dolamrotha  asked:

‘ i came as soon as i heard. ‘

FEET DANGLE OFF THE TOWER,     she’s feeling like she can’t breathe,    like she could just fall off now and no one would know.    LILY EVANS is breaking.    three hours and fourty-eight minutes since SEVERUS said that word and she’s escaped the eyes of everyone, come up here to let tears fall.    she’s all cried out.   her throat feels raw from the hour she spent sobbing,    hands shaking as she tries to pull herself to some form of sanity.     she wipes angrily at tear-stained eyes as she hears a voice by her.   “   ‘bout three hours after everyone else in the school,    i reckon.  ” // @dolamrotha.   hamilton meme.   accepting.

i want to do a lot of things; i was gonna learn the guitar … but i actually wanted to make … a comic series.

‘cause i find that a lot of people ?? think of me as a person to go to for advice or a listening ear, & i’m afraid that i can’t listen to everybody with what busy stuff that i have going on…& i think this is also a comic as a reminder to myself too. i’m trying to work on designs & all that stuff soon … i hope it’ll turn out.


stole my girl’s beanie