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Since we on the topic of Koreans X gay: I rmmbr some ppl saying that even tho some Korean fangirls love the ships & the fan service, if the couple ACTUALLY came out they wouldn't like it (even the SHIPPERS not just people who like fanservice) I actually heard that a long time ago but rn I thought of shippers like puppy store fan site master-nim, do u think she(?) will stop shipping or won't like it if they really were gay? Ik there are ppl who r ok with gays in sk but wht do u think? Hehe~

I remember hearing about that before and it always baffles me like why ship something when u ain’t gunna actually support it XD whhhhaaaaattttt? 

I don’t really know the puppy store admin and I don’t really look at their content enough to get a gist of what they might be like so I’m not sure if they would be upset if CB actually came out. But if they provide chanbaek stuff then I;m hoping they genuinely would support them if they were real X3

I hope everyone would support any gay couple. I don’t care if you don’t support it, I’m not telling you you HAVE to because it’s your belief I can’t say you are wrong because that would be wrong of me but still people that don’t really believe that gay relationships are right should still keep neutral and act appropriate you know?