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Someone take away Lau’s nya hands

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Jangelica or Jeffmads? And whta do you think of Mullette?

i love mullette sm, and i like both but prefer jeffmads

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Which do you think is the moment Jughead fell in love with Betty? He couldn't have realized it in episode 13 when he told her and I'm not sure if he was in the first episode. Whta do you think?

I think, if we’re still going with the headcanon that Jug has always had a bit of a crush on Betty given the way he looks at her in the diner at the beginning, his love for her was always steadily forming and he might have been in love before he even realised it. I think it started to creep into his thoughts when she told him she believed him in episode 8 and then, for me personally, that little smile he gives her when she refused to give up on FP and finds the thumb drive in episode 12 is when he is really like yes I am in love with this girl wholeheartedly

Listening to Hurricane like
  • Hamilton: I'll write my way out
  • Me: ye do it! it worked before!! fuck yeah go hamilton
  • Hamilton: Write everything down far as I can see
  • Me: wait. whta do you mean by everything?
  • Hamilton: I'll write my way out
  • Me: alex wtf are you doing
  • Hamilton: Overwhelm them with honesty
  • Me: wait?? what the fuck??? honesty?
  • Me: no.
  • Me: you're not gonna tell people.
  • Me: are you?
  • Hamilton: This is the eye of the hurricane, this is the only way I can protect my legacy
  • Me: is it?? is it really??
  • Hamilton: ...The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Me: WHY

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Voltron for the fandom meme B)


  • the first character i ever fell in love with: it’s sooo obvious this is Lance i’m sobbing
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: HONESTLY… i can’t think of any characters in voltron i don’t like??? at least none that i liked initially HECK I LOV THEM ALL
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: uhh at once shance piqued my interest but that lasted like 0.5 whole seconds
  • my ultimate favorite character™:

  • idk you tell me
  • prettiest character:

  • my most hated character: I’M STILL SALTY @ THE ONE DRUID KEITH FOUGHT 1) bc he couldn’t score the quintessence for the Squad and 2) bc who the fuck is this mystery hooded person
  • my NOTP: sheith… gomen… tbh shiro x any of the paladins makes me like Well Uh Okay, different strokes for different folks, so i wont judge you, but i’m still uncomfortable
  • saddest death: ALFOR’S AI… TBH… I CRIED
  • favorite season: hopefully there will be more than two seasons for me to choose from sometime in the future cos i can’t pick one now,
  • least favorite season: @ dreamworks pls greenlight seasons 3-69 of voltron legendary defender i’ll pay my life’s savings
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: I DON’T HATE ANYONE!!! but i’m not thirsty for shiro like so many people are LMFAO he’s like my dad. i ain’t about that life
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: FCUCKI NG ROLO… OR SENDAK… MINNASAN GOMENNASAI
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: um. coran. also hunk. and ROVER DESERVED BETTER ROVER DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE!!!1
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: y'all… corrupted matt holt & shiro… listen…
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship’: ok liste,n… jsut, list en….. rolo & hunk…. OK LIKE HEAR ME OUT, IT DOESN’T HAV 2 EVEN BE ROMANTIC JUST ROLO & HUNK, BONDING, HUNK FINDING OUT ROLO’S PAST & COMING 2 SYMPATHISE W/ HIM & FORGIVE HIM FR SWINDLING THE SQUAD & ROLO BECOMING A BETTER PERSON OK DON’T JUDG E M (also yo like… nyma, pidge & breezer being lil shits togethe–whta do you men an im too invested in rolosquad ok leav me alo

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AAAAHHHH <3 d'c' is actually too cute for me. Is my hete otp, and I think this ship is in top 3 or 2 too!! Finally I found someone that ship them so much as me ;; ////

I JUST REALIZED WHAT D’C’ STANDS FOR LOLING- frick clever, i like that–!! ^ q^///

//sobs onto u anon-san// we’re in this together ok!!! u vu/// cOME TO ME WITH ALL THEM D’C’ REQUESTS THEN HAHAHA ////

i think it’s just so very cute in a strange way.. sighs.

