why am i here all alone oh


Summary: You met Steve in one bar and two have a great night together.

Words: 2593

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Drunk assholes, fuffly, and smut.

You never minded to do things alone, you actually enjoyed it a lot. Going to the movies or shopping was, even more, fun to you when you are alone because you were the one in control. But you are starting to thinking that coming to this bar alone wasn’t your best idea.

Since you arrived at the bar, this is the fourth guy who hit on you in one hour. The first guy insisted on paying for your drink and after you declined several times he went away, the second was nice when you said you weren’t interested he went away without questioning you. The third one was insistent  but after hearing about your fake boyfriend he let you enjoy your drink alone.

The fourth asshole, Mike didn’t leave you alone. You told him that you weren’t interested, that you could pay for your own drinks and that you had a boyfriend but no, he wasn’t having any of it.  “Come on baby, your boyfriend doesn’t have to know… I can show you a really good time.”

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An imagine in which reader and Monty don't get along but the sexual tension is real so they end up having sex at the Crestmont wow


“Ew, why is he here?” You frowned, hopping into the back seat of Alex’s car and shutting the door behind you.

“Shut up, Y/N.” Monty replied to your comment that was directed to him.

“You shut up,” You bit back, putting your seat belt on. “Little turd.” You muttered, looking out the window to your right as Alex began driving to the Crestmont Cinema.

“Why don’t you make me?”

You rolled your eyes at Monty’s comment, leaning forward and facing him, who was sat beside the other window, Jess separating you both.

“I will,” You insisted. “In your dreams.”

He chucked darkly. “You’re already in them, baby.”

You scrunched your face up in disgust at the cocky smirk on his face. “Yuck.” You gagged. “Stay aw-”

“Can you guys just get along already, please?” Alex groaned, turning onto a main street.

“Yeah, just fuck each other for once, you know you want to.”

“Shut up, Justin.” You snapped, facing the boy sat in the passenger seat laughing.

“Get your leg off of me.” Monty whispered, pushing your leg gently from his lap.

“Make me.” You dared, mimicking Monty from before as you sipped on your drink and placed your right leg back over his lap.

Monty turned to you, but you ignored his gaze, as he smirked menacingly. You almost let out a gasp as he slowly moved his hand up along the inside of your thigh. You turned your head and met his eyes, the light from the movie screen shining onto his face, letting you see the change in his eyes and his smirk turn into a full blown smug grin before he turned to watch the movie again.

His hand was slow and soft, teasing your skin with sparks of excitement. You gripped his bicep, causing him to slowly turn and face you, keeping his eyes on yours as his fingers reached your crotch, causing you to close your eyes and let out a breathy sigh.

He leaned into you, kissing your jaw softly before moving along and down to your neck. To anyone else, to your friends, it looked like a simple whisper. You opened your eyes when he pulled away, looking over to see the most smug smirk he had ever worn.

“If you’re going to tease me with the trailer, you could at least show me the whole performance.”

He smirked at your hushed statement, grabbing your hand and jumping up, pulling you behind him down the stairs. You ignored your friends confused quiet comments, snorts of laughter, and gagging sounds as you headed down the stairs.

“We’re going to the bathroom.” Monty insisted, making your stomach twist with excitement.

“What if Clay sees us?” You asked, slightly worried, Monty pushing open the theatre doors and pulling you behind him.

“Who cares? It’s Clay!” He exclaimed, running down the large hallway and heading toward the toilets. “He’s too innocent to know what’s going on.” He mused.

“He isn’t five.” You rolled your eyes, following a rushing Montgomery into the men’s toilets.

“Whatever,” He hurried, turning from you to lock the door before facing you again. “Check the stalls.”

You laughed but obeyed, rushing along and pushing on all of the bathroom stall doors, them all opening with ease with no one inside. You were thankful tonight wasn’t a busy night.

You turned to Monty, smirking, before pulling him toward you and kissing him hard. His hands came down and cupped your ass, pulling you further into him, a smile lifting your lips while on his.

Monty pulled back from the kiss, trailing down to your neck instead. “I need you,” You breathed, your hands going to his belt buckle. “So fucking bad.”

He groaned against your skin, his hands tightening around the hold on your hips. “You sure?” He asked, his belt being dropped between you both. “We don’t have a condom.”

“I think you have good aim,” You slipped off your own pants. “Just pull out.”

He sighed, pulling you against him, stopping you from slipping his pants off too. “I don’t want to do this if you’re not one hundred percent sure you’re okay with this.”

You looked up to Monty, your stomach warming at how he actually did care about you, under all of that hard shell. “I’m sure, totally, one hundred percent sure,” You smiled up at him. “Are you?”

He grinned. “Yeah,” He breathed, landing a soft kiss on your lips. “Take my pants off then.” He chuckled, amused at your eagerness.

You laughed, but continued to take his jeans off, followed by his boxers, and his prominent little (big) friend springing forward. Monty let out a quiet moan as your fingertips grazed down his length, teasing him. He pulled you up straight and kissed you again, walking you both to the sink area and picking you up before placing you on top of the counter.

“We need to be quick,” He kissed your neck. “And quiet,” He pulled you forward, slipping off your panties. “Fuck,” He whispered. “We just need to be fast.”

You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him hard. “Go on then,” You took one of his hands and placed it over your bare crotch. He shivered, growling into your mouth as he hoisted you up and spun you around, pushing your back gently in order for you to bend over the counter. “Fuck me.”

He laughed, warm hands gripping your hips from behind as his cock slid over your slit. You spread your legs further a part, giving him easier access, before he gently and slowly pushed in, a deep groan emitting from his lips.

“F-Fuck,” He gasped, his hand traveling under your shirt and gripping your back as you moaned at the feeling of him filling you. “Baby,” He gripped your ass, pulling out slowly before pumping back in.

You moaned, a bit too loud, making you worry Clay might knock on the door soon. “Fuck, M-Monty, yes.” You breathed, biting your closed fist as he began pumping harder and faster, the top half of your body leaning over the counter top.

He panted hard as he pounded into you from behind, his hands gripping your skin and yours covering your mouth so you didn’t moan too loud. You watched Monty’s face in the mirror and how his face changed with every push and pull of his hips. Fuck, he was so damn sexy when aroused.

Monty’s fingers reached around to your clit, circling the sensitive bud fast and hard, making you almost scream out in pleasure. You moved your hips with his hard thrusts, creating more friction with the mirrored action.

“Fuck, baby girl,” He growled. “Just like that.”

The nickname turned you on even more, and you simply moved faster and harder against him, earning deep moans from the jock behind you.

You could feel yourself climbing closer to orgasm, the twist in your stomach growing with every thrust of Monty’s hips and deep groan from his throat. The feeling of being caught made this so much more exciting, and Monty’s hands moving from your hips to ass to hair to thighs was driving you crazy.

“I need you to cum, baby, okay?” He panted.

You nodded your head, enjoying the feeling of his cock and his fingers, your mind swimming in bliss and exhilaration as the waves rolled through your body alongside a loud moan of Monty’s name. His loud groans accompanied the head to toe pleasure that warmed your skin and flushed your cheeks as you came onto his pumping cock.

Monty rode your orgasm out, relishing in the feeling, before he slowly pulled out of you. Straight away, his hand grasped his length and began to pump, lifting your shirt higher up your back. His moans filled the room, and as his groans began to break his hot cum shot along your back, causing a surprised squeak to fall from your lips.

“Fuck,” Monty moaned, taking a few deep breaths as you looked at him through the mirror. He ran a hand through his hair as his other hand continued to slowly glide up and down his hard shaft. “Y/N, oh god.”

He threw his head back, letting out a few deep groans, before letting go of himself, both of his hands going to your hips in order to support himself up right. He was elevated and worn out, an odd mixture, but totally worth it.

He stepped back from your bent over form and grabbed some paper towel to clean yourselves up with. You stayed where you were, letting Monty clean up as he insisted.

“Babe, that was s-”

“Excuse me?” A voice from outside the door sounded, followed by a series of knocking.

Your eyes widened and you spun around to Monty, his jaw slacked open in shock. Fuck. Shit. You located your clothes and picked them up, making sure your back was cleaned before straightening out your shirt.

“Shit!” You whisper shouted, putting your pants on. “It’s Clay!” You squeaked as you zipped your jeans up, facing an almost laughing Monty.

“What are we gonna do?!” He exclaimed in a hushed tone, amusement flashing in his eyes as he quickly ran and threw the paper towels into the toilet and flushed it. He cringed at the noise he just made, but threw his pants back on. “Quick!” He pushed you inside a stall. “I’ll get him away and you just run back to the theatre in like three minutes.”

“Okay.” You nodded, fixing your hair and clothes. “I’ll meet you in there.”

He grinned and kissed you, shutting the cubicle door before heading over to face a confused Clay in whom stood behind the main door to the bathroom. You could hear Monty’s belt being rushed back on, making you almost laugh.

“Hey, man.” Monty greeted Clay, you could imagine the wide cocky smirk on his face.

“Yeah, hey, Monty,” Clay replied distractedly. “Why’s the door locked?”

“Oh! I just didn’t want anyone coming in here,” Monty reasoned. “Shitting alone and all that.”

“Right,” Clay sounded disbelieving. “Well-”

“Can you help me choose a snack?” Monty cut in before Clay could continue. “Please?”

Clay sighed, and the image of his puzzled features made you almost laugh loudly. “Sure, Monty.”



*Requested* Hey can you do a imagine where the reader is Klaus girlfriend but even Lucien likes her and he kidnaps her.

( Oh dear Lucien what did you get yourself into again? ;) Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Klaus x Reader, Lucien

Story Title: “Shanghaied..Again”

Warnings: Minor Season 3 spoilers

Word count: 1036

Your name: submit What is this?

Lucien: “Rise and shine!”

A familiar voice wakes you from your slumber, your sight blurry, your hands tied to a chair and your head pounding. You blink a few times before you raise your head, your eyes focusing on the dark haired man bending over in front of you; Lucien Castle. Fantastic.

You groan and roll your eyes at him which makes him smile.

Y/N: “Wipe that cocky grin off your face.”

Lucien: “Oh, but it works wonders with the ladies! I flash this magical smile and they are done for. Works each time. Wouldn’t you agree?”

He smiles as genuine as he possibly can, and you would have believed him, if you would not be aware of the vicious snake lingering beneath his disguise.

Y/N: “Jesus. Could you be more vain? All I want to do when I see that “magical” grin of yours is punch it into oblivion”

Lucien chuckles and squats down.

Lucien: “You are not scared at all, are you?”

Y/N: “Why should I? This is not the first time I got shanghaied you know. Besides, you don´t scare me. If you´d intended to kill me, I’d be dead by now. So the question is, why am I really here?”

His eyes travel over you for a second, stopping at your eyes.

Lucien:  “Huh. Now I see why Nik is so taken with you, Y/N. You’re smart, strong and extraordinarily beautiful. A rare combination.”

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The Color of You (Soulmate AU)- Lin X Reader

warnings: mentions of death, hospitals

a/n: so i finally did a soulmate au

1 year before

You woke up to the monotonous sound of your alarm on your phone and you groaned, wanting to sleep in for a couple more minutes but you knew that you had to meet your best friend for coffee today since you had canceled every other day of the week and she was excited about her soulmate.

And you were truly happy for her, you were but you had been through this with every other one of your friends.

They found their soulmate, told you how you were really missing out on something that you really didn’t want to be a part of, and they would disappear with their soulmates and eventually stop talking to you.

And it’s not like that you didn’t like the idea of having a soulmate at first- you really did.

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Hinata, are you and Komaeda still avoiding the kids?

Well yeah I mean we-

It’s okay Hajime. I’m ready to meet them again.


Yes. I mean it will have to happen one day or another so I might as well do it now. C’mon let’s go. *walks with Hajime toward the children’s “playing room”.

Hum…Can you just…Enter first?

No problem. *squeezes his shoulder* Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. *knocks before entering, nodding at Naegi who was supervising the children*

Oh. Hi, I don’t think we have met. *curtsies* I’m Utsugi Kotoko.

Nice to meet you. I’m Hinata Hajime. *steps aside to let Nagito enter*

Hi, I don’t think you need me to introduce myself again, right?

You are…

Oooh Servant ! It’s really you !

Daimon-kun ! To think you would remember me after all this time, I’m so glad!

Wait, don’t call him like that ! He has a name, it’s Komaeda Nagito. I don’t want to hear anymore of this “servant” thing.

Fine, fine ! You’re not funny at all !

So you really are here huh?

Oh, Shingestsu-kun. Don’t tell me you are still angry about what happened…

Of course I am !! You betrayed us ! If it wasn’t for you…!

Huh? Aren’t you forgetting something? I wasn’t alone, Monaca-chan was working with me too. She was the real mastermind behind all of this, not someone as useless as me.


What’s happening, why is Shingetsu-kun so angry?

Huhuhu, I guess it’s time for the leader to intervene !

Oi Shingetsu-kun ! *taps his shoulder* Aren’t you supposed to be my counsevor? What are you doing right now? It’s not cool at all !


*sighs* Sorry, I overreacted. And I told you, it’s “counselor”. *looks back at Nagito* I guess you are right. Monaca-chan was the one who really betrayed us. *walks away followed by the others 3 children*

….Are you alright?

I have a headache but I am…

Sorry, you weren’t able to proprely introduce yourself because of me…

It’s okay, I will just talk to them again later.


Requested by Anon

Pairings: Steve x f!Reader

Scenario: Steve and Reader are enjoying their alone time until the others show up.

A/N: #StopSteveRogersFromFlirting2016 … Kidding.

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Y/N.

Steve: Hi, love. If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I’d have one dollar. Because you never leave my mind.

Y/N: Hey, Steve. Awwww, that’s so sweet!

Steve: Call me Captain.

Y/N: …Okay, Captain. ;)

Steve: Are you my appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.

Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: You were doing so well and then you messed it up.

Steve: Were you spying on the chat?!

Loki has added Thor.

Loki: Look at this mortal. Teach him how to seduce a woman.

Y/N: It was a good line, Loki. Leave him alone.

Loki: WHERE IS THE POETRY? SERENADING? Honestly, you mortals have the worst mating rituals.

Thor: But brother, Steve is doing well! Or should I say, Captain?


Y/N: Omg

Steve: Please don’t call me Captain, Thor.

Loki: How can you be so smart at times and then revert to buffoonery?!

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: I was waiting for our dear oblivious Thor to say something stupid.

Steve: YOU TOO?!

Tony: Who taught you to flirt? I am ashamed… To call you CAPTAIN of this team.

Y/N: help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Nat has joined the chat.

Nat: Why is Y/N lying on the floor and laughing, although the laughing sounds like she’s dying?


Loki: It’s disgusting!

Nat: I’ve never seen Steve flirt before, it’s adorable! Who knew our CAPTAIN was such a charmer?

Steve: Someone put me out of my misery.

Tony: I can arrange that.

Loki: I can arrange that.



Thor: How come everyone may call Steve Captain but me?

Nat: It’s so rare to see Steve and Y/N flirt. Now I know why though. It’s adorable, the two of you, but the appendix line is just…

Y/N: Okay, everyone leave my boyfriend alone. It was a cute line :)



Loki: Shut up, Thor.

Nat has added Bucky, Sam, Clint.

Nat: Look at how cute Steve and Y/N are!


Steve: Here we go…


Steve: Oh. Thanks?


Clint: Ignoring what Sam just pointed out, that is sweet!

Clint has added Pietro, Wanda.

Steve: Please stop adding everyone.

Clint has added Bruce, Vision.


Clint has added T’Challa, Scott.


Clint has added Peter.

Steve: What have I done to deserve this?


Scott: Could I get that on a shirt?

Y/N: No.

Scott: As a gift for the CAPTAIN.

Steve: No.

Wanda: You and Y/N should flirt more in public! Don’t hide your relationship from us! It is sooooo sweet!

Pietro: Right… Sweet. That’s putting it mildly.

Peter: Well I for one would think of my significant other a million + times.

Tony: Why?

Peter: Money.

Tony: Right, I forget that not everyone is a billionaire like me.

Bruce: This is too good to be true.

Steve: Will I ever hear the end of this?

Bruce: Never.

Loki: I have “screenshotted” this. We will never let you live this down.

Vision: I am surprised, Steve. One should keep their personal life out of the field. This is highly inappropriate of you.

Y/N: You’re just mad cause you’ve called him captain before.

Vision: Yes. I feel… Words cannot express my mortification.

Steve: Your mortification? THINK ABOUT HOW I FEEL

Peter: Hey Bruce can you help me with a project I’m working on?

Bruce: Sure.

Peter: Thanks.

Peter has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Tony: Excuse me… Why didn’t he ask me?!

Y/N: Because Bruce doesn’t flirt with his aunt.


Tony has left the chat.

Steve: Nat, can you please make sure Tony doesn’t anger Bruce?

Nat: No. Scott, you go.

Scott: What? Why me?

Nat: It is a vital part of your training. The next stage. I think you’re ready.

Scott: Oh. Okay then. I’ll do my very best!

Scott has left the chat.

Nat: So gullible.

Clint: Everyone has commented except for T’Challa.

T’Challa: That’s because I’m both disgusted and amazed at the cuteness of Y/N and Steve at the same time.


Sam: It’s a shame you didn’t though

T’Challa: So? There is a clear difference, when Y/N says it and when we say it.

Sam: How are you so calm?


Sam: Fight him.

T’Challa: Tag team?

Sam: I’ll get my wings.

Bucky: No guys wait

Bucky: I was joking

Bucky has been disconnected.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Y/N: Mmmm watcha saaaay

Y/N: Steve, go save him.

Steve: But we have plans! It’s movie night!

Y/N: Our plans can wait.

Steve: I’ll miss you. Do I have to?

Y/N:  Your pal. Your buddy. Your Bucky.

Steve: You have convinced me. I’ll bring back some chocolate. I love you!

Y/N: I love you too!

Steve has left the chat.

Pietro: Is it possible to get diabetes from witnessing something so cute?

Clint: Is it possible for you to even feel emotions?

Pietro has left the chat.


Clint has left the chat.

Loki: Well, I guess it just leaves me and you ladies.

Thor: I am still here, brother.

Loki: Is it so hard… To just have one thing in my favor?

Vision: I am also still present.

Nat: Well, Loki is creepy so I’m going to go. Bye.

Nat has left the chat.

Wanda: Yeah.

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: I should lab sit for Tony… I’m totally not going to go mess with his stuff since he’s gone.

Loki: Perhaps I can join you? Lab sitting requires two people and I’m definitely not going to mess with his stuff as well.

Y/N: I would need help… for the lab sitting. We are both innocent. We would never prank him.

Loki: Of course. Why would we do that?

Y/N has left the chat.

Loki has left the chat.

Thor: Did…

Thor: Hold on…

Thor: Did my brother and Y/N just become close friends?

Vision: They always were. I even helped them swap Mjolnir with a fake.

Vision has left the chat.

Thor: IT’S A FAKE? I HAVE BEEN MOURNING FOR TEN DAYS OVER THE LOSS OF MJOLNIR! DAMN YOU, LOKI! But not Lady Y/N, she is too kind and is obviously under the bad influence of my brother.

Thor has left the chat.

anonymous asked:

"are you jerking off or did you just find another book?"

There were so many choices with this one lol.

“Are you jerking off or did you just find another book?”

Oliver stared at you after walking out of the bathroom. “Excuse me?” He laughed.

“You were in there for a while so that meant one of two things, those things being the prior statement”

“Or I was just using the bathroom” he justified crossing his arms.

“I won’t judge if you were doing the first one, it’s funny to think of the Star City Mayor and Superhero doing that” you giggled making him roll his eyes.

“[F/n] I was using the bathroom, nothing more nothing less” he said sternly but smile never fading.

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone. But just one question”

“Why am I scared all of a sudden?” He pinched his nose.

“Did I cause it or was it the new bow I got you?” You smirked.

“Oh my god I’m done here!” He yelled walking off.

“Ollie answer the question!” You laughed but he already made his escape.



Originally posted by trapgodbreezy

Back at the studio again, I have done nothing but features. I haven’t attempted to touch my album yet “I think I am going to call it a night homie, did you upload the song on Soundcloud though? So I can post it on my page?” It’s like six in the morning, I need to go home and sleep some. I did call Rylee when it just turned her twelve on her birthday so I don’t want to call her again, not at this time of night. She will scold me for being awake, Barbados is like three hours ahead of me but I can’t do it “it’s uploaded, you just need to post it on your page” my sound engineer said “cool, cool. Thank you, same time tomorrow. I am finna go now” I have nobody in the studio with me, I don’t bother because after all that shit, I am still annoyed with it. I also want my mind not clouded, grabbing my backpack “you want me to send the tracks?” he asked, placing my backpack over my shoulder “yeah send them, I will wait on the pay check now, send the beat to Tyga for me too” opening the door to the studio to leave, I am tired as hell.

I find it funny that niggas want to get jealous, just because I am keeping clean, they don’t like it. It’s weird, I see it for how it is, it’s like they want me to be bad. Pressing the elevator button, I haven’t checked on my phone in a while. Getting my phone out from my pocket, I am mad jealous of Rylee. She seems to be having the best time, her spirits are high after all that with her mom. I am glad she is having fun in a bikini, showing her body off, I mean I love it. That is a lie because I am seething, I hate it. She keeps baiting me with these pictures on Instagram, it is my fault. I did complain and now she won’t stop, she has text me twice. Unlocking my phone and tapping on her messages, stepping onto the elevator “wow” I said to myself, she done it again to me. Talking about do my legs look good in this, she knows my weakness. Looking ahead of me taking in a deep breath, the elevator doors slowly closed “hold up!” placing my hand between the doors so they didn’t close, I know this face “Bailey?” I said shocked “Oh, Chris” she stepped onto the elevator “what are you doing here?” the hell is she doing in this place “I was with Lo, he is in a different room” that nigga is really pissing me off “right, but he knew I was in there” I am feeling I want to go in there but I won’t “he did, you said you wanted to be alone” I remained silent, I just want to go now.

Stepping off the elevator “Chris” Bailey said behind me “what’s up?” turning around, I don’t wish to speak to a snake. I haven’t had the chance to speak to Rylee about it either, why ruin her time away “have you spoken to Rylee at all?” what a weird question “yeah, we talk every night or day. Whenever” I shrugged “oh, she hasn’t spoken to me since she left” why is she telling me this “she has a lot going on right now, maybe” I am glad Rylee doesn’t speak to her, she is a snake “are you both together then? You seem to be into her a lot?” licking my lips “you might want to speak to your friend about this, but if you was my friend I would tell you nothing” her face dropped “you have no right to say that, she is my friend. You have just come out of nowhere, you just want her for her face. Lo said you will get over it soon” I snorted laughing “right, Lo is slightly obsessed with Rylee. I am beginning to notice this a lot, how about you and him stay out of mine and Rylee’ relationship. I am about sick of people saying shit like that, you don’t know me. Leave me alone” why do people like to talk shit, leave us the hell alone.

Banging my car door shut, she done pissed me off. I feel like I am always the topic of conversation, I just want to be happy and clean. Placing my backpack down on the empty seat, watching Bailey walk off. I guess she ain’t got a ride, but if she wasn’t such a bitch I would have given her a ride home “fuck em” I said to myself staring down at my phone, tapping on Twitter after copying the link from my Soundcloud. I am missing Rylee like crazy, I can’t see my daughter because it’s not my time and my mom is in VA. Pasting the link on a tweet and writing a little something out ‘Today is a special day for you Sweetheart’ sending out the link.

Originally posted by vinnicg

Feeling the weight of someone’s arm on my forehead, lazily reaching up and pushing the arm away “stupid” I grumbled turning onto my side. And again, my phone is ringing “my god” reaching over and grabbing my phone “what?” I don’t like being woken up “Happy Birthday bitch!! Wake that ass up, I miss you so much beautiful” Bailey screamed down the phone, a smile formed on my face “awwww Bailey, I will forgive you for waking me. Thank you” let me stop being lazy, it is my birthday. Turning onto my back, seeing Kyrie asleep next to me. I do love staying at family houses, we have to share beds and I have this boy with me “how can you be sleeping in Barbados, girl I seen your tan. You are looking bomb, who been taking those pictures? Cause you can’t be taking those ass pictures” letting out a giggle “my cousin, she is like my personal photographer. My grandma caught us taking pictures and told me to hide my skin, someone might kidnap you. I am like really? But anyways, it is so nice out here, I love it. So much happiness, just to be with my family” feeling a foot kick me, looking to the side of me “kick me again, I will break your feet” Kyrie smiled at me “who you cussing out? Do not tell me you are bullying poor Kyrie again?” she knows me well “he brings it on himself, he kicked me but anyways. Sorry for not keeping in contact with you, just so much is happening” I am happy she called though, Kyrie jumped out of bed and ran off.

