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“Can I copy your homework?”
“Yeah, just change it up a bit so it looks like you didn’t copy”

Connor Murphy x Waitress!Reader Pt. 2

(a.n. ok so I’m stumped atm for an actual fic but I have like hundreds of headcanons ?? so enjoy ?? warning: a bmc crossover and cheesy as funk. also like 95% this is ooc but would it really be one of my headcanons if it werent?)


• “Babe! I have a great idea for a new pie”

• “ For the laST TIME CONNOR, this is a family diner, we can’t put weed in the pie”

• “and why not, (y/n)?”

• “oh I don’t know? Maybe because it’s 100% against store policy to sell marijuana infused desserts?”

• ofc the logical thing to do when you can’t have your way in the workplace is to buy your own establishment

• y’all open up a weed shop and a diner right by each other (The Baked Sale is where the devils lettuce is sold, and when those people get the munchies they head to The Bakery to get a cure for their seemingly incurable hunger)

• one time connor tried to help you in the kitchen but all that led to was flour everywhere and an intense make out in the dry ingredient storage room ooops

• your two stores are really a genius marketing scheme

• your child’s college savings are out the roof

• one day this tall kid with giant headphones and a red hoodie walks in (clearly having visited your boyfriend’s weed shop beforehand)

•“let me guess, a large slice of pie?”

• “do you happen to have a slushee machine?”

• “no, but we do have pie, pie, satanic rituals on saturdays, and pie”

• “I guess Ill have a slice of cherry pie then”

• “Ok, one slice of cherry pie coming up for…”

• “Michael”

• “coming right up!”

• since Connor and you don’t wanna leave your daughter at home all the time while y’all work, you have her stay with you at the diner

• she’s mesmerized by Michael’s headphones and immediately runs over to play with them

• Michael doesn’t mind at all, and being high made the event all the more amusing

• you come back over to his table with the pie and

• “honey what did we say about playing with customers?”

• “to not to” she says solemnly

• “I don’t mind at all, your daughters actually quite adorable” Michael pleas

• “just let me know if she becomes too much” you say, slightly thankful for the impromptu babysitter

• Michael actually enjoys babysitting your daughter and comes in practically every day you’re open to help out with her

• and he starts to bring more children along, such as his boyf Jeremy

• and suddenly you and Connor become parents to an entire village of children

• both you and Connor had been working nonstop at your jobs, so y’all decide a date night is definitely something that needs to happen

• “are you excited to stay the night with Uncle Jared and Auntie Alana?” Connor asks your daughter

• “yes dada!”

BOOM heart melted then and there

• even though Connor wasn’t her biological father, you were more than happy that he was the father figure she had

• y’all arrive at Jared and Alana’s apartment and give them the rundown

• “She needs dinner at 6 and be in bed by 8 at the latest” you say, “And Jared? No more dank memes please. I don’t need my child discussing the fundamentals of communism with my customers anymore”

• “Hey, no promises!” Jared winks

• “Jared, I will kill you. Literally kill you.”

• papa bear Connor mode initiated

• “Take it away Alana!” Jared says as he races into the house

• “I’ll make sure nothing too crazy happens, now go have fun kids!” Alana promised

• such a good Aunt

• you and Connor arrive at a quaint little restaurant on the more lavish side of town

• when you’re seated, you see a beautiful view of the skyline

• you’re so caught up in the view that you don’t notice Connor kneeling on the ground next to you

• “connor wtf”

• “(y/n), from the first time I saw you in the diner, I knew I would do whatever it would take to be with you. You got me out of one of the darkest places in my life and I could never repay you enough for that. You and your daughter (fgs does this child even have a name) have been the best thing to ever happen to me. So I just have one thing to say.”

• “420 blaze it? More like 420 engage it!”

• “Connor we’re not even married yet but just for that joke I’m already signing the divorce papers”

• :(

• jk you give him the biggest smooch of a lifetime • “of course I’ll marry you”

• suddenly you’re really happy he stumbled in your diner all that time ago

• the end


Marijuana has and is continuing to help me in so many aspects. 

With using cannabis, I have been able to get off of my dextroamphetamine prescription/addiction. Took the pills for 15 years and began to abuse them.

It has also allowed me to get off of my SSRI medication for anxiety and to help with my bipolar.

