why am i being sent messages now

Well the person who is sending hate finally disclosed why they are sending not only hate to me, but others now… earlier today some guy sent me a message and we started talking. It started out really normal but then it took a really creepy turn as they started to ask if i would go on a date with them and asking some pretty personal questions. I told them to stop but when they didnt i did block them.
Just block them and report them… no one should have to put up with their bullshit

Also i am sorry that you guys are now being attacked @youtubeswarriors @lyssadee

It’s 1am and i sent you old pictures of us hoping you would fucking feel something.
You opened up the message and now my hands are numb and im filled with regret. I get that i should leave you alone but im just not that strong. Its been 4 fucking months and i still love you with every inch of my heart and being. Why did you leave me so broken because i will never be the same nor will i ever be okay. I will just get used to the pain and have random break downs that will make me look insane. And maybe i am for still loving someone who doesnt even care for my existence, for still holding onto something that never really was.
—  sky monreal

anonymous asked:

so im from the discord chat where some people feel uncomfortable about the trans girl mob hc and i want to say that most of us dont hate it or anything but for me its mostly that being vagued about it in your ask box made me feel very stressed and now i associate it with the headcanon,, i do like me some trans stuff since i myself am trans but now i just,, cant see trans girl mob without feeling stressed out which is why i wanted to thank you for letting it out of the main tag! have a nice day,,

it’s alright. i know being vagued about is stressful and when i was sent the vague messages about ur chat i had no info about it, so i apologize for all of the people (myself included) calling you transphobic. i hope you have a good day too, sorry about all the mess