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The Blessed Messiah and the tower of Ai - Ver. Fatesona

HELLO YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS FIRST OF ALL and don’t forget to click for a better quality

I’m sorry for making you suffer but i like it. It’s been a while since i did this

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So here’s the casting : @sakudrew (Brandon), @rlynsss (Lyn), @tacticianwinter (Winter), @belowtheraedar (Rae), @oreowarrior (Floran), @lilleilder (Agathe), @soundlessroom (Denna), @jisunshines (Liefe), @krazehkai (Kai), @happywonderfuldays (Mai)

Ỉ'̘̺̍̾v̵̴̯̰̐͋ͯe ̹̥͒͑̉͜b̵é̷͈͟͠e̪͊́͘͝n̶̦̪͞͠ ͣ̒w̸̡͇ͤͮ̕a̯͉͓̓ͫi̷͇̓͘t͙͉̘ͨi̢̛̘̪ͬ́ͭņ̖̻g̢̤͕̻͏ ͈ͤ͝a̢̡͏ ̛̕̕l̗̀ͬ̕͢o̐̈͞͡n̦͕̪g̸̡͗ ̨͓ͯ̒̃t̡͕̦͌i̷̱̱ͭ͛̀m̴̢̭̬e̜͖͋ͭͨ͏҉ ̴͕͂̊̈͟͡ţ̵̴̻͍͂ȍ̏ ̼̖͝ś̹͢͜e̢͔̖͎͟ê̛̪̿ͦ̀͞ ̱̯͈̒yo̩͉͎͡͠u͇͆ͮ ͒̂͘aͤͯ͝͡g̴̔a͏̴i͍̽͒̃ǹ

KHR- I've Got an Ace Up My Sleeve and a Diamond in My Chest Part 1

By Ciel Leon

AN: Okay, so this fic was inspired by several authors, namely @hraap, @araceil, @reighost, and @blackkatmagic who unknowingly dragged me into this fandom through their astounding fanfiction works for this fandom. Their writing is amazing and in the end, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this fic. Admittedly, I was eager to post this, so Im writing this AN a few days after I first posted it, but I was having trouble figuring out a good summary for it, which I now have. Anyways, hopefully people enjoy reading this, I’m working on typing up Part 2 so that might be posted soon and I may posted on AO3 as well.

Summary: The Hibari family isn’t human, they never have been and never will be- and while Kyouya hates humans with a passion, Sawada Tsunayoshi becomes an exception. That doesn’t mean that everything works out for the better though.

Chapter Warnings: Perpetually angry!Kyouya, Immortal!Kyouya, Supernatural.

Read it at AO3

Part 1

Despite what his parents think he doesn’t need to be reminded of what they are. He remembers what it was like before, knows what led his family to where they are now.

At times he believes his parents forgot, that despite his age at the time, he was still old enough to remember. He carries the knowledge like a weight in his chest and a fury in his veins. Cast out, banished, forced to be among humans who know nothing, and understand even less. Humans are weak, ignorant despite their arrogance. Meer animals that walk upright with opposable thumbs, stuck to the ground by gravity, fragile in form with the possibility of death following the instance of each inhale and exhale.

His parents frequently tell him ‘don’t forget…’. They whispered it to him when he was young, and even now, they speak the words to him with every farewell.

He has never forgotten and he will never forgive. His parents however, at times it seems like they have. For all their continuous reminders, they are the ones who adapt. They are not human, but his parents have come to display human tendencies and habits, and at times he is left feeling a resentment that holds deep despite his love for them.

It’s this behavior, in addition to his distaste for humans in general, that stirs his loathing for the human race.

Disorganized. Disloyal. Weak. Ignorant. Arrogant. Self-serving. Cruel. Dishonest.

The list of negative characteristics he notices in humans grows ever-longer as he ages, much like his loathing for the race.

What eventually occurs is inevitable.

He gets fed-up, and the moment he does, he is struck with a moment of clarity.

He cannot fix the human race. Doing so is an impossible feat to consider. But perhaps, just possibly, he might be able to change some. It would have to be a relatively small group, but maybe he could change some for the better. They won’t be perfect, humans are no longer meant to be, but improving some may impact the rest.

So he’ll start small, and if his true nature comes to the forefront…well, more incentive for the humans to get with the program.

Hibari Kyouya is a name that inspires fear all across the city of Namimori, and when it doesn’t do that, it sparks resentment and at times even respect.

