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The Wedding Planner (Part 1)

Summary– Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams– later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Author’s Note– First off, I am just beyond excited for this series! I absolutely loved this movie and figured, “Why not make it into a series and add my own twist to it?” So I finally did and I really hope you all enjoy it! feedback would be greatly appreciated folks.

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13 things that piss off a Namjoon Stan



When your minding your own business listening to Namjoon’s mixtape because that shit is fire and it is pure gold and all the comments are “wHY haVE I nOT SEeN ThIS ?!!11!!” “HOW AM I KNOwing abOUT thiS nOW!111″ and ur like how tf have you not listened 11 tracks and 4 mvs worth of blood, sweat & tears like……..


*okay i know that it isn’t your fault for not knowing something, and his mixtape and solo tracks were released before HYYH a.k.a their big blowup so when it did release recently only a few people knew, but sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one who knows these songs and its kinda like ehh do yall know bout namjoon or…

i’m namjoon and the annoying comments are Taehyung


You know what I’m talking about. They say “why” but not as in like why do you like him but more like WHY TF WOULD U STAN SUCH AN UGLY MEMBER EWEWEW CHINJAAA OPPA MIANHAE SARANGHAEYO

and don’t get me started on how when you say your bias you feel uncomfortable and kind of ashamed (okay this stopped after they got popular and people started to appreciate joonie mini more, but I remember from debut to around boy in luv or danger this was a huge problem, now its not blesss)




4. Trying really hard to not throw fists when your friends “joke” that he is ugly

5. Dealing with people who just see Namjoon as the sexy perverted member and nothing else. “DADDY FUCK ME HARD” “NAMJOON DADDY” “DADDD”


This isnt much of a “problem” but i find it really funny when people think Namjoon is the oldest, like if he wasnt the leader he would be part of the maknae line. I admit before HYYH he had a really aggresive manly vibe (ugh hottt) but Namjoon was always such a cutie oml, how do some of yall find him scary. HE IS THE OPPOSITE OF SCARY




 like having a foreign name is hard please atleast try make an effort 

8. “who names themselves rap monster”



someone hold me back before I smack someone because I made a whole post regarding this, yall can’t sleep on Namjoon’s talent.






end of discussion

11. when you a intl fan who hates namjoon, but namjoon shows more intl appreciation than your whole ancestry line combined

12. dealing with that fan who doesnt directly but indirectly rejects namjoons existence

13. and most importantly what pisses us off the most is when Namjoon looks down on himself, saying that his mind will only be at peace if he knows that his music and life has made an impact of our lives, and the fact they he may not know that makes me uneasy.

This is personal but I stopped cutting and stopped my attempted suicide because of Namjoon’s mixtape and his v logs. He saved my life and he needs to know his life has a purpose and meaning.

“ Because it’s a life that you only get one chance with, I want to influence people endlessly, give hopes, and become someone who can become a dream. Until then, I plan to continue on forth. Because that will become something that confirms the worth to my existence to the world and something that can personally confirm myself as to who I am. “


Kim Namjoon

TMR Cast Preference: Interviews

How they act during TMR cast interviews with you

A/N: I’ve been struggling with writing the 5th part of In The Glade (I don’t really know why, it’s the lightest chapter so far yet I can’t seem to like what I’ve written) and I’m really into preferences after discovering them so I want to try it out! This is my first one and basically if you were dating (Actor’s Name) and how they would act in an interview with you. These are not my gifs! (I’m so amazed by this ‘originally posted by’ gif thing tho okay??? like i am an old lady when it comes to technology and i am just wow!! look at the world now!!!) I hope you like it! x


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Dylan O’Brien:

Dylan was head over heels for you and people could see how sweet he was. He didn’t do it all the time but as you walked backstage he often had his hands on yours or an arm around your waist but Dylan liked to keep it professional so when you hit the stage, you’d both just sit next to each other and if anything it would just be knees bumping together or a finger locked in his at your sides. However, when questions about you were asked to Dylan, he would always gush about you. His cheeks would tint red and he’d start laughing and saying something silly. It was like he could never find the words to say exactly how much he loved you so he makes jokes and teases you. But then he’d take a serious tone and say how talented, beautiful and lucky he was to have you as he grabs your hand and gives it a tight squeeze.

