why am i being sent messages now

#4:  “I’m doing a photoshoot, stop snapchatting me nudes i’m pretty sure [other member] just saw.”

warnings: nsfy (not safe for yugyeom)

***note: If this is confusing to read I can turn this into a fake text and fake snap just lmk!

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Bored and on your phone, you were sitting in your kitchen eating fruit. Half the day passed and your boyfriend still wasn’t back nor was he responding to you, no doubt busy with GOT7 business. You spent the day lazing around, not bothering to do anything productive. You sighed, realizing that Mark was probably out doing something fun and you were alone in your apartment with your sad bowl of mixed berries. When an idea popped into your head, you sat up straighter, grinned, and took out your phone and pulled up SnapChat, and took a selfie to send to Mark. You angled it so the center of attention was your very obvious cleavage. The next one was of you with a strawberry held up to your lips. A minute later your phone chimed.

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Peridot and the New Steven Bomb


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I mean, I don’t think it’d be PERMANENT - Peridot’s firmly on the redemption track, and she’s got a crush on attachment to Amethyst and a nascent protectiveness toward Steven already. But at the same time, it makes sense from a general narrative perspective that Peridot’s status needs to be challenged. Right now she’s with the Crystal Gems out of convenience, and she really hammers home that word “truce” over and over again. Her allegiances are very unstable, even to herself.

So of course it makes sense that, if it were a tense moment or a necessary split decision, Peridot would retreat to what she knows. And then she’d have to live with it. Like Lapis, she’d go back to Gem society (possibly in the form of a Homeworld envoy if not all the way back to the planet) and be struck by how Earth has changed her. And she’ll have messed up BIG TIME, probably putting the Crystal Gems in danger with her decision. That means if she wants to go back, if she puts herself in danger for the new friends who were beginning to accept her, she’d do it knowing they might not forgive her. She’d have to do it because it was right, not out of cowardice - her first real selfless act.

And I’d bet you it costs her. Seems like she’s never had to regenerate before. What must that be like? How terrifying? What an excellent opportunity to show us that experience, and to let Peridot reform herself in the stars of Earth.

Why’m I concerned about this so soon? Well…that  trailer doesn’t look good. And there are those episode summaries.

“It Could’ve Been Great” - The Gems take a trip to the moon.

Why’re they going to the moon? Why such a wistful title? Is it a certain new friendship that could’ve been great? And of course, rule number one of being an SU fan: always beware the vague summaries (the last comparably nondescript one was the monumental “Catch and Release”).

“Message Received” - Steven has doubts about believing in everyone.

What kind of earth shattering event would it take for Steven to lose faith, much less in the people he loves most?

Now, who’s the last person who sent out a message? Peridot. To Yellow Diamond. I am terrified of the pieces to be put together here.

“Log Date 7 15 2″ - Steven sneaks a listen to a friend’s audio diary.

Peridot’s diary, of course. This could go one of two ways. Either a “Garnet’s Universe” type deal where Steven is imagining Peridot’s strangely described misadventures exploring Earth. Or…

Steven is definitely curious to a fault, but he’s also learned a LOT lately about respecting boundaries. And Peridot carries that recorder everywhere - her gift as part of the “truce.” It doesn’t seem like something Peridot would leave laying around. Unless….she isn’t there anymore. Unless Steven is heartbroken and looking for answers.


[reposted because I accidentally included some info from the FIRST Steven Bomb the first time around]

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Your ignorance is almost on par with the obvious racists I see on my twitter/tumblr/facebook condoning the killing of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. I hope you realize how stupid and illogical you are one day.

i gotta start off with saying im almost positive you thought you clicked anon for obvious reasons but also one other reason that im not gonna address. now that thats out of the way, lets get to what youre talking about. first, you sent this message with zero thought. none. i’ll let you know right now that im not one to really say anything publicly about things such as the mike brown/eric garner incidents. why? i dont think im the best public speaker is all, but i do have my own thoughts, and its clear that you do as well since you think im ignorance, stupid and illogical. that being said and since i am fully aware that i am not able to make you think any differently of me at this point, i think the best route here would be for me to simply perpetuate that ignorance, stupidity and illogicality by roasting your ass. 

