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For @riversongbadass-whovian-overload, Twelve/River in C4. Thank you for asking!

Not to be weird or anything but I’ve never noticed how large Peter’s feet are before. I fit into a child/teenage boy size 5 wide (for the smallness I make up in girth). They’d look like little baby feet next to his!

I’m facinated.

But also lookit this cutie. Like I said on Facebook, I want to let Peter live his life, but I also would not be able to help myself and would probably end up staring at him instead of the movie if I ended up sat with him. It would be worth every dollar of admission. 😂

Hello and welcome to the “Thank You, Peter Capaldi” fan video project! “The what?” you ask? I’m glad you did!

Basically, I wanted to find a way to thank Peter Capaldi for the amazing time that he’s given us as the 12th Doctor. I know I’m not the only one who’s sad he’s leaving and thought that this could be a great way to (hopefully!) show him how much he and his Doctor has meant to the fans of the show and how much he’ll always be loved.

More detailed information can be found here about how to participate, but here’s the basic rundown:

The finished project will be a video compilation of fans thanking Peter for being a part of Doctor Who to be released on August 4th, 2017- the anniversary of the day he was announced as the next Doctor!

There’s basically 2 options for how to participate in this project!

Option 1: A short video (ideally 15-30 seconds long or shorter) of you talking about the 12th Doctor and/or Peter Capaldi himself- why you love him, what he’s taught you, your favorite memories of his time on the show, and so on. 

Option 2: A picture of yourself with a sign (or something else that’d be appropriate) that says “Thank You Peter” or a similar sentiment. I know not everyone likes talking on camera so I thought this would be a good option to include as well! 

The deadline for videos and photos will be July 28th, 2017. This will allow for anyone who wishes to wait until series 10 has aired before creating their video or photo.

I’m really hoping that this idea will take off and that with the help of all the other Whovians who have come to know and love the 12th Doctor, I’ll be able to put together a really awesome thank you for Peter Capaldi.

Please feel free to share this post and repost the photo at the top of the post wherever (with all the information on it intact, of course) so that more people can learn about it!

it’s funny how i keep defending superwholock when I’ve been actually over my superwholock phase for ages (I’m only into doctor who now)

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For some reason I can picture Amy getting Jake into Doctor Who- like he thinks it's some weird nerdy thing but ends up being the biggest fan ever- do you have any other headcanons on them watching TV together/being huge Whovians?

HOW DID U KNOW I LOVE DOCTOR WHO anyway because I’m a Loser who’s not seen Classic Who this will only be centered around New Who feel free to tag in with Classic Who HCs if you want!!