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Thomas Brodie Sangster:

You and Thomas had kept your relationship secret from the public and as he said, you both did a “bloody good job at it”. Only family, close friends and the cast knew you two were in a relationship. So, during interviews both of you would appear just as co-stars. Quick glances, certain looks and flirty responses would be exchanged and some people may have gotten the hint but none of you did anything to confirm it. Even backstage, you weren’t touchy and romantic unless it was just the cast or only the two of you. It wasn’t because of shyness or shame, far from it, you both just valued the intimacy of your relationship and respected it. Once away from press, even if you had just hopped into the car, Thomas would pull you into a sweet kiss and a warm embrace. Your fingers would be intertwined and bodies pressed together as you laughed about how well you both kept it secret yet again. He wouldn’t let you go until he absolutely had to.

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Ki Hong Lee:

Ki Hong’s smile would be brighter than it already was when you were with him for interviews. He would laugh and talk more and it wasn’t a surprise to anyone since they all knew you to be the one who had captured his heart through all his snapchat stories and tweets with you in them. He always sat next to you and would sometimes hold your hand during interviews and answered questions regarding you in an animated manner, like he was so excited to be talking about you and how much he loved you. He wouldn’t have any hesitations in doing so either. He always held you as you walked together back stage, whether it was a hand laced in his or an arm around your waist or faces close as you snapchatted together. Ki Hong always held you close and as long as you were in the room, he would never be seen without the biggest smile on his face.

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Will Poulter:

You and Will were all about public displays of affection. Cute things between you two were clearly inevitable, especially with how he towered over you and held you close constantly. No matter what, the gentle giant would always be holding you before, during and after interviews. Backstage, it would be hugging you from behind, his arm around your shoulder or waist, and resting your head on his shoulder. He would give you a kiss on the forehead before the two of you headed out for the interview, holding hands as you both take your seats. When he talked about you, he would look directly at you and say the sweetest things. It was always something cheesy and you both laughed about it and said it was “gross” but you both loved it and each other anyway.

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Kaya Scodelario:

Kaya was very touchy with you, She wouldn’t be afraid to send you a kiss when you least expect it. Before the interview, she’d sit next to you on the couch, swinging her legs over yours and wrapping her arms around your torso as she rested her head on your shoulder which she would kiss from time to time. During the interview, Kaya would whisper little things to you with a smirk when someone said something funny or while someone else answered a question and both of you would giggle. When she had to answer questions about you, the way she answered them told everyone how in love she was with you and often after her spiel, she would lean in and kiss you on the cheek. After the interview, she’d pull you in for a sweet kiss on the lips once you were backstage, not caring if anyone was there to see it.

anonymous asked:

I recently found out I'm autistic (I'm 25) and it's been so amazing! Before, when I had autistic urges like stimming, head banging or had a stress response to things neurotypicals don't I would severely scold myself. Just. The drop in my stress and anxiety levels now that I understand why I do those things and allow myself to behave artistically is miraculous! I used to believe everyone was pained by bright lights and chaotic noises like I am and I was just too weak to handle it. Now I know.

That’s great! I’m happy that you eventually found that out! I, too, share the high stress from bright lights and loud noises and also discovered that stimming calmed me down immensely whenever I was freely allowed to. 

I use noise cancelling earbuds to listen music I love to drown out outside noise and dark sunglasses to block the light. I get teased for that but the alternative is to have a meltdown bc my eyes hurt or bc there are too many sounds.

