why (the king of love is dead


1.) “Why’d they blow the play dead?”

2.) “How is that even a penalty?”

3.) “What is ‘goaltender interference’?”

4.) “How the shit is that goaltender interference?”

5.) “That was the weakest penalty call I’ve ever seen.”

6.) “What the fuck are you even doing ref?”

7.) “ThAt’S nOt A pEnAlTy YoU bLiNd FuCk.”

8.) “Shut up Pierre.”

9.) “I hate every single one of these players, why are you even in the NHL.”

10.) “I can’t actually believe I’m watching beer league players.”

11.) “Wait…. When did he get traded? Who even are these people.”

12.) “I hate hockey and the players hate me.”

13.) “Oh there’s gonna be a figh–false alarm, they just hugged.”

14.) “Our goalie is going to kill every single one of his teammates and I might actually help.”

15.) “What the actual hell is our coach even doing? Can he be fired pls.”

Bonus: “I miss hockey.”

My 11 year old brother reacts to Hamilton (act 2)
  • What'd I Miss: "is Thomas Jefferson gay? (Me: no, but Laurens gay and Hamilton is bi)"
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "MORE ROASTING!"
  • Take A Break: "I wanna learn how to play piano and speak French.."
  • The Room Where It Happens: "I don't like Burr anymore, he sounds like a jealous 5 year old"
  • Schuyler Defeated: "and Hamilton sounds like a mad 5 year old"
  • One Last Time: "Bye bye!"
  • I Know Him: "oh hey! GAY KING IS BACK! (Me: not everyone is gay...)"
  • The Adams Administration: "why are you letting me listen to a musical about a raging 5 year old?"
  • We Know: "ooh snap! Hamiltons busted!"
  • Hurricane: "Damn, he's got it rough!"
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: "goodbye Eliza and Hamiltons love life, hello Lams! (Me: YESSSSSSS)"
  • Burn: "did Eliza burn their house down too?"
  • Blow Us All Away: "since when is Philip 19?"
  • Stay Alive (reprise): "sorry, who died, I stopped Listening."
  • It's Quiet Uptown: ooooohh, Philip is dead. R.I.P"
  • The Election of 1800: "Philip just died, and now everyone's happy??"
  • Your Obedient Servant: "the mad 5 year olds are back."
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: "go back to sleep!"
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "yep, Burr is definitely mad and jealous.."
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: "it's over??"

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Um...I've been stanning B.A.P for point 5 seconds, and I have like no idea who anyone is, I have to many other groups in my head...mind helping me out?

Member wise SURE, btw you made a good choice stanning B.A.P they are lovely people ANYWAYS 


Bang Yongguk 

Originally posted by daehyunny

Leader - Rapper - oldest - awkward dad - Tigger enthusiast 
Yongguk writes and produces like all of B.A.Ps music, people who don’t follow B.A.P usually find him intimidating but he’s actually so incredibly soft and sweet and shy. He’s an introvert at heart that is scared of going over 30 MPH on his bike. Is a soft man but writes the darkest music, Has a small dog he must protect! Biggest Sleepy/Untouchable fanboy probably. 
-How to tell him apart is music is his deep ass cave voice
-How to tell him apart from the group he’s usually the quiet shy one who awkwardly smiles and laughs at everything in the back. 

Kim Himchan

Originally posted by stanbap

Visual - Vocal - Gorgeous - Aesthetic mom - Bunny teeth ;;; 
Himchan is loud and adorable and needs to be protected. A Soft adorable man who cares about his fans sososososos much, Visual king, like he’s so pretty in pictures but irl??? fucking f l a w l e s s. Wine mom, his instagram is just the most beautiful thing you’d see ever. his vocals are sosososo neat ;; 
-How to tell him apart in music: voice is a lot more horse than the other members, in their heavier songs his voice SHINES but usually his voice is a lot deeper than the others in the vocal line 
-How to tell him apart in group He’s usually fighting with Daehyun, or loving up and being really soft with Jongup, “Dance Machine~” and just honestly usually loud all the time. :D 

Jung Daehyun

Originally posted by daehdream

Main Vocal - Face of group - Baby advocate - Adorable - Professional bias wrecker - Back tattoo that everyone fucking craves to see help. 
Daehyun is honestly the cutest human alive???? lives and breathes for B.A.P, spoils the fandom/his stans with content. Vlive king, inhales when he laughs, gushy lovey greasy boy. His instagram is selfies galore, deletes everything honestly. B.A.Ps biggest fan, Yongguks hype man, honestly a blessing (he’s my ult bias I’m sorry)
- How to tell him apart in music: high notes that make you actually want to cry????
- How to tell him apart from group: L O U D, singing in the background of any video, Hearts everywhere, Picking on Jongup or fighting with Himchan or gushing over Youngjae. 

