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Whump fics where the group thinks that everyone got out of an attack okay and they’re celebrating and excited and start talking about how they’re gonna celebrate when they get back home and then all of a sudden someone collapses and the rest of the group realize that maybe they didn’t get out as unscathed as they first thought  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Ok but what if John was a few minutes late and by the time he got into Sherlock’s ward, culverton is already gone and Sherlock is unconscious and all the machines were blaring. Flatline. No pulse, no signs of breathing. John screamed for the nurses to bring him a crash trolley and desperately tries to resuscitate Sherlock. After a few attempts, it worked, Sherlock’s heartbeat came back and he was alive again…..

But at a cost. The several minutes that John came in late meant precious time that Sherlock’s brain was being deprived of oxygen. And now brain damage was real. Sherlock became partially paralysed, his legs were weak and wobbly. His hands trembled and spastic. But worst of all was the effect on his cognitive function. His once brilliant mind was now incapable of processing information, reasoning or judgement properly. Anomic aphasia sets in: his ability to use or process words, even basic words, becomes impaired.

The Sherlock who woke up was a different man. And it all happened because John had come just a few minutes late

(Thanks to @lmirandas for giving me the basic medical info to facilitate this headcanon)

erensilverlink  asked:

What's some good whump!Erik fics out there? Love your blog so much.


I’m so sorry for the late reply! Whump!Erik is such a unicorn. You blink and you miss it! Here are some! :)

On the Breakers by Skull_Bearer

Another reason why Erik did the things he did on that beach.

In Shadow and Silence by Yahtzee

Written for the following prompt: Erik is an aggressive, dangerous, cynical mutant, hardened from years of being passed through private laboratories and used for experimentation. He’s covered in surgical scars from operations, tattooed and bar coded like a lab rat, and blind from an experiment done on his eyes. …  Charles Xavier finds out about him.

These Cindered Bones by swoopswoop

Erik gets attacked by something unknown and when his health starts to decline, has no choice but turn to the x-men for help after seven years of separation.

Wir Schützen Was Wir Lieben by Cylin

Erik comes back to the mansion hurt. The kids try to help - they really try - but things escalate. What has happened to Erik affects all their relationships, but most severely Charles’s and Erik’s.

Stitches by Amuly

Set during the bromance recruiting montage, Erik gets injured and needs stitches. Charles patches him up.

Point-blank  by keire_ke

Not too long after the Cuban missile crisis, Erik is captured. Charles rescues him.

Point of Intersection by nixajane

Movie alternate ending. Charles stops Erik from launching those missiles, but doesn’t stop him leaving. Now Erik has been taken prisoner, and Charles can think of nothing but getting him back.

A River In A Time of Dryness by Ook

The soldiers get tired of playing with Erik about the time his feet give out on him for the second time, and they’d have to drag or carry him to get him back to camp.

In which Erik is lost in the desert, until he is found.

Care and Feeding by SpiritsFlame

Ever since his time with Shaw, Erik has been afraid of getting sick. Charles shows him there is nothing to worry about. Written for the Erik/Charles summer fic exchange.

Eva-centric POV. Slow-burn Chris/Eva.

A Family We Chose For Ourselves

Chapter 2: Penetrators (3122 words)
The girls make paper mâché sex toy decorations for the Christmas tree and Chris is missing.

The Penetrators and Yakuza rivalry run much deeper and more dangerous than anyone thought possible, until one of them ends up paying a heavy price. Chris was on his way to the Kose group Christmas party that night.

He never made it there.

Canon relationships. Ensemble cast. Friendships all round. Whump-Hurt/Comfort holy trinity. Injured Chris. Worried William. Worried Eva.

[ch1 / ao3]

“So you and Chris, huh?”

The question comes as an eerie déjà vu, but instead of the guilt she felt when she heard it the first time, Eva has to physically supress the sheepish grin threatening to emerge. She remembers the same voice telling her not to long ago to break up with her boyfriend and hook up with Chris. She’d been taken aback and offended at the time, angry even. Like who did this person think she was, telling her to do something like that? But Sana had been straightforward and factual in her argument and despite feeling slightly insulted by the suggestion, Eva really could find no fault in Sana’s reasoning.

