I basically just dismissed Chanyeol’s story here.”

There was an awkward silence as Slughorn stared from Baekhyun to Chanyeol and back again. He looked thoroughly confused. “I-I’m sorry?”

“Chanyeol here,” Baekhyun said, loudly, leaning back in his seat, “is lying.”

Nobody gasped. Nobody said anything. Everyone just stared at Chanyeol.

“Oh…er…” Slughorn settled back in his seat, looking distraught. “Baekhyun, m’boy—”

“My father would’ve easily told me all about You-Know-Who Apparating right in the very middle of his courtroom, I expect. I mean, why would he keep it secret from his precious Slytherin son?”

Chanyeol felt his mouth curling into a scowl; he heatedly reached for his wand, but did not draw it. The blood pumping through his veins was as hot as fire and his feet would not quit moving beneath the table.

“Oh, m’boy Baekhyun,” Slughorn said, his face dawning a very sickly shade of red. “I-I don’t suppose we embarrass Chanyeol like that, m’boy—”

“Embarrass him?” said Baekhyun, a hint of anger seeping into his tone. “Oh, no, no, I’m just telling you all the truth. Think of it like that.”

Suho awkwardly glanced at Chanyeol ardently fidgeting with his wand.

“I-I think this might’ve been before your dad, Baekhyun,” Suho tried to reason as everyone visibly glared at Chanyeol. “He was just recently appointed, correct?”

“Yes,” said Baekhyun, crossly, “but one does not go from ordinary wizard to Minister of Magic in just a few days, Joonmyeon.” Suho’s mouth twitched as Baekhyun said his name. “He’s been a member of the Wizengamot for years. Twenty years to be exact.”

Lips quivering with anger, Chanyeol locked eyes with Baekhyun, his gaze glowing with malice.

“Well,” Slughorn nearly screamed in attempt to distract everyone, “um—um—um—who were we at—yes, Shindong, go on ahead—”

Chanyeol felt his head bursting with too many thoughts. He could still see Yuri distastefully staring at him as if he were vermin, heatedly fixing her hair as she shook her head at him. He needed to leave. He could not stay here or he would kill Baekhyun. He would kill him. He would.

“Oh, great story Shindong,” Slughorn said uneasily as Shindong finished his story about his dad helping Hagrid sell Hippogriffs. “Yes, yes, now who’s next—”

There was a loud rattling noise as Chanyeol suddenly sprung up from the table. Clutching his wand tightly in hand, he stared menacingly at Baekhyun who seemed unfazed. Then, kicking the chair aside, he left the table and icily sauntered out the room.

He barely heard Slughorn’s loud, booming voice as the door shut behind him and he set on down the shadowy sixth floor corridor. He had never felt this angry. Ever. He felt so furious, his head was literally aching with pain and his eyes felt like they were brimming with tears. Chanyeol was the type to cry when he was angry, but he definitely didn’t want to break down in the middle of the sixth floor where anybody could see him. He needed to get back to the common room.

He sharply turned the corner where he came across a sleeping portrait of a robed Portuguese wizard with a pipe in his mouth.

“Mercy mayhem.”

The portrait swung open, the wizard still sleeping idly inside, and Chanyeol quickly filed through the opening. He emerged in what was probably the fifth-floor corridor, but it was so dark he could barely see a thing. Scuffling in his pocket, he drew out his wand and hastily whispered, “Lumos.”

It was a corridor, except there were no portraits and no tapestries lining the walls. It was just a plain, murky passageway that seemed to lead to dark, swimming depths in both directions. Straightening himself up, he chose to go right because that was where the least amount of sound was coming from.

Chanyeol’s anger didn’t fade as he continued to walk through the shadowy depths of the passageway. Baekhyun had done this very same thing to him back in first year. It’d been a cloudless, sunny day at Hogwarts and while the May sun had scorched everybody’s heads, Chanyeol had been in the courtyard telling a story…

{Flashback: May 17, 2010 – 1st year at Hogwarts}

(“…and so then my parents came in with this huge blanket. And it was all rough and long, so I asked what it was. It was dragonhide!”

All the tiny little first years cooed and moaned with interest. Chanyeol, who was visibly taller than all of these first years, chose to keep going.

“And then my father told me to look outside. I put my tiny little legs on the window sill, pulled back the curtains, and there before my eyes was a big, fat dragon!”

More coos and cries sounded as question after question was flung at Chanyeol about the dragon. The size of it, its weight, if it could breathe fire.

“Come back during dinner and I’ll finish up the story!”