Yoo Youngjae

Originally posted by zellestial

Lead/main vocal - apple cheeks - King of aegyo - Original snake
Youngjae is the sassy fuck we need in this world, the most extra when around Daehyun or Zelo, Super greasy with fans, Inventor of chokers, COLLAR BONES!!!!!!!!!!, honestly he is so soft and cute, quiet on SNS usually so when we get IG posts from him the fandom collectively cries. Constantly throwing shade at everyone, B.A.Ps appointed MC for everything. Also a loud son. Just such a precious boy. 
-How to tell him apart in music: amazing vocals usually a bit more nasally, On stage he squints his left eye, like alll the time every song no matter what it’s a blessing. 
- How to tell apart from group: fluffy hair no matter what, throwing shade at Daehyun, probably standing next to Zelo and looks extra small. He is actually small tho protect. 

Moon Jongup 

Originally posted by 55kumamons

Vocal - Main dancer - Snake 2.0 - Choreographs B.A.P dances - Shake shake and Chocolate Milk advocate 
Jongup is the quiet awkward one that makes everyone cry. Actual angel, Has not one bad bone in his body, is actually high key rude asf and throws the hardest shade at everyone, no one is safe from his smartass shit. Literally a fucking meme. “Look at this precious boy” you’ll say, “He’s so adorable and soft” wrong, He has the rudest stage presence. His solo songs are dirty and we love it. Likes Anime and Manga and being naked and dong coptering around the dorm before showering, I’d say “Protect Jongup” but Himchan has that covered. Everyones favorite son. When he laughs everyone stops breathing for a while. 
-How to tell him apart in music: I actually get him mixed up with Youngjae often I’m so sorry, but he has some amazing vocals during his verses, stage wise is completely different. ALSO HAS SOME BAD ASS POSE TO FUCK US UP WITH AND DOES LOTS OF BACK FLIPS.
- How to tell him apart from the group: Awkward, does weird fucking shit sometimes that make us go ?????, looks and acts like an angel, Probably being teased by Himchan. 

Zelo (Choi Junhong)

Originally posted by ab1004

Rapper - main dancer - Maknae - Tallest small - Choreographs BAP dances - Will skateboard over your dead body while salt bae-ing - 3am Vlive king - Only member with a stage name and we don’t know why (and neither does he)
Zelo is everyones favorite son, “Dont’ call him a child>:(>:(>:(”, Lowkey greasy, Buff as fuck, TEASE ON STAGE, Meme off stage, Instagram lives are his aesthetic, has a small dog he loves more then himself. Has an instagram for his small dog. Yongguks biggest fan, Was literally raised by B.A.P into the most respectful son ever. One of the fastest rappers in South Korea, not as loud but is HELLA EXTRA, illegally drinks in America bless. 
-How to tell him apart in music - Rapper who doesn’t have a cave voice, On stage is probably spinning at high speeds or humping the stage, or doing a air gutar move, really any of those
- How to tell him apart from group : T A L L A S F U C K, a massive goof ball, He does this face a lot that when you see it you just go “Damnit Zelo”. Usually with Youngjae and they are loud together. bless

Their newest MV really has them shine the most in each of their positions, plus the visuals are beautiful so like yeah. ENJOY B.A.P MY FRIEND YOU’RE IN FOR A HELL OF A TIME

Supernatural is so confusing for the non-fans

Like we have episodes where:
Sam meets young Dean.
Sam meets old Dean.
Sam and Dean meet their young parents.
They go on a killing spree, but those are actually leviathans, not them.
They go in an alternate universe, where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.
We show you Sam Winchester, but he can be Lucifer, Gadreel, leviathan or shapeshifter.
They die pretty often, just don’t stay dead.
John gave his life for them and was tortured in Hell for 100 years, yet anyone hates him.
They go back in time sometimes.
You see Misha Collins. He can be Jimmy Novak, Castiel or Lucifer. You won’t know.
The devil, yes. Pretty chill actually. We have three actors to play him. Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki or Mark Pellegrino.
Angels can be dicks. Damn, most of them are.
Everyone seems to love the devil, but hate the scribe of God. He is a total dick.
The King Of Hell is actually adorable and he “deserve to be loved”
Most of the girls die, so most of our ships are gay.
Every single season something even worse happens.
We laugh, we cry at the most random things and you don’t understand why.
Bobby Singer was their adoptive father.
Dean loves pie, Sam sometimes forgets to buy it.
Everyone tries to kill them or save them. Either way, they end up dead.
Family doesn’t end with blood.
We all forget about Adam.

Ash by Malinda Lo (Cinderella)

In the wake of her father’s death, Ash is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her. In her dreams, someday the fairies will steal her away, as they are said to do. When she meets the dark and dangerous fairy Sidhean, she believes that her wish may be granted.

The day that Ash meets Kaisa, the King’s Huntress, her heart begins to change. Instead of chasing fairies, Ash learns to hunt with Kaisa. Though their friendship is as delicate as a new bloom, it reawakens Ash’s capacity for love-and her desire to live. But Sidhean has already claimed Ash for his own, and she must make a choice between fairy tale dreams and true love.

