why am i allowed to make these again

what MY asexuality does mean: 

  • I don’t want to have sex. 
  • I don’t feel sexually attracted to people.
  • Sex isn’t part of my romantic relationships.

what MY asexuality doesn’t mean: 

  • I am a straight person trying to infiltrate LGBT safe spaces cause I don’t even consider myself part of LGBT community - I just don’t consider myself straight either as neither of those labels I feel describe me. Plus not many really want us there), 
  • That I consider myself oppressed like LGBT people - I don’t consider myself oppressed at all but I do get judgement from people because of my asexuality and some can be really upsetting/make me cry and hate myself. I am allowed to be upset about that.
  • That a character being canonically asexual is homophobic. I don’t understand why people think this but i’ve seen it and it’s ridiculous.
  • That I am judging others for having sex or sexual feelings. Again ridiculous assumption and illogical.
  • That I can’t take a compliment on my appearance. As long as it isn’t a sexual compliment.
  • That if you are my friend you can’t talk to me if you are worried bout something sex related (feeling pressured by partner, worried about something)

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The World in Reverse: What is your character holding back?

“I’m Ishgardian nobility, my dear; we hold everything back.” Istolin chuckles softly as he ponders the question. “Passion, for certain. I find I rarely allow myself to fully express the extent of my emotional state or interest for fear of coming on too strongly, and of giving those who would do myself and my loved ones harm any ammunition against us.

Though I do not always wear a mask, so to speak. There are few I feel comfortable enough around to truly be myself; my closest friends know full well who I am when not putting on airs. And my beloved…” He laughs again. “Why, he has a way of making me open up entirely, in ways I had never thought possible.”


I’ve been reading some very fluffy johnlock headcanons and they make me all so sad because all that cuddling and being soft and loving with each other was all I ever wanted for myself as well. And I am being denied all over. And again and again and again. Why don’t I deserve softness and love in my life. This is all I want and I am not allowed to get it. Why. I know I am not a good human being but I didn’t think I was that undeserving of love that the universe just doesn’t allow to have that in my life at all.


Truly cannot put into words how grateful I am for this experience. Even outside of the Prince related activities, Minneapolis is just a phenomenal place. I get it boyfriend. I see why you never left. And just…thank you. We love you and we miss you. Tremendously. The shared experience with purple fam is the icing on the cake. @darlingnisi & @foreversaz thanks for allowing me to be part of this! 💜 To the rest of my tumblr family: @the-beautiful-1 @the-beautiiful-ones @just-prince-things @graffiti-bridge @theenigmaticmoon @dorothyparkerwascool @dazzling-ji @caramelcandy82 @dorothyparkerwascool you all were there in spirit! Let’s try to make this happen again for ‘17! *sigh* Peace and be wild Minneapolis. Until we meet again…

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Before the Wedding - Tony’s POV

“What am I doing.. What the hell am I doing.. What I was thinking.. What the.. *mumbles*”

“Tony, you’re an idiot! Calm down!! You love Steve! You love him more than anything or anyone in your life! There is no one else for you and that’s what you’re celebrating here! The fact that there’s no one else to you! Now say your vows again!”

“Bruce, what are you blabbing about..? I didn’t mean the wedding, I meant these stupid bow ties!! Why did you allow me to get bow ties instead of ties?! Bow ties make my face look fat! I can’t have hamster cheeks in my wedding photos!!  That’s it, we need to call off the wedding, I don’t have a tie, GO TO STEVE AND TELL HIM THAT THE WEDDING IS OFF!”

“You’re doing it again! Stop blowing off the wedding for nonesense!! You weren’t hungover for three days, you were just scared and that’s okay, but at least admit it! And talk about it! What’s so scary? And if you say the bowties or the cake or the pastor I will turn green!”

“It.. It’s– Napkins don’t match the drapes. Napkins don’t match the drapes, Bruce!! And I don’t know why, but Pepper said that it is extremely important and we had one job, Bruce, ONE JOB and we screwed it up! We can’t get married like that or Pepper will go berserk and I can already hear her Christian Louboutin high heels of doom clanking on the marble floor as she comes here to RIP MY HEAD OFF!”

“Okay, Tony, I will ask you a serious question now! Shut up for a second and wrap your mind around nothing but the question!! Do you want to marry Steve, yes or no?”


“Okay, Tony, listen. Steve is great! He’s the best man you could find who loves you just the way you are! I mean wow Steve is really really crazy for that!! I mean isn’t he?? He’s absolutely crazy for loving you just the way you are and you are crazy for loving him just the way he is! Isn’t that the whole point? I mean who else could give that to you? It is a good thing to marry Steve! Marriage is turned into a couple destroying thing by the media, a terrifying thing, but it’s actually just the two of you giving each other rings to … be connected and stay connected visibly! … You are Steve’s perfect match and he’s yours!”

“Ha, rings.. I know all that, Bruce.. That’s why I’m starting to think that, that.. What am I even doing? I have a good thing with Steve. Really good. He was my childhood hero and my first crush, you know? How many people married their childhood’s hero? No one! And I get to marry mine. I got to love mine, I got my hero to be mine. But marrying him.. isn’t that too much? Isn’t it me going again with “I need it” and.. if you like it you should put a ring on it?” *sings a little*

“I think it’s both of you going with “I love you to death” and “I want to make it official to show you how serious I am about this”. It’s you showing Steve he’s your endgame! And it’s Steve showing you the same! Nothing will change afterwards, but the fact that you two wear very very gorgeous rings every day! Isn’t it a shame?”

“I think you might be right.. And–OH SHIT! Bruce, look at the time!! I need to get dressed!! *runs off somewhere* BY THE WAY!! What do you think of what I just said?! The thing about marrying my childhood hero?! Is that good wedding vows material?! Should I use it?!”

“You haven’t written your vows ye - I mean … yeah! Yeah, it’s very good vow material! … You should use that! I will .. I will write it down as you speak okay? Please tell me there’s more of that vow material in your brain!“ *tries not to start second hand panicking*

“Nah, don’t worry, Bruce, I’m good at improvising!” 

“Uhhh … what are you doing?? … Tony, are you .. are you supposed to wear that? Does Steve know about this? … And more importantly: Does Natasha know??”

“You’re worrying to much! It is only to make a big entrance, I have my wedding suit underneath! Let’s go, go! You have the rings, right?”

“Uhm … uhhm uh … I do have the rings, but I don’t feel like … I can’t let you out there like that … and you don’t have your vows and and and I just - “

“Great!! See you at the ceremony! Think that I have time for a last bachelor donut? If I get late, think of something!” *flies out*

“Tony what – TONY!!!!! Oh my … goooooooood! This is not good, this is not good!!” *phone rings*

“Nat?? Oh heeeey, honey, uh what’s up?? - Aha - aha - yeah - Tony? Tony is sooo fine, it doesn’t get any finer!! Super super fine!! - Sure - Yes maam, alright okay bye … bye!” “GOD DAMN IT!!”