  • Jake isn’t sure whether he’ll end up getting into Doctor Who because Harry Potter has magic but Doctor Who has science??? He almost burned down a lab in high school what if he doesn’t get it?? But he trusts and loves Amy so he watches it anyway
  • He ends up LOVING IT majorly, to the point where he mimics the opening theme of the show every time going DIUW DIUW DIUUUUWWW DIUW DIUW DIUUUUUWWW and it makes Amy laugh because he loves!! another thing she introduced him to!!
  • Jake gets really upset whenever a doctor regenerates because NOOOO I LOVED HIM SO MUCH I DONT WANT A NEW DOCTOR AMES!!
  • he always gets mad and threatens not to watch Doctor Who anymore, but then Amy puts on the next episode and Jake falls in love with the next doctor and the cycle Repeats
  • One night, Jake and Amy get drunk while watching Doctor Who and Jake starts crying because he wishes Peter Capaldi/Twelve were his dad instead of his actual dad, because Twelve wouldn’t walk out on him!! Plus Jake would’ve gotten a Cool Scottish Accent, which is the only thing he’s ever wanted in life
  • Amy attempts to comfort him over not having a space dad but because she’s had Four Drinks the comfort is copulative in nature
  • Jake’s scared of the Weeping Angels because he tries not blinking for as long as he can whenever there’s a Weeping Angels episode and he fails to not blink for as long as the Doctor or any of the companions and he freaks out over how he’s gonna get killed by a Weeping Angel
  • This results in spontaneous very competitive Blink Offs between Jake and Amy, they even try cheating by making kissy faces and funny faces at each other to try to get the other person to blink
  • sometimes these kissy faces make them Actually Kiss, and they have to stop watching Doctor Who that night for Other Activities
  • Jake thinks the Daleks are really fun to imitate, and sometimes Jake scares Amy into waking up by going right next to her face saying ‘EXTERMINATE’
  • This always scares the hell out of Amy but she gets revenge by putting a tiny angel figurine next to their bed on Jake’s side (claiming it was a gift from her mom), and then one day changing it to a mini Weeping Angels figurine as a prank
  • Jake’s never been so scared and he vows never to imitate a Dalek again for his entire life
  • He fails
  • Jake loves the sonic screwdriver because he’s too lazy to get out his keys and having the sonic screwdriver would be perfect
  • But then after talking up the conveniences of having a sonic screwdriver he realizes he would Have to use it for Way Cooler Stuff
  • Way Cooler Stuff becomes world domination plans and they have fun discussing all the things they could do if they had a sonic screwdriver
  • When Jake goes to prison Amy wishes even more for a sonic screwdriver so she can get Jake out of there
  • Or even better, an actual TARDIS so they can ditch jail and go to Paris. Or even even better, SPACE PARIS
  • But the thoughts about Doctor Who just end up making Amy feel sadder because watching Doctor Who feels so much more empty and quiet without Jake by her side, warm and silly and full of love, so close by and touchy
  • The couch is just so big without Jake even though it doesn’t look big when she stands up and looks at it, kind of like the TARDIS
  • Jake’s actually played a sonic screwdriver related prank on Amy once, by replacing all the screwdrivers in her tool box with sonic screwdrivers
  • turns out he did know about her secret tool box and all the screwdrivers in there got replaced too
  • “Amy, of course I know you have a back up tool box– what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t pull off a foolproof prank on you??”
  • She’s slightly charmed at the attention to detail he put into the prank but also can he please return the normal screwdrivers now there is something we have to fix
  • Jake’s like sure I put them all behind this couch let me just reach over and grab them except OOPS ALL THOSE HAVE BEEN REPLACED WITH SONIC SCREWDRIVERS TOO
  • Amy’s completely exasperated because how many sonic screwdrivers does Jake have??
  • “Yeah… I accidentally bought them in bulk online because I got too excited and clicked the wrong thing. Hence this prank.”
  • Jake and Amy discuss who between them would be the Doctor and who would be the Companion. It’s a very short discussion because Jake’s immediately like AMES, you’re super smart of course you’re the Doctor and I’m the super hot companion
  • Amy still Insists that Jake dress up as the Doctor for Halloween though because she badly wants to see him rock a nice suit. He picks Eleven and wears a bow tie that almost makes Amy want to cry a little and buy him many more bow ties
  • Jake also wears a fez as part of his Eleven cosplay because he’s cute and also Fezzes Are Cool
  • Except Amy dresses up as The Master/Missy which strangely gets Jake going because Damn
  • He keeps calling her 'Master’ throughout the entire night which causes Trick or Treating to end early because Jake has to go home to serve his Master
  • Jake also really likes Captain Jack Harkness for… reasons…

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Can make a master post of all David Tennant video diaries? I was a late comer to the fandom so I missed everything important. I've seen a few but I don't know how to find the rest

Awww, welcome aboard, dear! Glad to have you in our fandom!

Ok, so I think you can find all the video diaries on YouTube. Thanks to the lovely people that were nice enough to share them with us :D Here is a list, so you can find them easier:

DT video diaries, series 2/part 1

DT video diaries, series 2/part 2

DT video diaries, series 3/part 1 

DT video diaries, series 3/part 2

DT video diaries, series 3/part 3

DT video diaries, series 3/part 4

DT video diaries, series 3/part 5

DT video diaries, series 3/part 6

DT video diaries, series 3/part 7

DT video diaries, series 3/part 8

DT video diaries, series 3/part 9 - this one is blocked, unfortunately…

DT video diaries, series 3/part 10

DT video diaries, series 3/part 11

DT video diaries, series 3/part 12

DT video diaries, series 4/part 1

DT video diaries, series 4.part 2

DT video diaries, last four specials/ part 1

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 2

DT video diaries, last four specials/ part 3

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 4

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 5

I don’t know if there are more video diaries. These were the ones that I’ve seen.