“Wassup, Parkie!”

Chanyeol turned around. Byun Baekhyun, a short, blonde-haired boy came stomping over to him, a wicked smirk on his face. Chanyeol wished he could just slap it off with his small, little first-year hands.

“Talking about that dragon again?”

“Yes, I am,” Chanyeol puffed out his chest. “Your Wizengamot stories are really getting boring.”

The crowd of students laughed, but Baekhyun’s smirk did not ease off his face.

“What type of dragon was it, Chan?” Baekhyun crossed his arms.

“Hungarian Horntail, of course,” said Chanyeol as the boys behind him whispered in awe. “Biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s funny,” Baekhyun suddenly extracted a wrinkled edition of the Daily Prophet from beneath his crossed arm. “I just read an article on how the last Hungarian Horntail was seen in Albania.”

Chanyeol swallowed, but didn’t say a word.

“When did this story occur again?”

“Th-This summer…”

“This summer, eh?” Baekhyun turned over the Daily Prophet. “This edition is from October of 2008. Almost two years ago.”

All the boys started staring crossly at Chanyeol, circling around him.

“You were lying?!”

“You don’t have a dragon?”

“You’ve never seen one?”

“Are you mad? Who lies about that?”

“What else have you lied about—your name?”

Baekhyun left, the haughtiest grin on his face as the crowd continued shouting and hollering at Chanyeol, the tall boy’s head hanging with misery.)

Everyone had seen Chanyeol as just a liar for the few weeks that’d followed. Nobody had sat by him, nobody had talked to him, and nobody had even spared him a glance that didn’t show loathing. He spent his afternoons and evenings lying in the common room, reading books or sleeping idly on the couch. Baekhyun had never once apologized for that, and now, after seemingly trying to make amends with the boy, he’d gone off and done it again.

He stopped in the middle of the hallway, his anger starting to rise all the way up to his neck. He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down and take deep breaths. Being angry at this point wouldn’t help him. The damage had already been done and Baekhyun wouldn’t care if Chanyeol came at him about being a mean little prick. He’d just retaliate and do something again to make Chanyeol hate him even more.


Chanyeol popped open his eyes. He turned around, so fast he cricked his neck, and looked behind him. There was nothing. Nothing besides the shadowy depths of the hallway.

Shaking his head, he continued on, thinking he’d just imagined the noise. Snakes didn’t really exist in Hogwarts anymore, there was no way there was one—


Okay, I did not imagine that, Chanyeol thought to himself. He turned around again, but still saw nothing.

What was that?

Was somebody else here?

“H-Hello?” He knew it was awfully stupid to call out in a moment like this, mainly because if there indeed was a murderer, they could easily track him down by his voice.

There was no response, just the faint sound of shuffling.

He continued down the hallway, walking backwards now so he could hear clearly. He thrust his wand out in front of him as the shuffling eerily grew louder and the silence panged in his ears. His heart was wildly hammering in his chest, so hard it nearly felt hard to breathe.


He whirled around. He’d backed right up into a mirror which had fallen from the wall and smashed into tiny bits on the ground. The shuffling grew louder and the hissing sounded again.


He gasped in horror as he suddenly stared at his reflection in the bits of mirror scattered at his feet. There was nothing behind him from what he could still see, but he knew someone or something was scurrying behind him. He reached down to try and clean up the glass, but he accidentally scraped his finger against a sharp edge and doubled in pain, gripping his finger. A small trickle of blood ran freely from his fingertip and he wiped it against his robes, swearing with pain. He kept listening eagerly as he suddenly heard a new sound: something was whispering against the night, their cold, frail body sliding flaccidly against the floor. Wand still clutched in his hand, he reached down to move the glass bits out of the way so he could move, when he saw something in his reflection that made him scream.

A ten-foot tall snake was hovering over his shoulder, its forked tongue rapidly swimming in and out of its mouth. He hollered, doubling back and tripping over the glass. He fell on his butt, but quickly made to push himself back up and pin himself against the wall. The snake merely watched him, licking its lips and hissing with menace.

How could he escape? Snakes were fast and he definitely wasn’t a speedy runner.


A blue bolt of light jetted from his wand and hit the snake, making it slither backwards as it hissed with disdain. It drew back its head as if to strike and before Chanyeol’s eyes, it’s head darted right to where his ear had been as he flung himself to the side. The snake full-on hit the wall, hissing with anger, and pulled back its head, sniffing the air ardently for Chanyeol’s scent. He looked down at his finger. It was still bleeding. The blood was attracting the snake.