It helps me sleep when my work schedule makes it impossible to have a sleep schedule.

It has allowed me to become much more spiritual and in touch with nature and my own personal relationships.

My arthritis pain and symptoms of other ailments have dropped dramatically.

there are so many other things it has helped me with but I’m sleepy now. 

I am now in a much happier mood and relaxed state of mind.


Morning kids?


Word count: 430 (short but so incredibly sweet)

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Bright light poured into your bedroom as you and your husband woke, a cheeky smile on his lips as his blue eyes shone into your soul.

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I don’t like to talk about personal stuff but I feel like I have to.

5 month ago my mom had a  brain haemorrhage. One second she was there, the next she was slowly fading in the hospital. She passed away one week later, on February 1st. I can’t say what was worse - watching my father sobbing like a child, being in total mess after the woman he’s spent most of his life died and knowing I can’t break because someone had to stay sane or ironing her dress she was going to wear in the coffin and trying not to spread snot all over it because I was crying so hard – basically, two worst weeks in my fucking life. But why I’m wasting your time writing it?

There were three things that kept me sane. My best friend, who has spent a lot of time chatting with me on facebook about the dumbest shit you can imagine, to keep my mind away from the fact the last time I spoke to my mother, I was pissed off. The second was my salty Teen Wolf squad here on tumblr. The third was Karamel. Why? Because these two space adorable aliens were my happy place. Watching them made me a little less depressed. They allowed me to keep my fucking brain from going to places I really didn’t want to go.

So, I went to the Karamel tag, to grieve in peace, but instead I have learnt that I am a Trump supporter, Kremlin, abusive relationship cheerleader, racist, homophobe, slave owner apologist and blah, blah, blah, the list is going, basically I have learnt all the things I wanted during being in a shithole *sarcasm* Thank you, Supercorp/Lena fandom, because most of the shit was (and still is) sent there by you, seriously thank you. I’ll probably remember it to pathetic end of my life. But, why I’m writing this?

Because dear Supercorp fandom, you don’t give a shit. No, sorry, you give a lot of shit (basically, throwing that shit at fan), blowing it out from proportion, when you are involved. Basically, when your feelings are hurt when the cast sing a song about two women being friends, even if the main actress said you can ship whatever you want few minutes earlier, even if the cast was bullied for months by your fandom with the grosses shit you can imagine. That’s it. That’s the cast’s crime. A joke.

And you know, I get why this joke could hurt you. Basically, jokes do shit like that to people, because we are all different, we have different experiences, so different things trigger us – that’s normal. The problem is, some jokes are just jokes. Or jokes that were meant to make you realize that some things won’t happen and there is no queerbaiting. I know, truth can hurt and you want to express that to the world. The problem is, you don’t act like hurt people but like a bunch of bloodthirsty haters ready to eat anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

And I know, there are nice supercorp shippers who just sit and like the stuff and have nothing in common with the nasty minority. But you know the problem, nice supercorp shippers? We all have learnt from the history that usually the most awful things were done by minorities, while the majority sat silently and didn’t move a finger.

Personally, I don’t care about the hate I’m getting. I survived that two weeks, because after all I am emotionally strong and I’m old enough to deal with my shit. But other people are not me. I remember that 13 year old girl who came here, to her first fandom, liking Karamel and Mon. And how Supercorp shippers treated her like shit. Her feelings didn’t matter because she liked Karamel? How many Karamel shippers who are members of lgbt community have to repeat they are not straight or homophobes? How many poc Karamel people have to repeat they are not racists? How many people who experienced abusive relationships have to repeat they don’t think Karamel is abusive? How long you are going to ignore the FACT we are normal people? Our voices seriously don’t matter because we ship something else? We are not true survivors, lgbt members, teenage kids because we like different ship? Because, you don’t care?

And you know the worst part? We don’t owe you explanation why we ship, why a ship makes us happy, why a ship helps us dealing with shit. We don’t owe you an explanation of who we are. I don’t owe you a description on my blog saying that I am asexual, white Polish, recently losing my mother and my life being a fucking mess. No one does. You know why? Because my fucked up life doesn’t make my ship better than other ships. My fucked up life doesn’t justify me being a freaking online abuser. My fucked up life doesn’t give me a right to be disgusting and to throw gross shit at the cast that did something I didn’t like only because it hurt my feelings. 

