wht's a face

Not to worry, I made sure to worry about everything with this the whole time I drew it. So that´s definitely taken care of.

Sorry about the terrible dick joke lol. May you all eat your inconveniently shaped ice cream in peace.

Go ahead with the “I guess you´d know what face he´d make, Gabe” comments, lay them on me lol.

Hi my name is Shouto Coldhottie Dark’ness Todoroki and I have white and red hair which represents cold and hot (that’s how I got my name) and my eyes also have different colors and a lot of people tell me my left side looks like Flame Hero Endeavor (if you don’t know who that is then good!!! don’t even bother knowing that ass). I’m not related to Midoriya Izuku but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I Hate My Left Side (in case you couldn’t tell) and I use mostly my right side. For example in the battle trial I didn’t even use any flame. One time my father told me I disgraced him. I put up my middle finger on him.

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look I dont really care what your stance is on ace issues because you are pretty wrong in assuming aces just face 0 adversity but as you are cis, you're using cishet wrong and its not for you to use. Like think what you want but its incredibly insensitive and short sighted to think "cishet aces" (which is an oxymoron) just wanna feel oppressed as you so nicely put it

Please anon. Fucking please explain to me why i cant use cishet because im cis. What the fuck do i say when talking about myself and anyone else who isnt trans and is straight? Also if you think there arent people who are functionally straight and totally cis (im still going to use “cis” because you dont actually have a point) except they dont fuck. What the fuck would you call them other than cishet aces (id suggest “not lgbt”)? Im not saying aces face ZERO oppression because they’re ace even if they’re cishet. Im saying that the amount compared to anyone actually lgbt is on average much much MUCH less and completely fucking different from wht anyone lgbt faces. If you’re going to say shit like this please at least have one actual point next time

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You should get some rest. How much water have you drank? Are you okay?!?!

mark made me fucking lose it today.

but im okay. 

i can’t handle sad shit like that. especially confusing sad shit. like. i feel like. i got kicked in the face. wht the dnfvm


hearing your boyfriend’s voice first thing in the morning…