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I'm here for spark headcanons

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  • Imagine this loser, and all his pidgey’s. If you don’t think he gave them all names, then you’re mistaken. It doesn’t matter how many he has(probably over 50), he’d feel bad giving them to Professor Willow so he keeps them all, and names them.
    • Same applies to rattata’s. Even if Blanche and Candela wonder why, he always gives the same answer of, “just because they’re common and weak doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love!” and proceeds to cuddle all his rattata’s and pidgey’s.
  • “this is my son, Jeffro.”
    “Spark, that’s a Pidg-”
    “My son.”
  • Nerd who takes many pictures of his Pokemon because he’s proud of all of them.
    • Makes Memes with the pictures.
      • “don’t talk to my pidgey, or my pidgey’s pidgey” etc.
  • Won’t shut up about the times that he himself, or someone on his team, have taken a gym from either Blanche or Candela, even if it happened weeks ago.
    • He’s like a proud dad.
      • Will leave a low level CP Pokemon to defend a Gym because he doesn’t want to drain his higher CP Pokemon, as he’s saving those to surprise both Blanche and Candela.
        • Stealthy Spark™.
  • Sits and watches Blanche and Candela battle one another, and switches between who he’s rooting for. While switch according to who’s winning.
  • Probably cries when Blanche and Candela talk about transferring Pokemon, CP levels, and battling because he’s here just for shits and giggles and why does everything have to be about b a t t l i n g just let me enjoy my pidgey’s and rattata’s.
  • Knows how to braid hair because Blanche lets him braid their hair every once and a while. He’s actually pretty good at it.
    • tries to braid his own hair.
      • it doesn’t work very well.
  • Imprints on all of his Eggs.
    • Dad Spark™.
      • Probably made a carrier that straps onto his chest so he can put an Egg in there and walk around with it.
        • imagine him putting his Eggs in a stroller and taking them for a walk every day.
          • This amazes both Blanche and Candela because he’s so devoted and passionate about the health and well-being of his Eggs.
  • Probably pranks Blanche and Candela a lot.
    • Candela plays along.
      • Blanche just gets pissed and tells him to stop or else they’re going to take another gym away from him.(Which they do regardless).
  • He is a serious Team Leader, when he needs to be. He knows the difference between a serious and tense moment, and a fun and carefree moment and will act accordingly.
    • This scares both Blanche and Candela because seeing Spark serious and intimidating is terrifying.
      •  they know shit’s about to get real.
  • <p><b>Psychic:</b> *reads mind*<p/><b>Me:</b> Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO JO Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo<p/><b>Psychic:</b> what the fuck<p/></p>

What a demon…I still have hopes for your innocent but nope…you just kill your boyfriend and try to kill my waifu but ended up killing Fedora guy. WOOOHOOO i have a new enemy now. From one of my favourite characters you ended up to be one of my most hated. Now i have only Ryouta who is my favourite from the new cast to pray for…

Shorbie and people calling him a clone

I think it’s sad how ryan (shorbie) gets upset over the redundant people who leave crap on his youtube videos saying “ leafy clone” and “stop trying to be like leafy”. Ryan is his own person and he works hard on his videos and a bunch of hours on them said so himself. I think it’s sad he gets twice as much hate on a channel his size, and you can tell it gets to him. Whoever does crap like that Is honestly a low life and he said one of his biggest issues is him comparing himself to someone which is a bad problem. He went on a rant about this and it’s sad sitting here listening to him talk about it, he’s NOTHING like leafy and he admitted it that his old content was like leafys but his content has changed now so it’s nothing like leafys it’s all shorbie he said that he doesn’t upload because of all the stupid comments of people calling him a clone and that’s honestly depressing that he can’t upload because of the people who say crap but that’s all I really what to say…

You know wut really kills me? It’s not that he’s attached to a leash so obvs we know where he is. It’s not that he’s hiding behind foliage that’s def not thick enough to him him. And it’s not even that he took the time to dig himself a little trench to become more “invisible”. It’s his expression- LOOK AT HIS SMILE AND HIS EYES. Corgi’s staring rite at him & vice versa but the thrill of it all…. the suspense of pouncing on his “unsuspecting” brother… like it’s the best day of his life. Gawd, I love him so friggin much. #OhhhMan #CorgisStaringRiteAtMe!! #ButHeHasNOCLUE!! #HeThinksImABush!! #ImmaGetHimSooGood!/ #iKnowUrThereClown #iCanClearlySeeU #AndUrTalkingOutloud #StopBeingAClown / #Muhahhaa / #EyeRolls* #WhyDogeGod #WHY!!

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