the hanged man tarot card for the warhammer campaign I’m in! pretty sure i’m not done with it, but its midnight and i feel moderately accomplished with this so here we go

Welcome Home! (RP with manyamann)

Red and blue had never looked so welcoming to Jailbird as it did now.

That is, as the combination of the RED team insignia on the slightly red-ish wood, backed by a clear blue morning sky. The almost picturesque shack of a place graced her eyes, and for a moment all was still; calm.

After a few moments of this, a fanfare sprang up in her mind (for your listening pleasure) and she couldn’t help but draw a fist back in success. Finally! She was here! At the start of her new life! Away from the BLUs that she had stumbled upon! At her new home, for lack of a better term.

Well, not home yet…, she thought to herself as she looked back at the building. Soon, but not yet. You actually have to walk in, first.

Smiling at the proposition she made to herself, Jailbird boldly started to walk towards the automated front door, but paused a bout halfway there. But what if I just windup being attacked here, too? was the invasive thought that swirled around in her mind.What if all of the people on the RED team didn’t somehow see all the red she was wearing, and decided that she was untrustworthy? What if-

She shook her head at herself. Yes, what if they are all blind and can’t see your bandana and the shirt underneath your leather jacket, which, by the way, also has red stitching. Oh, and not to mention, your freakin’ cherry-red jeans. She stood up tall (well, as tall as a person of a 5'3" stature can be) and strait, and took a deep breath, smiling confidently as she exhaled. You can do this, Johana, she told herself. You survived prison, and team BLU. These guys can’t be that much worse.

Confidence renewed, Jailbird resumed her marched and waled through the door, surprised to see no one near the entry-way. Secretly happy that she hadn’t been bombarded by someone the moment she had arrived, she let her feet aimlessly carry her around the base.

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BEST RP MOMENT EVER : my first acceptance, i was doing it because my friends did it, but i had worked on the app for a week… when I finally got accepted it was kind of the first time got recognition for the fact that despite my dyslexia i could write… this does not mean the my spelling is perfect or that my grammar is phenomenal but I have never been given crap for making mistakes.