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I know we’re all freaking out about the “you’re so married” comment (I am as well) but I had to share with you the moment that changed my life forever and miraculously cured my depression. The moment Phil Lester read my comment and said my name ❤️



Exo, whom I still see as my cute rookie boys are now in their 5th year. They are now called sunbaenims by many. They have set so many records. They have made so many people happy. They have inspired a lot of people. 5 years and counting. EXO We Are One 사랑하자

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

In Louisville, KY on June 16, 2013, when God was a boy and 1D still did Twitter questions, Harry and Niall did some ballroom dancing together. It was all fun and games at first

Until…Niall tried to dip Harry. It’s well-documented, but I want to talk about Louis’ reaction to it specifically.

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nct challenge
↪︎ [4] biases: #4 - jeffrey jung yoonoh JAEHYUN
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more persona doods.

• 100 days of productivity • Day 93/100

This hellish week is finally over! I can’t believe it 😭
It’s been pure torture, let me tell you. We had 5 tests in just four days and it’s been super harsh, even though one of them was postponed as the teacher wasn’t there.
Today I worked on my English notes about the Romantic age!
Don’t forget to check my Studygram! The link is in the bio 💟

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PLease write all the soft hannigram forEVER

Nothing says ‘soft hannigram’ like… fisting?

Stuck halfway between a laugh and a belly low groan, Will chokes. He inhales through his nose.

“More.” He says.

“I only have my thumb left.” Hannibal says. His thumb pressing against the fleshy part of Will’s inner thigh. A little reminder. A little hello. His four fingers and his knuckles rubbing and stretching the inside of Will open.

It’s not like last time. 

Will is not hesitant now. He had a solid month of obsessing over the what if of last time. What if he had said yes. What if Hannibal had pushed him regardless of what he had said. What if Will had let Hannibal crawl and shove his way inside of his body. No cut. No knife. Split him open with his bare hands.

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Mother’s Day is coming up and this is just my small reminder to please not assume everyone still has their mother because going through Mother’s Day without your mom is already hard enough and we don’t need it to be made harder by the people who come up to us asking about what we’re planning for our moms or giving us ideas for how to make our moms happy on that day etc.


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???