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Long Time Coming
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by CrowleysMooseSquirrelsAngel

Words: 3,152

Summary:  Cas finally drops the L-bomb, and it shouldn’t affect Dean this much because Cas was directing it at all of them…except that he kind of wasn’t, because if he was then Dean wouldn’t be alone in a room with him, undressing him. Just to clean him up, of course. Totally innocent.

Rise Against- Lyric Inspired Writing Prompts for H/C, Angst and Hope/Survival

I’ve been super into Rise Against recently, and their lyrics have some damn good writing prompt-y lines to them. Enjoy!


  • “Passed out in the gutter, woke up in your arms”
  • “Warm yourself by the fire, son, the morning will come soon”
  • “Bled through the bandages again”
  • “There was no antidote”
  • “I don’t think I can fight this anymore”
  • “Come in out of the cold”
  • “Disease tore us apart”
  • “Her screams pierced the dark night”
  • “For you there’s still a chance”
  • “I followed you out in the storm”
  • “Don’t fall, I see lights in the distance, they’re not far away”
  • “We’re broken but still breathing, we are wounded but we are healing”
  • “Do you cry my name in the dark, as I do yours?”
  • “While the world sleeps we are awake”
  • “I won’t be left here”
  • “Don’t fall asleep, they’ll find us here”
  • “’Till we don’t have the strength to go on”


  •  “Tonight I watched your fires burn out”
  • “We left bodies in the fields”
  • “Hell is not where we’re going, hell’s where we’ve been”
  • “How many others have stood where you stand today?”
  • “The air that we breathe becomes air that we choke”
  • “A puddle of the bravest tears”
  • “Do you think its safe to breathe?”
  • “I just want to save you while there’s still something left to save”
  • “We should have burned it to the ground”
  • “We hide from the mirrors- they might show our scars”
  • “I walk on wounds that seldom prove to slow me down”
  • “Reflections of an unfamiliar face”
  • “May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you’re dead”
  • “Your paradise is something I’ve endured”
  • “When laws fail the people, they turn to the flame”
  • “I found love, I found life, as a thorn stuck in your side”
  • “When home becomes a strange place”
  • “Somewhere between happy and a total f*cking wreak”
  • “This is a war that was lost the day it began”
  • “Son, have you seen the world?”


  • “And on that day they’ll tell you, that life hummed on with no clue”
  • “Help is on the way”
  • “You don’t have to do this, and I forgive you if you don’t”
  • “This isn’t giving up, this is letting go”
  • “There has always been room by the fire for you”
  • “The city lines are down, the kerosene’s run out”
  • “When faced with tragedy we come alive or come undone”
  • “When it all comes down, will you say you did everything you could?”
  • “I know where I’m going, we can make it”
  • “What I could not do I faked”
  • “This life chose me, I’m not lost in sin”
  • “Proud I stand, of who I am”
  • “To them these streets belong”
  • “You won’t know your worth, now, son, until you take a hit”
  • “But we stand here all together”
  • “When the roads disappeared, I followed the rivers”
  • “The path I carve from here on out will be my own”
  • “All that matters is the time we had”
  • “There’s laughter and oh, there is love, just past the edge of your fears”
  • “We pass the torch again, and hope that it stays lit”
  • “White needles buried in the red”
  • “I’ll tell you stories of a better time, in a place that we once knew”
  • “Standing no chance to win but, we’re not running”
  • “How we survive is what makes us who we are”
  • “This happens almost never, but it happened once to me”
  • “Covered tracks and days spent on the run”
FanFic Appreciation Week

I feel like I am getting on this kind of late but I have excuses. But here are some great authors or some amazing fics that I have enjoyed and gone back for a few fandoms. I have a lot of stories from a lot of fandoms most Gravity Falls because I am currently obsessed with it right now so here we go:

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Whump H/C fics

Hello friends! Do you enjoy when characters get hurt in fiction and other characters take care of them? The angst and the fluffy comfort afterwards? Then you may enjoy my recently updated fics!

In which the delightfully whumpable Dirk Gently (x) from Dirk Gently’s holistics detective agency and 10k (x) from Z nation are hurt or sick and taken care of by friends ;) 

Thanks for your attention! See you around!

