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Curious Man - (Sherlock x reader)

Imagine: Meeting Sherlock at a store while he waits for Watson to buy a gift for Mary.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 579

Warnings: None.

A/N: I wanted to write this for the longest time and now I finally did it. It’s just a small drabble because I’m still not in shape to write a proper Sherlock fanfiction. Yet, I hope you like it.

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“Beautiful choice, very fashionable if I may say so.” A male voice interrupted you.

You were doing your early Christmas shopping, a tradition you had started the first year you moved out of your parent’s house. Basically, you would buy all kinds of gifts for yourself before the prices got up.

“Thank you, sir.” You replied with a smile as you looked to the man that had spoken.

He was tall and slim, dark locks framing his pale face and deep blue eyes analysing you.

“I’m sure your fiancé will like it.” He continued. You furrowed your eyebrows.

It was common for people to inquire that you had a boyfriend, but this man was being too specific.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a fiancé.” You giggled. The man let out a breathy sigh.

“Then why are you wearing an engagement ring?” He asked. You looked down to your hand, which in fact had an engagement ring. “Don’t be ashamed of him. It is in fact an old engagement ring, probably his mother’s ring. I can see that it looks quite unused in spite of the age of it, so I’m guessing you got recently engaged.”

You smiled in amusement. The man seemed to be a pretty smart guy, yet he was wrong.

“I’ve told you: I’m not engaged.” The blue-eyed man furrowed, not willing to believe your words.

“Come again?” He asked.

“I said: you’re wrong.” You replied. The man looked too dumbfounded not to be funny, and hell, it took you an eye and half of the other not to laugh at his face.

“How can I be wrong? It is an engagement ring, and it is on your hand in the right finger. It’s old, and yet it looks clean because you haven’t worn it much.” You nodded.

“It is in fact an engagement ring, and I am in fact wearing it correctly. It is old, true, but it looks clean because I only wear it on occasions.” The man was truly messed up.

“So you only wear it on occasions because…” Before he could make a suggestion of you being a cheater to your fiancé or a single lady wearing a fake ring to keep men away, you interrupted.

“It was my mother’s engagement ring,” you spoke, “She gave it to me a few years ago. I’m not engaged and I only wear it every now and then because I don’t want people to think I’m already taken.”

“There’s always something…” The man whispered to himself.

“Sorry?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“Nothing, never mind.” He shook the thought away with a hand gesture. “So, mind telling me why you don’t want people to think you’re taken?”

“You are a very curious man, aren’t you?” You laughed, not answering to his question.

“I am, in fact.” He responded, puffing his chest out and coking his eyebrow proudly.

“May I ask why you are so concerned about my relationship status?” You asked, smirking.

“I happen to find you very pleasing to the eye and, now, I also find you very interesting.” He answered, taking good care of his words; he sounded like he was afraid to say something wrong, yet somehow he also sounded confident.

“My name’s…”

“(Y/N).” He finished. You gasped what kind of man was he?


“You’re wearing a bracelet with your name on it.” He simply replied.

“What a strange man you are, Mr…” He smirked at your words.

“Holmes,” He spoke, “Sherlock Holmes.”

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Can you do 2 from the Disney prompts for obi, please? Thank you and I love you.

“How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!”

A/N: Royal AU

When you woke up this morning, you didn’t feel refreshed like you usually do. No. You were annoyed. Why? Yet ANOTHER prince was arriving today claiming that he’s worthy of your love, affection, and better yet, your royal status. 

“Obi-Wan!” You called for your bodyguard and he immediately entered your room. He was just a few years older than you. You sat up and pouted to him, “Is there a way for you to sneak me out of the palace today?”

Obi-Wan smiled, “I’m afraid your parents already talked to me about that. So no.”

“Uuuuggghhh!” You flopped back onto your bed.

“As your bodyguard and employee, I say that you should give the prince a chance. But as someone who loves you, I say give him Hell.” Obi-Wan smiled and winked at you. 

You heard the sound of trumpets play announcing the arrival of the prince. You looked at Obi and sighed, “Let’s get this over with.”

When you made it to the council room, you could already hear the discussions happening.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but my daughter can be quite…fiesty.”

You heard the prince chuckle, “I assure you King Y/D/N, I think I’ll be able to win the princess’ affection. We’ll be married in no time.” The prince and his father chuckled. Your father smiled.

You were disgusted by the sound of his confidence, “How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!“ 

You ran off back towards your room, but was stopped by Obi, “Y/N! What happened? You weren’t gone for long.”

“He’s a narcissistic bastard, is what he is! He’s so confident that he’ll win me over,” You scoffed, “They don’t want to know me. They just want the crown!” You burst into your room and threw yourself onto your bed.

Obi-Wan leaned in your door frame smiling at you, “Run away with me.” He said simply.

Your head shot up, “What?”