boy im bouta cook you. you look like one of them closet racists that run instagram pages promoting hate towards people of color. you look like all you do is play John Deere games on the ps2. lookin like the last piece of bread in the loaf. why you and ya shirt the same color? this the kid in ya science class that failed every chapter but aced the one about drugs and their effect on the body. you look like you let your pets kiss you on the mouth and shit man fuck outta here.

in conclusion, dont EVER come for me or any other POCs because one way or another, we will tear you down…but if you decide to again, click anon so you wont get flamed again

There was a lot to do today for Trick. A lot of calls coming in and press to do as well as making sure his social media is on point, having him be known and busy, which he hoped didn’t stress Trick out for the game tonight. He was happy to see him play tonight, but he also was a bit worried since he was called in just to head to the office an hour before the game.

At the same time he can’t help but think of what happened yesterday and how it changed him a bit. Theo didn’t want to hide anymore, but at the same time he wasn’t mentally ready to do much since he can’t shake Trick off and in some way he doesn’t want to. Last press of the day as Trick did need to head out and do warm ups as this last press was a full team press as for the first game of the season. People are talking and there is a lot of talk about Trick and he was happy that his work is paying off.

Stepping to the side he had someone tell him to go out since the coach of the team wanted to talk to him. Once he did he didn’t like much what was being told but at the same time he didn’t know how he could defend himself. 

“Y-yes sir.” Theo said as the coach got in close.

“It’s for your own good and my players own good. I’m not saying you are not good at what you do, but you know he got you out of pity and not knowing what else is to offer. He’s star potential and we need a long term agent that can be his manager, you’re not his manager are you? — What I thought.” Theo wasn’t even able to respond as the man cut him off. “As for now you can be his assistant agent after we talk to him. I’m sure he will agree.”

Theo was getting a bit emotional, but he felt like he knew just why this was happening. Even thought he didn’t want to admit it to himself, it hurt that this was happening.

Being excused out he needed to go meet in the office but he sent a message over to Trick before he was leaving.

Theo: Hey, I don’t think I’ll be able to make the game tonight. I am really sorry. Just a lot is happening right now and just I wish you the best and just everything. Win alright?”

Leaving over tot he office he parked and just had a moment to himself, crying a bit as it all happened. Meeting was fast and it helped his spirit up a bit. Looking to see the game on his phone he noticed they were not in the lead and it hurt him. His boss came around and put his hand on his shoulder and smiled. “You have time to still go for the two last periods. Maybe you are the luck they need.. Hurry. I’ll do the paper work and you’ll be off…” Nodding he thanked his boss as he was happy to have him. Happy to be given this job.

Rushing in traffic he parked in the back, showed his pass to the people he needed to as he was rushing in. Once he made it, he slowly made his way t the front front , just behind the seats where the players were. The coach gave him a mean glare as he then started to yell and clap his hands at the team as they were doing so good right now.

Taking his seat he saw Trick, stressed and frustrated. Theo wanted him to see that he was here and just in that moment he locked eyes with Trick and he smiled, waving slowly as he then knew he needed to fight to be his agent and if he let him his manager. He wanted the best and he will know just how he wasn’t going to let his coach and surely his father that was meddling in his business. Standing up and shouting he threw a fist up. “GO TRICK!” 

Transgender club

I’ve conducted a little social experiment , I sent 10 transgender people an anonymous message saying “ I’m a cis person who openly admits to being rather ignorant on the matter of transgender and I would like to educate myself. Can I ask why you decided you were a different gender opposed to just a tomboy female or a camp male”
I got 0/10 responses.
I then sent 10 transgender people “I’m not sure who I am right now, what were your reasons for transitioning and how and when did you decide the other gender would be better suited to your personality?”
I got 8/10 responses.
I then sent 10 fan mail messages pretending to be trans.
9/10 were reposted.
9/10 of their blogs also complained about cis people being ignorant and excluding them…