Using one hand to support his wand and the other to quickly wipe off the blood, he swiftly dodged another one the snake’s attacks as it lunged its head forward, long white teeth bared.


A yellow jet of light struck its neck, but it did nothing. The snake merely kept slithering its body smoothly towards him as he backed up down the hall.

He needed a sword. He needed a sharp point or something to—


“Accio glass!”

The glass shards shot towards him across the floor. The snake stared nonchalantly as he took one in his hand and chucked it at the snake’s head. It pierced its cheek, making it hiss loudly with scorn as it swung its head to and fro. Blood seeped from the cut and dripped to the floor as the snake wildly swayed on the spot. Its mouth peeled open with such speed Chanyeol would’ve missed it if he’d blinked and it lunged forward. The snake’s forehead knocked into his stomach, sending him flying across the floor. His wand flew out his hand and rolled a few inches from his body. He stuck out his hand, grabbling the air, as the snake advanced towards him. It struck him again with its head, trying to bowl the strength out of him, and he sunk against the wall, feeling blood trickle down his face. Now his head was aching with something more than anger—deep, grotesque pain.

Blinking blood out of his eyes, he felt himself going out of it. His head swayed to and fro as consciousness slowly began to leave him. He was going to die.

Right here. All alone.

He could see a bright light faintly reaching towards his eyes, beckoning him towards it bright, dazzling depths. He felt his body move and felt his own head lull against his own shoulder as the light grew brighter. Voices seemed to be calling his name. Deep, loud voices. They seemed to be ringing in his own skull, trying to call him out of his oblivion.

“Chanyeol! Chanyeol!” they rang louder and Chanyeol watched as the light before his eyes began to die into a faint glow. He limply reached out a hand to grasp it, but it disappeared, and the same murky darkness returned before his eyes.

Reality seemed to blow into him like that Bludger from Quidditch tryouts. He gasped, air billowing into his lungs, as the sight before him suddenly reached his eyes. A blonde-haired figure was swaying a sword above the head of the ten-foot snake which seemed to be retreating. He could hear hissing, but the snake’s mouth was closed and its eyes were flickering with fright.


The sword crashed down and sliced into the snake, causing it to fall limply against the ground, blood seeping from the many wounds Chanyeol had not caused.

Someone had saved him.

Who it was, he did not know, but he was exceptionally grateful for them.


He blinked and suddenly Byun Baekhyun’s face was looming before his eyes, looking immensely worried. The sword was locked in his grasp and his robes were slightly untidy.

So Baekhyun had saved him?

“B-Baek,” Chanyeol licked his lips before continuing. “Wh-What’re you—”

“Chanyeol, you look terrible, we need to get you to the hospital wing,” Baekhyun stood up, bending down slightly to offer his hand. Chanyeol, not knowing what else to do, grasped Baekhyun’s hand as the boy slowly pulled him up. His head seemed to spin as he stood on his feet, staring along the passageway with shock.

“Come on,” Baekhyun, still tenderly holding his hand, led him through the same portrait hole he’d come through earlier. “Madam Pomfrey shouldn’t be busy at a time like this. I think she’s right around the corner.”

They emerged before the sixth floor corridor which was still dark and gloomy-looking, save for the Christmas ornaments painting the walls.

“How did you find me?” Chanyeol felt at his right cheek, which was damp with blood.

“I followed you almost right after you left,” Baekhyun murmured. “You’re exceptionally fast, you know?”

“I am?”

“Yep. I-I didn’t know where you’d gone off too. I was about to keep going straight when I heard noises coming from that door.” He pointed at the portrait hole they’d just escaped from. “I thought I’d better check it out. I said the password, the door swung open, and I found you unconscious against the wall with this huge snake above you.”

“How’d you get the snake to back off?”


Chanyeol couldn’t say he was surprised. Most Slytherins knew a fair bit of Parseltongue.

“I was freaking out at first,” Baekhyun whispered. “I kept saying the wrong words. I went from “Get on him” to “Get through him” to “Get along him”. It was horrible. I couldn’t remember how to say ‘off’, but when I did, it backed up and all of a sudden, this sword slid across the ground from the doorway and I took it and stabbed it about a thousand times.”

Chanyeol was too shocked to speak. Baekhyun had actually tried to save him?

“It’s all my fault,” said Baekhyun, his expression gloomy. “If I hadn’t made you run out of there—”

“It’s fine,” Chanyeol muttered. “I should’ve looked where I was going.”

