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[fic] gray hairs and all [1/1]

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that feel when none of the ereriweek prompts strike ur fancy so u write a generic canonverse oneshot and post it like a week before  ┐(´д`)┌

i was talking w my waifu cissyswonderland on skype once and she was like yooo u should write a fic where levi’s going gray and now, three hundred years later, here it is. short as balls and also pointlessly fluffy im gomen

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As if to mock him, it appears exactly a week after Levi’s celebrated his 40th birthday. A single gray hair.

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writing snowbaz (fluff)

So, I normally never post anything I write about snowbaz. I have this document on my laptop ‘carry on with carry on’ where I write the most random scenes about Simon and Baz. I don’t post any of them because most of them are crap and I just mainly write in it because I like spending time with Simon and Baz (idk if that’s weird)

But I randomly wrote this really small blurb, and I’m kinda nervous about posting it because I’m not an experienced writer, but I thought it was cute so now I’m posting it. 

Cuddles, giggles and sneezes 
Simon laughs with his mouth against my neck.
He is curled up against me on the sofa, his arms around my middle and mine around him. 
“It’s really not that funny, Snow.”
He giggles again, “Well, it kind off is, you have the highest and absolute cutest sneeze.”
I sigh.
“How is it that I have never heard you sneeze before? If you sneezed when we were still in school, I wouldn’t have been that intimidated by you for all those years.”
I grin, but only for a second. “That’s exactly why. Can we please stop talking about my sneeze?”
Simon tightens himself around me and pushes his face in back in my neck. I feel Simon shake a bit and I know he’s giggling again. 
I roll my eyes but I tighten my arms around him and give him a kiss on the top of his head. He’s lucky I love him as much as I do. 


my aesthetic is grey cloudy skies and trying pathetically hard to be cute

Attention All Positive Marvel Blogs!

So I have unfollowed a crap ton of people due to them posting so much hate for AoU. I loved the movie and I am sick of these people’s bullshit. So I’m looking for some new blogs to follow.

Please reblog if you:

Don’t hate AoU.

Don’t think Natasha was poorly written.

Understand Brutasha (you don’t even have to ship it, just understand why it was there.)

Support Hawkeye having a family.

Don’t hate Joss Whedon.

Thank You!


Same photos different lighting!
Ok, so I’ve been drawing Goth and Palette alot!!!! Lately. But how can’t I!?!?!? They’re so adorable! And they’re Da best ship!!!!!!!!!
It seems weird I mention Palette even though my drawing does not contain him at all!!! But I’m just saying that I’ve been drawing him alot as well!
I’ve drawn more of them but I’m too nervous to post them here on good old tumblr do to that I’m very pessimistic about my art. I don’t know why but I think my art is crap for some reason. But lookie here! I’m posting this stuff to tumblr. For some reason I feel like the biggest hypocrite ever!! But would that be the term for what I am? Probably not.
Also I feel very calm drawing Goth for some reason. It soothes my depression a bit so Yayz!!!!!
And also one last thing otherwise this’ll go on FOREVER! Is that if you haven’t noticed I decided to take on a different style than I usually do when drawing Sanses. So there’s that. And I believe it looks WAY better than my old one.

Goth is by the lovely @nekophy

3K FOLLOWERS?! WHAT?! This is unbelievable, thank you guys so much! You are the nicest community I could ever asked for. You are all amazing individuals. (I get anon hates but I’ll let that one slide off)

I don’t even think I deserve 3k followers with my crap posts and blog. Even when I just had 1k and 2k followers. I don’t really think I deserve this. I am very happy and I am smiling from ear to ear right now. Just thank you so much!

I don’t know what to do to celebrate (why do I need to celebrate anyways lol) I just love you guys to bits <3 I mean that. I don’t think you guys as just number on my followers but as beautiful human beings and just being the best ever!