“Run away with me,“ He repeated as he walked towards you, “You love me. I love you. Let’s run away to somewhere far, get married, and live happily ever after.”

“You’re serious?”

Obi-Wan smiled at you, “Of course, I am. Do you actually think I’m going to stand by and watch you marry some stuck up prince? It’s like you don’t know me at all, darling.”

You smiled at him, “Let’s do it.”

Fifth Period

Fandom: OUAT

Pairing: Rumbelle

Rating: T

Summary: High school teacher Mr. Gold isn’t sure what to think when his worst-behaved class suddenly start behaving for the substitute. What kind of dark magic is this Mrs. French weaving on his class of miscreants?

(Not on AO3 yet because my work connection is weird.)

Mr. Gold always knew what to expect. He had learned enough about human nature, he thought, to be able to predict reactions, and he was a firm believer in allowing past events to inform present decisions. History, he was fond of saying, always repeats itself. In his small circle of associates he even had a reputation as something of a seer; he could predict human actions at a local, national, and even global scale with eerie accuracy.

When his son Baeden ended up enrolled in his eleventh-grade Practical Law class, he knew exactly what to expect: cheeky impertinence from him, awed disbelief from the rest. Bae never crossed the line into outright disrespect, and since Gold had a colleague mark all of Bae’s assignments, no one could claim that the boy didn’t earn every one of his grades. They got on well enough, all things considered. Just as expected.

When he had to be gone for a day and put in for a substitute, he knew what he would find when got back: positive reports for every class…except Bae’s. The boys in that class seemed to delight in tormenting their substitutes, sometimes to the point of tears. They were never unwise enough to admit it - Gold hated discourtesy and they all knew it - but he’d caught the glints of triumph and little smirks as he scolded them for their poor reports. As he always did, for what little effect it had.

Mr. Gold always knew what to expect.

So when he walked into his classroom one Wednesday morning after having been out the day before, he read the substitute’s report and was momentarily stymied.

Mr. Gold, the elegant script began, thank you so much for the opportunity to sub in your classes today. They were all very polite and attentive, and I think you’ll be pleased with what they accomplished. If I may, I would like to give special praise to your 5th period Practical Law class. They were exceptionally welcoming and helpful, and we had several interesting conversations about the material you left. If you need a sub in future, please don’t hesitate to call me!

Belle French

She’d left her phone number beneath her signature.

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Super Villain au

And to complete the Lost Hero trio, I give you, Jason:

Jason Grace:
- Age: 24
- Publicly known as: Tempest
- Power: Ability to fly, control over weather (winds and storms) and is able to manipulate electricity.
- Area most targeted: California (San Francisco) - Crimes: Inconclusive evidence for anything other than extreme terrorism.
- When convicted: 2015
- Sentence: Currently serving a life sentence in Belle Reve Prison.
- Relationships: Deceased Mother (actress Beryl Grace), distant Father (estranged businessman Jupiter Olympus), sister ran away when Grace was young (Thalia Grace, lieutenant of the Hunt*), known to be in a relationship with Siren.
- Description: White, light, blond hair, above average height, bright (electric) blue eyes. Usually seen sporting expensive clothing (suits).
- Extra notes: Grace’s unusual upbringing may have caused some of his obvious mental issues.
Grace inherited his Father’s business empire and consequently gained a high social status.
He has most of California wrapped around his finger- most are to afraid to do otherwise.
Grace’s relationship with Siren is one to be feared, keep separate at all costs.
Ensure Grace is kept in a non conductive environment.

*I’m thinking of making the Hunters a superhero team like the Avengers, what do you think? I already know that Team Statue™ are going to be the good guys (see Piper’s profile).

I love Jason so much, why am I doing this to him? I think I sort of based him on the Joker but I don’t think that Jason/Piper is like Joker/Harley, that will come up soon (whispers: percabeth). I don’t know anymore but I’m blaming the inner fan girl. I can’t wait to finish these profile things so I actually have something to write about!

if im a grown ass 18 year old woman doing my own thing privately, safely, happily, off campus, after school hours,, how does that fall within the school’s jurisdiction. how is the school allowed to stick their nose up to my crotch and interrogate me like im a fucking criminal, how are they allowed to notify everyone, how are they allowed to out me without my consent. im seeing my own therapist privately, why do i need to re-explain everything to school counselors who are actively trying to harm me by telling my parents (whom i am debilitatingly afraid of) these grossly detailed accounts of what i do with the people i sleep with. how is endangering my legal status and education level and mental state and domestic safety helping me???? honestly i would love to be gently guided toward a healthier coping mechanism, but this is being handled so badly. why couldnt a trusted adult just sit and chat with me with a cup of tea and try to help me through this alone, instead of literally blaring sirens to expose me without my permission??? i’m not safe at home or at school anymore, all because of some shithead who decided to rat me out and the admins love drama. everyone involved in this should burn in hell

