whta are you doing

Listening to Hurricane like
  • Hamilton: I'll write my way out
  • Me: ye do it! it worked before!! fuck yeah go hamilton
  • Hamilton: Write everything down far as I can see
  • Me: wait. whta do you mean by everything?
  • Hamilton: I'll write my way out
  • Me: alex wtf are you doing
  • Hamilton: Overwhelm them with honesty
  • Me: wait?? what the fuck??? honesty?
  • Me: no.
  • Me: you're not gonna tell people.
  • Me: are you?
  • Hamilton: This is the eye of the hurricane, this is the only way I can protect my legacy
  • Me: is it?? is it really??
  • Hamilton: ...The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Me: WHY

anonymous asked:

hey! love your answers really!!!! i was wondering whta do you think are going to be the differences between Oliver and Felicity and Oliver with his other ex girlfirneds? i am talking mainly about Sara since she was the only one, till now, how was Oliver's girlfriend and partner in his night work

Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg Response #41:

Hi! Interesting question.

I think that the major differences between Oliver’s relationship with Felicity and Oliver’s relationships with other ladies over the series so far will be in the foundation of the romance. For me, it comes down to three things: the slow burn, the longstanding honesty, and the lack of a preexisting physical relationship.

I’ll break it down.

The slow burn has functioned for more than bringing shippers closer and closer to the edges of their seats as the plot progressed. Thanks to three seasons of relationship evolution that has been canonically verified as groundbreaking for Oliver, we’ve seen that Oliver truly does love Felicity. He spent a whole year celibate and without so much as glancing at another woman for love of Felicity. The series didn’t just tell us that former playboy Oliver Queen was in love; the series showed us. Oliver has been faithful to Felicity for longer than any other woman…since before they were even in a relationship. Conflicts will have higher stakes and alliances will feel more deeply earned because we witnessed most of the journey.

The honesty between Oliver and Felicity has always made theirs one of the healthiest relationships - platonic or romantic – of his life. The depth of honesty that he shares with her is only rivaled among his ex-girlfriends by Sara, and so the egalitarian nature that had been one of the biggest appeals of their romance will be applicable to Olicity as well. There’s no need to be uncomfortable because Oliver is keeping a huge secret from his love interest or annoyed at how unintelligent the love interest must be to not connect the dots about him.

That love came before sex really sets Olicity apart, for me. While there’s nothing wrong with casual dating and figuring matters of the heart out as they arise, Oliver has always been negatively defined by his…well, his lack of discernment with the ladies that he’s willing to bed. I came to think of him as “Quick-Draw Queen” in the romance department, and I think that the show did the character dirty with some of his love connections. It was a miracle of acting, mood, and slow burn that the Olicity sex scene turned out so meaningfully on screen.

Of all of his women on the show, Felicity is the only one to have ticked all three of these particular boxes, and I think that will set her apart as Oliver’s girlfriend and partner in his night work.