They sharply turned the corner and right as they did, Baekhyun put a hand out to stop Chanyeol in his tracks.

“I-I really am sorry,” he stared down at his shoes. “I shouldn’t have embarrassed you. I was being a bit of a git like you said I was and I apologize.”

Chanyeol didn’t know whether to still feel mad at Baekhyun or not. He had almost gotten him killed and his body was only just now starting to feel a bit better, but how could he know Baekhyun wasn’t going to taunt him again.

“I-I forgive you, I guess,” Chanyeol murmured, just wanting to crash in the common room and sleep. “You did save me and all.”

“Yeah, I guess you’d be dead without me, huh?” Baekhyun nudged him, playfully.

“Sure,” Chanyeol bitterly continued, Baekhyun happily trotting along in his wake.

“You know, I told Slughorn to give you an extra chance. I told him your dad does work in the Wizengamot, you just exaggerated your story a tad.”

Chanyeol turned his head to look at him. “Why didn’t you just leave it alone?”

Baekhyun’s smile briefly fell. “I was looking out for you. I wanted to make you look good.”

“Isn’t that a bit sketchy?” said Chanyeol, a little angrily. “People are going to think I’m even more of a liar with you covering up for me.”

“I-I was just trying to help—”

“Well, don’t!”

Chanyeol spun around, breathing deeply. “Baekhyun, all you’ve ever done is ruin my life. You’re not going to ever make up for that.”

“I know,” Baekhyun said, gently. “I-I know. I’m sorry I’m such a selfish prick to you, Chanyeol, but I want to show you I’m not like that.”


Baekhyun licked his lips, eyes swimming with regret. “I-I hate being a jerk to you sometimes, you know? It gets boring.”

Chanyeol furrowed his eyebrows. “What do you mean? I thought picking on me was your favorite hobby.”

“Yeah, but…” Baekhyun snuck a hand behind his nape. “I-I dunno…I guess nowadays I just prefer to see you…smile more?”

Chanyeol was seriously confused now. “W-What?”

“I don’t know, okay! I-I just—when I sit by you in Charms and you and Suho mess around, I kind of like seeing you laugh over seeing you scowl at me.”

“Then why do you mess with me, then?”

“B-Because it’s the only way I can talk to you,” Baekhyun shyly started playing with his hair. Chanyeol couldn’t believe his ears. Was he genuinely sorry? “You’d be weirded out if I suddenly came up to you and said, ‘Hey Chanyeol, I like your shirt’, wouldn’t you?”

“Probably. You’ve been mean to be all my life—”

“I-I know. But I don’t really mean it,” Baekhyun muttered. “I—it’s hard to be nice to you with the way you make me feel sometimes.”

Chanyeol felt his ears perk up.

Say what now?!


Baekhyun’s head popped up. He apparently hadn’t realized what he’d just said until now. “I mean—damn it—did I say that out loud?”


“I mean…I…uh…I don’t know what to say now…”

“Do you mean you want to be friends, then?” Chanyeol whispered.

Baekhyun’s face seemed to fall all of a sudden. “Do I look like I wanna be friends with you?”

Chanyeol narrowed his eyes, looking puzzled. “See! This is why I don’t trust you! You go from being all nice and sweet to being a conceited jerk!”

Baekhyun groaned, resting his head in his hands. “It’s complicated.”

Chanyeol shook his head, turning around. “You know what? I’m going back to the dorm. I’m taking a nap.”

Baekhyun raised his head, suddenly looking alarmed. “No, wait—”

“Thanks for the incredible night, Byun—”

“Chan, wait! I’m not done!”

Baekhyun grabbed his shoulder as he began to saunter away. He stopped, turning back around. “What?” The blonde boy stared at him, stuffing his hands in his pockets as his face seemed to be turning pale.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Like what?” Baekhyun’s eyes glittered with veneration.

“Like you’re smitten with me or something.”

Baekhyun swallows and Chanyeol knows the next few events will probably surprise the living grindylow out of him.

“Because I am.”

Chanyeol feels his heart skip a beat; now it’s his turn to be nervous.


He gulps, unable to formulate any words or believe his ears.

“Smitten with you or something.”

And then before he can register any of Baekhyun’s words, the boy is charging towards him with persistent speed, wringing his hands around his neck and pulling his head down to face his. And then he feels his breath hitch as Baekhyun briefly angles his head and kisses him full on the mouth. His lips are undeniably soft, like two plush pillows for only his lips to rest on. Baekhyun’s hand trails up to his chest as he moves his lips soundlessly against Chanyeol’s, lightly squeezing and rubbing the skin beneath his fingers. Body suddenly feeling like it was on fire, Chanyeol finds himself responding. He places a hand on the back of Baekhyun’s neck, pulling him closer, while the latter snakes a hand around his waist, pressing their clothed bodies together.