Some privacy, at last “how is work? Is Daniel still upset with me?” he is forever upset “it is the usual at that place but they have moved us all, they put you somewhere else too. They wouldn’t tell me, Daniel is fine. He said he will call you later, he is a little butt hurt after seeing the pictures of you leaving the club with Chris Brown. He likes you so much” he is so annoying “I’ll be sure to ignore that call” I rather he just text me “so I saw Chris today, in the studio” she said, pulling a face “how?” I asked all confused “I was in the studio with Lo, he invited me” letting out an oh “oh that is nice” I know Chris was in there “Rylee, Chris was so rude to me, he really talked down to me. I mean I know the guy has no respect for women but I am your friend, I only asked how he was” my mouth fell open, that doesn’t sound like Chris at all “really? Was he drunk or high? That is not him” I don’t accept that “it was just him being him, I asked if you was both together and he snapped at me saying Lo has a thing for you, it was weird. He also had a female in the studio, he made us all leave and it was just them” I don’t need to hear this, I don’t want to know this “what did she look like?” I wonder if it someone that I know “erm she was pretty” is the only thing she said “like model? Was it Rosa Acosta?” he seems to fuck with her a lot “uhh yeah it is, he is a dickhead Rylee. Such an ass to me” I spoke to Chris, he told he was in the studio on his own. I believe him because it was so quiet, why would he do that.

I am not even going to deal with that, I am just in shock. I am reluctant that I am here and he is there but I do trust him, I really don’t know and will need to speak to him but what the fuck, why on my birthday. I am so sad now, I am so not in the mood for anything at all “she is coming!” Kyrie shouted, why is he being so loud “morning baby” my mom said, I couldn’t help but smile “hey mom” I am a mess, I only put on a loose sweatshirt “Happy Birthday my baby” getting down the last step, hugging my mom “thank you, I am just going to get some water” moving back from the hug “no Rylee, the family are waiting” my mom pulled me into the living area, oh god. The family are awake “Happy Birthday” they all said at the same time, I don’t know why I am getting so shy “thank you” hate it being all eyes on me.

Sitting next to my dad “you’re getting old now Rylee, you need to get married” here goes my grandma “mom, please leave her alone. Leave this conversation for another day, but look what I got my baby” my dad pulled a large bag out “this is from your mom and I” I am so excited for gifts “oh you didn’t have too” I grinned dragging the bag closer to me “I hope you like it” looking into the bag “oh my god! You both got me Louboutin’s, oh my god. Thank you so much!” hugging onto my dad “anything for you princess” moving back from my dad “thank you so much mom, this is all I wanted” clapping my hands, I got a pair now. Pulling the box out from the bag “I don’t know why these girls want all this” my grandma waved her hand around “just because you can’t walk in them anymore woman” my grandad said, these two are about to cuss each other out again “these are beautiful! Yes!!” holding up the heel “now you need a man” my grandma added, I sighed out “don’t sigh at me, you need to wear that bikini and those heels and get you a man. Unless you a lesbian” my dad is getting so annoyed with his mom.

Even though I am not speaking to my brother’s they did buy me a designer handbag, I had to say thank you to them. I am just going to let it go, for my mom’s sake that is “well I am glad you like your gifts, we will be having a little party for you. More family to come, you are happy aren’t you?” my mom asked “of course mom, you bought me to Barbados, I have got some new heels. I am seeing family, I love it. I have had a party in LA, stop thinking I need more. This is perfect” holding my mom’ hand “your dad said we have to get those heels, he was determined and why don’t you tell Grandma you have a man? I can’t believe you are dating that Run it Run it boy” I busted out laughing, my mom calling Chris the Run it Run it boy.

Touching my Black Pyramid chain lightly, this really makes no sense to me. Chris wouldn’t be rude to her, he would if she did something to him. I know him, I have spent so much of my time talking to him, or maybe he is not taking his medication but he has been really good with all that. I just don’t get it, why would he do that and why is he with Rosa, this makes no sense to me. I mean it will continue to make no sense to me if I keep on ignoring his calls, he knows I am awake. I logged on to WhatsApp and then posted the picture of my heels, why would Bailey lie to me too. What if this was all true and now my parents know about Chris “god” rubbing my face with my free hand “Rylee!” my mom bursts through the door “yes!?” moving my hand away from my face “come down, cousins are here. They all want to see you” smiling at my mom “that smile can’t hide the sadness, what is wrong? And who got you that?” she pointed at the chain in the box, looking down at it “Chris got it me for my birthday, it’s his clothing line” my mom held the box “oh dear god, this is so nice of him. He is spending money on you already? This must have cost a lot” nodding my head “it did, mom. I will be down soon” closing the box, I need to speak to him.

Three missed calls, a text. Didn’t really help that I posted that picture, he knows I am ignoring him. Sliding across to call him back, I will be devastated with him if it’s true and he is still fucking with her “it’s your birthday! And you called me back!” he seems really happy “yeah, I saw the missed calls. I was just a little busy” I lied, I was just busy thinking if he was being a dick or not “you busy? You can call me later, I have just woke up. Still in bed and shit” I hate these conversations, why can’t he just be good “late night at the studio then?” I said, that was my que to say something slick there “yeah, I had so much to do, I ended up leaving at like six in the morning. I do feel tired still” tired from fucking Rosa’ fat ass “hmmm, you should sleep then” I decided, I can’t be bothered to be speaking on this right now “Rylee, is everything ok? You seem a little off with me?” rolling my eyes “was you in the studio with Rosa last night?” the phone line went silent “what!? No? I was in the studio alone, you know this” he could be playing me off “do I really though?” which is true, I am already insecure because he is Chris Brown, he is a fucking player.

I can hear my family outside, I need to go and spend some time with them “who told you that shit Rylee? I tell you everything” biting on my nail “Bailey called me in the morning and told me you was rude to her, you snapped at her. Said that there is something between Lo and I, and then you had Rosa in the studio, you kicked everyone out to have her in there, what is happening? What are you not telling me?” I am upset from this “wow! Just fucking wow. I didn’t tell you any of this shit because I wanted you to have a good time, I swear Rylee that shit is a fucking lie. That bitch is a fucking liar, she is trying to break us up. Fucking wow. That is all lies. I didn’t tell you anything because of everything you are going through, you didn’t need to hear my shit. I have been having a pretty shit time here but I kept that to myself. Bailey and Lo got it fucking coming” rubbing my forehead with my free hand “then you tell me what happened?” let me hear his side.

