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Expectation vs Reality 😂😂

Monsta X babysitting with you

Shownu: When you asked him, well begged him to help you babysit your baby cousin he agreed without a doubt. You were surprised at how good he was with her, she always stayed quiet when she was in his arms and giggled when he made faces and spoke to her in a playful voice. You would walk in the kitchen from making lunch to see her tiny frame asleep in his large arms while her hands stayed clutched to his gigantic fingers.

“Is she always this peaceful?”

“No actually.”

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Wonho: Your nieces ran wild around the house as you sighed. Hoseok said he’d be on the way, not hesitating for a second when you asked him to help babysit the children. He loves spending time with him and vice versa. Hoseok always bought them presents and candy whenever he could. However today you were not having any of the disobedience today. 

“If you keep running around like that I’ll tell Hoseok not to bring you anything.”

“No no! We promise to be good!”

(Minhyuk is the kids)

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Minhyuk: Would be excited seeing as he’s practically a kid himself. He’d usually play with your little brother and smile as the small child babbles on about his favorite cars and why they’re so awesome. He’d probably even buy a few sets for your brother just because he saw them and knew he’d love them.

“Y/B/N would love these!”

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Hyungwon: He honestly thought he had more time before the kids woke up from nap time. He hadn’t even grabbed the tv remote or sat down on the couch yet before they came running in to where you both were asking for you to play.

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Kihyun: Be prepared for mama Kihyun. He’d legit be like the perfect parent? He’d play with them enough, know when it was time for them to calm down, when they should eat, when nap time should be. It began to make you think how long had he been preparing for this.

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Jooheon: Probably like Minhyuk and would be excited to babysit because he’s a child himself. He’d most likely attempt to scold the kids if they did something by using an “authoritative” voice that would only make the children erupt in giggles. He’d also take naps with them after a long day of playing, him sprawled out on the floor and them laying on top of him.

(why is minhyuk always all up on somebody)

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I.M.: He’d always make sure the kids were nice and comfortable, you and him would be really chill babysitters. Listening to the child go on about the different things they saw that week or maybe their favorite show. Changkyun would probably read to them while you’re making snacks or something and would lay them down on their bed when they drifted off to sleep, then he’d sit on the couch and watch tv with you.

“Well that was easy.”

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