He didn’t know how on earth they’d ended up in this position, heatedly capturing each other’s lips and running their hands all along each other’s bodies. All he did know was that he really didn’t want this to stop and he didn’t know why.

Baekhyun’s hand runs down to his jeans and gropes the skin beneath, his crotch briefly grinding against him. His fingers knot in Baekhyun’s hair, delicately stroking his scalp, as their lips continue moving together, heat jetting through both of their bodies like frenzied waterfalls. Baekhyun’s lips feel so good, his hair beneath his fingers feels so good, his body tightly pressed against his feels so good. He felt so guilty but at the same time so filled with desire.

He backs Baekhyun up against the wall, pinning him there with his body as he captures his lips over and over again, feeling his body twitch with anticipation. Baekhyun moans as his tongue scrapes his bottom lip and he opens his mouth wide allowing Chanyeol to slip in his tongue and explore inside. He bites Chanyeol’s lips in response, running his hands up and down the boy’s back, making him shiver.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun gasps as Chanyeol breaks from his mouth, painting a thin line with his tongue down his neck. He can feel Baekhyun’s hands clawing at his back, wanting nothing more than to rip the delicate fabric from his body and feel him completely. Chanyeol finds himself wanting that just as much as his hands tightly grip Baekhyun’s hips. The boy writhes beneath him as he sucks gently at his neck, tongue slashing at the deep red marks now imprinted on Baekhyun’s skin. His hands find Chanyeol’s jaw and he pulls his head off his neck, fusing their lips together once again as Baekhyun wraps a leg around Chanyeol’s waist, rocking his pelvis towards his. Chanyeol groans in his mouth at the tense friction and finds himself beginning to thrust his hips towards him with such force its almost painful.

Baekhyun suddenly breaks from his mouth, harsh pants wafting from his red parted lips. “Your common room or mine?”

They burst into the Gryffindor common room minutes later, knocking over lamps and chairs, pushing aside tables and Wizard’s Chess boards until finally they’re ambling up the stairs, taking turns in pushing each other up against the wall and dominating the kiss. Baekhyun does this most of the time and Chanyeol finds himself leaning up against the railing as Baekhyun ghosts a hand down his body, heatedly thrashing his tongue all about his mouth.

When they finally reach the door of the dormitory, Baekhyun pushes it open with his foot and they literally fall on Chanyeol’s bed, causing it to creak under all their weight. Chanyeol’s hands immediately find the buttons of Baekhyun’s shirt and he rips the first few apart, immediately latching his lips onto the soft, supple skin of his chest. Baekhyun grunts as Chanyeol’s lips whisper against his skin, arching his body into his chest as he runs his fingers through his locks. His tongue snakes out and brushes against the soft skin of his nipple and Baekhyun jolts instinctively. Chanyeol kisses his way back up to Baekhyun’s lips and the blonde boy cheerfully obliges, eagerly kissing him again as his fingers bury themselves in Chanyeol’s hair. He flips them over, straddling him as his hands ran down his front, his lips ghosting over his neck.

“Baekhyun,” he growls as the boy playfully nips at his earlobe. “God, I want you so bad.”

Baekhyun reconnects their lips, grinding against Chanyeol’s lap passionately. “I’m not arguing against that.” He unbuttons the rest of his shirt as Chanyeol helps him out of his dress robes.

Clothes fell on the floor in a mangled heap as Chanyeol fastened his lips around a sensitive part of Baekhyun’s neck, causing him to pull and tug at his hair with need. He wrapped an arm around the boy’s waist as he continued moving sinfully against him, pressing soft chaste kisses against every inch of exposed skin. Baekhyun can feel Chanyeol’s erection straining painfully against his jeans, pressing into his thigh.

“Chanyeol,” he tugs at Chanyeol’s robes as the boy starts licking at his chest again. “I want to feel you. All of you.”

Chanyeol lifts up and grabs the ends of his robes, yanking them over his head. He wasn’t that confident in his body, but if Baekhyun wanted him, he would give himself to him.

Baekhyun runs a hand down Chanyeol’s bare chest, staring in awe. “Beautiful.”