But there are a LOT more things you need to see now that you are in this fandom. You will discover them by yourself one magical day when you will fall into the blackhole of YouTube whovianisms haha!

So here are some teasers, in case you haven’t seen them already. Don’t ask, just watch :)))

David, I’ve got cake!

The Weakest Link - Doctor Who Special

Doctor Who 500 miles Special

The Ballad of Russell and Julie

and some of my favourites: 

David Tennant sneezing - yup, this video has over 500 000 views…says a lot about this fandom :))

David Tennant making a mess 

David Tennants iconic giggles - yes, yes, that is also a thing :P

Hope you enjoyed them!

Toffee and The Prophecy

I already said a couple of things about this theory as skleero (replying to a post made by loosescrewslefty) but I want to make an entire post about it.
Please forgive me but this is going to be pretty long, but I hope to spark some discussion here and there (and the hiatus-flu is already killing me so…).

As we all know, Toffee called Marco “a disappointment” during the Season Finale. But why? What was he expecting from dorky human teenager Marco Diaz? He’s just a human, after all.

Toffee looks very cultured about most of the wand’s magic powers and apparently has a history with the Butterfly family. He knows some deep stuff that no one outside of Star’s family seems to know, like the existence of the Whispering Spell and, most importantly, the fact that it was the first spell the Queen supposedly taught to Star.

Now, there’s this theory (one that I really like) that says “Every wand bearer comes with a companion.” (the latter being a term that fellow Whovians know very well). There are no “rules” for being a companion: it may be a friend, a lover, a sibling, or whatever; it’s just this ally-figure that tends to join the wand bearer in his/her adventures. This may be one reason why Toffee was bothered by Marco: he’s the current companion (Star’s), so he was expecting something more from him, but he’s just a smol, sarcastic kid.

However, let’s keep pretending stuff for a moment and consider yet another theory. Cue the so-called “prophecy room” from St. Olga’s.

Ignore the big Moon for now and simply focus on the star and the sun-like symbols (and where Star and Marco are respectively standing). It’s been accepted that these symbols represent -big shock here- Star and Marco. Alternatively, the symbols are what the wand looks like when in Star’s and Marco’s hands (yes: “and”, not “or”); let’s consider this latter scenario as true.

Now, the Moon. Apparently, as confirmed by Daron Nefcy (I believe during this summer), the Queen’s name is Moon, but since it’s Star and Marco we’re talking about here, the Moon in St.Olga’s prophecy chamber may very well be…

…the Blood Moon.
See? The prophecy room is starting to make sense… kinda, to me at least.
“Two entwined souls will make stuff happen”. Not really epic-sounding, but I think you know where this is going. 

Back to Toffee and how he knows LOTS OF THINGS, it’s possible that he knows about this prophecy-thing too. Like, he knows exactly how it works and he’s been waiting for the right moment since… forever. Most importantly, he knows that Star is part of it, which may be also part of the reason of why he has a “history” with the royal family: because he was there when Star was a little child; so, following the “companion” theory, Toffee was the Queen’s (who was the wand bearer back then) companion: certainly not her lover (she was already married to King River), just an old friend, an advisor (for both the King and the Queen). But when the Butterflys found out his schemes, his ambiguous interests in the young princess Star, he was banished or something. There was also a fight and the Queen blasted off his finger with a powerful spell (that’s why he can’t brow it back). 

This also explains why Toffee seems to be kinda “gentle” to Star, while confronting her in the climax: he’s known her since she was a little child, so he kinda feels attached to her, like a distant uncle of some sort, despite everything.

Let’s recap for a moment: every wand bearer comes with a companion; there’s a prophecy going on, according to the chamber in St.Olga’s; Toffee is aware of this prophecy and is actively trying to make it happen.

The fact that Toffee was introduced in Fortune Cookies, the episode that aired alongside (and right after) Blood Moon Ball, is no coincidence: the backstabbing reptile basically thought “It’s time…and showed up just as Star and Marco’s souls were entwined, thus confirming his years of studies on the prophecy and his suspects on Star herself: she, as the wand-bearer, and her human companion, are the “entwined souls” foretold by the ancient prophecy.