Me: gets into a cool fandom - draws fanart intensely

Followers: Yay good

Me: discovers fandom OTP

Followers: Oh, that okay

Me: draws shipping art - draws more shipping art …. and some more

Followers: Uhm yeah, we still...good……..not like…she will continue doing this forev- …


Followers: …….. …..crap not this again WHEN WILL U LEARN

- soundofunfollowspreeindistance -

why won’t you just do what I want immediately when I ask you to do it??

entitled grandparent: I have just discovered you via your youtube videos. You are a most amazing young woman to say the least! I want to ask/tell you so much. We have a 17 year old grandaughter who is autistic. But, for now, I was wondering if you are well and still making videos? I can find nothing for 2016 at all. Please reply when you can. [12:23AM]

me: (Doesn’t respond, because I am a chronically ill disabled person who gets like a hundred messages a week and I physically can not respond to all of them)

entitled grandparent: Are you there? [2:47PM]

me: (Still doesn’t respond, because, well, all of the above)

entitled grandparent: Ok, sorry I bothered you. I had wanted to discuss with you financial support and other ways to help you but I guess you’re too busy. [7:54 PM]

me: … did that allistic just make clumsy attempts to manipulate my emotions and bribe my compliance with money????

A gentle reminder, because I struggle with this too:

If you have a blog, or host a website, or moderate a forum, or speak at conferences, or have a public facebook page- if you are a visible advocate or activist, in real space or online, that does not mean that people are entitled to anything from you. That is including you time, your energy, and your emotional labour.

Don’t believe them when they say “You’ve given us X, and now we need Y, and it’s your responsibility”,

or, “I deserve to have your individual attention and you need to give it to me”,

or, “My problems are your problems, and if things go badly for me, it is your fault”,

or, “This is a thing you do, so you have to be willing and available to do it anytime.”

None of that is true. You get to decide how much you give, when you give it, and who receives it. You have a right to set boundaries and enforce them. No one is entitled to your story, your work, or your time. Try your best not to let them put that on you. You aren’t doing anything wrong.



How to have lots of energy and not be tired all the time (revised)

Everyday when I go to work or go out in public, friends, family, and co-workers, everyone complains that they are tired, they never have enough energy.  I see it all the time, people walking around looking like zombies, yawning all the time, nodding off, always looking very sleepy.  It was only recently that I really started noticing this and I came to a realization that this frighteningly common with people of all ages. There are millions and millions of people who “live” like this. This may seem conceited of me, but for a while I didn't understand why.  I work 12 hour days, now night shift, often doing very hard work.  I wore a pedometer one day, and I discovered that I walk around 4-5 miles just going from place to place in the hospital.  For the most part, I have lots of energy, and I am rarely tired or worn out.  When I wake up I feel like I could wrestle a damn grizzly bear. Throughout the day I feel like a beast, and when I go to bed I am still energized. Regardless, I have no problems sleeping. No matter when I sleep I feel energized, when I swing from being awake during the day to working night shift, I still feel energized. If ever I am short of sleep for any reason, it usually doesn’t affect my energy a lot. When I do feel exhausted, it’s usually justified, like one of those days where we have multiples traumas in the ER all day long and I really bust my ass.  But a lot people seem like they are worn out and tired just from the mere act of existing.

As a nation we are energy deprived, its a proven fact that most American’s (and most people living in modern wealthy nations) are experiencing a shortage of energy.  I am convinced that it all stems from poor diet, no exercise, and people not taking care of themselves. We are not tired or energy deprived, we are sick. How do I come to this conclusion? Because I used to be one of you, one of the living dead that are more numerous than the zombies on any TV show.  So here’s what I want everyone reading this who fits my descriptions of a real life zombie to do for at least a month.  Try it for a month and see what happens.  If it works, by all means keep on doing it.  If after a month you think I’m full of humbuggery, or as modern day people call it, “bullshit”, then by all means stop. Just try these 8 things,

