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and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

Tom dating you, a fan would include:

•You stanning him and having an account dedicated to him

•Harrison finding a meme you made on it and showing it to Tom

•Tom following you

•You posting a picture showing that he followed you

•"GuYs ToM jUsT fOlLoWeD mE!“ "WhUt dId I dO tO dEsErVe ThIs”

•Him dming you and asking what a new meme about it is

•You freaking tf out

•But acting cool

•You telling the meme

•Him being done

•You asking how allergic to cats he is, because it’s an important question

•Him going through your posts to see what kind of stuff you post

•Him blushing when he see some edits

•"I saw your edits"


•You not messaging him first since you don’t wanna seem crazy

•Him asking for your number

•You making his name “🥐” so no one will know who it is

•"I love dogs can I see a picture of yours?“

•Text comforting him when he gets insecure about haters tweets about him

•"Tom don’t listen to them you have over 3 million people sticking up for you 24/7”

•Immediately sending him memes after that text

•Everyone concerned and suspicious over you

•Jacob and Harrison sneaking your phone from Tom’s phone one day

•The two of them Facetiming you, waking you up at 5 am.

•You being confused af

•"Is this Y/N?“

•"No this is Patrick”

•Them loving you and continue to text you

•Tom not knowing until Jacob and Harrison start talking to you when Tom is facetiming you(or Skype or something)

•You sending a picture of you in your Deadpool costume

•Him spotting you at a panel

•Harrison pulling you from the crowd and dragging you to the bathroom because he was scared to go alone

•Missing the rest of the panel bc he then wanted food

•You paying for his food

•Tom netting up with you two as you’re walking around, lost.

•The three of you walking around lost

•Jacob joining the lost crew

•Jacob loving your costume

•Him putting the mask on while you try to fix your crazy hair

•"aWwW messy hair"

•People starting rumors

•Tom kissing you at the end of the night

•Both being shocked

•"What’s Spider-Man’s favorite month?“


•Him kissing you to shut you up

•Him asking you out when you’re crying over The Lion King

•"if you knew how I felt why would you say something like that?“

•"so is that a yes?”

•It obvi being yes.

•His family loving you

•Especially Harry

•The first “I Love You” being on accident

•"Aww you posted saying you loved me"

•"No I don’t"

•"Yes you do"

•"No I don’t"

•"Yes you do"

•"I love you"

•"No you don’t"

•"Damnit Thomas"

•Him protecting you from the haters and sticking up for you

•Being head over heels for him

•And vise verse

tragically, i deleted my wip folder and have no back ups for any of the files except

screams for 100 years


I’m back. with some art!

Looking forward to that RR novel in particular as you can probably tell. These first few illustrations were made with Copic markers/Sakura Pigma Microns/Sakura white Gelly roll. The last few illustrations were done in Coloured Pencil/HB mechanical Pencil.


Ian is a guy who feels like he wants to be able to have control over his situation and not be reliant on anybody else…And then all of a sudden, when you feel like you’re not in control over your own mind, that’s about as helpless as you can get […] because Ian doesn’t want to be saved. He wants to be able to save himself.  [x]

theonlywayisink3  asked:

is umm your au on you tube yet just...........i need something to binge watch and your animation is so smooth it looks amazing please continue with your wonderful work

… Whut ??? I don’t do animation ? I think you sent that ask to the wrong person buddy…

g04tbr0  asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (oopsy doopsy, seems ive dropped That Positivity in ur inbox)

AAA tHAnk!! But you’re makin this hard…whut do I like about myself??

Okay so:

1) I’m observant.

 2) I uh..make art??

3) My ability to pun

4) My patience

5) That I apparently make some people happy!!