why am i even blogging your pictures

Ok listen up.

I have supported Got7 since they were JJ Project, so let me just say one thing on this Jackson wearing dreads situation:

I do not give a crap about what’s going on.


I’m am so SICK and TIRED of people only acknowledging YJ whenever another member messes up. I’ve literally seen people who are hardcore Jackson stans, in the past 24hrs change their tune and talk about “Youngjae is so pure, this is why I stan him”, posting pictures of YJ on their blogs with the tag ’#bias’ ….

um no bitch stop lying.

You didn’t even look in YJ’s direction until some stuff happened with Jackson, so don’t even try that. This same thing happened when JB messed up & when Bam did.. people started jumping on the YJ bandwagon saying how much they loved him, when they never spoke about him before.

YJ deserves love regardless of what other members are doing. He is his own person. Yes, of course he is talented, beautiful, funny and i’m glad you want to tell everyone that.. But if you’re gonna ignore him 99% of the time, and only gonna do it when your bias is doing stupid shit, then you might aswell not do it.

It’s getting on my nerves, forreal. If you’re one of these people that do this then you are the lowest, seriously. YJ is too good for you. He wouldn’t even give your fake asses the time of day anyways.

@ me of you want, i really do not care.

Thirst out ✌🏾

Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

So if you didn’t know, August 21st is Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day. I thought I’d make this post for my favourite fic writers within this fandom to spread the love and let them know they’re appreciated <3 

@jvghead-jones-iii - one of the first blogs I followed in this fandom, and one of the first people to speak to me on here. The Nicest person and also an incredible writer (seriously I read all of her stuff and I am never disappointed). Favourite Fic: Yours Truly

@betty-coopers-number-one-stan - again one of the first blogs I followed and the day she followed me back I was so shook I didn’t know what to do with myself. Any time she reblogs one of my fics, I literally smile for the rest of the day. Her writing is unreal. Favourite fic: Nothing At Stake

@ju-gg - beautiful writing. Honestly, when she writes I picture everything so vividly I’m amazed. We are New Friends and she has something in the works that I am SO excited for. Favourite Fic: Shed Your Skin

@r-ivertales - such a kind, lovely blog. One of the first people I spoke to. I am eagerly anticipating a Peter Parker fic from this blog and I’m so excited (unless I missed it?? pretty sure I haven’t missed it) Favourite Fic: Why Don’t You Ask Her

@onceuponagladerhead - honestly I first followed Ruth because she was so kind to everyone on here, and I didn’t even know she was a writer. Then I Learned and I was shook and ashamed I hadn’t been following her forever. Favourite Fic: Cinderella 

@full-dark-no-starsxx - my dude. One of my first friends on this site. One of the most precious, kind people in this fandom. Favourite Fic: Fools Who Dream (it might be her only fic so far but that doesn’t make it any less incredible)

@mrsjugheadjonesthethird - everyone in this fandom knows who this is. Incredible writing, incredible person. Favourite Fic: there’s too many to choose from so I’ll just link her entire masterlist and let you make the decision yourself. 

@thatsadbreakfastclub - again, beautiful writing, beautiful person. One of those blogs that you just look up to, I’m not sure why. Maybe because her whole blog is just Goals. Favourite Fic: RIP to My Youth

@wearelondonbound - first followed her because she seemed like an awesome person. Then I realised she has one of the most poetic writing styles I’ve ever read and she doesn’t even post fics. So I can’t recommend a fic for you, but you should definitely read This Post because you will know what I mean.