1. Abstain from sugar. Something I call the “Jack Lalanne Challenge” because he came up with it almost 70 years ago.  Abstain from white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, ice cream, soft drinks, candy, cookies, cakes, pies, jams, jellies, yoghurt, granola, honey, juices, canned fruit, sports drinks, energy drinks, anything with sugar.  Look on the nutrition labels of everything you consume, many things that are thought of as healthy have a lot of sugar. Also look at portion sizes, many companies make portion sizes unreasonably small to make it seem like there isn’t much stuff in it, like a candy bar divided into 4 portions, very deceitful. Remember this rule of thumb. The World Health Organization recommends only consuming 6 teaspoons of refined sugar or less a day. 4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon. A can of soda or 12 oz’s of fruit juice maxes out the WHO recommendation in one sitting.  My recommendation is to get as close to 0 teaspoon per day as you can. If you feel a need for sugar between meals, eat fresh fruit instead. Fruit is the perfect way to consume sugar. When you eat refined sugar it rushes all at once into your blood stream in the form of glucose. Your body burns it up fast, so you get a sugar rush, but in short time you are smacked right back down when that glucose is burned up.  This also evokes a massive insulin response, which can mess with energy levels, and raise the risk of Type II diabetes.  Fruit is the perfect form of sugar because its is packed in a dense fibrous matrix, and most people do not get even close to enough fiber in their diets.  Because of the fiber, the body digests it more slowly, thus the glucose enters your blood stream at a steady rate, giving you even and consistent energy.

2. Abstain from processed  and simple carbohydrates. This includes foods like white bread, white pasta, white potatoes, most cereals, and pastries. Most of the things I listed also tend to have added sugar.  Carbs are really just another form of sugar, and are metabolized the same way. Thus eat complex carbs that have lots of fiber for the same reason as eating sugar in the form of fruit. This includes foods like whole grain bread and pasta, oats, quinoa, yams, sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, brown rice, and wild rice. Educated yourself on the glycemic index, eat foods that are rated below 50. 

3. Abstain from drugs that mess with your energy. Caffeine, tobacco, stimulants, depressants, narcotics, alcohol, and others. Caffeine and energy drinks are the worst, because you have been tricked into thinking you need them for energy. If you follow the other steps, you don’t.  They are problematic because they give a burst of energy, but then quickly kick you back down and you end up worse off than before. Plus, many people put sugar in coffee, or they drink energy drinks or caffeinated sodas which have tons of sugar. Energy drinks are the worst, the will totally fuck you up. 5 hour energy is the worst of the worst, they advertise that it gives you five hours of extra energy to power your day.  Yeah, it’s not like the day is only 5 hours long.

Note: If you are a smoker, I suggest you quit first and foremost. If you are addicted to alcohol, hard drugs, or prescription narcotics, I suggest you get help, go to rehab, and get that monkey off your back.

4. Eat more good fats. Not bad fats like fried foods, greasy burgers, cheese and fatty foods with LDL cholesterol that will clog your arteries.  Good poly and monounsaturated fats with HDL cholesterol found in things like nuts, avocado, seeds, beans, and olives.  In between meals, instead of reaching for that coffee, soda, or energy drink, cake, candy, or bag of junk food, snack on a half a coffee cup of nuts (preferably lightly salted,don’t eat a lot of salt!) or cut up an avocado.  Have some hummus. Fats have more energy than both sugar and carbs, plus they are metabolized evenly, giving you more consistent energy. They will also fill you up, so you won’t be hungry all the time.

5. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Your body needs the vitamins and minerals to regulate your energy levels. They are good for you. Nuff said.