Cinder Ella by S.T. Lynn

Ella is transgender. She’s known since she was young; being a woman just fit better. She was happier in skirts than trousers, but that was before her stepmother moved in. Eleanor can’t stand her, and after Ella’s father passes she’s forced to revert to Cole, a lump of a son. She cooks, she cleans, and she tolerates being called the wrong name for the sake of a roof over her head. Where else can she go?

An opportunity to attend the royal ball transforms Ella’s life. For the first time, strangers see a woman when she walks down the stairs. While Princess Lizabetta invited Cole to the ball, she doesn’t blink an eye when Cinderella is the one who shows. The princess is elegant, bold, and everything Ella never knew she wanted. For a moment she glimpses a world that can accept her, and she holds on tight.

She should have known it wouldn’t last. Dumped by her wicked stepmother on the farthest edge of the kingdom, Ella must find a way to let go of the princess and the beautiful life they shared for an hour. She’ll never find her way back. But it’s hard to forget the greatest night of her life when every rose she plants is a reminder.

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45 reasons why this show makes no sense!

  1. - Everything about ARIA?????????????
  2. -The little girl has shown up in two Halloween episodes, but who is she?(alice)
  3. -Everything About Wren
  4. -A’s Medical Knowledge
  5. -Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?
  6. -No One Realized Bethany Wasn’t Ali(not even her family)
  7. -How did Cece, a patient at Radley, come to visit someone else in Radley while pretending to be someone else?
  8. -Why were patients at a mental institution allowed on an unsecured roof completely unsupervised?
  9. -What Was The Point Of N.A.T. Club?
  10. -Cece’s Roommate At UPenn
  11. -Everything About Marion’s Death
  12. -Who Is Beach Hottie?
  13. Cece Was Prom Queen At A School She Didn’t Go To
  14. -Wren gave CeCe Drake a visitor’s pass for Radley. If she was a patient there, why would she need a pass to get in?
  15. -Mona said that in exchange for the game, Big A (CeCe) offered her a way in and out of Radley. CeCe said Mona knew how to get in and out of Radley, so she started playing the game with her so she’d be able to as well. Which is it?
  16. -In a flashback, Mrs. D recieved a call from Radley telling her that Ali was there, and when she went to go pick her up, it was CeCe pretending to be Ali. Mrs. D was pissed. Why would Radley have called Mrs. D to tell her that her daughter who WAS A PATIENT at Radley.. was at Radley?
  17. -How did Mona only just realize she killed Bethany and not Ali, when she herself picked Ali up that night and helped her leave Rosewood?
  18. -Why did Jason see CeCe in Ali’s shirt that night? “Maybe it was Bethany” doesn’t make sense, because he saw “CeCe” with Melissa. Why would Bethany have been talking to Melissa?
  19. -The two dresses in Ali’s flashback were the same size. Why would they be if one was meant for Cece and one for Ali, and they’re supposed to be 8 years apart?
  20. -How did “A” get vials of blood into Spencer’s bag in England when, at the same time back in the States, “A” was creeping on Cyrus in the hospital? Was one of these people Sara Harvey? 
  21. -“Charles” was taller than Spencer in The Dollhouse. CeCe is much shorter.
  22. -Why was CeCe Drake on the A’s payroll if she WAS A?
  23. -If all CeCe wanted was to be close to her little sister, didn’t she achieve that a long time ago? Why did she need to obtain Ali “dolls?” Alison would have hung out with her on her own accord 
  24. -What was Noel Kahn’s secret?
  25. -How did Charlotte kidnap Sara Harvey the same night Alison DiLaurentis went missing?
  26. -Why did Sara Harvey disguise herself as Red Coat and Black Widow?
  27. -Why did Bethany end up wearing the same clothes as Alison on “that night?”
  28. - How did Alison’s bracelet end up on Bethany Young’s wrist?
  29. -After Alison was pulled out of the grave by Mrs. Grunwald, how was there still a hole to push Bethany into?
  30. -Why was Wilden so determined to tear the girls down in the pilot?
  31. - Meanwhile, as much as Charlotte interacted with the police as “CeCe Drake,” how come the police never verified that “CeCe Drake” was an actual person?
  32. -If Charlotte loved her mother so much, why would she send a very cryptic video of her getting buried?
  33. -Melissa always being shady?
  34. - Ezra (stalker obsession) just for a book???
  36. -byron
  37. -jason
  38. -Jenna
  39. -noel
  40. -lucas
  41. -IANS DEATH???
  42. - all ali flashbacks?
  43. -Ali visiting the liars?
  44. - The parents
  45. -Alison: “The four of you remember more about that night then you think.” Why did she say this when they knew nothing and ultimately had no tie to anything regarding “That Night?”
Emotions while watching battle for mewni

•Marco baby stop being a sad little baby
•aw starco lil star wearing his hoodie
•yikes broken carriage
• WOAh death tree
•oh pretty magic cabin
•bitch did u just tragic life story
•if I don’t have a man like river we can’t be together
• young moon is so pretty and flawless what
• Marco and river miss their soulmates™
• fuck it up river let’s give Marco the crown and show some damn foreshadowing
• river and Marco bonding moments ok yes
• oooh ok sneaky Marco leggo
• *stops breathing*
• hey I’m back. STARCOOOOOOOOO
• star are u rly just gonna openly flirt with him ok I see u
• king ludo bb you’re just a chip bird stop
• oh shit
• star…?
• is she dead…
• *cue my tears falling down*
• sad moon no no no no no no. K

I have a Chompy speculation...