No one was quite sure when the Habari family made Namimori their home, and it now seems like they were always present despite the fact that Hibari Kyouya’s parents are rarely seen within the city itself. Kyouya himself is already leaving his mark, almost vindictive in the whirlwind of violence that leaves rule breakers and criminals alike with a newfound fear of the youngest Hibari. The police have cracked down hard, rather than give up and let Kyouya and his committee handle the crime. Amongst the officers it has become some form of a one-sided competition, as the officers attempt to bring in more criminals than the Disciplinary Committee and Hibari himself. The buildings remain clear of graffiti, gangs have been painstakingly uprooted and completely removed (either by force or assimilation into the DC), the crime rate has fallen significantly, and any new instance of rule breaking is snuffed out with a vengeance.

It’s somewhat strange to Namimori civilians when they consider the youngest Hibari and compare him to his parents.

Hibari Sen is beautiful, despite almost being an older female version of her ferocious son, her long black hair always pulled up in elaborate up-do’s to go with the elegant dresses or kimonos she wears when she’s seen in public.

In contrast, Hibari Akihiko is a musculature brunette with dark brown eyes that almost look black. Short cropped hair that only contributes to his stern composure. Both parents of the Head of the Disciplinary Committee appear kind and professional in comparison to the wild aura that follows at Hibari Kyouya’s heels.

Those who know Kyouya are left exceedingly confused in regards to where his behavior came from. After all, neither his polite mother or stern father seem to be people that would tolerate that behavior, and yet, Hibari Kyouya never appears to change over the years- much in the same way that Tsunayoshi Sawada continues to appear to be a cute if useless child (in their eyes).

Where the adult citizens of Namimori see only a bloodthirsty brat and a child who can’t do anything right, the youngest Hibari sees the world in different eyes- see’s the world and the people in it as distasteful and Tsunayoshi as one more example of the sort of cruelty humans can inflict on one another.

Next Part

The world is dyed with the color of blood ~ Vampire Knight (failed edit)

Blind By Your Side/ Part 3 [Final]

Morning soon came, as well as the sunrise. Still half asleep, Nightmare summoned a tentacle and pulled the curtains, so that the sunlight wouldn’t reach and hurt him. He tried to go back to sleep, but some small groans were annoying him and stopping him to do so. He slowly opened his eye, still feeling sleepy. His face flushed in dark blue when he realized that he had his arms wrapped around Cross, who was sleeping with his head on his chest.

The lords heart started beating faster on his chest, causing Nightmare to groan in irritation. He didn’t know what was that weird sensation, but he didn’t like it.

Cross suddenly started to groan and move a little. He was waking up. Nightmare stopped hugging the smaller skeleton and turned his back on him, quickly hiding his face under the blankets to cover his stupid blush.

Cross soon sat on the bed and looked around. He didn’t say anything, but his hand reached for his eyes, touching the blindfold. His hand started to slightly shake and he felt like his eyes would start watering at any second so he tried to focus on something else.

“Nightmare? Are you awake?”

“… Yes.”

“Hm. Did you sleep well?”

“… Yeah. I did.”

“Ok. So… Are we going to any missions today? I really feel like punching someone’s face.” Nightmare didn’t look at Cross, and took a long time to respond, making the other worried. “Nightmare…?”

“Cross I… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He didn’t want to admit, but he was worried about Cross. The whole being blind thing seemed to be getting on his head, like everything around them could seriously hurt Cross.

Nightmare didn’t understand why he was feeling that way. He was supposed to hate him, wasn’t he? So then… Why was his mind so confused?

“But… Why not? I can take care of myself!”

“Like you took care of yourself on the last mission?” Nightmare replied sarcastically.

“I was just trying to prot- to help you!” He complained, his cheeks getting a little purple.

“I can take care of myself. Ever thought of doing that for once on your life?”

“Can you at least pretend that I can still see and don’t treat me like a freaking kid!?” His aura was getting more negative and Cross felt like he could cry at any moment. But he refused to stand that low. “You don’t need to treat me like someone special just because I can’t see anymore. I don’t like to be treated that way.” He sighed. “Why am I even saying this? You won’t care anyway. You never do…”

“And you never made me so confused before, but you’re doing it now.” Nightmare mumbled, but Cross managed to hear it.

“I made you… Confused…?” Nightmare’s eye widened and his face flushed blue.

“How did you hear that?”

“The same way I heard killer stop in front of the door a few minutes ago, and he’s standing there right now.” Nightmare turned to the door.

“KILLER! IF YOU’RE THERE WHEN I OPEN THE DOOR I’LL TEAR YOUR ARMS AND LEGS OFF!” fast footsteps were soon heard running away from the door.

“Heh, called it” Cross said.

“How did you know he was there?”

“Meh, blind people can hear better. That’s one of the good things about my condition” an awkward silence filled the room.

“Cross… I’m sorry.”


“For… Being the reason you’re stuck like this. I shouldn’t have let you and the others just choose a random dimension without my order.” The other gave a smile.

“It’s okay, Nightmare. It wasn’t really your fault, we were just stubborn as always.”

“Yeah, you were. You should just hear me when I say that you should hear me”

“Hehehe, yeah…” Cross took a deep breath and felt his face heat up a little. “Nightmare.”


“C-can I… D-do something?”

“Hum… Sure…? What is it?”

Cross reached out his hands, luckily being able to grab Nightmare’s face on the first try. The other was a little confused as to what Cross was actually doing, but just stayed silent. Nightmare’s face suddenly flushed into a deep blue when he felt Cross press his lips on his own.

The other’s face was really purple, like he was running out of air or something. They didn’t break the kiss, as much as a part of Nightmare’s mind kept saying for him to break it and slap Cross across the face, but he just ignored that thought and kissed him back, slowly wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling his body closer to his own.

They soon broke the kiss, both painting a little from lack of air. Cross gave a small smile, his face boiling from embarrassment. Nightmare on the other hand, was pretty much speechless, his mind still processing all that happened.

“W-why did you do that?” Cross caressed his cheek, giving him a little smile.

“Because I love you, Nightmare.” His eye widened. Cross blushed a little more. “I-it’s been awhile since I felt that way and I didn’t know how to tell you… But since I lost my sight you became so nice to me that I didn’t know if I could hold it any lon…ger…” His voice died once he felt the other caress his cheek, also getting him more nervous than he already was.



“… I love you too.” He pulled Cross again into a kiss, the other slowly melting into his arms. It felt like a dream come true…

Just as they separated, Cross practically threw himself at Nightmare’s arms, hugging him tightly. “Hehe, you seem happy.”

“Yeah… But also so Killer can take enough photos to post online.” He said. Nightmare’s eye widened in anger and he turned to the door.


“Just let him be. You can get him later…” Nightmare groaned.

“Humpf. Fine. But only because you asked.” Cross smiled. “Hey Cross… Does being blind… Bother you?”

“… It used at first, but I think I’m getting used to it. And as long as you’re with me, I don’t care that much” Nightmare blushed and hugged him tighter. “Killer’s going to get a lot of pictures huh?”

“Yeah…” he kissed Cross’ forehead, causing him to blush. “… He will.”

The End


I suck for endings ;u;

Englih is not my first language

Hope you enjoyed my little fanfic and I hope that it didn’t suck so much 

 Maybe I’ll bring more in the future

See Ya




summary: Dan has a guilty pleasure: phan blogs. It’s a mixture of conceited arrogance and morbid curiosity, really. And really, it’s a mixture of these two things that lead to him catfishing members of his phandom and becoming a headcanon blog. After all, what harm can one headcanon do?
word count: 2318/20,000
warnings (this chapter): anxiety attacks, angsty!dan


The first thing Dan notices when he wakes up is that it’s bright. The bed’s still warm, and there’s a lump where Phil had been. Dan notices Phil isn’t there anymore. He doesn’t have time to question the weirdness of this fact because his stomach growls and he comes to the realization that he hasn’t eaten anything since the last morning and that’s just unacceptable.

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Danny Williams - Ālia iki

Being part of the Five-0 task force often involves going undercover. There are times when the undercover jobs are easy and then there are those times when they’re hard or they go wrong. When you go on an undercover job, things go well, for some time. Then, things go very very wrong.

Pairing/s: Danny x Reader

Characters: Reader, Danny “Danno” Williams, Steve McGarrett, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Lou Grover, Jason Wells (OC), Sandra Cox (OC. Mentioned), Grace Williams, Charlie Williams. Max Bergman, Jerry Ortega, Nahele Huikala, Kamekona Tupuola, Shawn “Flippa” Tupuola (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Alcohol, angst, blood, death

A/N: I’ve been really into Hawaii Five-0 lately and decided to write this little thing. Hope you enjoy! The title roughly translated from google translate to Hold On.