6. Drink Water. You are 75% water.  Don’t you think you should be drinking more?

7. Walk. Exercise regularly.  If you have never exercised regularly, or haven’t in a long time, don’t start out all Rambo with an exercise regimen. It all starts with walking.  30-40 minutes, maybe a mile a day.  Then push yourself a bit more everyday, walking faster and farther. If it seems boring, walk different places everyday, listen to music or podcasts, make it a half hour of “me time”. Walking is excellent medicine, probably more effective than 90% of the meds prescribed by physicians, I am saying this as someone in the medical field.  Plus, light, regular exercise will help regulate your energy levels, and you will sleep better.Only after you have improved your cardiopulmonary system sufficiently and have begun to learn how to cultivate discipline through regular walking should you move on to more challenging forms of exercise.  Like the strength trainer Elliot Hulse says, “just fucking walk!”

8. Sleep. At least 7-8 hours.  If you need more sleep, then sleep more.  This may seem tough in this fast paced, busy world, but you really need this. Find the time, do it!

Note: If you have sleep apnea, see a doctor and get it fixed, you will sleep much better.

I will be honest, you will not feel awesome right away. In fact, for the first few days to a week you may feel like shit. You may feel sick, get headaches, feel moody, or tired. You may have strong cravings. This is because you are going through withdrawal from all that sugar, processed carbs, caffeine, and other things. You might have digestive issues (gas, diarrhea) because you are eating a lot of fiber whereas before you had little or none. You might have to pee all the time because your urinary system is getting used to processing more fluids, where before you were chronically dehydrated. Don’t worry, all of this will pass, ride out the storm and stick to it. Do these things for a month, and I promise you will feel better, you will have the energy you need, you will have vitality, robustness, and moxie. If you are satisfied with the results after a month, keep doing it, do it until the day you die. Not only will you have more energy, if you are overweight or obese, you probably will lose weight.  If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol you will lower it, if you have Type II diabetes you will improve it or even reverse it.  If you have any chronic illness, most likely these 8 things will make it a helluva lot better. You will protect your teeth from cavities and decay. You will look better, your skin will be softer, your hair will become silkier, you may even enhance your attractiveness. Your concentration, focus, and memory will improve. I would even go as far as to say that if everyone did these things, hospitals and nursing homes would be 90% empty, most of us would live to 100, and I would be unemployed.  Trust me, you don’t want to become one of my regular clients.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t become a zealot about this. Don’t starve yourself, eat three good wholesome well balanced meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks in between. Feed your body’s need for calories and nutrients.  Don’t completely abstain from bad foods.  Every once and a while treat yourself to that double bacon cheeseburger, visit the all you can eat buffet, have some donuts, or a beer, or an ice cream, or candy bar.  But don’t lose control and fall back into old habits.  Like Oscar Wilde said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  If you do fail or fall of the wagon, don’t give up. Pick yourself up, learn from you mistakes, and move forward.

Part II, Bonus Points —Transforming yourself from an energetic and healthy person into a human Beast or Beastess.

1. More Exercise! So, have you been doing your walking? Good! After a while it may not seem like walking is enough, or you want to do other things. So consider kicking it up a notch.  Find things that you can enjoy and develop a passion for it, no matter what it is; Yoga, jogging, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, archery, sports, lifting, swimming, kettlebells, martial arts, dancing, crossfit, pilates, P90X, Richard Simmons, whatever.  Just find something, do it, and do it with a passion! Stay active! But don’t overdo it, wear down your body, or hurt yourself! Get lots of rest to let your muscles recover. Try to include both cardio and strength training in your routine as well. Our ancestors did not sit in offices all day, watch TV, and spend time on computers. They were farmers, nomads, and hunter-gatherers.   Our bodies were made by God, the gods, or the flying spaghetti monster to be in motion.  Bodies in motion stay in motion, that’s a  scientific fact, just look up Isaac Newton.

2. Take Cold Showers Take ice cold showers twice a day.  If you can, do ice baths or cryotherapy.  Cold stress is good for you. Not only will it toughen you up, but your body will release epinephrine and norepinephrine, which reduces inflammation, regulates energy, and suppresses pain. At night you will produce more melatonin which will help you sleep.  Cold stress is good for you, ditto heat stress as well. As Wim Hof says, “The cold is my only master, and my only teacher.”