Remember when Tokka let Raph keep Chompy?

It struck me as odd. 

Chompy is Tokka’s baby. Using her mommy powers of omniscience, she tracked him down and flew millions of miles through space to retrieve him. She was ready to destroy New York City to find him and bring him home.

Yet after Raph surrendered him without a fight, she let him keep Chompy. She then flew away, basically making the trip for nothing.

I began to wonder, what mother just gives up her child like that?

If I had a child who went missing, and someone benevolent found him or her and took good care of them until I came to reclaim the them, I would be very grateful to the person who found them, but I’d still want my child back. Even if they’d grown attached to my child, I’d be like, “I’m sorry about this, and thank you for all you’ve done, but I need to take them back now.”

So why would Tokka give up Chompy just because Raph loves him?

I tried to think of reasons why a mother would be willing to give up her child, and I remembered the story about two women going to King Solomon fighting over a baby. The first one said the second rolled over in her sleep and crushed her own son and he died, so she switched their babies. When the first woman woke up, she saw her son was dead but then noticed it wasn’t really her son. The second woman was like, “Nope! He’s yours! Yours died. The living one is mine!” So King Solomon was like, “Okay, someone bring me a sword. We’ll cut him in half so each of you gets part of him.”
The first woman said, “No! She can have my son, just let him live!” and the other woman was like, “Go ahead and kill him. Then neither of us will have a child.” King Solomon then knew who the real mother was.

My point is, a real mother would rather give up her child than have them die.

It made me wonder if something awful would have happened to Chompy if he were taken away from Raph. 

Even in “The Ever-Burning Fire,” Chompy was very attached to Raph and reluctant to leave him. I mean, Raph was the first living thing Chompy saw when he hatched. 

Maybe Vorkathian fire tortoises imprint on the first living thing they see. 

No, I ain’t talkin’ about the imprinting in Twilight. 

Google defines imprint (in zoology) as “(of a young animal) come to recognize (another animal, person, or thing) as a parent or other object of habitual trust.”

Chompy may know by instinct that Tokka is his mom…

…but you can totally tell he sees Raph as his caretaker. 

What if young Vorkathian fire tortoises die if separated from the one on whom they’ve imprinted? 

Chompy was so excited to see his mom, but the moment he realized she was taking him away from Raph, he became distressed.

He immediately tried to look for a way to get back to Raph, and when he couldn’t find a way, he cried out for his dada. 

(Understandable even without this depressing theory, of course… all babies go through a period of separation anxiety.) 

When Tokka gave Chompy back, you can see Chompy shaking as though he were crying and sniffling. 

But do Vorkathian fire tortoises cry? What if Chompy was shaking because the distress of being separated from Raph was already causing him to give up and shut down? 
What if Tokka let Raph keep Chompy because she knew her baby would quickly die without him? 

i love the fact that lotor is in this limbo right now. like, theyre obviously gonna have to cut so much of his original backstory and personality because he was too dark, so the person he’ll be in vld is gonna be a completely new character for all intents and purposes. and we know so little about this new version, that he’s pretty much a blank slate. 

so basically you can say or headcannon anything about lotor at this point and there’s literally no way to disprove it: he wants to be allies with keith caus theyre both half-galra. he invites haggar over for space tea on the weekends and they discuss her research. he hears hunk call keith “Galra Keith” so much he assumes its his full name and refuses to call him anything else. he’s a fan of the Champion and watched all his arena matches and has custom made shiro merch. lance convinces lotor he’s “the king of earth” and, knowing literally -11 things about earth, lotor automatically believes him. lotor also knows allura and when they face each other again she just says something along the lines of “why arent you dead yet.” he meets pidge and is like “wow you look exactly like this other human i met. weird.” he has a pet yupper pup that he keeps in his back pocket and it growls whenever voltron shows up

like you can literally say anything and theres no way to disprove it i love it 

Game of Thrones, mini drabble

Originally posted by fandom-imagines-queen

Imagine being the daughter of Jamie and Cersei Lannister, needing to leave Kings Landing with your father to join the dragonqueen in her fight against the dead.