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Vernon/OFC: But darling, would you still love me in the morning?

Genre: Fluff/Humor

Word Count: 915

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Summary: Waking up Vernon is a long, difficult journey. 


“Vernon? Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.”

She poked his cheek, frowning. Talking to Vernon at 6 A.M. was just as well as talking to a block of concrete.


“Good morning baby, good morning!” she sing songed, for the sun decided to bless the both of them with its presence. This time, she decided to ruffle the sheets, exposing his legs.

He growled, shutting his eyes tighter, and pulling the warm sheets over his body. “What do you want, woman.” he half-hissed, the intensity of last night’s schedule practically eating him alive.

“I want you to wake up and spend the day with me.”

“We are spending the day together.” he grumbled, reaching for her waist. “By sleeping.”

“I don’t want to sleep.” she huffed, tugging the blankets once more. “Now, do you want scrambled or fried—Vernon?”

His light snoring was her reply.

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Subjects // Ethan Dolan Series Part 1

Summary: When Ashley and Ethan, no more than familiar faces to each other are paired together for an art project, they’re forced to cross boundaries neither of them had suspected they would ever have to.

Woohoo? I’ve been so reluctant to posting this, because I feel it’s a bit lacklustre since I haven’t really written in a while, and I don’t have a particularly big following and have a severe fear of rejection :’)… As first chapters go, I hope this isn’t too cringey or tedious for anyone to read, and I can promise that the excitement prevails in later chapters. I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1.74k

WARNINGS: None, other than the occasional swear


8:29 AM

“Fuck.” I hissed, pulling my finger from my mouth. I watched blood spread down the side of one ridiculously over-bitten nail as I walked steadily to art class, scowling as it ran down the back of my hand. It stung.

As I stared at my hand, using my sleeve to mop up the blood, the class bell rang down the hall, signalling that I was late. “Great.” I muttered, picking up the pace. I jogged up the final flight of stairs, eventually rounding into the classroom; my worn Vans squeaked against the floor, attracting the attention of my entire art class and Mr Wells, my teacher.

“Late again, Graves?”

I hesitantly opened my mouth to offer an excuse, before being cut off by Wells. “I believe everyone has paired up for this project, aside from Dolan.” A quick nod towards the space where ‘Dolan’ was sent me on my way towards him with my head down.

I sat beside the boy as instructed, not giving him a second glance. He- Ethan-  responded to the action with a small shrug as we both turned our attention back to the front of the class.

“As I was saying,” Wells continued, “Your final project of the year is one which revolves around the duo; the ideas formed through the dynamic of two people.”

As he droned on, I turned to Ethan, who was scribbling what seemed to be initial ideas for this new project. I tried to glance over at what he was writing as subtly as possible- as being someone I’ve barely exchanged a sentence with, I found myself intrigued into how he worked.

“Ashley, right?” I jumped when he suddenly whispered, his eyes fixed on the notebook balanced on his jean-clad thighs, “Do you need a band aid?”

My eyebrows furrowed. “I noticed blood on your hand.” I turned my attention to my still-bleeding finger.

“Uh…sure.” I replied, puzzled as to how, and why he had noticed such a detail. With his eyes not leaving the notebook on his lap, his left arm reached for his backpack under the table in which he dug around for a few seconds, before pulling out a small band-aid packet.

He slid it across the table, where I reached over and took it, unpeeling it and wrapping it around my finger.

“Thanks.” I whisper, receiving another shrug in reply.

“So by the end of term, I want a full mixed media portfolio of work from each pair, with whatever focus you decide on amongst yourselves.” Mr Wells continued, propping up his glasses. “You’ve got this lesson to begin planning, and from then every class will be spent building up your sketchbooks, etcetera. Any questions?”

9:12 AM

An entire half hour of the lesson was wasted on me, scribbling down whatever I could brainstorm, getting rid of the crappy ideas with the eraser on the end of my pencil, and making the biggest pile of rubber debris that I could.

My huffs of frustration were drowned out by mass discussion of ideas from every other pair in the class; people that didn’t arrive late to class, who got the choice of who they worked with. Not that it would’ve made a difference , I thought to myself, glancing at the faces of my classmates. It’s not like any of them speak to me anyway.

Quick tapping turned my attention to Ethan, who I had almost forgotten about. Out of the whole class, we were the only silent ones, aside from his thumb repeatedly tapping on his notebook, as, I presumed, he was mustering up more ideas for the project.

