I’m honestly a bit flabbergasted, but thank you all <3 It’s really awesome to see people actually like your work, and also quite motivating.

I might’ve accidentally missed all the milestones before this, but to make up for that or something, I want to do something cool for you all or something like that.

Is there anything you would be down for me doing?(comissions, asks, whatever you can come up with really)

I might try to do some pretty art to celebrate this another time if I don’t forget :’)

The death of your family pet is devastating and a surprise. However, while you’re grieving alone, many of the neighbourhood animals come to you, saying your pet was murdered. You must now find the murderer, while protecting your newfound animal friends.

I thought you were supposed to be the responsible adult. Oh I’m responsible alright. Responsible for partying til my nuts catch fire.

* I didn’t go to my concert. My kids wanted me to have a sleep over and make popcorn and watch movies and I regret nothing, only maybe the fact I paid for a ticket to a show I didn’t get to see but what’s $75 when you make the hourly wage of someone of my educational monument. (It’s like 6 hours of work Ruth). Noted. 

* I shaved my legs and body parts tonight for the first time since winter Solstice and it looked like I was recreating “the ring” in my bathtub. So glad I’m softer than a defrosted subway bread stick and ain’t nobody even thinking about touching me. 

* I rode my bike today hard as I do, and I used my hatred and inability to get over it as the fuel to my hate fire. My legs burned, my heart burned, his house burned… Get it together Ruth you’re not a member of TLC and you have children to raise. 

*  I watch too many crime dramas because whenever they start canvasing the neighborhood for a person of interest I’m like pick me! I’m dying to be a person someone is interested in. Haha. Jay Kay. The weight loss reps are dying to get their hands on me. 

* really considering buying a summer home in “the past” since I insist on living in it. 

* I’m really glad I’ve been privy to a life that allows me to see both sides to most stories and that I can teach my children in a way that allows them to see what they have and their privilege and to tone them down when they get too arrogant for their own good. 

* 6 new X-Files episodes makes me giddy as fuck maybe we can do a Happy Endings reunion, a Friends Update, 4 more seasons of Firefly, a Veronica Mars movie that doesn’t suck ass, a sequel to Dumb & Dumber that isn’t 47 thumbs down and a Mean girls 2 starring Ginger from Gilligan’s Island as Kady and Jessica Lange as Regina George. 

Gretchen Wieners could be played by a gluten free hot dog. 

Say whut?! 

You read it right, come join the cast and crew of A4O for a full S1 rewatch with commentary on August 13th from 5pm EST.

Link(s) will be posted on the night and you can join at any time for all the fun, reactions, BTS nuggets, and maybe a game or two.

See you there!

Shiro is a teenager. I don’t believe this 25 year old crap (saying they asked privately) until it’s confirmed and written everywhere. Why advertise the heck out of Voltron that they’re made up of five teenagers… just WHUT i need legit receipts or it didn’t happen. why the hell would the Voltron staff promote Sheith so much in the first place?