I feel I am between these two now “what is the point? You ain’t finna believe me, I am the guy that had sex with Rosa in the beginning like an idiot I am. I am the same guy that nobody likes and is a player as you say, what is the point?” pulling a face “if you think this relationship ain’t worth fighting for then it says a lot Chris” what is even wrong with him, I speak to him everyday “I ain’t say that! I am just saying why explain, you will believe the lies. You will still blame me anyways” he is so annoying “I am not even blaming you in the first place, trust me if I did I would have called you as soon as I got the call. I want to talk to you like an adult, I don’t believe anything. So tell me now” if he doesn’t then I am just going to put the phone down on him until he can act right “fine, so I have had a pretty shit time here. Just seems like everyone wants me to be that bad Chris, everyone seems to want to bad mouth me to make me angry. I was in the studio with the boys the day you got to New Jersey, Rosa came in and said I see you got some new chick. I didn’t want to know, I ignored her and she didn’t like it and then said maybe I should speak to my friends because they been talking shit, so I did. I spoke to them, Bailey been talking shit to Lo. She said that you told her that we didn’t have sex so I goes look, this shit ain’t got nothing to do with any of you if we did or not. So from that moment I knew that Bailey is a snake telling shit about us, so I saw her in the elevator mind you. I didn’t even know they was there, she came at me. Asking me if I am with you, I said ask Rylee. She got funny with me when I told her we talk every day and then said you never call her. She said Lo thinks we won’t make it, I swear down Rylee, that is it. On my daughter’s life, I love her so much. I never had anyone in that studio, I was busy making a song for you”

I didn’t even realise any of this was happening to him, he seemed so fine with things “why didn’t you tell me this before? I told Bailey that we didn’t have sex, just because we didn’t then. I didn’t think she would have repeated it” shaking my head lightly “I believe you Chris, I do. Just you know, she is supposed to be my friend. You was suffering, why didn’t you tell me this?” I am sad he didn’t share his problems with me “because I want to be here for you, I don’t know why Bailey told you that. I am so shocked because I don’t know her, you do. I promise you Rylee, I was busy writing. My problems are minor, we just have haters” fucking Bailey, I am not going to deal her until I get home “this shit happened on your birthday, I am sorry” Chris apologised “no, you didn’t do anything. Don’t say sorry, something that I am going to have to deal with” fucking bitch Bailey.

Sitting outside in my bikini, I did wear the chain Chris got me. I am with my man, I believed him as soon as he said about the not having sex thing. I took a picture of the chain and me, she can digest this shit the vindictive bitch, I would be happy for her, why can’t she be happy for me. Looking at my grandma, she is staring at my grandad “what is you secret?” I asked her “to what?” she has the same eye colour, I get this from her “keeping the marriage alive” she side eyed my grandad “I always keep him on his toes, your grandad was a handsome guy. Not so much now but he was, he had girls flocking. But I have the bomb pussy, he came back for more” I gasped “grandma!” my hand over my chest “don’t give me that, I never loved him. He made me fall in love with his charm, he treated me well” smiling at her “you have been out in the sun for far too long” my grandad interrupted us, you know what. Let me facetime Chris, I miss his face.

Hopefully he picks up that is, it says connected but no picture “ayyeee!” Chris spat “don’t you dare say anything stupid” let me warn him first “oh yeah, I got you. I am dying to put your picture up on my IG, you look so good in the chain. I am happy you facetimed me beautiful” he always makes me blush, it’s the way he stares at me “I miss you and also, I don’t want you to think I am upset with what happened. I do not blame you at all either, things like this will make us stronger. And also don’t ever think I won’t believe you. I just like us to talk about things” he looks so cute, he can’t stop smiling either “I get it, I just don’t get why people don’t want us together. I think we good you know; we don’t need people. I am still going to beat Lo, he needs it” side eyeing Chris “please don’t, you are better than that” placing the phone further down, so the camera is between my boobs “I thought we keeping this PG? You can’t do that” I shrugged smiling “who you speaking too?” my grandma spat “my boyfriend” I said “my mom calls you the run it, run it boy by the way” oh god, she is walking over to me “let me see this boy, come on. Don’t you lie to me” she said, I can’t stop laughing “oh is this the boy? Rose, it’s the boy. You told me you had no boyfriend” Chris is getting so shy, this is hilarious. He moved his face away “where is he?” my mom ran over “Hey, run it, run it boy. Come back” Chris bought his face back on to camera “hi Rylee’ mom and grandma” he waved, how adorable is he “he is handsome, Rylee he is a beautiful man” my grandma is so close to the camera, she needs to move back.

My mom and grandma are obsessed, I have to walk away with my phone because they was taking over “my mom took over back there, you see her. She even got her glasses on” Chris is still laughing “they cool, you should have left me with them” he thinks I would do that “Rylee, I can’t find my shoes” Kyrie said to me “uuuhhh, have you tried looking outside? I am sure I saw them outside, I am not doing it for you so go and do it and find them” he is asking me because he thinks I will go and find them for him “you mad mean to him” hearing Chris say “mean? I am not, he wants me to be his slave” walking up the steps “I want that too” Chris wishes I was his slave “right, if I am your slave then I will be walking around in my new heels in just my bra and panties on, you can’t touch me at all” closing the bedroom door behind me “No, if you are my slave. What I say goes, I just want you to sit on my face constantly” flicking the camera around while pointing my phone at the long mirror “why you doing this to me!?” Chris spat, he really can’t control himself.

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I already miss Rylee, we just spoke on the phone and I want to call her back. Placing my phone at the side of me, Rylee’ family seem really cool. Her brothers are dicks but other than that, they seem really nice. I just know that Rylee is the apple of everyone’s eye, she is the loved one, but it shows. I can’t wait for Rylee to be back in LA, I don’t mean to be clingy but she seems to be the only person to understand me. I am angry that Bailey lied on me like that, she could have cost me Rylee. It may be a bad thing to expose my relationship with Rylee to the world but then again, I am proud of her and I want to show her off. Blowing out air, Rylee’ grandma is crazy. She was checking me out, I think I have the family approval.

Staring at my Instagram, contemplating on whether I am making the worst decision or the best decision in posting a picture. I want to celebrate her too, I can’t hide Rylee forever though. You know what, fuck the world because that is my girl. Tapping the camera, scrolling down on my camera roll. I have the perfect picture for this, I kept that picture I took of Rylee when we went to Six Flag’s. Her side profile and smile, she is so damn beautiful. Tapping the picture, she will probably say that she hates the picture but it’s actually really nice. Pressing next to put a caption under the picture ‘Because you’re my greatest gift, I seal it with a kiss! Happy Birthday beautiful’ I don’t want to write too much, that is just perfect.

Now I can’t help myself, I am posting a second picture. The selfie she took of us at Six Flag’s, I would post so many pictures but I need to stop ‘She called me a corny nigga after this picture was taken! Can’t wait for you to come back’ I just remember every moment with her, it is funny that I do but I treasure every moment with her. Locking my phone, I guess that is it now. I just want to be happy and that is with Rylee of course, I just noticed that I have not left this house all day. I need to actually go to the studio, I might ask if Mijo will come with me. If I ever see Bailey, I won’t even look her way. Just because she will twist my words, I am just going to walk by her.

Just as I was about to call Mijo, Rylee’ name popped up. Picking the phone up “hey” she has called very quick after the picture posting, I hope she ain’t going to say why did you do that “oh my god Chris, thank you so much. My emotions are everywhere, I just listened to the song and then the pictures. What did I do to deserve you, thank you so much baby” she called me baby “it’s cool, the least I can do for you. I just want to make sure you have a good day, we are official to the world now” rubbing the top of my head “I don’t even care anymore, you made that song with me in mind? I don’t deserve that! I can’t wait to see you. Thank you, honestly. I don’t care about anybody else, it’s about me and you” I am grateful she is happy after all that bullshit.

Today could have really gone to shits, I am just happy Rylee is not like the other girls with the dramatics after she heard the lies “I’ll be back soon, how are you feeling now? You should have really told me if you was feeling that way Chris. I am always here for you, I know I told you about my mom but you should have said something” why is she so sweet, I don’t deserve “because that is mad selfish, making it about myself. I just want to do everything I can to make you happy, believe me Rylee it hurt me to hear you cry. My issue is just minor, I just get to see the real niggas for who they are” I can hear the music in the background, she should be celebrating her birthday “I am embarrassed that I did cry, I appreciate you for listening to me. I need to be happy for my mom, she is having the time of her life with everything. Oh yeah, you know my mom doesn’t know that I told you about this, she actually wants to meet you before she has her treatment. Now I told her that it’s a little too soon but she don’t want to look ill in front of you. It’s up to you but my family are inviting you to their home before that” I am shocked, they want to meet me “really? They want to meet me? I am shocked, I don’t mind. I am free whenever” meeting the parents, this will be different “we will figure something out, god. I can’t wait to see you Chris” I think I should let her go, I am taking her time “same, struggling without my girls. I better let you go though, it’s your party. You have fun, I am going to the studio and if I see them I will be good, for you that is” I still want to punch Lo in the face “ok, call me whenever you want though, I do miss you like crazy but goodnight noodle arms, if I don’t get to say it later” letting out a little laugh “you are just jealous that I have long arms, fool. Goodnight beautiful” the phone line went silent, it is like we didn’t want to disconnect the phone call. Let me do it, I am ruining her day already. Sighing out as I disconnected the call.


