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Weirdlings of the Week

I have decided to so this monthly instead of weekly so starting next month I will announce the top four every month. Prizes will remain the same, I’m only changing how often I post it. 

Fandom List 

Now to the weirdlings this week: 

First Place: @winchestergirl-13, (Mix&Match, pick them all or just one) Personalized one-shot with any character(s) of your choosing, ship with a fandom of your choice, a/o ‘what would it be like’ with a character of your choice. 

Second Place: @archer-whovian-violinist (May only pick one) Ship with a fandom of your choice, personalized one-shot with a charater(s) of your choice or a ‘what would it be like’ with a character of your choice.

Third Place: @schnusel (May Only Pick One) Ship with a fandom of your choosing or a personalized one-shot with your chosen character(s)

Fourth Place: @doktorswho (May only pick one) ship with a fandom of you choice or a ‘what would it be like’ with a character of your choosing

Settle My Mind, Whovians Who Are SPN Family: Am I Bananas?

This isn’t a spoiler, just was a side-bar line from a throw-a-way who mentioned Lizard People —

1/3 of my siblings are Whovians, only a peripheral awareness for me — is this ringing bells for a reason? 

Thank you in advance, because apparently the way I’m going about it with my googlin’ is all kinds of wrong. 

[And I’m not contacting that 1/3. I love those lil’ pissers, but the conversation will devolve quickly into which seasons I should watch first. Their conversion efforts are quite aggressive.]

People keep saying that young girls aren’t true whovians and only like New Who because David Tennant and Matt Smith are handsome.

But of course no one has complained that in the last 50 years of the show the companion has been primarily been played by a pretty 20-something girl for the straight male audience. 

Things I realize while watching Jessica Jones #7

Jessica saying “You are not ten anymore” made whovians (including me) all over the world to first laugh and then cry.

I miss 10th.


Good, Now I’ll sound like a crazy girl saying that I feel sad about Kilgrave’s death, not really because of him (He was a sick son of a bitch) but because of the 10th doctor…

Whovians understand me, right? (please do!)


Today was a day like no other. I am completely at a loss for words for how amazing meeting two of my idols was. With Matt Smith I couldn’t hold it in. These two people have changed my life so much. They’ve been there for me when I was happy, sad, mad, and all the emotions possible. The characters they play have taught me a lot about how to love, how to forgive, and how to have fun. I am more proud than ever to call myself a Whovian. This brief blurb only scratches the surface of all the things that I wish I could say, but all in all, I love Doctor Who, I love Matt Smith and Alex Kingston, and I am forever changed because of all of these things ❤️😭