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Imagine Jongin shoving you up against the wall of the dark hallway, his lips on yours before you can even ask what he's doing. He pins your hands above your head, focusing his attention on your neck, leaving marks you know will be present the next day. "What do you want, baby?" he pants in your ear, "Tell daddy". Knees weak, you beg him to fuck you. He freezes, pulling away abruptly, "Oh my god I thought you were Kyungsoo-hyung. This is so awkward. Oh my god."


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whoops sorry. some people use physical portfolios and some use digital ones like blogs and websites etc, what is recommended/what do you use/what's your opinion?

Whatever you wanna do! The switch to digital is actually pretty recent, but the thing to keep in mind with digital portfolios:

don’t, DO NOT, make fancy, tiny thumbnail sites where you have to click on every single picture. Do NOT DO THAT. Recruiters hate it and they’ll even pass your portfolio by if you do

the best way to do an online portfolio is actually something like a blogspot or a tumblr that’s been made just to showcase your art! Put it in order (you want to tier your portfolio with Strongest pieces > weaker pieces > End on strong > throw some supplemental shit like gestures in the very back for boarding/animation ). Recruiters really appreciate being able to quickly scroll through a portfolio, and blog portfolios are the best way to do that. No one cares about your fancy frilly website coding. They want to see whta you can do and know if you’re up for consideration!

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you talk a lot about the cons of your job, but whta do you think are the pros? :D

I could go into massive detail on how awesome it is, but to summarise:

  • Getting to work with franchises you’ve played all your life 
  • Early access to games
  • Going to conventions and meeting people
  • Working for yourself - so you can say screw the Man!

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hey! love your answers really!!!! i was wondering whta do you think are going to be the differences between Oliver and Felicity and Oliver with his other ex girlfirneds? i am talking mainly about Sara since she was the only one, till now, how was Oliver's girlfriend and partner in his night work

Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg Response #41:

Hi! Interesting question.

I think that the major differences between Oliver’s relationship with Felicity and Oliver’s relationships with other ladies over the series so far will be in the foundation of the romance. For me, it comes down to three things: the slow burn, the longstanding honesty, and the lack of a preexisting physical relationship.

I’ll break it down.

The slow burn has functioned for more than bringing shippers closer and closer to the edges of their seats as the plot progressed. Thanks to three seasons of relationship evolution that has been canonically verified as groundbreaking for Oliver, we’ve seen that Oliver truly does love Felicity. He spent a whole year celibate and without so much as glancing at another woman for love of Felicity. The series didn’t just tell us that former playboy Oliver Queen was in love; the series showed us. Oliver has been faithful to Felicity for longer than any other woman…since before they were even in a relationship. Conflicts will have higher stakes and alliances will feel more deeply earned because we witnessed most of the journey.

The honesty between Oliver and Felicity has always made theirs one of the healthiest relationships - platonic or romantic – of his life. The depth of honesty that he shares with her is only rivaled among his ex-girlfriends by Sara, and so the egalitarian nature that had been one of the biggest appeals of their romance will be applicable to Olicity as well. There’s no need to be uncomfortable because Oliver is keeping a huge secret from his love interest or annoyed at how unintelligent the love interest must be to not connect the dots about him.

That love came before sex really sets Olicity apart, for me. While there’s nothing wrong with casual dating and figuring matters of the heart out as they arise, Oliver has always been negatively defined by his…well, his lack of discernment with the ladies that he’s willing to bed. I came to think of him as “Quick-Draw Queen” in the romance department, and I think that the show did the character dirty with some of his love connections. It was a miracle of acting, mood, and slow burn that the Olicity sex scene turned out so meaningfully on screen.

Of all of his women on the show, Felicity is the only one to have ticked all three of these particular boxes, and I think that will set her apart as Oliver’s girlfriend and partner in his night work.

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Oh great master fu, i've come a long way seeking you. Might i be granted a miraculous as well? seeing as my companions and i keep getting rekt, i've taken the job of finding help

AHH I didn’t see you there. wHTA the (fu)ck are u doing in my hourse. anyhoo, ill give u a squad miraculososo 4 ur homies

the dinosquad miraculosososoe

 also  U should look into putting @mama-agreste-speaks in ur squad becaus she will keep u from getting rekt (she has like 3 miraculososo trust)