why aliens don't talk to us

Overheard at Teitan Elementary [2]
  • Genta: Explain yourself, Conan!
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun!
  • Conan: Oi, what's wrong, lot?
  • Mitsuhiko: Wakasa-sensei asked us to find the photos of Teitan Elementary Alumnis!
  • Conan: ...and?
  • Genta: That's the pic of the Kudo Shinichi guy...
  • Ayumi: Who graduated 10 years ago...
  • Mitsuhiko: And he looks just like you, Conan-kun! How is this possible?
  • Conan: ...just a coincidence?
  • Genta: Don't play games with us!
  • Conan: O-okay, it's simple, guys! He's a grandchild of the uncle of the nephew of the daughter of my mother's grandfather's brother!
  • Haibara: Edogawa-kun's family is extremely complicated.
  • Conan: Shutup.
  • Mitsuhiko: Please, be serious, Conan-kun! We all know that you are...
  • (at once)
  • Ayumi: Urashima Taro!
  • Genta: An alien!
  • Mitsuhiko: A time traveler!
  • ...
  • Genta: What are you talking about, guys! He's surely an alien! I saw stuff like that on TV! He infiltrated us and borrowed that Kudo Shinichi's form!
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun, that's silly!
  • Mitsuhiko: Besides, why would he borrow Kudo Shinichi's child form?
  • Genta: Who knows those aliens...
  • Conan: Oi...
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun is Urashima Taro! He traveled on big mr. Turtle's back to the Sea Dragon Palace, and when he came back 10 years passed!
  • Mitsuhiko: But Urashima Taro is a hero of the legend...
  • Genta: Sea Dragon? Is it like eel?
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun!
  • Mitsuhiko: We know that there's a scientific explanation to this! Conan-kun is from the future and they invented a time travel! That's why he was in the photo 10 years ago and that's why he looks exactly the same. Am I right, Conan-kun?
  • Ayumi: But why would Conan-kun travel to the past? And what will happen to Ran-onee-san, if she will learn that her boyfriend is from the future?..
  • Genta: Maybe there's a war going on in future and he came here to prevent it? I saw it on TV with dad!
  • Mitsuhiko: Genta-kun...
  • Haibara: Then how about this explanation? His cellular structure was forcibly redone by a mysterious drug and he shrunk due to the ingenious invention of a biochemical teen prodigy who worked in a secret evil organization?
  • ...
  • Mitsuhiko: ...you watch too many science dramas, Haibara-san...
  • Ayumi: Yeah... that sounds even less possible than Genta-kun's Alien theory, Ai-chan...
  • Genta: That's funny, Haibara!
  • Conan: Oi-oi...

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Just saw your post and I'm sorry, I couldn't resist asking: Please do a rant on how and why humans are important in SU.

They’re half of the show. They’re hALF OF THE SHOW and they are so gODDAMN VITAL TO THE STORY they are Steven’s FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND HERITAGE AND literally the HOME HE LIVES IN and just. HUMANS! HUMANS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!!

Like, like I get it, the magic and the space travel and the war and the fusion and all that junk is what makes the show interesting, but you can’t just act like the humans aren’t the reason all this MATTERS! The humans are the reason Steven fights, the motivation he has to keep getting better, the people he loves and protects and laughs and learns with! You can go to dozens of cool action shows with no slice of life element where none of the background characters they’re protecting get names or screen time or matter outside of a face to save, and those shows are perfectly good and really fun and there’s nothing wrong with that sort of structure, but that’s what makes Steven Universe SPECIAL is that Steven LIVES in BEACH CITY and spends time getting to know each and every one of the people in it and knows their hobbies and struggles and relationships. He cares about them, we care about them because they ARE PART OF THIS WORLD and JUST AS IMPORTANT as the gem stuff because hey sure maybe jamie’s acting career won’t end the world but it’s still a part of his LIFE and these bits of color and peace and joy are so needed to have a happy and well-rounded life, it can’t be all drama and action all the time you need grounding, you need HUMANITY

It drives me so goddamn insane to see people try and write the human elements out of the show, to see people talk about how Steven will only truly grow stronger if Greg dies because what other use could an emotionally grounded and pacifist parent have, or how maybe Connie is secretly descended from gems because why would a human be capable of doing anything cool or interesting if she weren’t related to aliens, or just brushing off any human-based episode as filler because thEY ARE HALF OF THE SHOW THEY ARE HALF OF THE GODDAMN SHOW

The Signs Studying Together
  • Virgo: *hands out everyone's books and settles down* are we ready to start?
  • Sagittarius: *glaring at Leo* Leo is on their phone. *looks over their screen* dude are you watching porn?
  • Leo: What? No? *hurriedly puts away phone* Um *awkward coughing* So um, math?
  • Capricorn: *rubbing temples* Actually, this is history...
  • Libra: Shit! I brought my Spanish book... Guess I have to go home, oh well...
  • Taurus: *pulling Libra back by the arm* Oh no you don't, you don't even take Spanish.
  • Virgo: *slightly annoyed laughter* Ok guys, we're going to start now... PISCES. Stop sleeping.
  • Pisces: *drool hanging out of their mouth* Wha? Elvis...? *conks out again*
  • Aquarius: What happens when you die? I wonder if there are other worlds? What if there is an alternate universe where they fight dragons but watch TV about us...
  • Capricorn: Shut UP, Aquarius.
  • Aquarius: *shrugs*
  • Aries: Guys, I'm failing this class. So if you could PLEASE...
  • Gemini: No, I like what Aquarius is talking about... *scoots over to engage in conversation about aliens*
  • Virgo: Guys, be quiet!!
  • Everyone: *continues talking*
  • Virgo: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  • Everyone: *silence*
  • Cancer: *lip trembles*
  • Pisces: Oh no, look what you did. Come on Cancer... Don't cry, it's ok.
  • Cancer: Actually. It's just really cold in here, can you close that window? Why does everyone always assume I'm going to cry?
  • Virgo: *throws book out the window* *walks out*
  • Everyone: *shrugs* *continues talking*
questions for the signs based on misleading posts i've seen on here
  • aries: have you ever even thrown a punch in your life? do u think you'll come back as a puppy in your next life?
  • taurus: how many blankets do you own? how many blunts do u hit in a day?
  • gemini: do ppl actually hate u or are they just participating in a cruel meme for the laffs? trick question ppl are just mean, do u wanna hang out sometime?
  • cancer: have you talked to the moon lately? do u know if she likes me?
  • leo: what are your fave makeup products? any recs?
  • virgo: do virgos actually fuck books? p.s. will u marry me?
  • libra: how many of y'all are gay? or models? or both?
  • scorpio: do you even relate to half the ridiculous posts abt us? i don't. anyway what's it like being so full of love?
  • sagittarius: why are you lying abt not having a heart? i've seen it
  • capricorn: between u and me, are you okay?
  • aquarius: do you really have connections with the aliens? if so, will u give them my number?
  • pisces: how do you tuck your angel wings under your shirt? are you tired of all these corny pastel edits?

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Your post about Pearl is confusing. How can she be female-coded AND lesbian? Female-coded =/= female, by definition, they just have female visual traits, like how people say that Garnet is black-coded but not actually black. Sugar herself has said that the gems use female pronouns but don't have an actual definite gender. And I don't understand the "uncomfortable around men" part, she seems to have problems being around humans in general, with the exception of Connie and Greg. She's an alien.

1. Non-binary lesbians exist.

2. She is clearly uncomfortable or disgusted when Greg touches her and when Dewey talks to her.

3. She uses terms like mom, woman, girl, sister, etc but you only have an issue with her being called a lesbian?

4. Why do you hate lesbians so much that you won’t let us have this one character and are literally pulling the “she’s an alien she can’t be a lesbian!” card.