You loved to read more than anything else in this strange world. The door flew open and you looked up, startled wherefore the book fell out your hands. ‘Father?’ You asked a little concerned. Jamie usually wore his armor, the lions closed on both his shoulders, the sigil mark of your house … the Lannister’s. Now he wore a simple brown tunic, a black cape.
'We need to go. Dress for travel.’ He insisted, handing you a black cloak.
'Why?’ You asked confused, standing up while looking around in your room, looking for more comfortable clothes instead of this light golden dress.
'I’m not leaving you with Cersei.’
‘She is my mother.’
‘Yes and I’m your father.’ He interrupted you hasty, grabbing the few things in your room that you could be of use on travel while you disappeared to pull on easy comfortable clothes to ride, the same colors like his.
‘What is going on?’ You ask when you were fully ready. He gave you a set of gloves and you looked up to him a little scared.
‘The safest place to be for you is at my side, I already lost to many of my children, I’m not losing you to.’ He stroke his thumb over your cheek before leading you at your shoulder outside. It was not a secret for you, since Marcella died and Tommen followed Jamie explained you everything. You always loved him, more than you did your mother because you were braver, less cunning like she was, more like him.
‘Where are we going?’ You asked as you arrived at the stables. You got his white horse, he took a black. You thought to see Bronn around but it was just the two of you.
‘Winterfell.’ He explained while cantering out of the city.
‘The North?’ Why would he want to be in the North?
‘I made a promise to help, your mother isn’t keeping that promise but I will.’ He explained, it wasn’t enough, but enough for now. You kept silence for a long time, until Kings Landing was nothing more than something little on the background. You noticed the white drops twirling down out of the sky and you looked confused up. ‘It’s snowing, winter is here.’ Jaime said. Winter had come?

‘Did you ever saw a dragon?’ Jamie asked. The cold, the winter conquered your body, you sat culmed together in the saddle.
‘Only on paintings.’ You answered. Jamie stopped uphill and pointed to the storm towards the big banners crashing through the wind. The wolves on it. ‘Winterfell.’ You whispered, following your father further towards it. ‘Why are you,’ but that got interrupted by a major scream shouting thought the air. Your horses startled and you looked up, seeing how a shadow drifted through the storm. ‘Is that a dragon?’
‘You think ravens are that big up here?’ He asked chuckling, galloping the last parts to Winterfell. The guards stopped the both of you and your father got out of the saddle. ‘I need to speak the queen and Tyrion Lannister.’ He insisted. You turned around, looking how that shadow dropped down to the ground, enormous wings stretching out both sides of him while he shook the snow from the spikes on his body. You never saw something that beautiful and terrifying in your life. ‘Y/n.’ You turned slowly back around to the guards that leaded you in. You slide down from your horse and looked around the place. You saw a young girl standing, brown half long hair, she shortly smiled and you did the same before your attention went to a woman with white long hair and a confident look. But mostly … 
‘Uncle Tyrion.’ You smiled, glad to see him back. He was a little surprised, looking from you to his brother confused.
‘Queen Cersei isn’t planning on supporting your fight against the dead, it was never her attention in spite of her words.’ Jamie explained.
‘And why are you here then?’ The woman asked, slowly looking aside to you.
‘Because I made a promise to come to help and that promise I will keep.’
‘Who’s this?’ The woman asked.
‘My queen, this is my niece, Y/n, she is the daughter of,’ Tyrion felt silence for a moment.
‘Jamie Lannister.’ You finished that sentence, giving your father a short smile.
‘This is Queen Daenerys of house Targaryen.’ You uncle presented you to the queen. You bowed, knowing the stories that come with the name.
‘Your dragon is beautiful queen Daenerys.’ You nodded respectfully. The queen smiled softly and looked back towards Jamie.
‘I like her.’ She stated, inviting you both inside. You followed, standing still beside Tyrion. He squeezed your hand and you crouched down to give him a hug.
‘I missed you uncle.’ You whispered.
‘I missed you to. You were always my favorite.’ He winked.

Note: After that epic season finale I got a little inspiration on my hands so started mini drabbles for Game of Thrones, despite Vikings will be my main goal in writing, you can ask for Game of Thrones mini drabbles also, doesn’t matter, who, what and where.


‘  let’s celebrate and remember a year in the life of friends.  ’
‘  remember the love.  ’

‘  real life is getting more like fiction each day.  ’
‘  where is the power?  ’
‘  we’re hungry and frozen.  ’
‘  some life that we’ve chosen.  ’
‘  how can you generate heat when you can’t feel your feet and they’re turning blue.  ’
‘  on every street it’s ‘trick or treat’ and tonight it’s ‘trick.’  ’
‘  welcome back to town.  ’
‘  oh, i should lie down.  ’
‘  everything is brown and uh-oh, i feel sick.  ’
‘  we’re not gonna pay rent.  ’

‘  hey, you bum. get your ass off that range rover.  ’
‘  what happened to (name)? what happened to their heart and the ideals he once pursued?  ’
‘  you’re wasting your time.  ’
‘  you broke your word – this is absurd.  ’
‘  that boy could use some prozac.  ’

‘  what’d you forget?  ’
‘  got a light?  ’
‘  you’re shivering.  ’
‘  they turned off my heat.  ’
‘  i’m just a little weak on my feet.  ’
‘  would you light my candle?  ’
‘  what are you staring at?  ’
‘  i always remind people of – who is she?  ’
‘  i think that i dropped my stash.  ’
‘  i know i’ve seen you out and about when i used to go out.  ’
‘  they say that i have the best ass below 14th street. is it true?  ’
‘  i didn’t recognize you without the handcuffs.  ’
‘  i’m just born to be bad.  ’
‘  our eyes will adjust. thank god for the moon.  ’

