why am i having a convulsion for her

Okay, but after “Lemonade” and especially after her earth shattering VMA performance last night, I am seriously baffled that there are still people that can say Beyonce is “overrated” or “over hyped.” I understand not being a Beyonce fan (I mean, I actually don’t, but anyways..) but how can ya’ll still sit here after what she’s done, particularly this year, and act like she’s some sort of passing trend? Above being a dynamite performer and career ending vocalist, she is willing to unapologetically speak about issues in her music (and outside of it) that other major artists like to pretend aren’t happening (hello, Black Lives Matter), and work those issues into her performances. The Trayvon Martin tribute she worked into “Pray You Catch Me” last night’s performance at the VMAs left me with chills. The fact that she brought his mother, along with the mothers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Oscar Grant with her is huge. You know why it’s huge? These are women who have largely been forgotten (along with their sons) by the majority of the population, and the fact that the biggest artist in the world brought them with her, and reminded everyone that these women, and the horrifically unjust way in which they lost their sons, aren’t going anywhere. MEANWHILE, some of ya’ll’s white ass faves so much as sneeze in the general direction of a social issue and it’s “YES! THAT IS MY BABY! MY UNPROBLEMATIC WOKE ASS FAVE! SLAY SLAY SLAY!”