Especially when the cast is treated for months like YOUR property.

Rant over.

Things I Believe to be True:

Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is trying to subtly communicate that he is Not Straight to Holster by making his crushes on other men known, primarily by speaking of their hockey skills, but also of their strength and asses and eventually he is going to get to “that guy is so fucking ripped and cute, amiright??” and, yes, it would be easier if he just told Holster that he is Not Straight but Ransom is just now realizing he may have Feelings for Holster and he is trying to… ease into it and see if Holster has similar Feelings and– “who does that, incredible. he’s so strong, lolol” (holster, you are also so strong, lol, see what i’m doing here, c’mon guys- SOMEONE PICK UP ON THIS)

Adam “Holster” Birkholtz is sitting over there, bisexual ass already head over heels in love with Ransom, slowly going insane because Ransom’s new thing seems to be complimenting other man on their… everything and Holster is just like “i am also tall and strong and i bet i could pick up 180 pounds with one hand if someone took out chowder” and also just like dear god justin, do you not know how you sound? Straight boys should not be allowed to say things like that cuz, shit, hope is rising and dear god i love you so much and why am I now imaging a threesome with you, me, and Tater right now??

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why do you have the tag "roses are red violets are basketball" bc it's hilarious but also I am confused

that’s the tag for quotes that contain shippy content!  back when this was a baby blog and I was young and youthful and carefree, no quotes containing or referencing ships were allowed at all, so when we started posting them I made sure they were tagged with both the ship name and that tag so people could blog things to their preference!

20 Questions Tag

Rules: answer 20 questions then tag 20 people

I was tagged by the super cool @purityimagines !!

Nickname: Sam
Zodiac: libra
Height: 154cm i think ?
Last thing i googled: american airlines baggage allowance
Favorite music artist: dodie clark (but tbh i just listen to whatever sounds nice i dont follow a particular artist)
Song stuck in my head right now: ‘in the middle’ by dodie
Last movie i saw: War for the Planet of the Apes
What am i wearing right now: white shirt dark green shorts
Why did i choose this url: i wanted something that conveyed that a did a bunch of different imagines from lots of different fandoms !!
Any other blogs? i recently made a personal-ish blog which is @princediahna
What have you learned from your last relationship: never been in a relationship
Religious or spiritual: nah
Favorite color: black and turquoise
Average hours of sleep: nine lately because it’s the holidays but usually it’s a lot less
Lucky number: not really a lucky number but i like the number 9
Favorite characters from books, movies, series: diana prince, elektra natchios, barbara kean, harley quinn, ygritte, bellamy blake, matt murdock, kat edison, veronica lodge
Dreamjob(s): something to do with criminology maybe ?? 

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Helo am I allowed to repost your art on my fan account on instagram with the caption 'credits to carrinth on tumblr '

Eh, sorry NO. I don’t exactly like the idea of my stuff being shown anywhere other than my original Tumblr or DA. 

If I wanted it to be on Twitter, Instagram, FB, Pininterest etc, I’d make a twitter, inst, FB,etc… account and upload it myself. This is also why I don’t really tag my stuff very well. I uh.. don’t actually want people to find it easily. I’m very, VERY, anxious about sharing the stupid things I draw so….. yeah. Don’t do that.

Again sorry. If you REALLY must share it with someone just send them the tumblr link.

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I love being kin for the whimsy of it. The aesthetics and spirituality that make you feel like a kid who’s still allowed to believe in Santa.

That’s why recently, going through the tags has really driven me away from the kin community. It’s become political. Instead of it being about the magic and finding ourselves, it’s become about how we’re “oppressed” by society and how people need to stop doing certain things that disrespect us. Am I the only one who seriously doesn’t get why fairies, and angels, and demons are so worried about such worldly human problems?

I just think people are way to worried about trying to force people to accept us, rather than facing the facts and realizing that we don’t need them to accept us. All we need is each other.

I’m a closet kin who still goes to school every day and ignores the feeling of wings on my back, but I don’t need the people at school to “accept” me to be happy. All I want to do is accept myself and learn my water magic, and I wish that the rest of the kin community could do the same


What is a permanent starter call?

