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Exo, whom I still see as my cute rookie boys are now in their 5th year. They are now called sunbaenims by many. They have set so many records. They have made so many people happy. They have inspired a lot of people. 5 years and counting. EXO We Are One 사랑하자


nct challenge
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Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

Mother’s Day is coming up and this is just my small reminder to please not assume everyone still has their mother because going through Mother’s Day without your mom is already hard enough and we don’t need it to be made harder by the people who come up to us asking about what we’re planning for our moms or giving us ideas for how to make our moms happy on that day etc.

guys…. you do realize that the designs are not canon right? like…. can you… can you maybe chill?
jesus christ

  • Henry: Where do you think she went?
  • Regina: There's no way to know for sure, but I bet she ended up with Wish Robin.
  • Henry: What? Why would it send her to a world where she's a wanted criminal who's just killed the reinging monarchs, made off with the princess, and has a price on her head? I wrote 'the evil queen gets a fresh start' not 'the evil queen has a public execution'.
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.
  • Henry: Didn't you say Rumple was trying to kill you when you left too?
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.

Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

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I can't stop thinking about a Hogwarts AU now that you have rebloggued that. Shouyou a Gryffindor and Tobio a Slytherin? What about the others?

*screams softly*

I have so many HP AU ideas I want to write for KageHina, life is HARD. I talked to @someone-stole-my-shoes and she came up with like, three more in the span of an hour, don’t mention this topic to us, ugh

Actually, one of the things I would like to do (T.T give me more hours in my year) is write a series of different Hogwarts house AUs, because I can see both of them in almost any house, with a few exceptions. I think it’d be cool to see how their relationship would vary based on which house they were both in, same or different.

For instance, I can really see Kageyama belonging to any house, he has really strong qualities for each. Yes, even Ravenclaw. Factor out volleyball (and therefore Quidditch) for a moment, and imagine he’s hyper-focused on learning a particular type of magic, instead. Maybe the only thing he is good at is this specific type of magic, but he is a genius at it, at breaking it down to its basics and even discovering new types of ways to use and cast it. He’d probably be very much more into practical application than theoretical (aka: he still isn’t fond of books), which would land him in a lot of trouble, as well. But he wants to learn everything he can about it, to pursue understanding it to the very limits wizardkind even understands, to reach the very highest levels of excellence. 

But Kageyama is also hard-working and loyal, once he’s found people who help him grow. He’s also very ambitious and has a strong drive to get ahead of his peers. And he’s got a lot of nerve and daring to back it up. I could really see him in any house.

Hinata is also hard for me to sort, though I don’t see him in Ravenclaw, for the most part. Even if the sports influence was taken out of the equation, he’s not a genius like Kageyama, his strengths are much more intuitive and reflexive. But I do like the thought of him in Slytherin for his ambition and tenacity. He also works so incredibly hard and he is such a good friend!!! True Hufflepuff. And of course, despite all his upset stomachs, the fire in his eyes when challenged (and some of his gutsy, if rather poorly thought through plans) makes him such a worthy Gryffindor. 

Currently, I really like the thought of Slytherin KageHina, or Ravenclaw Kageyama/Hufflepuff Hinata!!! They would also, of course, be very loud, cute Gryffindors. Put them in all the houses!!!!

how i imagine peach meeting their alt form would go @bunblevee


It’s been almost 4 years… WHY I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE?