I don’t usually make these posts, but I’m just asking for a bit of help. Me and my mother both do work for WHPA, and the charity is trying to raise money through many methods - this being one of them. If you could weblog this post, or even better - buy a hoodie, that would be great. Thank you! (Here’s some information about WHPA. All Photographs credited to Rachel Bastone.)

Welsh Horse and Pony Aid is a small volunteer not for profit charitable organization caring for the Welsh horses and ponies on our commons and surrounding areas. .

Proceeds from the sale of each hoodie will go towards funding ongoing care and the winter through spring feeding programme.

Website: http://www.welshhorseandponyaid.org


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WELSHHORSEANDPONYGROUP/

Buy here: https://fabrily.com/WHPAHoodie#.VdmIkIcNs1Q.facebook