Fanfics where the guy refuses medical treatment or pain medication

There were so many I’ve read that had this sort of trope, but below were the ones I remembered very clearly:

Come Back Tomorrow (Twilight but human plot): Edward’s in the hopspital most of the time due to his vicoius fight with cancer, but there are scenes where he refuses morphine since it makes him groggy and unfocused.

Clint and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Avengers) One-shot, Clint has a bad day which results in him breaking his arm during training. He gets it set without the usage of medication since he hates how it makes him feel vulnerable. Also there are plenty of scenes in the Vantage Point (by the amazing Aggie2011whoop) where Clint refuses medical treatment

Renovations (Supernatural) Dean being Dean, refuses to take medication for his injury as part of him being all tough in front of his dad and brother. how pain medication makes him feel. Lovely read btw!

Summer of Hurt Sam (Supernatural) Sam refuses to take medication so he can focus on the hunt - Chapter 16 to be exact.

Fevers and Fears: (Harry Potter) Scabior gets appendicitis, he doesn’t recognize the symptoms and tries his best to hide it from his wife. But refusing treatment is not an option. And Draconius soon learns the truth behind his refusal to seek medical care when he’s ill. Check another part of this story Complicated Healing.

And saving the best for last…

Never Again (NCIS) Tim has been off drugs for two years, but his past is always with him. He suffers a ruptured appendicitis, and he’s refusing treatment in fear of relapsing. You might wanna read the prequel to this story Just Once More which is all about his drug addiction and the struggle to overcome it.

~~Submitted by fanfictionwhump (per request) :)

Hello all!

I just thought I would let you all know I finally updated my hurt!john fic recs list! I’ve added over 40 fics to my list making it nearly 200 fics long!

If you are a fan of hurt/sick/emotionally compromised!John then this is the spot for you!

If you have any recs that aren’t on the list, send them my way and I will add them. I’m a mega hurt/comfort lover so the more the merrier. I’m trying to create a master list of all hurt!john for anyone who needs a fix :)


Not sure if anyone is interested, but I’ve made a lil’ list of some of my favorite whump/hurt/comfort fics because @thisismywhump-re-blog​ asked. All of these are fics that I have read more than once, and a lot of them are for SPN because that was my crack way back when haha. A lot of hurt and team bonding and friends. No ships here whatsoever because I have no interest in that stuff. 


Open, Shut by MirrorDance: “A street prophet foresees a deadly disaster and goes to the only people who would believe him: the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. It’s an open and shut case except the only solution is -how do you empty a town of four thousand people? Post-Family Remains.”

Lunatics by Scullspeare: “In the midst of snowstorm, a stranger runs into an injured and hypothermic Sam. His memory is spotty; he knows that a hunt went sideways and that Dean’s in trouble-he just doesn’t know where he is. Outsider POV, showcasing the brothers’ relationship. H/C”

Heroes For Ghosts by Gaelicspirit: “Set after 1.16, Shadow. In an attempt to save a disillusioned hunter from himself, Dean and Sam are caught in a spell that sends them to 1870 Texas. Surviving the old west is hard enough. Escaping it could prove to be impossible”

Calcium Deficiency by PADavis: “A bus, a hunt, and a hungry spirit. And police.”

Desolation Angels by Gaelicspirit: “Set in Season 1. While Dean struggles to keep his head in the game after being healed, Sam works to come to grips with John’s purposeful distance. The last thing they need is to run sideways of two brothers hunting for buried pirate treasure…”

Airport ‘07 by K Hanna Korossy: “Dean doesn’t even have to get on a plane to have a really bad time at the airport.”

In Loco Parentis by K Hanna Korossy: “After John’s death, another hunter decides to “finish” the Winchester boys’ training, starting with Dean.”

Mercy by Lovin Jackson: “A “Mystery Spot” Tribute - When all seems lost, Sam comes up with a new plan to save his brother bringing unthinkable consequences.”

To The End by K Hanna Korossy: (Honestly probably my fave SPN one) “Their dad’s death, echoes of Stanford, and a hunt that isn’t what it seems bring Dean’s doubts to light about Sam’s commitment to the hunt, and to him.”


The Last Level by thegraytigress: (My actual fave. Hands down) “There are dark places in the world. A battle with an old enemy lands Tony, Steve, and Clint in a hellish nightmare and only their faith in each other stands between them and death.”

