The Inspector Spacetime fans have done it again.

Once again, taking five minutes of total footage and extrapolating out an entire universe, like the Total Perspective Vortex did, using a piece of fairy cake.

In response to the highly popular (and recently placed on hiatus) Rules of Whovians, Fans of the Infinity Knight have created inspectrumproblems, a tumblr feed dedicated to “problems that plague me as a Member of the Inspectrum  (Inspector Spacetime fandom, for those not in the Inspectrum.)”

In case you’re not aware, Travis Richey, the (latest) guy who plays The Inspector on Community, is doing his own web series about him, or more correctly, an “Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time”, as Sony came down on him with some force when he tried to do it about the actual Inspector.

The teaser trailer is available here.