why am i do this to myself

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Jw why do you hc lance as dyslexic? I don't want to seem rude and I'm not dissing your hc, I just wanted to know why (I'm really hope this doesn't come off offensive, I'm just genuinely curious)

not offensive at all! i’m happy to explain why i headcanon him as dyslexic :D

for one thing, i myself am dyslexic so i can spot the traits in Lance that give off a dyslexia vibe

exibit A) flying a spaceship simulator is hell because there are buttons all over the place and it’s easy to forget what each one does/easy to misread the labels and mix them up, no wonder Lance always crashes it

(one can argue it’s because Lance gets easily distracted, i think it’s a mix of both)

exibit B) math is confusing af and its really easy to get numbers that look/sound the same mixed up. it’s also easy to get your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication shit mixed up too

lmao shut up keith he knows that, he just gets it mixed up

exibit C) weird af motor skills when there’s a lot goin’ on at once

exhibit D) celebrates the tiny wins bc he doesn’t win a lot

exhibit E) disliked school enough as a child to pretend he was sick to get out of having to go, and if you’re a dyslexic who hasn’t been diagnosed and put in a special learning class to aid your learning disability yet, you are going to hate school with a burning passion and will try to avoid going in any way you can

exhibit F) clever come backs on the spot????? who???? bitch i need time to think of a clever response you don’t just come up with something witty to say right off the bat

exhibit G) insecure af??? he thinks he’s pathetic??? feels like a 7th wheel??? doesn’t think he has a “thing”????? doubts his capabilities?????? has a shit self esteem???????? all these are common things to feel for people with dyslexia because they struggle so much

literally fuck you Iverson. how dare you attack his self worth like that

also, i want to refer back to a quote i once read from an official website on the learning disorder, which is “the most consistent thing about dyslexics is their inconsistency”, and i think that ties in really well with Lance representing water, which is also inconsistent af. i think that’s one of the key roots to Lance’s “i feel like i don’t have a thing” insecurity. 

so yeah, this is why i headcanon Lance as dyslexic. as someone who has dyslexia myself, i see a lot of myself in Lance’s behavior, and can relate to a lot of the things he does/says/feels. 

thank you for asking! 

Please tell me why I still look past all of the bad. Why do I so easily forget the not so fond memories? Why do I instantly let these go? Why am I always able to believe again.. to love again.. to want again? What makes him so damn different to everyone else? What parts of him live within me? Why does time never seem to exist between us.. do we exist beyond time? Why do I make sense of all of his faults with love and with my own past experiences? How am I ever supposed to stop loving him unconditionally?
—  questions I ask the moon 🌙

I’m finally graduating from college.
I’m happy…or that’s how I should be, right?
But why am I not that happy?
Is it because I’m afraid of ending this chapter in my life and starting another one?
Is it because I feel incomplete, hoping for something that’s never gonna happen?
Is it because I still haven’t decided on what to do after graduation?
Is it because we’ll finally go on our separate ways and I don’t want to feel alone again?
Figuring myself out is more difficult than our mock boards and it’s driving me insane

I should be happy…but why am I crying?

Hello there! I really really REALLY love your blog. It has been so informative, encourage and very realistic. At times I even feel like you’re my friend because the way that you encourage and push some veteran or even beginner skaters like myself is so heartwarming. :) 

My question now is whether it would be foolish to be motivated by something like Yuri On Ice. The reason why I am so concerned is that, YOI motivated me to look into figure skating. Not make me jump out of seat and triple toe out of here. (Yuna Kim and Yulia Lipnitskaya did)

I’m currently working to save enough money for lessons and  when I do start skating, the last thing I would like is for people to think I am not serious about figure skating and that I am not willing to put in hard hours into it because I was motivated by something like YOI. I would like to eventually compete and I know that I am willing to put every bit of my heart into skating. Not just for the jumps or the spins but even for the footwork that I notice a lot of people are dismissing. 

I know that being inspired to do recreational skating by YOI is fine but I’m just scared for skating competitively. There are some people that I am aware of who go in the ice and think that because they watched YOI they’re the VERY BEST SKATER THERE. Those fans can be rude and don’t really respect the sport which can probably put off a lot of people

How do I differentiate myself from them? How do I show that although my intro to figure skating story although a bit embarrassing is just as legitimate as any passionate skater?  I just really don’t want to be dismissed as this wannabe who watched YOI. Nope I want to skate for real.

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to helping budding and experienced skaters out there!!

Answer: it’s perfectly legitimate to be inspired by Yuri on Ice and you shouldn’t have to differentiate yourself from ‘them’. Everyone finds their way to skating on their own and every reason is valid. Some might find their way because they saw disney on ice when they were 6 and wanted to skate like Cruella de Vil, some watched the Olympics and wanted to skate like the person they saw on screen, some had their mum take a wrong turn and end up at an ice rink when they were 8, some watched ice princess and wanted to be her and other watched a figure skating anime and were inspired to start. You are no less serious and as long as you put in the work. You don’t have to show you want to skate for real. Just skate. Good luck!!!

To be honest i really don’t understand why people like me, like i’m…a bad..friend. I’m really pathetic and i do apperciate the people who support me and stuff but..
I’m going to be honest!
I don’t DESERVE any of the friends i have, you’re all amazing people but yet you like me, why? I mean…i’m not important i find other people EVEN people who don’t like me i care more about them than i care about myself

The anonymous is right i am worthless so…i just want to let the people who like me and support me know that i do appreciate it alot and i love you for that but, why? Why give pathetic old me any care and love? My mom made it pretty clear that i shouldn’t exist including the anonymous…
Sorry for being here, and being a waste of time

People who try to tell me about stones (and are wrong) when I’ve had years of experience and knowledge are my BIGGEST FREAKING PET PEEVE. I get it, you think I’m stupid and you probably associate me with the stereotype of an airhead hippie, but fact is I learned SO much from a miner and geologist SINCE I WAS A CHILD and am very serious about what I sell and am constantly educating myself and keeping up to date on the newest mineral related scams and discoveries alike.

It’s so condescending and it TICKS ME OFF. Especially when they’re just some random person who doesn’t have anything to do with the business. Literally WHY do they feel the need to “correct” me with misinformation lmao

I am a relic they want to get rid of, so why do I exist and live? In order to exist you need a purpose, to exist for no reason is the same as being dead. I would love only myself and fight for only myself. If all other people exist to magnify that love, then there is no more a splendid universe than this one.
—  gaara.

We don’t talk anymore (x).

Whatever you do, don’t think about Oikawa and Iwaizumi going their separate ways and losing touch.