3. Do the Wim Hof method of breathing regularly. Speaking of Wim Hof, learn who he is, learn about his breathing exercises, and start doing it.  You will be blown away with the results.

4. Have sex regularly. Sex is good medicine. Not only is it good exercise, it releases a lot of hormones that improve almost every aspect of health.  It is damn good medicine, more potent than most of the medications prescribed by doctors. People of all adult ages should do it. Practice all the positions of the Kama Sutra. If you don’t have a partner, do it with yourself. 

Note: Have safe sex.  You won’t become a human beast or beastess by contracting syphilis and sprouting unwanted children.

5. Challenge your mind. Keep your mind working. Read, write, do crossword puzzles or Sudoku, learn to play an instrument, learn a foreign language, learn new things. Learn about math, science, history, philosophy, economics, politics, etc.  To have a strong body, you need a strong mind.  To have a strong mind, you need a strong body. You cannot separate the two, it is impossible.

6. Challenge your spirit. Learn to love yourself, learn to love others, Learn to love and respect yourself.  Never define yourself by past failures, never dwell in the past, always have hope for the future. Do not define yourself from current mistakes either. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. Encourage people to better themselves as you better yourself. Become someone who is inspirational, who can encourage and inspire people to better themselves as you better yourself.  Learn to handle adversity. Challenge your boundaries. Think positively and surround yourself with positive thinkers.  Cultivate positive energy. Help people who are less fortunate than you. Be compassionate. Don’t listen to jackasses, fuckfaces, cynics, bitter and hateful people. They are the most dangerous toxins you will encounter in life, more dangerous than sugar!. A strong spirit is needed for a strong mind and a strong body.  You cannot separate the three, it is impossible.

Do these things, and you will be happy, healthy, and strong. You will be thanking me for the rest of your life.

Never Again 360

The Deal With Tumblr

If you’re reading this, you probably use Tumblr. Congrats! You’re one of over 420 million users. I am too. I’ve been using the microblogging website actively for over five years now. That’s just one year less than NPR has (thanks for keeping us on top of the game, Wright).

Tumblr is my favorite social platform. (If you need convincing as to why it’s relevant: it’s also the fastest growing one, according to Global Web Index research from last year). I like it because it helps me discover stuff I care about — be it information, art, ideas, writing, cute mammals. I’ve also learned a lot of things from Tumblr, things I arguably should have learned about first in school. No, I did not rely on the Internet for my bachelor’s degree. But it would also be wrong to say it didn’t play a definitive role in shaping my interests, feeding my intellect and sparking my passion for civic engagement. I know my sister (who’s what they’re now calling Gen Z), as well as my similarly generationed friends, would agree. Tumblr rocks. It’s beneficial and fun. Like your really cool friend who’s always on top of things and makes you think and laugh a ton.

So why am I going on about this? Wright asked me to give some thought to the future of our main NPR Tumblr. Also, I got in a tiff with another intern last month about the legitimacy of social media as a news source. Our consensus: it’s requisite and relevant for the general news consumer, but ~serious journalists~ will, as they should, be skeptical first and confirm information via reliable sources.

Like a mega creeper, I spent last month looking at competitors and thinking about what we should be doing with our Tumblr moving forward. Here’s what I came up with.

What NPR does now:

We push our great digital content. We mix it up with

They’re mixed pretty evenly between all npr.org topics.

We reblog NPR shows/desks and member station content.

  • This  supports our intra-Tumblr community**
  • It’s also great for cross-promotion between shows/desks that have large followings in and of themselves. (skunkbearfresh air — looking at you)

** This could potentially be a bad thing, however, if we have too many NPR-related Tumblrs. It could spread our brand too thin, making us seem clunky and difficult to keep track of.

We reblog other Tumblrs we follow.

  • It’s where we source most of what I’m going to call “fun stuff,” which is a big part of Tumblr.
  • We always sign our reblogs to keep us — the curators — human, accountable (and hopefully hilarious).

