why am i allowed out

The Marauders as Social Networks

James is Facebook. the original one that everyone know and have. thinks is the coolest, is not. still some cool shit happening though, once in a while. have a cool side and a nerd side, bad jokes, some really stupid ones.

Remus is Twitter. witty short answers, and then really long inspiring rants. not as popular but everyone loves it once they try. both great clever observations and opinions and “wher the fuk is my cofee too early fr this shit”

Sirius is Instagram. pretty cool and popular. a lot of selfies. also black and white pictures with deep quotes that represent the tortured soul of the artist. and obviously “LOOK AT THIS STIM IT IS BRIGHTLY COLOURED AND IT MOOVES OMG”

Peter is Pinterest. underestimated and unpopular but you realize once in a while that a lot of good shit comes from here. always ready to help, sometimes clingy ( “we made a SPECIAL BUTTON that appear on every picture you will ever view isn’t that amazing” )

Regulus is Myspace. emo and dead.

Guess who has 0 chill and is lowkey trying to peer pressure @uniquesora into doing Klance Fem! Paladin suits for Fanime;;

Neighbours: Part Five - Tommy Shelby

The Party

Part One | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |

As we pull up I find the party already in full swing; jaunty music emanates from a band I can’t see, filling the air with catchy tunes as waves of people mill around the gardens. It’s neither of these that attracts my attention first though, but a full fairground set up and lit to high heavens; a merry-go-round, swings and swing boats, separated by various stands and stalls engulfs the entirety of the Shelby property that I can see from the drive.

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How come no one ever tells you how fucking exhausting mental illness is? How even menial tasks take the maximum amount of energy. How hard it is to get a good solid eight hours of sleep at night without waking up every five minutes. How you either sleep for five hours or ten hours and either way you’re still fucking exhausted all the next day. How difficult it is to focus on things and how some days it takes you ten times longer to do a task you do every day. And then there’s the days where your eating habits are out of wack and you have to keep careful track of what you eat, but you still end up either over eating till you’re sick or not eating enough. You have problems remembering things that happened five minutes ago so you end up repeatedly doing something or forgetting what’s going on in a conversation…like damn why am I even allowed out of the house

Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) series - Part Five

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four


I wake up and feel something warm beside me. I immediately panic and jump out of bed as quick as I can which results in me falling flat on my back on the floor.

“Huh? What?” Luke asks, sitting up in a daze after my graceful fall. He looks over at me and his eyes open slightly wider. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I say, a slight smile spreading across my lips.

I feel the cut on my bottom lip spread and begin to sting. My hand instinctively flies up to stop the blood from flowing out.

The memories of yesterday come flooding into my mind and I start to feel suffocated. I walk quickly to the bathroom and shut the door before grabbing a cloth from the counter and sitting down on the cold, tile floor. I try to steady my breathing as I press the cloth to my lip.

A few minutes later, there’s a soft knock at the door and Luke’s voice floats through. “You okay?”

I swear if he asks me that question one more time…

“I’m fine,” I answer instinctively. “My lip just started bleeding again.”

“Can I come in?” He asks.

I reach up and turn the knob in response to his question. I pull the door open just a crack and he walks through. His hair his messy and his clothes that he’s still wearing from yesterday are wrinkled. I notice the bags under his eyes and he looks like he got even less sleep than me. I suddenly feel very guilty. He kneels down beside me and replaces my hand that’s holding the cloth with his own.

His eyes narrow a bit as he examines my lip again. “Your jaw is starting to bruise,” he says, a frown forming on his face. “How does your head feel? Are you still dizzy?”

“No,” I answer. “I think that was just a mixture of my over-tiredness and being in shock.”

He nods. “Are you ready to tell me what happened?”

My eyes dart away from his. I know that I told him something last night when he woke me up from my nightmare, but I can’t remember exactly what.

“I’ll take that as a no,” he murmurs, his fingers gently pushing my chin up so that he can look at it from different angles.

I sigh. “I’m sorry, Luke,” I say. “I really am. I just don’t want to bring you into this. It’s not a good situation.”