Blushing slightly, he leans down, lips brushing against Baekhyun’s nipple as Baekhyun’s own lips scrape against his hair. Their bodies press together and Chanyeol groans against Baekhyun’s chest; his skin feels so good, better than he’d ever expected it.

Baekhyun’s hand runs down to Chanyeol’s clothed thigh. His fingers play with the zipper of Chanyeol’s jeans before he heartily thrusts it downwards, watching as Chanyeol’s erection visibly loosens against his pants. Chanyeol gasps as Baekhyun softly cups the clothed flesh of his length, rubbing his fingers against the tip.

“Clothes…off…” Baekhyun grunts in his mouth and Chanyeol complies, shoving down both his pants and his boxers. Baekhyun’s hand immediately folds around his length and Chanyeol sighs as he begins to stroke him. He lies down on his back as Baekhyun climbs on top of him, rubbing his skin tenderly. He watches with hooded eyes as he kisses his way down to his erection and, with impatient haste, takes Chanyeol into his mouth.

He fists Baekhyun’s hair, closing his eyes as his mouth begins to fluidly bob up and down his length. He’s only had a blowjob once and it was during a brief fling with one of the girls from Beauxbatons and she hadn’t been very good at all. He didn’t even remember how she’d gotten him to cum, but it hadn’t been very easy. However, with Baekhyun, he felt that familiar, strong knot in his stomach almost as soon as the boy began to swirl his tongue around his tip.


He moves a hand down to the boy’s clothed ass cheeks, caressing them with his hands as Baekhyun’s tongue continues to graze his length, making him shudder in his mouth. Baekhyun rips down his zipper as his jeans pool to his ankles. Chanyeol squeezed the bare globes gently beneath his fingers, listening as his shaft vibrated with Baekhyun’s soft moans. He closed his eyes again as Baekhyun’s tongue slowly slides up and down his base.

“Your mouth feels so good…”

Baekhyun moans in response, grinding helplessly against the bed as he kicks off his boxers. Chanyeol runs his hand back through Baekhyun’s hair, loving the feeling of the coarse locks running against his palm as Baekhyun breaks from his length, eyes sparkling with need.

“Get inside of me.”

Chanyeol can only nod as Baekhyun climbs on top of his body, kissing his lips tenderly as he grabs ahold of his length. He gently flips them over so his body is hovering over Baekhyun’s and watches as his tip presses against his entrance.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?” Chanyeol asks, sensing Baekhyun’s nervousness.

Baekhyun shakes his head. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Chanyeol feels his heart bursting with gratitude. “R-Really?”

“Really.” Baekhyun reaches up a hand to caress Chanyeol’s cheek. “I don’t trust anyone else with this body, but you.” Chanyeol leans down to kiss him, showing him this moment means more than he can express. When their lips part, he grabs Baekhyun’s legs and props them up so his legs can easily wrap around his waist.

“Let me prove to you that you didn’t make that decision in vain.”

And Chanyeol does just that.

He smoothly slides into Baekhyun’s heat, watching as the boy’s body becomes visibly tense. He rests his head against the boy’s damp forehead, looking deep into his eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Baekhyun takes a deep breath, rubbing his hands up and down Chanyeol’s skin. “I-I’m fine. Just be gentle.”

Chanyeol doesn’t know why, but he feels himself falling a little for this Baekhyun. This weak, feeble Baekhyun with a good heart and an even better mouth. Maybe the boy had been right all along. Maybe Baekhyun’s not a conceited jerk: he’s just an idiot in love with a very bad way of expressing it.

Chanyeol leans down to peck Baekhyun’s nose. “Of course, sweetheart. I’ll be gentle with you.”

He moves further, gradually picking up a slow, ginger pace as Baekhyun solemnly begins to relax in his arms. Baekhyun wraps an arm around his neck as Chanyeol buries his head in his skin, carefully thrusting in and out of his heat as not to hurt him. Time passes and Baekhyun begins gradually responding to his movements, letting out small, soft whimpers with each thrust of his length.

“Ch-Chanyeol,” Baekhyun pants his name, voice rough with emotion. “F-Faster.”

Chanyeol grips Baekhyun’s thighs as he moves a bit faster, still taking care not to lose himself in his ecstasy as the boy moans softly, clawing gently at his back.

“Y-You’re so beautiful, Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun releases a strangled laugh, curling his fingers in Chanyeol’s hair. “I was about to say the same about you.”

Chanyeol lets out a rich moan as Baekhyun’s walls tightly squeeze around his cock, making his whole body twitch with fervor. He grips Baekhyun’s own length and pumps it vigorously, watching as the other boy’s face scrunched up in pure ecstatic pleasure.