It’s basically an allowance you give me to do certain things out of the blue. It includes but is not limited to random starters, inbox visits, etc. By liking this starter you basically tell me “hey I’d be okay with you throwing random shit at me!”


Because I am an insecure noodle that needs something to look back onto and know “hey these people like hearing from me and see my content.”

What does it include?

  • Random short or longer starters
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So give this post a LIKE if you want to enable me in my madness! Just as much you are free to UNLIKE this post as soon as you don’t want to be randomly attacked by Mii anymore!

Bias Tags

Tagged by: @eradikeats-writes​ and @yeolology THANKS MY BABES, sorry it took me a while to do this! I feel like mine will be very tame in contrast. 

Rules: write down the last 15 associated tags with your bias.
(like Bee and Kat, I am going to the last 15 posts…)

So these are for Taeyong (sorry Jongdae and Chanyeol!) 

1. #i adore this boy
3. #things that are not okay #this #who allowed him to look this good
4. #cuuuuutie
5. #… does his hat say vibrate #… #regardless of that TAEYONG IN BEANIES 10/10 ALWAYS SUPPORT #little pink button 
6. #beauuuuuuty #joy #LOVE
7. #the last gif is why we love him #I can’t with him
8. #I swear he can’t stay stillllll #I love himmmmmmm
9. #my king #taeyong #fdjsgfdkgfdgfdhkjghfd
11.#the man i love and adore
12. #beautiful angel on earth that none of us deserve and I adore more than words can properly express 
13. #Megana !!!! why would you do that!!!#IM SO ATTACKED #HE IS SO PRETTY #Taeyong #love of my life
15. #loooook at him #I’m in love with him #I adore him

To be honest, my funniest tags are about Doyoung… 
So… These just prove I am either very soft or very done towards TY? 

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I was tagged by @friendlylocalgeek​ for this game tag meme I’ve never seen but it reminds me of Tutti Frutti and I always liked that game

Rules: Write down a series of things that start with the first letter of your first name, then tag up to ten people. You can’t use the same word more than once

Name/Initial: L

Four letter word: Loud
Boy’s Name: Lautaro (why not just name in general though?) 
Occupation: Lyricist
Something You Wear: Lingerie
Color: Lime Green (does it count?) 
A Food: Lasagna
A Place: Lima
Something You Shout: La concha de la lora (am I allowed to curse in Spanish for this? I’m gonna go with yes) 
A Movie Title: Little Shop Of Horrors
Something You Drink: Latte
An Animal: Lion
A Type of Car: Lamborghini 
Title of a Song: “Light” from Next to Normal

I tag @starsfadingbutilingeron @nikkyo-n8kt @camii23 @johnnysjoestar @dystopiceyre @anatole–kuragin @strawberrydaydreams but you can ignore it if you want, it’s all good (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

i am a supernova, a catalyst of stardust
my skin is laced with the universe.
i am a storm of elements & ash & flame
i cannot die out.

i hold diamonds in my gaze & the roar of a lion within my chest
i am a valkyrie & i am ever-growing.

i do not come with a warning label,
for i want all to see my fury & love
i want the cracks in my bones to be visible to all so they do not forget that the sights i have seen are far worse than many
that the guilt i have suffered is not something i shall allow myself to forget.

—  why should i be gentle?

I recently smashed through hit a milestone and because it’s Christmas, I decided that doing something for my followers would be fun. You stick with me through all my random jumps in fandoms, and I appreciate that. Really. 

On Winning: 
I will choose two (2) winners, because why not?
I will send your victory notification via IM. If you would rather I contact you via ask or something else, you may request so in the tags. (I read tags. All the tags. Always ramble in the tags, my friends. I’m going to make this my official catchphrase soon, I think.)
You need to be comfortable adding me on Steam/Origin/whatever otherwise I can’t give you your prize??
If I reach my next milestone by the end of the contest, I will draw a third winner. Yay.

The Prizes:

  • $15 for Steam/Origin/Amazon/wherever the heck
  • Undertale soundtrack + game via Steam ($18 value)
  • Undertale soundtrack + $10 to wherever (because I value Undertale that much)
  • If for some reason cash-based things do not interest you, then you must have something else in mind that you want; we can work something out.