I try to remain as vague as I can. I just want to keep him safe. I’ve seen how intense Jonah can get, and I don’t want Luke to get caught in his crossfire. Plus, Jonah doesn’t mean to hurt me. Sometimes I just make really stupid mistakes and he gets angry. He always apologizes afterward because deep down he really does love me.

“I can’t watch you get hurt again,” he says, looking down at my hands that are folded in my lap.

My eyes start to fill with tears, but I quickly brush them away. I know that Luke cares about me, and I care about him too, but this is not his problem. Jonah is my boyfriend, and I can handle him just fine.

“I’m fine, Luke,” I say softly. “I promise you it was just an accident.”

His loud sigh lets me know that he doesn’t believe me, but I know that he won’t push the issue any more right now. I stand up off the floor and walk back into my bedroom to grab my phone. I see that I have a missed call from Jonah, so I immediately call him back. I don’t like to make him wait on me.

“Finally, I thought you’d never call,” Jonah says after only one ring.

His voice is light and playful this morning, quite the opposite of how it was last night.

I let out a small, nervous laugh. “Sorry, I guess I overslept this morning.”

“I can see that. It’s almost noon. I was going to see if you wanted to go get breakfast, but now I guess that’s turned into lunch. So how about it? I’m buying,” he says.

I consider the offer for a moment. Luke knows something’s up and there’s a decent chance that he’ll try to stop me from going. But I’m an adult, damn it, and I can make my own choices.

“That sounds great,” I answer. “Where should I meet you?”

Jonah tells me to meet him at one of our favorite spots not too far from the apartment. As soon as he hangs up, I start rummaging through my closet in an attempt to find something to wear. I need to make it up to him for forgetting dinner last night, so I decide to wear his favorite outfit. I pull my hair up into a neat ponytail and apply some light makeup to cover the bruise on my jaw before heading out into the living room. I see Luke looking through the cabinets in the kitchen, probably trying to find something to eat.

“You might want to just order something,” I say as I slip on my shoes by the front door. “I haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping lately.”

Luke turns his attention to me and he freezes for a second. He raises an eyebrow and starts walking toward me.

“Going somewhere?” He asks, his arms crossed over his chest like a protective dad.

I nod, my eyes darting away from his. “Yeah, Jonah called and asked me out to lunch.”

“Oh did he now,” Luke says, his voice almost a growl. “Is he trying to make up for what he did last night?”

I roll my eyes. “Luke, I told you. It was an accident. Just drop it.”

He holds up his hands in surrender and starts walking back toward his bedroom. I know he’s upset with me, but I’m not his child. He can’t control my life.

I take a deep breath and walk out the door. I decide to walk to the small cafe instead of catch a taxi because I could use the fresh air. I arrive a few minutes before the time that Jonah and I had agreed to meet at, so I stand outside and wait for him to arrive.

“(Y/N)?” I hear my someone call my name.

I turn toward the voice and see Ashton, one of Luke’s bandmates, walking toward me. I smile and jog over to give him a hug. He holds me against him for a few seconds before stepping back and raking his eyes over me.

“You look great,” he says as he flashes his million dollar smile.

I giggle and do a little curtsy in response. I ask him how he’s been and how the press tour was. He launches into some of the same stories that Luke told me yesterday, but I pretend I haven’t heard them yet. Ashton is so energetic and lovely that I can’t help but smile in his presence.

“(Y/N),” Jonah’s voice says from behind me a few minutes later.

I turn around and see that he’s standing a few feet away with that familiar jealousy in his eyes. I hope he’s not angry with me. He should know that Ashton is just a friend.

“Jonah, this is Luke’s bandmate, Ashton. Ashton, this is my boyfriend, Jonah,” I say, introducing the two in the hopes that it’ll make Jonah feel more comfortable.

Ashton sticks his hand out to shake Jonah’s, but Jonah doesn’t return the favor. After a few seconds, Ashton seems to notice the tension and he quickly offers me a quick hug goodbye and leaves.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jonah asks as soon as we’re alone. “Were you trying to make me jealous or something?”

