yey white robes!

Green tea, plum wine and about 3.5 hours messing around in Journey, knocking off 4 or 5 more trophies.

Life is pleasant again. ^-^

Also I got the Wonder trophy when I fell out of the Road of Trials and onto the head of another player who was meditating below. HI THERE TENTH COMPANION!!! :D

Great. He was in a coffin. Why the fuck was he in a coffin?

Felt like only moments ago he’d been ripping into some squealing bitch with a hacksaw. There’d been this blindingly white light and a voice that had made him want to rip his ears off. Master Alastair had made a sound more enraged than he’d ever heard from the Grand Torturer.

And then he’d woken up here. And he was breathing again. That was just weird. Flicking the lighter off, he slid it back in his pocket. Now to get out.

Punching at the space above him, the wood creaked and gave with a splintered whumpf as air was displaced by dirt. He had to move before he suffocated. Grabbing at decaying wood, he pulled and pushed until enough gave way for him to move. After that it was a fight to drag himself free of the soil and roots and grass blocking his way to freedom. 

If he was lucky, Sam hadn’t put him in a cemetery, then again, why the hell had Sam buried him at all?

Gasping as he broke ground, the sun was as blinding as that light in Hell. He pulled free of the hole and laid there in the grass, face pressed to the ground, panting, muscles shaking from disuse.

Gathering his strength, he pushed himself into standing position, grabbing the cross until he could balance on his own. Where the hell was he?

Walking out from his grave, he pushed himself until he found a road, and pushed a little more until he came upon a convenience store. Perfect.

Walking up to the counter, he regarded the man working it with a calm gaze before he reached out and slammed his head through the glass counter, letting him drop to the floor. Wandering through, he grabbed this and that, and maybe a couple issues of Busty Asian Beauties. Eyes fell on a calendar.

Four months. He’d only been in Hell four months? Damn.

Stuffing his things in a plastic bag, he closed his eyes, seeking out Sam’s soul. Where was baby brother hiding out?

Some dump hotel as to be expected, but why was there a demon with him? Mouth twisted in a snarl and he gathered his energy and teleported out of the store, hopping across the country until he stopped at Sammy’s front door and knocked, half-smirk on his lips.


anonymous asked:

Lance acts like he's so brave but after a nightmare or a scary mission Hunk always wakes up to find Lance curled up next to him. (Good luck tomorrow!)

Thank you oh my god today was exhausting but this is adorable… Lance would definitely be the big spoon (IMO) and Hunk would wake up in the middle of the night to Lance’s snoring next to his ear, head nuzzled tightly into the back of his neck. Hunk would take the arm Lance had stretch across his waist and pull it to his heart and would smile big when he heard Lance shift at the movement, heart beating against his back.

“Snnnrk- Huh? Oh, hi, Tsuyo… I woke you up. Fudge.” Hunk would turn over and whumpf, face Lance with sleepy eyes and a little bit of drool from Lance in the back of his hair.

“Nightmares?” A whisper and a hand on Lance’s cheek.


“I love you.”

“I know.”