@thesuitelifeofjughead - dude. She once destroyed me with a fic. Like 100% destroyed. I remember leaving an anon (bc I was shy) saying something like 10/10, would be destroyed by this fic again and it’s TRUE. Favourite Fic: Butterfly and the Beanie

@archiebones - awesome and very easy to talk to. Writes incredible Jarchie fics on this AO3 account (my favourite is probably not leaving now honey not a chance)

@jugheadxreaderinyourhead - so cool. She has so much talent I really don’t know how she’s a real person? Like she writes, draws, paints, does photography. Literally you name it, she’s good at it. We have had an ongoing discussion about liquid lipsticks (among other things, of course) for about three months. Favourite Fic: Quiet Eyes

@forsythe-pendleton-jones-iv - amazing writer, amazing person. Their writing style is really poetic and full of gorgeous imagery. I can’t wait to read more from them. Favourite Fic: Atomic Man

and last but not least–the Harrison to my Tom, the Trashlord to my Drash, the wind beneath my wings, my tumblr bff:

@thekillingquill - have said it before, will say it again; Quill could write a contemporary novel about Donald Trump and I would read it and love every word. Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s an amazing friend. She gives the best advice, she is supportive, and knows what to say all the time?? I can’t choose a favourite fic, so I will link her Masterlist, but be warned: Quill is a sadist and hasn’t updated it in a while because she wants to watch us suffer. You should just go on her blog and search the tag #quill writes (you’re welcome)

This list is not exhaustive, and I’ve probably forgotten someone because I am Problematic. If your favourite writers aren’t on this list, tag them!! That way I can check them out and binge their stuff <33 Or, you could send me an anon with their url and I’ll @ them, so they know they’re appreciated xx

Have a lovely day, friends xx

this is a fucking GIVEAWAY

I’m forgetful af so why am I even surprised I forgot the blog anniversary idk. Ok so this blog now is two years old now which makes it the longest running rp blog I ever had so you guys get the chance to win something nice k cool


1. place: a drawn picture of your muse; a custom icon psd, 150 icons of a FC your choice with the icon psd you won, a promo/header banner

2. place: a custom icon psd, 100 icons of a FC your choice, a promo/header banner

3. place: a custom icon psd, 50 icons of a FC your choice


- must be following me

- those who follow after the giveaway will be excluded from entering (bc following only for the giveaway is rude af)

- one reblog per person. you can like this too but likes wont count

Giveaway ends on Saturday, 25th February at 3pm UTC +1

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am very new in the fandom, I've discovered BTS less than a week ago and I immediately started to ship JiKook, I don't know why, they just so cute I don't even.... I'd like to know if there are some other good active JiKook tumblr here you can recommend to me? (pictures, video, analysis etc) Sorry for the odd question but I can't get enough of them ^^ thank you I looooove your page <3


As I receive this question often, I do have a blogs rec tag which I always refer people to. My favs are all on there with full description of what they do and why they’re my favs :)

I also have a rather self-proclaimed well compiled list of favourite YouTube channels where you can go for analyses, fmvs and just a bunch of cute adorable clips and what not.

Anyways, I’m glad you fell for the jikook on first sight and I hope you will have more happy otp moments to come. I assure you you’ll never be bored and it’s only gotten better and better…at least for me. I always hear of people hopping ship to join our armada or just falling in love at first sight, but never abandoning the luxury cruise that is jikook, so you’re in for a good time. I promise ;P