He’s not unpopular, right? I furrowed my brows. “Why didn’t you work with a-” I cut my accidentally spoken thought off with an audible gasp.

His thumb stopped tapping against the paper, and for the first time his attention was drawn away from the notepad, and onto me. “Why didn’t I work with a friend?” He finished my question with a raised eyebrow. His lips were slightly parted as he waited for some sort of reply.

I remained silent, gulping as I couldn’t think of anything to say. “Because I don’t have any. Not in this class, anyway.” He shrugged again.

Ethan’s dark eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at me, almost as if he were assessing me in some way. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, noticing his sharp jawline clench slightly before he leant back in his chair.

I rolled up my jacket sleeves as I felt myself heat up for some unknown reason. “What…what are you looking at?” I questioned, uncertainty in my tone. His body shook slightly as he let out a quiet chuckle. He shook his head, leaning towards his backpack again with one arm, using the other hand to comb through his hair: mostly dark, aside from the few lighter strands at the front.

I watched as he pulled out a sketchbook from his bag and folded it open to a blank page. Picking up his pencil, he began to mark out something, still making occasional eye contact with me. I began to frown.

“What are you doing?”

“Drawing you.”

I remained puzzled.

“We’re supposed to be discussing ideas, Ethan. I don’t think this is-”

“If you keep moving, you’re going to screw up the proportions.” He bit his lip in concentration.

“This…is weird.” I muttered, leaning back in my seat. “We’ve never spoken before, and all of a sudden you’re drawing me?”

“Well…drawing is my ‘thing’, and I’m presuming you haven’t come up with an idea yet?”

I shrugged. “Well, no- we haven’t-”

“So I’m going to draw you, Ashley, until either one of us comes up with something good. You can link a portrait to any topic, so I’m just getting us ahead of the rest of the class.” He smirked up at me.

9:29 AM

I stared at Ethan’s hand as he drew for several minutes, before the loud ringing of the bell blasted through the room. Mr Wells dismissed himself, due to needing to leave for another lesson, and the rest of the class began filing out of the room. I pushed my chair out from under the table, and stood, only to be cut off by Ethan who had stayed put.

“Have you got a free period?” He questioned.

“Uh…yeah, but I was gonna-”

“Sit back down and let me carry on?” He tilted his head towards me somewhat condescendingly.

I looked towards the door and sighed, sitting back down. “I guess I could stay for ten minutes or so.”

Ethan looked up at me as a reference, and I noticed a small smile playing on his lips. I pushed my hair out of my face and frowned. “What?” I asked, letting out a nervous laugh as he chuckled, looking down at his page.

“You wanna see?” He grinned, twiddling the pencil between his fingers.

I shrugged, and Ethan turned his sketchbook around towards me. “I’ve only done the outline and started shading in a bit of the face, but-”

“Dude.” I cut him off, my lips parted. I smiled. “How’ d you do it that good that quickly?” I questioned in disbelief. What he had drawn so far was undoubtedly me, and despite the fact that I tried to avoid coming face to face with my appearance regularly, I couldn’t help but gaze at the detail in the shading he had done.

Ethan laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s alright, I guess.” He spoke, taking back his sketchbook and continuing. “So, if drawing is my thing, what’s yours?” Ethan suddenly asked. I pouted in thought, leaning my elbows on the table.

“I’ve recently gotten into street art, and I’d like to think im alright at that.” I answered, fiddling with my watch. “But I’d have to say photography is my strong point- although there’s not really anything I don’t enjoy experimenting with.” My tone still slightly unsure, yet the previous exchange of smiles reminded me Ethan was no one to be anxious towards.

After watching Ethan concentrating for a while, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Instinctively, I pulled it out and unlocked it, seeing that I’d received several texts.

Dad: I’ve been given an interview for the city job, honey

Dad: It’s on Saturday morning- would you be able to come with me? You know how things are.

I smiled at the screen, typing back a reply.

Me: I told you things would fall into place! I’m so proud of you. I haven’t got any plans for Saturday, so of course I’ll go with you. Also, remind me later on to get your prescription :)

“What are you all happy about?” Ethan’s voice made me look up. “A special someone send a cute-”

“A special someone? Me?” I scoffed. Ethan frowned.

“What’s funny about that?”

I chewed the inside of my cheek. “I mean…compare me to, I don’t know, every girl in our art class. I’m not exactly-“  I stopped, glancing at Ethan who was still frowning in my direction. I sighed. “Why am I even…no. It was a message from my Dad, Is all.”