‘  today for you – tomorrow for me.  ’
‘  you earned this on the street?  ’
‘  darling, be a dear, i haven’t slept for a year.  ’
‘  i need your help to make my neighbor’s yappy dog disappear.  ’
‘  but sure as i am here that dog is now in doggy hell.  ’

‘  this is weird.  ’
‘  fuckin’ weird.  ’
‘  i’m so mad that i don’t know what to do.  ’
‘  feel like going insane? got a fire in your brain and you’re thinking of drinking gasoline?  ’
‘  honey, i know this act.  ’
‘  it’s a dark, dizzy merry-go-round.  ’
‘  as she keeps you dangling, your heart she is mangling.  ’
‘  it’s different with me.  ’
‘  her cold eyes can burn.  ’
‘  has she ever pouted her lips and called you pookie?  ’
‘  have you ever doubted a kiss or two?  ’
‘  this is spooky.  ’
‘  did you swoon when she walked through the door?  ’
‘  where’d you learn to tango?  ’
‘  you pretend to believe her cause in the end you can’t leave her.  ’

‘  i find some of what you teach suspect because i’m used to relying on intellect.  ’
‘  i try to open up to what i don’t know.  ’
‘  reason says i should have died three years ago.  ’
‘  there’s only us. there’s only this.  ’
‘  forget regret or life is yours to miss.  ’
‘  no other road, no other way. no day but today.  ’

‘  it’s gotta be close to midnight.  ’
‘  my body’s talking to me, it says ‘time for danger.’  ’
‘  i wanna commit a crime, wanna be the cause of a fight.  ’
‘  i wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger.  ’
‘  i’ve had a knack from way back at breaking the rules once a i learn the game.  ’
‘  we don’t need any money. i always get in for free.  ’
‘  let’s go out tonight.  ’
‘  in the evening, i’ve got to roam.  ’
‘  let’s find a bar, so dark we forget how we are and all the scars from nevers and maybes die.  ’

‘  who do you think you are?  ’
‘  little girl, the door is that way.  ’
‘  your sweet whisper, i just can’t handle.  ’
‘  i should tell you, i should tell you – no!  ’
‘  another time, another place, our temperature would rise, there’d be a warm in brace.  ’
‘  looking for romance? come back another day.  ’
‘  the heart may freeze or it can burn.  ’
‘  the pain will ease if i could learn.  ’
‘  there is no future. there is no past. i live in this moment as my last.  ’
‘  excuse me if i’m off track.  ’
‘  if your so wise then tell me, why do you need smack?  ’
‘  long ago, you might’ve lit up my heart, but the fire’s dead – ain’t ever gonna start.  ’

‘  live in my house, i’ll be your shelter.  ’
‘  just pay me back with a thousand kisses.  ’
‘  be my lover and i’ll cover you.  ’
‘  don’t got much baggage to lay at your feet, but sweet kisses i’ve got to spare.  ’
‘  i think they meant it when they said you can’t buy love.  ’
‘  you are my love, on life. be my life.  ’
‘  you’ll be my king and i’ll be your castle.  ’
‘  you’ll be my queen and i’ll be your moat.  ’
‘  a new lease you are my love on life, all my life.  ’
‘  i’ve longed to discover something as true as this.  ’
‘  with a thousand kisses, i’ll cover you.  ’

‘  out of the abyss walked a cow, elsie. i asked if she had anything to drink, she said, ‘i’m forbidden to produce milk. in cyberland, we only drink diet coke.’  ’
‘  the only thing to do is jump over the moon.  ’
‘  they’ve closed everything real down.  ’
‘  i gotta get out of here!  ’
‘  i gotta get out of here! it’s like being tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck, being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil, pushed over a cliff by a suicidal mickey mouse.  ’
‘  and although he once had principals, he abandoned them.  ’
‘  maybe it’s a… female thing.  ’
‘  moo with me!  ’

‘  what am i? just a blur?  ’
‘  go to hell.  ’
‘  i’m surprised a bright and charming girl like you hangs out with these slackers.  ’
‘  do you really want a neighborhood where people piss on your stoop every night?  ’
‘  dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbyes.  ’
‘  to being an us for once, instead of a them.  ’
‘  hey mister, she’s my sister.  ’
‘  dorothy and toto went over the rainbow to blow off auntie em.  ’

‘  i should tell you i’m a disaster.  ’
‘  let’s just make this part go faster – i have yet to be in it.  ’
‘  i should tell you i blew the candle out just to get back in.  ’
‘  i’d forgotten how to smile until your candle burned my skin.  ’