However, as we said earlier, the prophecy’s symbols do not represent Star and Marco, but their wands. Yes: “their”. So here (patiently) comes the first phase of Toffee’s plan. We need two functioning wands to fulfill this prophecy.

And that’s exactly what he (almost) got in the Season Finale.
One wand is obviously for Star.
The other will be for…

And the prophecy finally makes sense.

“Two entwined souls blessed by the Blood Moon are destined to battle each other…”

“…and their powers combined shall bring the apocalypse/darkness/whatever.”

Or… something like that.

This finally brings us back to Toffee’s “You’re a disappointment!” line to Marco. As we said, if we consider as legit the “companion” theory, this may be one of the reasons: the safe kid doesn’t look like a brave companion to a fierce, magical wand bearer like Star.

But since Toffee knows that Marco is not just “Star’s companion”, but a huge part of this prophecy, a “pawn” just as important as the magical princess, he’s expecting a lot from him. Just compare how differently he talks to Star and Marco: he’s very kind and gentle to the princess, even somewhat admiring her powers and skills. With Marco, however, he’s always serious, unimpressed, disappointed. Because he was probably expecting him to be a mighty, great warrior of some sort (just like her), a “worthy” pawn of this ancient prophecy. Instead, all the reptile got was sarcastic teenager with a big mouth.

“Really? That’s the companion soul foretold by the prophecy? How unfortunate…”

So… that was my theory.
Sorry for the long post.

Doctor Who/Narnia idea!

So, let’s say that Uncle Andrews fairy godmother was really a rogue time lord. When she died (after living much too long, and going mad) , she left him parts of an old vortex manipulator. She warned him not to use it, but being the crazy, awful, brilliant mind he was, he couldn’t leave it alone.
We all know Andrew’s a coward, so let’s say he wants it tested. He offers one to Polly, who takes it and then gives Digory one and an extra return button.
The woods between worlds? The time vortex, but in a more calm part. The ponds are the parts you can go through. They accidentally end up in a dying TARDIS and Aslan is the voice interface that’s making sure it all dies right without exploding a universe.
So, Lucy, right? She enters that TARDIS. It’s a dying TARDIS, and people have made their way in before and stuff has grown in it, basically it’s like magic except an alien (Jadis, who came in with Digory and Polly) has found it and doesn’t know how to work one correctly. But she knows enough about it to keep everyone captured in it, under her rule.
The reason no time has passed is the TARDIS.
As far as not aging, idk, maybe it’s a new feature in the TARDIS? Maybe time radiation leaking from a dying TARDIS?
The way they got in other times was through cracks in the universe.
The same with the others.
And, for any people who are gonna try and punch a hole in this, I have two things to say:
One: Since when is anything in Doctor Who consistent? and
Two: Imagine C. S. Lewis had a fob watch. A certain fob watch that he never opened, but could never throw away. (Tens journal consisted of many basic ideas, but things were jumbled anyways)
If any Whovian Narnian has anything to add, please do! I wanna see what people think of this.

The Doctor is Female [Actress]

I kind of want him to try the femme fatale thing (mimicking River’s demeanor) only for it to back fire.

Doctor: I don’t understand, I was told idiots fall for that!

Other: who told you that?

Doctor: River Song!

Other: what does that say about you?

Doctor: …?


and in the end, they learned they weren’t that different after all.

Re: The post I reblogged about the nasty things said about Peter.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. Personally, my Doctor is Matt Smith because like the user that recounted her first Doctor Who ep, mine was the Eleventh Doctor. Having said that however, I return to my previous sentiment that I expressed on a post I did earlier in the day: why would you say the show is ruined just because of the casting? “Oh, they cast someone old.” “Oh, they cast a woman.” Any true Whovian knows that this show’s been running for over 50 years. A show that’s been on that long is surely here to stay.

When Peter was announced, I did see some of those negative comments around and people wanting a “young Doctor”. The Doctor is over two thousand years old, people! Plus, when you look at the Doctor’s regens, only three of them I’d consider young (maybe four if your include Eight). 

I’m not saying these people are not true Whovians. Far be it from me to start telling people what they are and aren’t. What I do want to say is this: give your negativity a rest. Yes, you can disgaree with the casting. Yes, you can say you’ll stop watching. But don’t go saying the show is ruined just because of casting.