I was SO READY to watch BTS attend Jin’s graduation and then what happened- omg… I’m hurting when I watched that vlive, bitter sweet IT HURTS OUCH- don’t mind me, I drew this to cheer myself up. But still it’s a once in a lifetime experience and- omg don’t remind me I can’t- //lays on floor

Tonight's episode

1. Rossi saying he’d pay Reid’s bail no matter how high made me want to cry already.
2. Spencer locked up = dear god someone hold me.
3. “My battle, my choice.” WORDS TO LIVE BY.
4. Garcia wanting splashes of color on the BAU plane is adorable.
5. Luke helping Penelope down was so cute and I still don’t understand why Garcia doesn’t like him????
6. Spencer’s face when he hears the plea deal broke my heart.
7. I completely broke down during Emily and Spencer’s talk. Not ok.
8. Only Garcia can look good in an FBI vest and miniskirt.
9. This episode made me never want to drive.
10. Spencer’s love for his mother is so pure.
11. I was ready to fight someone when they handcuffed Reid.
12. Fuck that judge.
13. I’m going to pull my hair out why do the writers do this to me