Doctor Who themed birthday party was a success!

  • TARDIS party cake looked good (I can handle rectangles!)
  • Dalek personal cake for his actual birthday day (looked bad)
  • Pin the bow tie on the Dalek game
  • Doctor Who newsletter and activity pack
  • Which house is the party at? Hmmm…
  • DIY TARDIS goody bags with DW postcards as “thank yous”
  • Special guest - Rose Tyler!
  • Kid friendly “fish fingers and custard” snack

Played a Weeping Angel version of Redlight/Greenlight, as well. Winners for both games got prizes that included mini DW figures and a DW bookmark.

Tristan also looped some episodes on Netflix for the guests - 99% of which did not know what Doctor Who was. Some actually asked, “Is this a new show?” He was happy to explain.

Fez and bow tie set didn’t arrive in time for the party, but my son decided to wear one of the game bowties.