Okay don’t get me wrong I’m super excited that Death Note is being made into a Netflix movie but the fact that the main character is white is kinda throwing me, like Death Note is Japanese so why is the actor white? There’s already such little representation of Asians in the media and it was a perfect opportunity to challenge that…kinda disappointed in Netflix tbh

Barba Questions

Have we all played ourselves with our speculation about Barba’s secret?

Has the fact the episode has been pushed back twice heightened our level of anticipation?

Will we be inevitably disappointed when it turns out to be unimportant? This was the “first” episode after Know It All, and nothing would suggest it. I don’t think they edited out that much stuf..


What if the chocolates were a gift from someone, to make Barba feel better after the events of Know It All? And that’s why the scene was cut?