What we don’t do as much, and I think should be done more:

We should reblog and engage with our followers.

(Here, they’ve reblogged a follower’s reblog of their post, because it was funny. This is the greatest nod of acknowledgement to the follower. Tumblr is all about reblogging. Also, I really dig their Overheard at the Washington Post series.)

That brings me to,

We should tap more into gifs, memes, and TTT (Tumblr trending things) —all important parts of the culture of Tumblr.

  • We can incorporate these into our reblogs and engagements.

(This GIF-off is an A+ example of this. If we’re doing it on Facebook, we should do it on Tumblr!)

We should have more fun, without losing our integrity.

  • This is pretty self explanatory. We don’t want our followers to think we aren’t a ~serious news blog~. People expect a certain approach from us and we want to remain true to that identity. That being said, each social platform is different and we should definitely adapt our voice and presence to each one. I think it would do us well to make our Tumblr a bit more Tumblr-y. We’re always going to have npr.org and Facebook for straight pushes of our content. If we play our cards right and tailor appropriately, I suspect the Tumblr community will love us even more than they already do.

- Vesta

Jewish converts: I was wondering if anyone would feel comfortable talking to me a little bit about why they converted?

Of course, no one is at all obligated to tell me about that.

I’m just… curious, I guess? I’m ethnically Jewish, but I grew up non-practicing and in a Catholic neighborhood, so I’d never really been around other Jews growing up.

Unfortunately, because of that, I had a certain distrust towards people who converted because I couldn’t understand why goyim would want to be one of us unless they had ulterior motives. Thankfully, I know better than that, now, thanks to discovering the Jumblr community and reading more about respecting converts.

But I still am curious about the whys of it. Especially for folks who are not ethnically Jewish who decide to convert.

Again, no one is obligated to talk to me about this at all. This isn’t meant to be like an interrogation or anything, but just a spot for some folks to share their stories if they feel comfortable with it.

If someone doesn’t feel comfortable reblogging this and adding to it but still wanna chat with me, you can always send me an ask (specify you want it private so I don’t forget!) or message me!

I will 100% respect however much information folks feel comfortable sharing. If I ask a question you’d rather not answer, you can always just say something like, “that’s a little bit personal,” and I will back off and be super chill about it.

Nobody owes me any information they don’t want to share.

My ‘Coming-Out’ to Myself

me = straight
-> *discovers new shows/tumblr/fandoms*
-> wow why do I love/am passionate for all these LGBT buzzfeed videos? I guess I just care about equality and all
-> *ships a shit ton of lesbian otp’s*
-> oh wow, i subscribe to some gay channels (me=still oblivious) -> oh wow, I’m shipping a lot of girl-on-girl loves
-> oh wow, my fandoms are now like ½ straight, ½ gay, interesting
-> OH SHIT, am I…?
-> *looks at tumblr posts*
… *reflects on celebrity crushes*
… *reflects on real life crushes* .
… *reflects on past times, I’ve checked out girls*
-> OH MY. YUP. i’m bi (?!?!)
-> me = now a baby bike 😆

Alea iacta est

I am beyond thrilled to discover “The die is cast” as a lyric in the Amuse-Bouche version of Love Crime. 

The phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar, said as he crossed the Rubicon. Once he entered Italy, there was no return, he had set into motion civil war. 

The same is true of Will in the Wrath of the Lamb. The die was cast inside his mind when he resolved to help Hannibal really escape during the faked escape. This is why he seems so relatively at peace when he talks to Bedelia. He doesn’t know what will happen, but he’s resolved to see it through. 

i just discovered that humans have natural bioluminescence and im unreasonably happy about it. we give off light from our face and neck in the afternoons and no one talks about this??? like why didnt i know about this sooner why did nobody tell me. people glow. people literally are glowing right now. i have the potential of slight illumination. im so happy thats so cute wtf. humans glow. :-)