IBD is Not a Taboo Topic

If you ever have full-on conversations with people and they never mention your health or ask you questions on the status of yours, it kind of makes someone feel certain things. I find myself asking why am I not be asked how my health is? Do they not know what words to use to ask me? Are they afraid to ask me? Do they even want to know about it? Have I already divulged too much? My whole concern is that if someone cared, I feel like he or she would ask questions about it. I don’t want someone to stay silent about something that affects me so deeply and extremely personally. Can they handle the truth? Do they want to listen to me vent about it? Sometimes I feel like I do not have the opportunity to speak openly about it or talk about it in more detail so others can get a sense of where I am coming from and opening those doors to others in my life instead of shutting out the majority of people. Hope everyone has been feeling okay.

Love and Hugs, 


@143amberrose Thank you so much for your reply! I am happy that you enjoyed it!

@pansexualpamandabear Oh no, I  really didn’t intend to make you cry! This was supposed to be fluff. Tragic fluff but fluff! 

Guys, I am simply overwhelmed with you good responses. Thank you for reading this story! I hope I can deliver more good stuff but I am afraid these works are once in a fandom lol. 

Fun fact: I was listening to “Statues”, the official soundtrack of DH part 2 while writing the last 3500 words for Firsts. Which is probably why the Battle of Hogwarts was so long? Anyways, I do like how it turned out.

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Since your a fan of Transformers. Can you tell me why nearly everyone ships Jazz and Prowl together?

Hello, Lovely Anon! The short answer is: It’s simply one of those fandom favorites. You know, one of those pairings that a large part of the fans can agree is good.

For the long answer, I have to mostly speculate: In G1, Jazz and Prowl were two of the few Autobots who actually got quite a lot of screentime and didn’t get shoved into the “exists but barely does anything”-closet like most other characters there. G1 shipping is kinda funny all in all because there are popular pairings there that I 100% understand (like Inferno and Red Alert because yeah, they had a very gay episode) and some where I don’t really see the immediate reason even though it’s very popular. To me, Jazz and Prowl kinda falls into the latter category because I don’t really remember a particular moment where classic shipping material happened. So for G1, my guess is that either it just kinda caught on or people ship them because there’s not that many characters with somewhat established personalities in this show and they just ended up being paired a lot. Or they’re door wing buddies. I genuinely don’t know though.

In TFA, it’s a whole different story, because Jazz and Prowl not only bond over their shared training experiences, they also spend some time alone together, and it seems like Prowl is the one Jazz gets along the best with after he joins the team. Also there’s the ending of the show which I’m not going to spoil but yeah, they have a moment, let’s put it like that. For TFA, I think it makes sense why a lot of people like them as a couple.

And then there’s IDW and I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand Jazz or Prowl in this. I don’t know what it is, but 80% of the IDW comics doesn’t stick with me in the character department, but I’ll try to do my best. Both Jazz and Prowl screwed up badly at some (or several) point(s) and there’s a certain distrust towards them due to their mistakes. But honestly, I barely know anything about IDW Jazz, I really don’t know what it is but now that I’m writing this, I notice that I like him because I like Jazz in general, but can’t think of anything in particular he said. 

So uh I guess I don’t know, Anon ;w; I think the pairing is cute because I’ve seen cute art with them, but I don’t know why it’s popular in general. Maybe because there’s a certain connection exclusive to them? In G1, they have similar designs, they have a similar background in TFA and they have a similar social status in IDW (as far as I can tell). 

This question is probably best answered by somebody who actively ships them, so if anybody has something to add, feel free to do so! I am afraid I can’t really answer this ;w;

Food for thought

Now that I think about it,

when yato decided to keep yukine even though he was stinging him so badly was also probably because he wanted to give him another chance to live and be a kid, because he probably couldn’t do anything of that sort in his life.

Similarly, I was also puzzled when bisha showed so much attention to kazu a-little-nail ma. I mean, why did she single him out? Since I am sure, neither touma or the others got the chance to accompany bisha on her daily patrols. There could be two reasons though:

1. She thought he was hella hot mchotson


2. It could similarly be because, since kazuma too suffered a traumatic death, she wanted to give him a chance to prove himself? Like maybe he was constantly criticized and made to feel inferior in his life and she didn’t want him to feel like that anymore?

It really makes me afraid for him. For his life as well as for his hafuri status.

His punishment is till pending and of course that huge ass eyeakashi on his neck that is still stinging viina.
(Btw, how come no one has still noticed that???)

On a side note though, I still believe bisha will not reincarnate.

PS: I absolutely think yukine will be fine, as others have stated, I think being trapped in a immortality box is the safest way to ride out liberation without affecting his hafuri status.

Amaterasu is obviously running a show here, she for some reason cannot help yato and others in front of an audience, that’s why she discreetly helped in the izanagi arc. There’s some mystery here obviously. I am still not losing hope though.