I shake my head. “No, of course not. Ashton just saw me waiting and he stopped to say hello. He’s a friend, and that’s all.”

“That hug looked like more than friendly to me,” he says, his voice low and full of rage.

I groan. “Why are you always so jealous? Am I not allowed to hang out with any other guys but you?”

He seems taken aback by my curt response, and it only adds fuel to the anger burning in his eyes. I immediately bite my tongue. That was not the right thing to say in this situation.

“I’m sorry, baby, I-,”

“Save it,” he spits. “You’re such a bitch sometimes.”

I cast my eyes to the ground as I try to hold back tears. He’s right. I shouldn’t have said what I said, it was way out of line.

“Come on,” he says as he grabs my arm and guides me toward his car. “We’ll have lunch at my place. At least there we can’t run into any more of your fuck buddies.”

some friendly fairy tail thoughts

  • the guild finding out about natsu
    • personal favourites, gajeel, wendy, erza, makarov, laxus, lisanna (bonus: sting and rogue)
  • the guild finding out about mavis
  • carla, lily, lector and frosch comforting happy
  • lucy didn’t get to meet anna

actual happy thoughts tho

  • erza finding out makarov is alive
  • actually anyone that thinks he dead finding out he’s alive
  • makarov being like ‘why am i not allowed to Rest wtf’
  • ‘guess we should rebuild the guild’ and makarov groaning loudly in the distance
  • all the reunions
  • adventure for aquarius’s key i have literally not wanted anything else since that seed was planted wtf i’d read a whole side series fight me mfs
Do you believe in magic?

Request from anon: Could you please do one where the reader crosses paths with Gideon from OUAT somehow (maybe he takes her as a hostage or she just already knows who he is) and he just keeps wanting to see her and he doesn’t know why. They have a sarcastic, “I don’t like you” kind of friendship (even though he’s still “bad”) and one day he realizes he likes her? You can decide how it ends :)

Note: Apologies for the delay in getting this written up. I went a little crazy haha! I think this strayed a little (only a little) but hoping the person who requested it still enjoys it :)

Gideon x Reader

Words: 2,119

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You were lost. Completely and utterly so. Turns out map reading really wasn’t a talent of yours at all. Something which you probably should have considered before heading out on a hike in a state you had never even stepped foot in before. Nothing about your current surroundings even indicated to you whether you were going around in a circle or not because each and every tree looked identical, even the branches and the leaves that had fallen to the ground seemed to have fallen in the exact same way around every tree.

In a fit of rage you let out a frustrated growl before ripping the map up into segments as though it was completely to blame for your lack of skill in the navigation department.

“Now what did that map ever do to you?”

The disembodied voice caused you to swiftly turn on the balls of your feet, your centre of gravity threatening to disappear completely, but you managed to quickly balance yourself as you came face to face with a dark figure leaning up against a nearby tree. Dark wasn’t even an over exaggeration either as he was actually stood there in a black cloak with the hood casting a dark ominous shadow over his face.

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idk man, you don’t like the stuff I reblog? That’s cool, I support you, you can unfollow me all you want. Just don’t come for me acting like I’ve lost my integrity and senses. I still know what’s right and what’s not so

anonymous asked:

what is the point in you calling yourself a robron blog if you can't be bothered to be interested in a storyline about robert? you'd be better off with all the anti blogs, at least they'd indulge your creepy obsession with aaron.