The Rules: 

  • You must be following me. This is a thanks to my followers. You may follow me after seeing this post, but please don’t leave when it’s over.
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  • No giveaway blogs. I’m also using this as a super sneaky way to find blogs to follow, and giveaway blogs aren’t fun to follow.
  • This ends January 1 12:59 AM EST. (Which is midnight going into the new year my time, so I can easily tell when the cutoff is. But most people recognize EST more than CST, so.)

This is now over. Thanks again to all my lovely followers! 

I had a dream that I saw the Sherlock special and that in it Sherlock said to John, “You’re not actually straight” and John looked at him, and they did that thing where they just stare into each other’s eyes, and everyone was holding their breath because you just knew that John wasn’t going to deny it, wasn’t going to say, “Yes I am” and that his silence and the way he was staring into Sherlock’s bloody soul and allowing Sherlock to stare right back into his was an admission that he loved Sherlock and that he’d never love anyone else like that again.

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so sick of cumberbitches turning doctor strange gay

Is this serious? You seriously sent me this because I posted THIS, an actual page from Sorcerer Supreme #86, published in 1996 (which, by the way, I own all ninety issues of)???:

I don’t even know where to start with this because it’s such a pathetic attempt at anon hate. 

First off, I want to address the fact that you say I’m “turning him gay”. Besides the fact that the panels are from, you know, AN ACTUAL COMIC BOOK THAT WAS PUBLISHED BY MARVEL, I didn’t add any comments to the photo indicating that I thought Strange was gay/queer? My only comment was “I’m just very excited to have Mark Buckingham sign this.” (Buckingham was a penciller on the series, not that I would know that of course, because I’m only concerned about who the Doc is fucking, clearly.) But you know what, that later Sorcerer Supreme run could be interpreted pretty easily as an indication that Strange is queer, and now you get a nice rundown of some of the queer things that happen in Sorcerer Supreme #75-#90 because you’ve annoyed me and there’s nothing I like better than debunking myths of assumed heterosexuality in comics:

  • First off, let’s talk more about that panel from #86 that I posted. It comes at the end of the page, and then there is a timeskip after that. There’s no “Of course I’m not gay!” reply. He just laughs. That’s it. 
  • Also in those panels, it’s mentioned that Strange lives in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, which is often referred to as the “cradle of the modern LGBT+ movement.” Greenwich Village also contains the world’s oldest LGBT+ bookstore, Oscar Wilde Bookshop, founded in 1967, and if there’s one thing we know about Strange, it’s that he’s a bibliophile and a bit of a History nerd. Greenwich Village is Heaven on Earth to a queer Strange, so no wonder he chooses to live there.
  • Issue #84 begins with a short explanation of Strange’s alcoholism, and his “dark past”. They are several hints to a “hunger that drove him”, and if you want to interpret Strange as not completely OK with his own queerness, the first few beginning pages that describe a “hunger that could not be satiated” can be taken as a reference to homosexual desire. Also when mentioning how the drink has destroyed Strange’s romantic/sexual attachments to people, the panel just says “relationships”, it’s not gender-specific.
  • His name is Strange. His name means “unfamiliar, unusual, different”. His name is a literal synonym for “queer”, like literally, I don’t understand what else you want.

But darn those Cumberbitches, making everyone gay with no evidence of it in the comics! 

Oh, and on that point, I’d like to add no-one uses the term “cumberbitch” seriously to describe themselves because it’s gross as hell. I’m not even a huge Cumberbatch fan! Like the majority of female MCU fans, Cumberbatch was definitely not my first choice to play Strange, but I’m optimistic that the MCU Dr Strange might turn out well because of the Quantum Realm scenes in Ant-Man which I personally thought were great, and which reminded me of Strange Tales’ original art style. I’m excited for the film because this is the first time we’ll see a high-budget, live-action Doctor Strange film, and oh my God why am I even justifying myself to you, I’m allowed to like things without being judged by people too scared to even insult me without being anonymous.

So in conclusion, me posting a page from a 1996 comic which I’ve owned for years and being excited for one of its creators to sign it clearly means that all I care is about Benedict Cumberbatch sucking some MCU dick.

Please stop trawling through the Dr Strange tag looking for young women to insult just because you think we’re not “real” fans of things we understand far better than you ever will.