PPS I hope she is kinder on kazuma
PPPS where is kuraha though???

Think Before You Speak - You Never Know Who Your Audience Is

My best friend and I have this new work friend and she’s wonderful.  A little different from our craziness, very into God, but I do really like her.  We’ve gone out a couple times just the two of us and I’ve come close to disclosing my status to her multiple times because it’s difficult to work around past life experiences without explaining why.  But something held me back and I never did.  Now I’m thankful I didn’t.

The three of us are in a constant group chat, and my best friend sent us an article from Fox blaming Tinder for the rise of STDs in Los Angeles (Specifically all things curable such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, no mention of herpes whatsoever).  My best friend and I had a good laugh because we both know we have herpes from assholes and not from the herpes stereotyped “promiscuous behavior” that Tinder provokes according to Fox.  Also we are pretty sure that’s bullshit and Tinder is not the reason why STDs are on the rise.

So this new friend texts back four simple but destroying words, 

“Ew.  My worst nightmare”

Let me also say that she works in the Pharmacy portion of our work.  So this girl who has gone to Pharmacy school and has worked at our store for five years, who should know all about STDs and how common they are, just made a snap judgement and put down anyone who does or did have a STD.  My opinion of her totally changed and I thought, “Ah, you’re one of those types of people”.

The reason why STDs are on this rise is because of exactly what you just said.  If I have or have had a STD and you tell me “ew”, more than likely it will hurt some small portion of my feelings since what you are telling me is that I am gross because luck was not on my side.  Have you had sex?  Yes, you’ve had a boyfriend for a couple years and I’m sure he wasn’t the only sexual encounter you have had either.  So finding yourself better than someone who has or had a STD is completely ridiculous.   

The only difference between you and me is luck.

The real reason why STDs are on the rise is not only because people aren’t aware of their sexual status, but also because they are afraid to disclose theirs because of people like you who say, “Ew, my worst nightmare”.  You never know who your audience is, and your “worst nightmare” could very well be someone’s reality.  One in which they’ve had to overcome from statements such as the ignorant one you just made.  

Little does this woman know that her “worst nightmare” is both mine and my best friend’s life.  And I’m pretty damn sure we are rocking the shit out of it, herpes included.  

Magi 223 translations

Ugh!! So many emotions of family, of love, of comradeship, and of sacrifice!! There will be so many fanarts of angel!Sheba/Arba and devil! Arba/Sheba!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask and I can elaborate and explain further. I immediately have to go to work after I post the translations so I hurry and make the lines quick; I try to add my own little comments now and then but yeah… Thank you for your attention to this matter :)

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The following is a list of common self-defeating beliefs. Go over it and explain why each one is illogical and/or damaging to the individual. Learn to question your automatic beliefs and rules.

  • Emotional perfectionism: “I should always feel happy, confident, and in control of my emotions.”
  • Performance perfectionism: “I must never fail or make a mistake.”
  • Perceived perfectionism: “People will not love and accept me as a flawed and vulnerable human being.”
  • Fear of disapproval or criticism: “I need everybody’s approval to be worthwhile.”
  • Fear of rejection: “If I’m not loved, then life is not worth living.”
  • Fear of being alone: “If I’m alone, then I’m bound to feel miserable and unfulfilled.”
  • Fear of failure: “My worthwhileness depends on my achievements (Or my intelligence or status or attractiveness.”
  • Conflict phobia: “People who love each other shouldn’t fight.”
  • Emotophobia: “I should not feel angry, anxious, inadequate, jealous, or vulnerable.”
  • Entitlement: “People should always be the way I expect them to be." 

Break down the fears that you have. Name the fear, then ask "what about that scares me?” or “what am I afraid will happen?” Then with EVERY answer go as deep as possible by asking “If that was true, why would it be upsetting to me? What would it mean to me?” Then ask the same of the answer to that and peel back layer after layer until you unbury the deep core belief that led to that fear.

genderfluid tonks who prefers to be called tonks because it’s a less feminine name than nymphadora

genderfluid tonks who is more frequently a woman than a man but if you misgender him as a woman when he’s a man he will punch you out (and vice versa)

genderfluid tonks who was so nervous when mad eye moody interviewed her for her position as an auror because she was a man that day and was really twitchy and dysphoric because he wanted to look like the woman they were expecting but just couldn’t and mad eye’s eventually like cut the crap whats going on and he spills and mad eye’s like idgaf what gender you are

genderfluid tonks flaunting her nonbinary status around members of the noble house of black because fuck you thats why

genderfluid tonks being asked if she’s a man or a woman and replying “no”

genderfluid tonks trying to tell remus that she’s genderfluid but she’s afraid of losing him and he’s like “tonks sweetie i am literally a bisexual werewolf”