Name: Late Night Chat
Pairing: McCoy x Reader
Summary: the reader and Bones are waiting for Kirk to get back from a dangerous mission, so they are staying in the Sickbay long after midnight.

“So…” McCoy rubs his eyes and sighs. “What time is it?”

“0140,” you murmur, leaning back in the chair and staring at the ceiling, so hatefully white and bright. “Doctor, why on Earth are we still here?”

“First of all, we are not on Earth,” you roll your eyes. “And we are stuck in the Sickbay because our very smart captain is… Well, stuck somewhere on a planet beneath.”

“Do you want more coffee?” you ask him quietly, standing up and approaching the food machine and pouring some boiling water in the two cups.

“Yes, please… This… Brown liquid does not do much good though,” you nod and make the coffee on your own, using the box of the actual coffee that you got for your birthday a few months ago. You are supposed to keep it for a special occasion, but tonight looks like a good idea. “What’s that?”

“Actual coffee,” you smile and hand him a cup, which McCoy takes very carefully, his fingers sliding over yours for just a second, but enough to notice how cold yours were. Bones doesn’t say anything, just sips the coffee and moans, leaning back in the chair and smiling like his wildest dreams just came true. “Good?”

“Good? Splendid! Perfect!” he takes another sip and gratefully smiles at you. “Thank you, Y/N.”

“You are welcome, doctor,” you sit down by his side and drink the coffee in silence, enjoying every sip of the hot drink.

“Well, that… is amazing,” McCoy stands up and makes a few steps around, trying to wake up faster than in twenty minutes, then turns the heater on a little and hands you a big fluffy blanket. “Your hands are cold,“ you simply wrap the blanket around your knees. "Why are you still here, ensign?”

“What do you mean, doctor? You assigned me to be your personal assistant for as long you need me here… And before you clear me for active duty.”

“I mean, why are you here now. In the middle of the night. With the grumpiest doctor in the Star Fleet?” you grin, and McCoy smiles back. “Still… You must really be tired.”

“Oh, I am,” you nod and shrug your shoulders. “I just really don’t want you to stay here alone all night long.”

“Well… Good for me,” McCoy salutes you with the coffee and takes another sip. “So… Tell me about yourself.”


“We are stuck in here for quite some time… Let’s at least have an adequate chat, not silent sitting here like two divorced parents,” you smile and nod. “So… How did you end up in the Star Fleet?”

“My family was always sure that space traveling is absurd and rather dangerous, so… Here I am,” you grin. “I proved that I can just get here and be who I want to be,” McCoy nods. “Sounds childish?”

“Sounds serious. Why Star Fleet?”

“Space… The final frontier… The dangers, diseases, highest death toll in the Federation,” McCoy laughs. “Look at us, hanging in the metal box in the middle of meteors and hostile creatures! At least I am not wearing a red shirt, those people are so much more likely to die.”

“Oh, poor girl, poor girl,” Leonard laughs for about a minute, then takes your empty cup and puts it in the food unit for the machine to wash it. “How did you even end up here…”

“What about you, doctor?”


“Why are you here? We all have heard how much you hate space and everything connected to the alien stuff…”

“Oh, I… I am a long story.”

“Don’t we have a lot of time?”

“True… I got divorced,” McCoy sighs. “And just needed a way to do something else. Plus, I had a very annoying friend that pulled me in,” you understand that he meant Kirk. “Not a long story after all. How did you get the coffee?”

“Birthday present,” he nods, and you get quiet again.

“Do you have anyone waiting for you back on Earth? Special one? Family?” you shake your head. “Why no? You look like a girl that would have a family or friends… if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, just… I am not a dating type. I am a weird human - a little nerd, terrified of loosing people,” he stays quiet, so you continue. “And my opinion on special ones… Is kinda weird.”

“How weird? Should we be afraid now?”

“No,” you laugh. “No. I am the submissive type of person, and right now everyone believes in this equality… And I just want to… I guess, I want to belong,” you murmur, not really knowing why you are opening up to McCoy right now.

“I see,” he nods and leans back in the chair, not taking his eyes off you. “Do you belong here?”

“I guess,” you answer slowly. “It feels safe here.”

“Really? Didn’t you just say that it is dangerous and terrible and so on?” you laugh and shake your head.

“Right now it is good. We have our moments of Khanness, but otherwise it’s the moments like now when space doesn’t sound that terrible.”

“So, you would stay here?” you nod.

“Yes, very much so. Until Captain comes, all cut and torn apart, then we will have to hate ourselves, space, and our dear captain,” you both smile, and you yawn, trying to stay up, but still rest your head on the back of the chair, too exhausted to do anything.

“Why don’t you just go and sleep?”


“I am the doctor, ensign,” McCoy smiles kindly. “You’ve helped me enough. If you want to stay so badly, just take one of the places in the Sickbay. I will wake you up if I need your help.”

“Promise?” he grins.

“Yes, I promise. Go sleep now,” you nod obediently and leave the office just to fall on the soft bed and fall asleep within seconds, even though you did drink a few cups of coffee over the course of a couple of hours, which is usually enough to stay up until the very morning. McCoy hits the lights, and the whole Sickbays turns into a very dark, quiet place. “Good night, Y/N.”

“Good night, doctor,” you murmur, honestly fighting the desire to call him by his name, even though he never allowed you to. He stands in the frame of the door for a minute more, as if thinking of saying something, then just shakes his head and leaves, shutting the door behind himself.

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(AskTheBound) Dejan@???: The hybrid had landed silently behind the figure, he took a light step closer before asking "Hello? Why are you alone out here in the night?".

“O-oh, my apologies! I thought i was alone… Why am I alone?” The oddly colored bisharp was a bit startled and looked to be crying for a while. She wiped her eyes before addressing the others question. “I just needed somewhere to think, is all..” 

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Dally x Reader

Anonymous asked: 3 Dallas please

#3. “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”


This boy didn’t know when to quit.

“Oh come on, sweetheart,” he drawled, and you had to bite your tongue to keep from roaring back at him. Sarcasm laced his voice like venom. He drummed his fingers on your shoulder swiftly and you whirled around, fuming. He smirked at this, taking his hand back. He recovered quickly though, his eyes altering wide and all traces of presumptuousness dispersing.

“Why won’t you give me a chance?”

You narrowed your eyes further.

“Leave me alone, Greaser,” you spat, twisting in your seat. “I didn’t come here to talk to anyone. Especially not to you.” Your voice quarreled. “I came here to watch the movies,” you growled, entwining your arms together and ebbing into your seat.

He emerged next to you though, kneeling down to your level, in your opinion, jeeringly. Keeping your eyes propulsive, you could still feel the Greaser’s gaze alighting into you, and you stood up abruptly. This surprised him, as he didn’t move for suspended seconds, simply watching you as you stormed out of the crowd of inattentive people. You weren’t the least bit dazed though, when you heard brisk footsteps behind you. You were seething at this point, and stopped promptly, reeling around and scowling up at him.

“What do you want?” you enjoined. The male smirked in a complacent way and leaned down so his face wasn’t far from yours.

You weren’t sure what came over you, as he hadn’t even began to speak, but you hurled your fist at him, eyes narrowed in a searing glare. He seized your punch easily though, fingers curling around your wrist and holding it stiffly, inclining down, his face awfully close to yours. His eyes sparked in satisfaction, and your heart dropped, cheeks burning in discomposure.


“Am I supposed to be scared of you?” he whispered.

You bit your lip, looking him over, though his gaze continued to unwind on yours, never faltering. He didn’t look so much as portentous now, more divert, enthralled. It made a part of you irritated. He didn’t take you seriously, he wasn’t alarmed at all, if anything, he was deriding you. Though another part of you was compelled as well. You were still, frowning up at him. What would happen if you took your hand back? Would he let you go? Would he act more conceited and take it as a challenge?

“Hm?” he cooed, slowly yielding his grip. You jerked your arm back against your chest, glowering up at him as he loomed over you. “I’m Dallas.”

Dallas regained his posture and smiled, leaving you a bit jolted, pronounced to him. He held out a brawny hand.

“But you can call me Dally,” he told you with a wink. Your blush deepened, and you timidly grasped his hand with your own.

