all i’m saying is keith’s under a lot of stress and pressure this season but most of his smiles are because of lance. and not only that, they’re smiles that are soft as shit. if these two won’t become canon then why do they gotta smile so fondly at each other like that, balance each other out perfectly like that,  


Sims genetics are so wack.

Like, I had my “young adult” female.

A black haired chick with the last name (Uchiha).

And I made her “have a baby” with a black haired guy.

Baby pops out, ages up, and boom bam, cheese, bacon and ham! It’s hair colour is ORANGE!

Now there’s nothing wrong with that (I love red and ginger hair, I’ve made many sims like that before) but HOW!?!!?

Stupid game is on some good shit.

(It ruined my Uchiha linage dammit!)

(She had pretty blue eyes though…)

So how much you guys wanna bet that the little coffee shit is gonna make a vlog about “how much fun it was to do the anti stuff” like he did after say goodbye. We’re all gonna be watching and most of us will have twitching eyes. Make sure you guys take deep breaths, the twitching will go away. Maybe. We can’t kill him, I don’t think.

My ADHD brain when faced with a serious conversation before taking meds
  • Me: Crapppp! I'm not ready for this, I'm not going to be able to do this properly...
  • My brain: Chill boo, we got this
  • Me: Okay, they're talking statistics I know I have something to say here, what was it again...
  • My brain: Who cares! Your cats are playing! Aren't they cute.
  • Me: Nawww! NO! DAMMIT BRAIN WHY!?
  • My brain: Why you trippin' you should make a sandwich
  • Me: OMG I would love a sandwich right now... Dammit! What did they just say...? It seemed important? Why does my brain sound like a wannabe homie...? Okay now I've missed the entire conversation. You happy now?
  • My brain: What? We were having a conversation? When did this happen?
  • Me: *facepalm*