“Ch-Chanyeol,” he whispers his name again and Chanyeol throws his head back, feeling the waves of orgasm slowly begin to climb into his stomach. “Oh god, Chanyeol, that feels so good.”

They continue on like that for a few more moments, bodies tightly pinned together, Chanyeol’s length moving briskly in and out of Baekhyun’s hole. Baekhyun shuts his eyes, both his and Chanyeol’s hand tightly bound around his length, and with a small cry, he feels himself explodes. Chanyeol watches as the blonde boy’s cum drips freely down his knuckles, his cock twitching feebly in his grasp.

With a loud grunt, Chanyeol cries out in pleasure as Baekhyun sears his mouth with a kiss and the fervent waves of orgasm rip through his body, causing him to shudder and gasp with each longing movement of his length. Baekhyun gasps as Chanyeol spills into him, throwing his head back into the pillow.

Chanyeol closes his eyes, slowly feeling himself descending from his high. Baekhyun slowly runs a hand up his stomach, chuckling.

“That was amazing,” he chuckles. “So much better than those wet dreams I had.”

Chanyeol looks down at him, dark locks falling in front of his face. He waits until Baekhyun’s eyes gradually meet his before speaking. “You had wet dreams about me?”

Baekhyun smiles. “More than just wet dreams actually. They always ended with me waking up, hand stroking my cock, and my mind only consumed with thoughts of you. Most of the time I would cum.”

“Most of the time?”

“When I wasn’t interrupted.”

“Ah…” Chanyeol feebly glances down at his own length, which is still partially buried inside Baekhyun. “Did you expect us to do this tonight?”

Baekhyun shakes his head. “It was a pleasant surprise to even be able to kiss you. And now here I am, lying breathless after making love to you. Life can’t get any better.”

Chanyeol feels his heart stir. Very few have ever used the term ‘making love’ around him, but he can say with an honest heart that was somewhat close to what he and Baekhyun had just done. It hadn’t felt like a reckless fuck at all. It had actually felt much, much better than that, and because of this Chanyeol knew he would always remember his and Baekhyun’s first time, even when he felt he could remember nothing other than his own name.

Chanyeol slowly draws out of Baekhyun’s heat, causing the boy to shamelessly whimper, and crashes down beside him, head buried in the confines of the pillow.


He groans into the pillow as Baekhyun’s hand dances across his shoulder.


Just the word ‘baby’ causes his cock to twitch.

“Baby, look at me.”

Chanyeol pokes his head up from the pillow, staring inquisitively at Baekhyun. The boy smiles, gently stroking his hair with ease.

“I love you.”

Chanyeol smiles, happiness surging to his heart. He’d never liked Baekhyun before tonight. He’d hated him, despised him, loathed him. But now—now he feels something awfully different. Love, respect, admiration. Three things he’d never thought he’d ever feel for the treacherous Slytherin Byun Baekhyun.

But sometimes life can prove you wrong.

And I guess all it takes is a sensual night in the common room.

“I love you too, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol whispers watching as Baekhyun’s eyes twinkle jovially. “I love you too.”

Baekhyun rolls in his arms, resting his head against his chest as he lightly presses his lips against Chanyeol’s nipple, caressing his supple skin with his fingers. “G’night.”

Chanyeol says nothing. He merely closes his eyes, wrapping his arms tightly around Baekhyun’s shoulders, and waits for sleep to come. Even though he already misses the sight of Baekhyun’s gleeful, smiling face and his sweet pink lips, he knows that it’ll be the best present in the morning when he wakes up, and so off to sleep he goes, Baekhyun’s lips still pressed sincerely against his chest.

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i know most of us tend to assume the worst about why laurent knows how to untie veretian jackets with a ‘servant’s proficiency’ but wait. listen. maybe it was because hennike used to eschew all servants and personally dress her son every morning and smol!tiny!laurent adored this so much that he demanded to be taught, and practised really hard to make his mama proud when he could lace them all on his own, like just consider

Day Together-Oliver Queen x Reader

A/N: a little bit of smut…okay maybe more than a little….when I was writing this, I asked myself ‘what am I doing?’

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“Nu-uh. You are coming back to bed.” You wrapped the sheet around you and reached out to Oliver who was getting dressed. You knew that he was going out but you were pretty against the idea of him leaving you. “Ollie. Shirt off and climb back into bed.”