“I’m Y/N,” you said simply, and Dally’s eyes gleamed.

The Greaser intertwined his fingers with yours and squeezed, his chest puffing out in overt pride. “Would you like to finish the rest of this movie with me, Y/N?”

You subtly nodded your head, keeping your eyes on the male, liking this other side of him, hoping it wasn’t too discernible. The Greaser seemed much more sincere now, it was visible in his dark eyes.

Dally continued to keep your hand in his while calmly walking back to the movie, grinning. You gawked at the Greaser, defeated at how your feelings towards him were changing. He caught your gaze and winked, murmuring your name.

“What?” you asked curiously.

“At least try to look happy with me,” he teased, and you began to glare yet again.

“Oh stop,” he sighed, leaning over and kissing your cheek briskly. Your whole face flushed red and you sputtered his name, causing him to laugh.

“Plenty more where that came from,” he said, flustering you even more.

In a singsong voice, he told you he couldn’t wait for more, and you couldn’t help but break out into a smile, wordlessly agreeing, much to Dally’s pleasure.

Around the World in Smutty Days: Crowley

Summary: Your dreams about the King of Hell get the best of you.

Characters: Crowley, mention of the Winchesters

Relationships: Crowley x Reader

Words: 2,210

Tags: @spnfanficpond, @the–baroness @kittenofdoomage @abaddonwithyall @bovaria (sorry if I tagged you and you’re not into it, just ignore me, and I apologize)

Warnings: Smut….Smuuuuuuuuuut. Hints of non-con without actually going there. Slightly Dom!Crowley (I didn’t really mean it to turn out that way, it just sort of did). Also, I’ve kind of played with demon powers a bit. It’s probably not canon, so if that bothers you, sorry not sorry.

A/N: It’s been a while since I worked on this project, but here it is; The Crowley Edition of Around the World in Smutty Days. As a refresher, this is a personal challenge I’m working on to improve my smut writing, so I would really appreciate constructive feedback. If you’d like to read the Kevin Edition, click the link yo!


You attempted to fight him off, but every step you took towards him, every punch flung his way, hit empty air. Only to have him whisper behind you each time, lips tickling the shell of your ear, “Not fast enough, Love.” You whirled around to find emptiness again. His haughty laugh echoed somewhere to your left. Knowing the kinds of tricks he was up to now, you turned right. Of course, he actually had been to your left this time. Arms clamped down around you, pinning your hands to your sides.

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Frozen Sentence Meme
  • "The sky is awake, so I'm awake."
  • "And I like warm hugs."
  • "Cuties. I'm going to keep you."
  • "Born with the powers or cursed?"
  • "The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded."
  • "Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it...but also great danger."
  • "Fear will be your enemy."
  • "It's Coronation Day!"
  • "Me sore eyes can't wait to see the queen and the princess."
  • "This is awkward. Not 'you're awkward' but just because we're...I'm awkward, you're gorgeous...wait, what?"
  • "I'd like to formally apologize for hitting the princess with my horse."
  • "You look beautiful-ler. I mean, not 'fuller'. But more beautiful."
  • "So...this is what a party looks like?"
  • "As your closest partner in trade, it seems only fitting that I offer you your first dance as queen."
  • "If you swoon, let me know. I'll catch you."
  • "You can't marry a man you just met."
  • "What do you know about true love?"
  • "The party is over. Close the gates."
  • "I can't live like this anymore!"
  • "Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?"
  • "The queen has cursed this land! She must be stopped!"
  • "She's my sister. She would never hurt me."
  • "Snow. It had to be snow."
  • "Yoo-hoo! Big summer blowout!"
  • "You got engaged to someone you just met that day?"
  • "Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?"
  • "Foot size doesn't matter."
  • "Excuse me, sir. He is a prince."
  • "You have friends who are love experts? I'm not buying it."
  • "It's true love!"
  • "I never knew winter could be beautiful."
  • "I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer."
  • "Has it dawned on you that your princess may be conspiring with a wicked sorceress to destroy us all?"
  • "Oh. Look at that. I've been impaled!"
  • "Not sure if this is gonna solve the problem but I found a staircase that leads exactly where you wanted to go."
  • "Its a palace made of ice!"
  • "I never knew what I was capable of."
  • "I belong here. Alone. Where I can be who I am without hurting anybody."
  • "We were so close. We can be like that again."
  • "What power do you have to stop this winter? To stop me?"
  • "I don't want to scare you. They can be a little inappropriate and loud. Very loud."
  • "Because I love you, I insist you run."
  • "There is strange magic here."
  • "There is ice in your heart put there by your sister. If not removed, to solid ice will you freeze, forever."
  • "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart."
  • "Don't be the monster they fear you are."
  • "Oh, if only there was someone out there who loved you."
  • "I knew I would have to marry into the throne somewhere."
  • "At least we got to say our marriage vows before she died in my arms."
  • "I was wrong about him. It wasn't true love."
  • "Some people are worth melting for."
  • "Your sister is dead. Because of you."
  • "You sacrificed yourself for me?"
  • "Hands down this is the best day of my life. And quite possibly the last."
  • "The only frozen heart around here is yours."
  • "I could kiss you! I could! I mean, I'd like to."
Ravenclaws Realizing They Have Crushes on Members of The Other Houses (finally)

Hufflepuff: Why is this person in my corner? Last week they tried to talk to me while I was reading, and I was probably a bit ruder than I should have been…. But they just came back anyway. They’ve just been sitting there quietly every day since then. It made it so hard to concentrate. At least they brought a book this time… and we’re just reading quietly… together, I guess… Which is nice. I hate it when people try to talk to me when I’m reading, but I don’t necessarily want to be alone. Do they know that? Do they… want to be my friend? Oh God I’ve been staring and they’ve noticed. *blushes and looks back down at book*

*next day the Hufflepuff isn’t there*

Where are they? Why do I care? It was weird for them to sit there anyways. I don’t even know their name. *fidgets uncomfortably* It’s like I miss them or something… which is stupid. Is that them over there across the room? They’re reading alone… 

*gets up, walks over, and plops down next to Hufflepuff without making eye contact*

*Hufflepuff looks surprised, then breaks out into a huge smile*

*Ravenclaw buries face in book, turning red*


Gryffindor: Why am I even here right now? I don’t like any of these people… or being around this many people at all for that matter. I don’t know why I agreed to let them drag me here… Oh God, they’ve started dancing and they’re… so bad. Oh my goodness they are so bad. It’s an absolute spectacle… But… They don’t seem to care at all. They look so happy and relaxed. I wish I could have that kind of confidence. Oh no, they’re looking at me. No way. I am NOT dancing. 

*Gryffindor grabs Ravenclaw’s hand*

Fucking hell. My heart just jumped into my throat. Is it because I’m scared of dancing in front of people or…  *makes eye contact with smiling Gryffindor* Fuck. That’s not it at all. 

Slytherin: I can’t believe she gave me detention for reading in class. It’s not my fault it’s so boring. At least I wasn’t being disruptive. The other person in here with me definitely does not look like they just got in trouble for reading. They nearly look happy to be here. 

*There’s suddenly a very loud noise from the hall, causing the teacher to rush out. The Slytherin smirks and stands up, walking towards the window*

R: “Where are you going?”

S: “I’ve got forty-five minutes to kill. I’m going out.”

R: “Forty-five? You couldn’t possibly know that. You’ll be caught for sure!”

S: “I never get caught. Trust me.”

R: “Clearly you do, seeing as you’re here.”

S: *smirks* “Sometimes you gotta let yourself get caught for little stuff so they don’t go looking for the bigger stuff. You coming?”

R: “No… I’ll stay here. Thanks.”

*Slytherin shrugs and goes through the window*

Does that mean they caused the commotion outside? What do they mean by bigger stuff? There’s no way they can get the exact time right, they’ll definitely get caught. Honestly, I’d love to get out of here, but I certainly have no wish to get in even worse trouble. It’s not that I’m some rulebook-hugging loser. I just hate detention! They don’t even let me read! It’s just not worth it. I don’t trust myself enough to not get caught.