‘  you were flirting with the woman in rubber!  ’
‘  there will always be women in rubber flirting with me. give me a break!  ’
‘  every single day i walk down the street, i hear people say ‘baby, so sweet.’  ’
‘  ever since puberty everybody stares at me. boys, girls – i can’t help it, baby.  ’
‘  be kind and don’t lose your mind.  ’
‘  just remember that i’m your baby.  ’
‘  take me for what i am, who i was meant to be.  ’
‘  take me baby, or leave me.  ’
‘  this diva needs her stage!  ’
‘  baby, let’s have fun.  ’
‘  you are the one i choose. folks will kill to fill your shoes.  ’
‘  so be mine, but don’t waste my time.  ’
‘  oh honey bear, are you still my baby?  ’
‘  no way can i be what i’m not, but hey, don’t you want your girl hot?!  ’
‘  don’t fight, don’t lose your head.  ’
‘  every night, who’s in your bed?  ’
‘  kiss pookie.  ’
‘  it won’t work!  ’
‘  i hate mess, but i love you.  ’
‘  so be wise cause this girl satisfies.  ’
‘  you’re one lucky baby.  ’
‘  take me for what i am.  ’
‘  that’s it – the straw that breaks my back.  ’
‘  i quit unless you take it back.  ’
‘  women, what is it about them? can’t live with them or without them.  ’
‘  guess i’m leaving. i’m gone.  ’

‘  i die without you.  ’
‘  but i know blue, only blue, lonely blue, within me blue.  ’
‘  the mind churns, the heart yearns.  ’
‘  life goes on, but i’m gone.  ’

‘  it’s true your with this yuppy scum?  ’
‘  you said you’d never speak to him again.  ’
‘  who said you have any say in who she says things to at all?  ’
‘  who said you should stick your nose in other people’s business?  ’
‘  who said i was talking to you?  ’
‘  we used to have this fight each night – she’d never admit i existed.  ’
‘  he was always run away, hit the road, don’t commit. you’re full of shit!  ’
‘  your full of shit!  ’
‘  you gave an inch when i gave a mile  ’
‘  c’mon guys, chill!  ’
‘  i’d be happy to die for a taste of what they had: someone to live for, unafraid to say i love you.  ’
‘  all your words are nice, but love’s not a three-way street.  ’
‘  love’s not a three-way street.  ’
‘  you’ll never share real love until you love yourself.  ’
‘  you said you’d be cool today, so please, for my sake…  ’
‘  i can’t believe this is goodbye.  ’
‘  how could you let her go?  ’
‘  are you insane? there’s so much to care about.  ’
‘  who are you to tell me what i know?  ’
‘  you hid in your work from facing your failure, facing your loneliness, facing the fact you live a lie.  ’
‘  you’re always preaching not to be numb when that’s how you thrive.  ’
‘  you pretend to create and observe when you really detach from being alive.  ’
‘  are you really jealous?  ’
‘  she’s running out of time and you’re running out the door.  ’
‘  for someone who’s always been let down, who’s heading out of town?  ’
‘  i’ll call.  ’
‘  i hate the fall.  ’
‘  you heard?  ’
‘  you don’t want baggage without life time guarantees. you don’t wanna see me die?  ’
‘  i just came to say goodbye love.  ’
‘  please don’t touch me, understand i’m scared.  ’

‘  your eyes as we said our goodbyes – i can’t get them out of my mind.  ’
‘  i find i can’t hide from your eyes, the ones that took me by surprise, the night you came into my life.  ’
‘  there’s moonlight i see in your eyes.  ’
‘  how’d i let you slip away when i’m longing so to hold you?  ’
‘  now i’d die for one more day ‘cause there’s something i should have told you.  ’
‘  why does distance make us wise?  ’
‘  i should tell you i have always loved you.  ’
‘  i should tell you i have always loved you. you can see it in my eyes.  ’

One Piece ワンピース [Thriller Bark Saga] : Shichibukai “Shadow’s Asgard” Gecko Moria vs The Straw Hat Pirates

“Even if I had allowed you to continue peacefully on your voyage…at your level, death is all you would have found. You’re nowhere near ready for the ‘New World’!! Though it would appear you have gathered yourself quite a fine crew, you would only lose them all!! My words…come from experience. My subordinates…they were famed, far and wide… Why did I have to lose them all?! My friends were lost to me precisely because they were still alive! If they had all been zombies, dead from the start, I would have lost nothing! For zombies are invulnerable!! Eternal warriors; even if they are purified, a replacement can be found. I will take my army of the undead and seize the title of Pirate King!!”

The Shichibukai of the day; Gecko Moria, King of Thriller Bark! Many of my friends said they didn’t really enjoy this arc but I absolutely loved it! It had a bunch of cool moments such as finding out the Yonkō Kaidō had slaughtered his entire crew in the “New World”, Zoro obtaining the Meito Shusui from Ryūma, and ofc my personal favorite; Zoro vs Kuma. (On a side note, when Oda revealed Ryūma I was really hoping he was the humming swordsman who eventually joined the crew cos he was so cool!! I loved his design & ‘yohoho’ laughter). I also really liked the whole “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibe Thriller Bark gave off and the Kage Kage no Mi was so unique and versatile! Moria may not have turned out to be much in the end, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first read through of the Thriller Bark Saga. 