Oliver returned to your shared bed but he kept his shirt on. You sighed quietly to yourself and you knew why. He hated all of the scarring on his body. You curled up against him and kissed his lips lightly. His hand gripped the back of your neck as his teeth pulled your bottom lips a little. 

Your hands went underneath his shirt and you pulled the clothing over his head. Your eyes went straight to the scars on his torso and traced your fingers over them, kissing each one until he turned over and you did the same with the ones on his back.

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Oliver let out a content sigh and smiled. It was the first time in a while that the pair of you spent some time together. Oliver went back to sleep and you stayed and watched him because he looked so much younger and less troubled. It was a relief for you seeing as he always looked so disturbed and hurt. When you were certain that he was asleep, you threw on his discarded shirt and made breakfast for him.

You didn’t like leaving before he was awake as he would usually panic if he woke up without you. He was always wary that being the Arrow would catch up with him and that one day you would be taken as revenge or used as bait. It petrified him that you would get hurt or worse, killed. 

You plated up the food and made coffee for you both. You carried it back to the bedroom and placed it on the bedside table. You stroked his cheeks and gently tried to wake him. “Ollie, Oliver. Wake up.” He began to stir and groan a little before he finally opened his eyes. “I made breakfast, get up.”

Oliver sat up and kissed the side of your head. He reached over you and brought the tray to the pair of you. He ate heartily and happily and it made your heart flutter a little. He made you so happy. “This is great, Y/N.” He spoke through a mouth full of food. You playfully scolded him and laughed.


After you both finished eating, Oliver was leaving to go to work. You pounced on him and refused to let him leave. He was a little annoyed but you kissed and sucked his neck. You sucked on his neck hard, you wanted to leave marks all over him like he did with you. “You’re not going anywhere today. We are going to spend the day in bed with each other and eat only pizza. Diggs and Felicity know that already.”

Oliver let out a sigh of defeat and when he didn’t come back to bed, you threw a pillow at him. “Hey, that’s my pillow. I’m going to have a shower. You’re free to join me if you like.” Oliver sent you a suggestive smile and you debated it in your head. 

You followed him into the shower and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. You wanted to make it a show for Oliver. You slid the shirt down your shoulders and left it there so that he could see a little bit of skin from your shoulders and all of your legs. You turned away from him and let the shirt drop, a sharp exhale is heard behind you. 

Oliver wrapped his arms behind you and ground his hips against your ass, his member was hard and throbbing. He turned you around and held you against the sink, his fingers hooked the inside of your underwear and pulled the flimsy fabric down your legs. 

Your wetness glistened in the light and Oliver pulled your right leg over his shoulder and he licked a long stripe along your slit. You cried out and tugged at his hair. Whilst he lapped up your juices, he pumped two fingers in and out of you rhythmically slowly. He loved to see you squirm underneath him and beg for more. The pad of his thumb toyed with your clit and before you could orgasm, he thrust inside of you. He let you accommodate to his size before he moved. You met his pace and he nipped at your breasts. His grip held you up but his lips were making you fall onto him. 

When you climaxed, your walls clenched around Oliver and he let out a guttural groan as he came inside of you. You collapsed onto his sweaty body and tried to catch your breath. Oliver sat you down and switched on the water. He carried you into the shower once it was warm and he held you up still. 


“Are you okay to walk?” Oliver had a smug smile on his face and you jokingly punched him. He laughed it off and carried you back to bed. He kissed you and held you close. His beautiful blue eyes bore into you. You didn’t even need to speak yet he knew exactly what you were thinking. “Y/N, do you think I did the right thing with William?”

You blinked at him a few times before his question really registered in your head and you kissed him briefly. “Oliver, don’t do this to yourself. Of course, you did the right thing. I promise you.” You stroked his face and he got up. You let him have a little bit of time alone before you went after him. After ten minutes, you found Oliver sat on the sofa with his head in his hands. You pulled him close to your body and the both of you just sat there in a comfortable silence.

He looked up at you and you wiped the tears from his face and he buried his head into your shoulder and you comforted him. You stayed there until he was ready to talk. “I love you, Oliver Queen. You whispered into his hair.

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By the time dinner came around, the pair of you were starving and luckily you were prepared. You had ordered a pizza to be delivered and when the doorbell rang, you forced Oliver to answer the door. “Babe, come out for pizza.” Oliver shouted despite you knowing that food had arrived.

You walked over to him but you were sore and a little tired. He switched on the tv and you grabbed a slice of pizza and shoved it down your throat. Oliver did the same and the pair of you watched some mindless show until you fell asleep on his shoulder.