*About forty minutes go by and the Slytherin comes back in the window. The teacher comes in about a minute later, looking frazzled.*

Oh my God. They did it. Right on the dot. How??? I should have said yes. Their hair and clothes are kinda messy but their eyes are practically glowing. I wonder what they could’ve been up to. They look so alive. I want to have fun like that. Next time. Next time I’ll say yes.

*Slytherin winks at Ravenclaw*

Christ, I wanna do bad things with you. 


*Requested* Can you write an imagine where Damon becomes jealous because a guy started to flirt with the reader please?

( This one is a wee bit shorter than usual, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Now happy reading my lovelies!

Word count: 750

Your name: submit What is this?

The somehow relaxing chattering from all the people around you lets the time tick by faster, as you wait for Damon to arrive.  You have been waiting for quite a long time at the grill on your usual spot, but Damon is late as usual.

You are swirling your drink around as an unfamiliar guy approaches you.

Guy: “Hello there. Why are you sitting here all by your lonesome?”

Y/N: “Oh, I am just waiting on someone.”

He nods shortly before leaning against the counteredge.

Guy: “You mind if I keep you company until then? Someone as stunning as you shouldn´t be alone.”

Y/N: “Actually I´d rather wait alone, but thanks.”

Guy: “Oh come on. I am sure we get along just fine.”

The guy walks over to the empty stool and pulls it back to sit on it. Just as he is about to sit down you can see Damon rushing and preventing him from doing so. The guy almost sits down on top of him, but jumps back up as he feels Damon´s body under him.

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When You Meet the Hot Head in Red

Only one of the many possible ways that you could meet the amazing Raph, I hope you enjoy.

     It was raining when you got off work, the drops of cold water seeping into your ineffective jacket. You were just about to curse this shitty day; first you woke up to find that there was no food in the fridge or any of the cabinets so you left for school hungry, being hungry ment that you were grumpy and none of your friends wanted to incur your angry tears so they avoided you, you had to stay behind to take a test so you were almost late for work, your boss decided to keep you for the difference so you missed your bus, and you had the bright idea to walk home because you didn’t want to wait in the rain for the buss. ((Waiting for the buss in the rain in the rain… No NV fans?))

    You were almost to the subway station that would take you home when you heard a strange pathetic sound. The strange sound came from below you, where a storm drain was placed, looking down you saw the sad sight of a kitten looking up at you from between the slats of iron. The pathetic mewling tugged at your heartstrings and you found yourself bending down to get the grate off. With a lot of difficulty, grunting, and the help of a pipe you found in a nearby alleyway you managed to lift the grate up enough for you to drop down. The kitten, being afraid of your colorful use of language had retreated away from you, you had knelt down to get the poor shivering thing to trust you when the grate suddenly shifted and fell into its proper place.

    “Oh fucking hell!” You yelled up at the offending iron gate. Your cry was met with a face full of water from the road, and soft growling from the darkness a few feet away from you. You turn surprised, looking down for the kitten. “W-who’s there? O-or what?” You ask, raising the pipe that fell in with you. Your eyes scanned the shadows as you looked for the defenseless kitten that could now be in danger.

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The Last Time

A Spencer x Reader where the Reader gets sick of Spencer being gone all the time and threatens to leave.


You were in the kitchen when he got the call. You could hear the dreaded sound throughout the entire apartment. Spencer’s phone was going off meaning that he was getting called into work, again. It felt like he saw his colleagues more than he saw you. You were so sick of it. You stayed because you love Spencer but your patience was running thin.

He walked down the short hallway out of your bedroom to the kitchen. You could hear his light footsteps getting painfully closer and closer. “(Y/N)” He said as your heart dropped into your stomach knowing what he would say next. You were done. 

“You have to leave again don’t you?” You said sharply interrupting what he was going to say. When he didn’t answer you asked again raising your voice, “Don’t you?” He looked down at his feet. “There have been four murders in the last week in Huntsville Alabama. Four women have gone missing from their homes and found dead on the side of the road within twelve hours.”

“Why do you have to go? You could be just as much help from here Spencer. Don’t interrupt me.” You shout as he opens his mouth. He closes it right away.”I have seen you nine days in the last four weeks Spencer. Nine days! And don’t tell me you have to or its your duty. Screw that you can help from here just as well. They don’t need you Spencer Reid. I need you. Your duty is here with me I’m your girlfriend.”

“I have to go (Y/N). It’s my job why don’t you get that. If i didn’t go we wouldn’t be able to afford our apartment or food. Let alone all the clothes you have that you don’t need for a job you don’t have.” He spit back.

“Oh and who’s fault is it that I don’t have a job. if you hadn’t punched my boss multiple times I wouldn’t have been fired. And might i remind you that i am looking for a job and have another interview today.”You yelled.

“What else was I supposed to do (Y/N)? He was looking at you like an object and trust me I’m a guy I know exactly what he was thinking.”

“I don’t know Spencer, trust me maybe? I was going to quit but I was waiting for another job opportunity first so I wouldn’t be stuck in a situation like this. It’s so hard for me to get a job now because that guy tells everyone what happened when they call and ask about me.”

“I don’t have time have time for this I have to go. I’ll see you when I get back.” He said picking his phone up and walking out of the kitchen. You heard the door open, shut, and lock behind him. You and Spencer had argued and fought before but never this bad. Even then he still kissed you goodbye, at least on the cheek. But this time was different.

“We’ll see about that.” You said in response to what he had last said. You went and got some boxes and started packing. You and Spencer had lived together for so long it was hard to tell what was who’s. It took a few days to pack up all of your things the whole time without even a text from Spencer.

When you were ready to go you picked up your phone and called your best friend asking if you could stay with her for a couple of weeks. She of course said yes so you took one last look around the apartment and put your key on the counter knowing that this would most likely be the last time you were here.

Undertale {Sentence Starters}
  • "How adorable! I could pinch your cheek!"
  • "Please leave me alone. I can't come back! I just can't, OK?!"
  • "Are you bored? I should have given a book to you."
  • "You want to know more about me? Well, I am afraid there's not much to say."
  • "Why are you still here? Are you trying to keep me company?"
  • "Only the fearless may proceed."
  • "Sorry, I do not have much to say. It was nice to hear your voice, though."
  • "You're the type of friend I wish I always had."
  • "Even after all this time, you're still the only one that understands me."
  • "Don't you have anything better to do?"
  • "Oh dear, are you serious? I do not know if this is pathetic, or endearing."
  • "I don't regret that decision anymore. I did the right thing."
  • "You only wanted to say hello? Well then. 'Hello!' I hope that suffices."
  • "I just wanted to love someone. I just wanted to care about someone."
  • "I'm tired of all these people. I'm tired of all these places."
  • "This isn't funny! You've got a SICK sense of humor!"
  • "Someday you gotta learn when to QUIT. And that day's TODAY."
  • "Don't kill, and don't be killed, alright? That's the best you can strive for."
  • "Despite what everyone thinks, it's not as nice as it is here."
  • "And you know what the best part is? It's all your fault."
EXO Reaction to you not wearing your panties

Good morning/afternoon/night everyone! I hope your day is going good so far! Love you, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: <Oh my gawd!!! What should I do..?! This is… oh gawd!!> *Enjoying the view*

Kris: “Oh girl I’m suddenly hungry… yeah you know what I would like to eat right now” *Pervert*

Sehun: *Controlling himself* “Oh Jagi… you want to me to bang you? … because that’s how you get it!”

Tao: “Cover yourself Y/N!!! Everybody can see!! I don’t want that! STOP!”

Kai: *Sees how the wind blows your skirt* “OH THE NOES! Y/N!!” *Shocked*

Xiumin: *You both are having lunch together and since he saw you weren’t wearing your panties he slowly starts to finger you. Right. There.*

Baekhyun: *He is not sure what to do* “You are really naughty, my girl!”

Luhan: “Why does she do that here? Of all the places it had to be here… where I can’t have her!!” *Frustrated*

Chen: “You + me = bed now!” *His desire is too much for him to handle it alone*

Kyungsoo: *Feels like the man of the year* “Oh she wants me… I’m so irresistable”

Lay: *Sees you with the staff while he is shooting* “Oh fan me please… I need to calm a little…” *Can’t take his eyes off you*

Suho: *Enjoying it but won’t admit it* “What.. am I … looking at?” *Gulps*