Happy Halloween~! ☠

Just watched the new episode of TWD, here some thoughts :

- Sassy Jesus was on fire in that episode 

- Where is Gabriel’s brain ? Tell me cause I got no idea 

- Those Hilltop people though 👌👌 SOME DAMN FINE PEOPLE 

- Daryl’s face when he was told about Carol…Why do I need a heart anyway…Norman’s acting was on point, his body language guys.. you could SEE the hurt. 

 - Ezekiel and Jerry are like an old married couple I swear  

- Is it me or Rick said “KANG” Ezekiel ? Is it going to be the new THANG ? More at 5. 

- Their faces when they saw Shiva : precious. 

- Good old Grimes always got nice stories 

- CAROL : why are you so perfect ? You trying not to care is like you trying to be ugly that is not possible. 

- Benjamin’s soul is too pure 

- Who the hell is looking after Judith ???????????? 

- Why are you hanging around explosives ? Are you trying to give me a heart attack ? Don’t you love me ? 


- Aaric scene finally *heart eyes*

Note : Three minutes of Carol ain’t enough. I want Carol all the time (so does daryl btw)

TITLE: Girls Made of Snow and Glass

AUTHOR: Melissa Bashardoust

RELEASE DATE: September 5, 2017

RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

SYNOPSIS: Frozen meets The Bloody Chamber in this feminist fantasy reimagining of the Snow White fairytale

At sixteen, Mina’s mother is dead, her magician father is vicious, and her silent heart has never beat with love for anyone—has never beat at all, in fact, but she’d always thought that fact normal. She never guessed that her father cut out her heart and replaced it with one of glass. When she moves to Whitespring Castle and sees its king for the first time, Mina forms a plan: win the king’s heart with her beauty, become queen, and finally know love. The only catch is that she’ll have to become a stepmother.

Fifteen-year-old Lynet looks just like her late mother, and one day she discovers why: a magician created her out of snow in the dead queen’s image, at her father’s order. But despite being the dead queen made flesh, Lynet would rather be like her fierce and regal stepmother, Mina. She gets her wish when her father makes Lynet queen of the southern territories, displacing Mina. Now Mina is starting to look at Lynet with something like hatred, and Lynet must decide what to do—and who to be—to win back the only mother she’s ever known…or else defeat her once and for all.

Entwining the stories of both Lynet and Mina in the past and present, Girls Made of Snow and Glass traces the relationship of two young women doomed to be rivals from the start. Only one can win all, while the other must lose everything—unless both can find a way to reshape themselves and their story.

MY REVIEW: What a FANTASTIC Novel! And I get to share my review with you on it’s Release Day! Happy Birthday ‘Girls Made of Snow & Glass’! I finished this book in two days.. and that’s because I had to adult.. if I didn’t have to clean my house go grocery shopping, or cook dinner among other #adulting tasks, I would have finished this book in a few hours.. It is THAT good!
It is a Feminist Fairy Tale retelling, with a blend of Frozen, and Snow White. I loved every moment. It has enough twists and turns to keep you reading the entire way through!
We meet Lynet, a 16 year old princess, who lives in the shadow of her mother, The Queen. But she longs to be herself, she longs for the day when she is no longer compared to her mother, in her beauty, her eyes, her hair. So she rebels against what she must do, her responsibilities especially her father, King Nicholas who sheltered her while growing up, by not letting her play with the other kids, or not spending time with kids her age. She grew up skipping classes, jumping up trees and watching the other kids play. One day Lynet has to grow up, one day she must become queen, she didn’t know that day was here.. but does she want to be Queen?
We Meet Nina, Lynet’s Stepmother, the Stand in Queen, who has a secret of her own. She embarks on this journey to know more about HERSELF, and by doing that she must become Queen.. the only Queen.
Both Lynet and Nina share far more then they could EVER imagine.. Their hearts are not their own..
This novel is an alternating POV, and I go crazy over these type of novels, you really get a deep understanding of each character. They share this bond, that is quickly tested truths arise. People who seem to have the best intentions turn out to be the villains..
They only have each other to turn to when all goes south (hahaha.. get it?.. read the novel.. you will)
Embark on this journey.. full of Snow.. Ice..
I highly recommend this book.. go out and READ IT today!
❤️Ellie RG

@mothlissa Thank You♥️
What They Call Their S/O

Eren: “Baby”

Mikasa: “Babe”

Armin: “Lovely girl/boy”

Jean: “Sweetheart”

Marco: Everything that was ever cute, like “Flower” & “Cutie” the likes

Annie: “Dear”

Reiner: “Babycakes” and/or “Sweetcheeks” (if he called anyone else these, he’d be dead)

Bertl: He just sweats but they know what it means

Ymir: “Goddess/God”

Historia: “Angel”

Connie: “Sweetie”

Sasha: “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch”

Erwin: “Darling” or “Dearest”

Levi: “Brat” but in a nice way, his tone of voice is different and everything

Hanji: Not “Titan” or anything, psshhhh why would she do that outside of the bedroom…

Mike: “Kitten”

Nanaba: “My love”

Zeke: “My Queen/King”

Porco: “Princess”

Pieck: Doesn’t like pet names, hugs or kisses instead