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i started reading throam again. jesus take the wheel.

Ladrien Summer (14/?)

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Amusement parks were awesome.

Adrien could say this with certainty, now that he was actually seeing one in real life for the first time.

It loud and bright and crowded, laughter and tears heard in equal measure, sugar and fryer oil hanging in the air and balloons waving in the wind.

A roller coaster rattled by, shrieks piercing the air for a second and then getting swallowed by the general hubbub that blanketed the whole park.

…That looked like fun.

He glanced over at Marinette to gauge her reaction to it, and found her watching him with something like fondness.

Adrien felt his face heat, scrubbing the back of his head and looking away. “So, uh. How do you feel about roller coasters?”

(She was already swallowing her discomfort for him, he shouldn’t be making her go on rides she didn’t want to go on too.)

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When you’re reading a fanfiction and your otp is kissing but then you start to wonder why you’re single and don’t have that…but you were just reading gay fanfiction so you have a reasonable answer

Umm uhmm . So one person that i have in my Steam List saw my idea of mabye doing commission and he just buy me the game, he kinda stole all the 10 slots in that way hahaha , sorry to everyone who was hope for even maybe get one spot ,  but i might do more in futere .

This art is 2$ commission of one pooltoy pony <who is Milk Duds> inflated another one who is fluttershy :P

commission done for @demokip

Plz respect my work as it was commission and respect what my commission ask me to draw. thanks !

ps. can belive that someone wold even pay me 1 $ XD. feel kinda wrong but oh well .. 

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I have had this cursed ask in my inbox for far too long, and today, the day of my birth, I share all of the similar cursed asks with you all.

May the Iris preserve us all.

a thirteen reasons why float at pride? disgusting. get your harmful and repulsive corporation out of a celebration. especially one that represents gay people as mean, evil, and sad people in your show. wildly inappropriate