“You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. What’s the point?” He spoke.

I swallowed, folding my arms and avoiding eye contact before looking at my watch. “I, uh…have to go.” I sniffed, packing away by things and standing, all the while Ethan followed me with a stare.

“I…didn’t mean to say anything wrong- I-”

“No,” I cut him off with a weak smile, “it’s not you- I just have to go.”

“Okay, well before you do, can you give me your number? In case either of us get ideas?”

I nodded, twisting round to pull the nearest piece of paper from my bag.

“I got'cha.” Ethan said, pausing my actions. He stuck his arm out across the table, and rolled a pen in my direction with his other hand. I leaned over and wrote my number onto his forearm, before passing his pen back and settling my bag strap.

“See ya.” I said quickly, walking away from Ethan and out of the classroom.

As I walked down the corridor, my phone vibrated once again. I pulled it out of my pocket and read the notification.

Unknown number: Football field tomorrow after classes? Bring your camera. -E

I tapped in a reply, saving his number as Ethan Art.

Me: Why the field? - Ashley

Seconds later I received a reply;

Ethan Art: You’ll see.

You’re My Prince Charming | G.D.

Requested By: Anon


Summer was coming up, and you couldn’t wait. You had this tradition where you went to Disneyland every July for a weekend, either with your family or friends. You and Grayson had been dating for over a year now, and had been friends before that, but he had yet to go to Disneyland with you. You decided one morning in June, that this year you didn’t want to go with a big group, and instead just go with him, and of course Ethan.


“Grayson. Grayson wake uppppp,” you whined as you hesitantly poked his cheek. “Omg, Gray, are you dead?” You poked him again. “Gray, no! You can’t die! Come ba- AAUgh,” you screamed when he suddenly moved. “It’s awake,” you practically crowed. “The sleeping beast lives! And speaking of sleeping and beasts, we’re going to disneyland!!”

He groaned, and rubbed his eyes as he slowly sat up. “Babe, what? You gotta slow down. It’s still, like, the morning. Why am I even awake?” He asked, and you just sighed, before crawling onto the bed with him and curling into his side as he lay back down. He smiled, satisfied, and tightened his arms around you.

“Wait, Gray, don’t fall asleep yet. Hear me out, and then I promise we can sleep for a couple more hours,” you pleaded. He sleepily opened one eye.

“Okay. What’s going on?”

“Well…” you responded. “So I have this tradition..”


The day had finally come. You Grays, and E were all in the car, heading towards Disneyland. You, however, were pouting in the backseat, despite your excitement about the trip. Grayson was driving, and Ethan had stolen shotgun from you, and so now you were sitting alone in the back and the boys were teasing. You childishly kicked E’s seat before turning away. “Babe, don’t be like that,” Grayson laughed. You said nothing. At the next gas station, Grayson bought you donuts, and the rest of the drive went smoothly.


“I wanna ride Splash Mountain!” You practically shrieked, as you ran into the park, Gray and E walking behind you. “And then space mountain and then the teacups and then the carousel and then the train and then the bobsleds and then-”

You were cut off by Grayson. “Woah, babe, slow down! We have 3 days! We can go to all those, and more! Okay, you’ll be fine. Calm down. But for now… Off to splash mountain!!”


You laughed as Grayson held his phone at an awkward angle to fit everybody into the selfie with Cinderella. “Wait! Cinderella! Where is your Prince Charming?” Ethan gasped dramatically. You rolled your eyes, before turning to Gray. “He’s desperate,” you laughed. Grayson laughed too, then picked you up princess style. “He’s jealous of us. We already have a fairytale” said Grayson. You smiled at him. “Yep. And you’re my Prince Charming.” You told him, at which point you shared a kiss worthy of a fairytale ending.


*sigh* Hey guys, I don’t even know why I’m posting this XD You see, this was my first attempt at inking traditionally

Aaand I’ve failed horribly. I committed too much mistakes. But here it is the abomination!

Inktobertale day 1- Ink (warm up)

I’ve used Faber Castell pencil and eraser, and tried to use a stabilo pen.
And I’ve used CanScanner to scan the pictures

Ink belongs to @comyet

(the sketch is so much better than the final product it hurts)

(you see I kinda lost control of the pen while inking)

(So some parts are too thick and messy ;—;)

(Also, I lined something beneath the scarf XD Aaaaaah XD)