Thank you for all the loveliness and I hope I’ll see you around ^^ 

  • Person A blog : Oh I am full of my owner’s beautiful drawings with different perspectives and idols
  • Person B blog: Oh I am full of fanfiction from my owner's beautiful and creative mind
  • Person C blog: I am full of edits, gifs and pictures that my owner makes and takes.
  • My blog: Um................My owner reblogs all your stuff so I guess I am just a copy of a lot of blogs!
Tumblr AU ideas
  • My ship is better than yours.
  • Holy shit, that’s a nice selfie.
  • Help me, I’m new and my friend says you’re surprisingly tumblr famous. What the fuck is a promo?
  • I’m having a sexuality crisis in your inbox.
  • I wrote a ficlet for your AU idea, so…here ya go.
  • You wrote/drew something for me?!
  • You agree with my unpopular opinion. Thank you for existing.
  • You are reading that scene all wrong and therefore let me systematically destroy your argument. I will defend this to the end of the earth do don’t even bother trying to argue with me.
  • I accidentally misinterpreted your post and started arguing with you about it. I realize my mistake, but now my honor is on the line so I can’t back down.
  • You run the confession blog I’m pouring my heart out too and i forgot to put anon on.
  • I hacked your popular blog.
  • Wait, I recognize that place. Do we live near each other?
  • I accidentally reblogged your post like eight times because the button got stuck. Please don’t look at my blog.
  • I commissioned you for art but I have no idea what I actually want. I just wanted to somehow break the ice and talk to you. Also your art is amazing.
  • We’ve been RPing for months now and our characters are totally into each other. The only reason I can write it so well is because I’m hopelessly in love with you.
  • I keep adding bad puns to your post.
  • You asked the one question on an ask meme that I didn’t want to answer.
  • Oh my god, you’re talking to me. I’ve been stalking your blog for months. I am not worthy.
  • I added a Supernatural GIF to your post and you hate Superwholock.
  • I accidentally followed because of tumblr mobile but I actually like your blog?
  • We are competing blogs. I will destroy you.
  • We got put in a network together because our mutual friend started it and made us join. I don’t even like the show that much. Wait, your blog is quality.
  • Dude, why are you suddenly spamming my dash with pictures of bees?
  • You posted something sad and I wanted to say I understand and that I hope you feel better.
  • You forgot me in your Follow Forever.
  • We’ve been mutuals forever but I suck at talking to people.
  • You’re my guilty pleasure blog.

Today I decided to unfollow all the tags, in an effort to not see any more stupid blogs like pictures-of-luxury or fuckyeahinterirodesign on my dash because even if they don’t give credit or source any of their posts @staff seems intent on recommending them for me. There are many good blogs to recommend why do you waste our time with these!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

What blogs do you NOT want to see again in your recommendations (I am assuming everyone will answer archatlas, tell me something I don’t know)?

vuullet  asked:

Favorite screencap you have of each gem? Also, favorite fusion?

Each gem? Hooooo boy, alright, prepare for a long-ish post. (I’m not going to include fusions in the screencaps because they’re not in many episodes)

I’ll do Crystal Gems first and I’ll start with Pearl cuz she’s my favorite out of them (I also have the most screenshots of her other than Peridot). Idk if i need to explain why this screenshot is so great haha

Now Garnet :D so badass (I know she’s a fusion but she’s a main character who’s amazing)

Cute smol Amethyst, omg, also running on all fours

And Steven of course! 

Suppose I should include Rose Quartz as well then…

Have this one too just because I love it

Oh, and can’t forget this one… (I have more but this will already be super long)

Ehehehe time for the Homeworld gems now *evil grin*

My favorite picture of Peridot right now, I even made it the icon for my main blog, just because… look, she’s chewing on her finger, oh my gosh. She’s an anxious wreck, like I am most of the time. I chew my fingernails to death, I connected to this scene so much.

but if you want a cute tiny Peri to brighten your day, here you go! :)

My favorite for Lapis Lazuli, I mean look at that determination in her eyes. Smol cinnamon roll finding her strength.

For Jasper, it’s gotta be the “Wtf why are you singing at me” face. It made me laugh when I first watched Jailbreak. 

Oh man, it’s… it’s just so difficult for me to decide on a favorite picture of Yellow Diamond. I mean… there are just so many, I couldn’t decide for so long (I didn’t need to include her, I guess I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be sarcastic).

And now, finally, favorite fusion… I think I’m going to have to go with Opal. I’m sad that we haven’t seen a lot of her (or any fusion I suppose…) but I seriously love her weapon. And the gem itself in real life. And she’s so powerful and cool. I like Sardonyx a lot too, but I think Opal wins. If Peridot ever fuses, this answer will probably change.

I saw someone reblogged a post of mine and they made a good point so I went over to check out their blog. Turns out they’re a radfem POS. they reblogged that picture of Cece McDonald and Laverne Cox talking and purposefully misgendered both of them and talked about how Cece shouldn’t be put in a women’s prison because she would rape all of the “real” women (and of course they called Cece “he”).

Why would you even follow me if you’re a transmisogynistic piece of shit? Like you know I hate you, right? I’m here for all women, ESPECIALLY transwomen, but I am not here for your hateful, disgusting transphobia.

Anyone who isn’t 110% here for trans women needs to unfollow me right this fucking second.