With people like you I might be 😖

Where Have You Been? - Alexander Hamilton X Reader (part 2)

a/n: haHa i finally got this done- i hope you guys like it, sorry for it taking so long!

warning: shit gets kinda scary here, mentions of sex, a lotta swearing, if you get triggered (this is legit please take this seriously) with certain scenes then please just skip the paragraph with the warning, thank you and i love you friendo pls take care of yourself

words: like 2,000 some? (imso s orry, i didn’t mean to make it this long ok i swear)


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text ---> open
  • shay: i've had the jimmy neutron theme stuck in my head all day and of cOURSE some guy has to ask me what i'm humming and of cOURSE he's like some fucking adonis and of cOURSE i trip over my words as i embarrassedly tell him and he gives me a strange look and backs away
  • shay: why am i allowed out in the world
  • shay: don't mind me while i hide in bed for the rest of my life
5SOS Preference – He Comes Home Drunk

Requested: Yes

M I C H A E L :

The quiet slams of the front door to you and Mike’s shared apartment woke you up at 2am, according to the clock ticking away on your nightstand. A small smile crept onto your face as you watched your boyfriend stumbling over to you, clearly drunk out of his mind. “Heeey, Y/N,” he giggled, plopping down next to you on the bed and snuggling into your side. “How much did you have to drink tonight?” you smirked as he wrapped himself around you, trying to be as close to you as humanly possible. He shrugged and giggled, pulling up the duvet over himself and cocooning himself in it. “Well maybe I had a bit too much to drink and maybe I have no idea what I’m saying but I do know that I love you and I want to cuddle with you right now, so come here and love me,” he rambled, nuzzling his head into your shoulder, desperate for your affection. “Come here then, loser. If you want cuddles, cuddles is what you’ll get, but I won’t be the one taking care of your hangover in the morning.” He grinned, still latched onto you like some sort of koala bear. “M’kay.”

C A L U M :

A sigh escaped your lips as you heard the door slamming. This was the fourth night this week he’d come home drunk after nights out with the boys, and most likely a ton of gorgeous girls, and every time it ended up in a screaming match. Fed up was an understatement. “Where were you Calum?”  “God damn, Y/N! Why are you so overprotective all the time? Am I not allowed to go out and have fun now?!” Shaking your head in disbelief, you took a step closer to him. “Since you apparently forgot, we were meant to be going out together tonight. The reservation was for 7:00, I waited an hour for you. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have to sit there all alone, getting pity stares from the waitress because my dick of a boyfriend forgot about me?” Cal stood there dumbfounded, clearly surprised by your little outburst.  He seemed to sober up quite quickly as the realisation of what he’s been doing hit him. “Y/N, I-“ “I don’t want your excuses Calum. I just want my Cal back.” A tear trickled down your face and Calum wrapped you up in his arms. “I’m so so sorry, Y/N. God, I’ve been such a shitty boyfriend recently. I promise you this is all going to change. Promise.”

L U K E :

“Y/NNN,” Luke slurred down the phone. He’d gone out with the boys and something told you he’d had a few too many drinks, despite supposedly being the one that was meant to drive everyone home. “Where are you?” you sighed and after about 10 minutes of Luke being drunk and pretty much useless with directions, you were on your way. Stumbling towards you and nearly tripping over his own feet, Luke ran over to your car and collapsed onto the back seat. You rolled your eyes and started the car; this happened every time and to be perfectly honest you were kind of fed up of it. By the time you got home, Luke had fallen asleep on the back seat and was softly snoring. Since you weren’t strong enough to carry him into the house and there was no way you were gonna be the one to wake him up, you grabbed a blanket and laid on the back seat with him. Sure, it wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in but you were with Luke, which was all that mattered in that moment.

A S H T O N :

The sudden shifting of weight in the bed woke you up from your peaceful slumber and alerted you that Ashton was finally home, but judging from the smell of alcohol lingering in the air, he was also drunk. “You know what I like about you, Y/N?” he murmured, staring up at the ceiling. You turned to face him but he didn’t seem to notice. “I like everything about you. You’re beautiful, even if you don’t see it yourself and I’m going to dedicate my life to making you see yourself the way I see you. It makes me sad when you’re sad. And I love your laugh. It can brighten my day when nothing else can. I could stay up aaall night listing things I love about you.” You stared over at him in awe; where did all of that come from? You pressed a soft kiss to his chin and he snapped back into reality. “Wow I’m really drunk,” he giggled. “Well if you’re gonna act like this every time you should get drunk more often.”

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