The Right Call by thegraytigress: “The first time Clint made a tough call, he spared Natasha’s life. This time his decision may prove to be his last when it lands him and Steve in the middle of the jungle, alone, injured, and fighting to survive.”

Atlao by Nilly’s Issue: “Tony stares at the blinking timer and collapses against the wall. “Steve. Steve, I can’t carry you."”

Hawaii Five 0

Old News by Maz01: “Emotional pressures send Danny into a tailspin. Five-0 must deal with the ramifications, as well as a triple murder inquiry.”

The Eleventh Hour by Faye Dartmouth: “This was all Steve’s fault. The entire case had been Steve’s idea, after all. And now, here they were. Handcuffed to chairs, back to back, in a deserted warehouse, in the Middle of Nowhere, Hawaii, with two idiots holding guns threatening them.”

Blue Bloods

In the Moonlight by Haley94: “A collection of missing scenes and new perspectives from the second-season episode, "Moonlighting.” Now up and cross-posted, scene #7 - Frank isn’t the only one unable to sleep. Contains major spoilers for “The Life We Chose.”

Breathless by Haley94: “Jamie and Renzulli split up while clearing a building. They need to remember not to do that again.

Mission: Impossible

The Enemy Within by purehalo: “Ethan’s team have only two days to stop a terrorist from releasing a chemical weapon. But with Brandt suffering from the effects of a drug, it’s going to be a harder mission than any of them thought.”

Over the River and Through the Woods by mousie tongue: “They say the most challenging prey is that which has been trained as a hunter. William Brandt is about to experience that first hand. Gen, Brandt-centric team fic.”

The Evil Within

Anywhere But Here by Beckon: “They were going to be bleeding out and defenseless against anything that might find them- and he was stuck here where nothing could get him. He was safe and… they were as good as dead.”

If anyone wants to add more non-shippy fics I’d love to read them pls and thanks <33

Cats and Ducks - CatLovePower - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Eliot Spencer, Parker (Leverage), Nathan Ford, Alec Hardison, Sophie Devereaux (Leverage)
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Tight Spaces, Hurt Eliot Spencer

Eliot falls down a vent during a job. And then things get worse. And worse. And…

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really love young justice and I read the fan fiction that you suggested in your appreciation post. I really liked them, I was wondering if you knew of any similar ones you would also suggest? Thanks!

I am so glad you liked those two stories! They are my favorites that, though I am not active in the fandom anymore, always go back to. I will be glad to search and give you a few more: 

  • Breaking Speed 
    • It is an incomplete story but I recommend it because 1) it is written by the same person as In the Grave and does give you the pain. 
  • Sound the Bugle
  • Things Fall Apart and The Center Cannot Hold
    • All three of those stories are written by the same person and are amazing. They do contain some mentions of child abuse and abandonment so be warned there. 
  • Rush
    • More Child Abuse mentions but it is a good story with lots of
  • Stone Cold
    • This story. OH THIS STORY. I love it a lot. I don’t want to spoil it.
  • Thin Lines
    • These are just small one shots about fears
  • Constant Hero
    • Barry saving Wally.
  • Also shamelessly putting myself here with Before the Lightening 
    • More Child Abuse and Barry and Wally bonding. 

I would also check out these Communities on FF.Net since they collect stories like this: 

Wallyabuse and Wally Whump

Hope these stories keep you busy and in tears

what needs, part iii

warnings: for unethical medical practices, mention of torture

part ii | part i

“That’s Uncle Bruce!” Peter yells, darting to his feet and Clint steps between him and the elevator, holding his hand out, Dad shouting, “Peter, don’t you dare! Sit your ass back down, now. Barton! I swear to God, if he gets out of that apartment—”

“JARVIS will shut down the elevator,” Clint replies. “Relax.”

Peter can barely hear them, his heart’s pounding so hard in his ears. Dad sent Bruce to go take care of Dad and now Bruce is the Hulk and he’d never hurt Steve, but if he’s angry enough to have changed in the Tower…

“Peter,” Clint says, wary, like he’s talking to a rabid animal, “buddy, I’m gonna go down there and take care of this, and I’m sure everything is fine, but I need you to promise me you’re gonna stay here. Can you do that?”

“I will lock that floor down, Peter, don’t think I won’t! You stay away from your uncle when he’s angry! Especially this time! Do you understand me? Peter!

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