why whynot

Skyrim, Logic 101

Thief~ “Alright, hand over your valubales, or i’ll gut you like a fish!”

Me~ “Let me introduce myself, i am the Dragonborn, master of the way of the voice, killer of the great Alduin. Defeater of Mirakk, Lord Harkon, Ulfic Stormcloak. Assassinator of Titus Mede the Second.  I am the listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Grand Mage of Collage of Winterhold, Leader of the Companions and the Thief’s Guild. I am the mortal Champion of Azura, Boethiah, Clavicus Vile, Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, Malacath, Mephala, Meridiam Molag Bal, Namira, Peryite, Sanguine, Sheogorath, Vaerina and Mehrunes Dagon. I am a Nightingale of Nocturnal. I am the Thane of every hold in Skyrim. I’m a ex Vampire Lord and Werewolf……. And you want to rob me?”

Thief~ “Nice try, but you don’t scare me. I’m not going to ask again”


All because you didn’t level up your speech skill!!!!