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Wht do u think of the rumours about rv seulgi and jimin? Wht do u think r the chances of it actually happening?

honestly?? i dont really care for the “which idol theyre dating” thing, i just wanna kno if they dating or not jsbdnhb

also tho, idk, i see jimin to date someone outrageously pretty bc hes such a bougee bitch. like someone who is wildly pretty like hyuna or yoo in na or that host he got spanked by on that show sjdjhd she was so pretty im crying. she had a really soft face like him n tbh, if jimin was dating someone, i would b highkey happy if it was that lady

guys i dont think u understand how important it is to rescue dogs from shelters think abt it like they go from living on the streets scared and alone and trying to find food or r taken away from abusive owners and then they wait in a shelter where they r caged up and confused then u come along and take them home and suddenly they have a steady meal schedule and room to run and play and u give them love even if they make a mistake u say ‘its ok’ and help them instead of hurting them and they finally have a family and will be forever grateful and the only “problem” is u have to figure out how to navigate ur home w a lil fluffy shadow followin u around