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Energetic Asian man(A.K.A Guy Sensei):BECAUSE HES JUST SO..so COOOOLLLLL!!!!!

(lawdy. First of all lemme just say ITSBEENALONGTIMEIKNOWANDIMSORRYY. Alright now a thank you to all my amazing followers who have stayed with me, And somehow Not unfollowed. heck. You guys are great, thank you.

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Remember this furb? The furb who said “I am special and need love I only have one eyelash.” ? Well he has officially found a new home here at Sensualfurbs . He’s a little dirty but it’s okay. He will be a special boy who gets lots of love from now on and hopefully a new eyelash!


So I was tagged by @hansolmates (why friend 😫) to do the selfie tag, and well, here’s my face. I’m adding pictures of Vernon and Key to lessen the blow, because I know it’s a lot to see in one go. (Also I don’t have Snow, but I kinda want to get it?) And now I tag the ever lovely @joy-bangtan, @jae-bummer (senpai notice meh 😂), @aegyo-shinee, @textmybias, and @sevenpabosandabunchoffans. I mostly just adore everyone I’ve tagged because I don’t have many Tumblr friends. Don’t feel obligated to do it, just know I adore you and am grateful for what you do. 😊

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(Apparently this brand was holding a special event, and people would tag the person they want to buy these T-shirts for in the comment section. And a lotttt of people mentioned Jungkook… Here’s the brand’s reply about those Jungkook comments)

Hello Jeon Jungkook-ssi, I’m Kim Youngshin, representative of menswear brand Cut Factory.
We are a company that specialize in Muji-style menswear, but that’s not the point…

Our T-shirts are all produced by ourselves, from fabric, pattern to sewing, and they’re made from nice and thick fabric…

But, on our Facebook ad, there’s one person who was tagged extremely a lot.

“It’d be great to give Jungkookie this”, “I gotta buy and give him”, “Am I the only one who think of Jungkookie”

These kind of comments appeared quite a lot.
I knew this Jeon Jungkook guy must have been teased for having problems at ***.
So I thought, if this guy reply, I’d find him and send him T-shirts,… But he didn’t even bother to comment.

Seems like he’s a difficult guy… I told myself like that.
How could this many people tease him like this… Why did they think of him?? I was super curious.

But… It turns out he’s an idol…
(For your information, I’m late 30s, I don’t know any idol after HOT)

I only knew this when I looked at the comments.
Anyway, I sent them to one of the fans, this “Lee Chaeeun” person’s address,

And she told me to please love and adore BTS.
Actually, a guy loving and adoring male idols is somewhat… But I’ll pay attention to them.
I watched the video where he said he liked Muji T-shirts too.

I sent one T-shirt for each color.
I don’t know if he like our T-shirts or not (since they’re not the trending fit),
But they’re sent with loves from many people who tagged him.
Also I sent our hoodie too.
(This is request from one fan)

We have the same height but there’s a huge gap in weight so,
I generously chose the size 103.
In case you want to return or exchange, please add our Kakaotalk: Cut Factory.
I hope you’d wear them prettily.