Amazon global intern hackathon :D.

You form a team of 5 with some other intern buddies, and they have two challenges and you can choose one to compete in. A video game design/implementation contest, and a more algorithmic one concerning an interesting internal problem.

A few friends and I are doing the algorithm one :3

Thanks! I emailed the recruiter, she apologized that I wasn’t contacted and asked me for other dates that I am available so that we could reschedule :D.

As for how the interview went…

Well, I’ve never had an interview, so I sort of stumbled through the parts where I was supposed to talk about myself. Also I used the phrase “cloud computing” which was a big mistake because that can mean so many things in so many different contexts (and of course, the interviewer was imagining a different context than the one I intended). Basically I learned to slow down and think about speaking clearly, but I was mostly just incredibly nervous at the time.

Other than that, the technical bit went just fine. The first question he asked was incredibly simple, but being nervous, it took me an embarrassingly long time to answer it. Once I was going though, he seemed pretty pleased with what I was saying. Then he asked the second one, and even though it was pretty hard, I had a really decent flow going at that point, it went really smoothly.

It was Amazon though, yeah, thanks for asking!